Dressed and Fucked

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It was Saturday morning, I woke up late, well late for me, I looked at the clock 7 AM. I rolled over and found my wife’s side of the bed empty. “Well, no wake-up sex today” I thought frustrated, and horny.

Last Saturday, I awoke to my wife rubbing my cock, teasing me awake. I reached to caress her breast and she grabbed my hand and moved it to my side. This was her signal to me that she wanted to have a bit of fun with me before she got her attention. She slowly stroked my cock up and down, up and down and then moved her hands to massage my balls. I moaned in approval, and shifted my weight. She moved back and forth between my cock and my balls, rubbing and massaging. I laid back to let her have her way with me. She started focusing on my cock, with long hard strokes. I closed my eyes enjoying the massage, and not wanting to end it too soon. She moved placed her other hand on my balls and squeezed hard, I grimaced at the initial pain and enjoyed the wave of pleasure that followed. Then she traced the line between my balls and my asshole. I gasped in anticipation, my cock throbbed in her other hand.

“Oh, do you like that?” she whispered seductively.

I lay silent, wanting to scream “Yes”, but nervous of how that would make me feel.

Cassie took her hands away, leaned into my er, rubbing her breasts across my chest. “If you want me to continue, you need to tell me you like it.” She sat back, grabbed a bottle of lube and stared at me intently. “Do you like me rubbing your asshole while I stroke your cock?”

“Yes” I blurted out almost before she had finished asking.

She poured the lube into her hand and then rubbed them together. “Well, let’s see what else you like”

Cassie massage my throbbing cock, and circled my asshole with a finger. I was in heaven, She had never treated me to much foreplay, before, and never more than stroking my cock. A moan escaped my lips, and I instinctively move my hips as if granting her permission. She wasted no time and pushed her finger into my ass. It hurt a bit, but soon the awkwardness wore off and the pain turned into…pleasure. She remove the finger, and then pushed it back in slowly, this time all the way in. I wriggled and moaned as she started to finger fuck my ass, slowly at first and then faster and faster. My cock which seemed to be harder than it had ever been, began throbbing and i came thrashing wildly, moaning and swearing. I shot a huge load of cum all over my chest, some reaching my chin.

Cassie leaned down and licked the cum off of my chest, and then moved up until we were face to face. She looked me in the eye, stuck out her tongue to show me my load, and then swallowed it with a smile. “I really enjoyed that, and I know you did too.” She kissed me on the lips, then my cheek, and whispered in my ear “I think we’ve found something….new. That, was so hot, my cunt is on fire!”

I took the hint and licked her pussy to a screaming orgasm, it was the most animated she had ever been. Grabbing my hair, shoving my face into her pussy, and commanding me to lick her. She bucked against my face, scratched my back and squirted her orgasm into my mouth.

Afterward we laid there, in the afterglow, her head on my chest. “We should do that again, soon” She sighed and we passed out together.

That was a week ago, and I guess our definitions of “soon” were canlı bahis very different. I walked downstairs to the kitchen, and Cassie handed me a cup of coffee. She was puttering around tidying up, and paying no attention to me. I checked the news on my phone, and finished my coffee. I set the cup down, and felt Cassie’s breasts on my back. “Why don’t you go take a shower” She said and planted a kiss on my cheek.

I stood up and she slapped my ass and gave me a shove. I turned to see what she was thinking, and she flashed a wicked smile and turned away. “Maybe, today is soon.” I thought as I walked up the stairs.

I spent extra time “cleaning” myself just in case, and waited for company. After twenty minutes, I gave up all hope turned off the water and grabbed a towel.

I dried off and when i went to grab my boxers, they were…gone? I walked out the bathroom, and found Cassie standing there holding a black satin thong. I smiled and leaned back against the door frame, waiting for the show.

Cassie held the panties out to me, and smiled that wicked smile again. “These aren’t for me, I’m already dressed.”

I looked her up and down, and she was dressed…..to the nines. High heels, stockings, a short skirt and a bustier. She was dressed to party, and holding out a pair of panties. I hesitated and she reached out her other hand and pinched my nipple hard. I grabbed the panties and put them on.

Cassie took my hand and led me to the bed. “Good boy, now bend over.”

I stood at the edge of the bed wearing satin thong panties, trying to comprehend what was going on.

Cassie slapped my ass hard “I said bend over bitch!” There was a power in her voice I had never heard before, and I…..bent over. She put her hand on my cock “I bet the satin feels good against your cock, Oh look how hard you are.” She moved her hand to my back tracing down to my asshole. “I Bet that thong feels great rubbing your asshole. Does it honey, does it feel good teasing your asshole” She said sweetly, and then slapped my ass hard “Answer me you little bitch!”

“Yes! Yes, it feels good.” I shouted in obedience.

“Hmmm, I wonder, is it the satin against your cock, or the thong on your ass that’s making you so hard.” She teased caressing my cock, and gently probing my ass. “I guess there’s only one way to find out” she said, and she stepped back from me.

She turned her back on me and stepped out of her skirt, exposing her black thong panties hugging her gorgeous ass. The skirt fell, and she stood there, back to me heels, thigh high stockings and her ass She removed her bustier and dropped it teasingly to the side. She put her hands over her breast, and looked over her shoulder, giving me a wicked smile and a wink. Then she turned slowly, and removed one hand giving her boob a squeeze and tugging at her nipple. She repeated the process for her other boob. This was a first class strip show, and what a beautiful sight to see. I stood in frozen in silent admiration. I stared at her breasts, firm,tanned and the redness of the pinched nipples. My eyes slowly zoomed out to take it all in, and there between her legs, in sharp contrast to the black panties hung a big white strap on poking out at attention! I stood, jaw hanging open, in shock. This was not what I had hoped for when I awoke this morning, but my cock was extremely hard, my bahis siteleri ass was begging for some attention, and even though I felt conflicted about letting a woman fuck my ass…I was hers to command!

We stood silently, me taking in her lifelike cock, and her enjoying my response. She waited a couple of minutes for me to take it all in, and then took her cock in her hand and stroked it slowly. She moaned, and then spoke in a combination moan and whisper. Her breathy tone was so sexy, and almost hypnotic. “Don’t worry babe, I’m not gonna ask you to suck my cock, not this time at least.” She paused and moaned again “But I am gonna fuck you.”

I watched her stroke her cock, trying to understand if her moans were jut part of the act. And then i saw it, the other end was inserted into her pussy and with every stroke she was fucking herself. The image and the thought of her fucking herself as she fucked me, almost made blow my load.

Cassie moaned again, and started to tense up, and then she stopped suddenly. She looked me in the eye and said “oh honey, that feels so good, but I’m not gonna cum unless my cock is in your sweet ass. I really want us both share our first times.”

Once again she took my hand and led me to the bed. She bent me over gently, but forcefully and trace her finger from the middle of my back down my ass crack and teased my butt hole. I heard a popping sound and felt the lube hit the top of my crack, and slowly ooze down to my hole. She worked the lube all around my asshole and then slipped her finger back in. I moaned and my cock spasmed. She thrust in and out, again and again, and then added another finger. Starting her thrusting motions over slowly at first, and then faster and faster. The pleasure was almost to much, and i feared that I would cum before she got to her big finale. She inserted another finger and the initial pain shook me back to reality and stopped the building climax. I heard a whimper, and then realized it came from me. I tried to adjust my ass to better allow her fingers access.

“That’s it honey, work with me. Your little hole is almost stretched enough for my cock.” She teased. She pushed three fingers in all the way, and the started wiggling them.

It was a crazy feeling, the pain of my ass being stretched and the pleasure of the internal massage. I pushed back against her fingers wanting more deep in me. She pulled her fingers from my ass, and I heard the sound of lube spurting from the bottle. I waited for her to push them back in, but to my surprise she rubbed her now slippery cock up and down my ass crack teasing my hole. Man this felt good, my cock throbbed and my asshole tingled, I was in ecstasy. When the massage stopped, I was disappointed, but that would change quickly. I felt a slight pressure on my hole, an realized Cassie was lining up her cock head.

She leaned over my back her rock hard nipples scraping my back, gently bit my ear lobe and whispered. “Are you ready y little slut? It’s time for me to take that virgin ass of yours.”

I moaned “Yes” and waited with mixed emotions. I so wanted to feel her cock fill me up, but what kind of pain was more poor ass in for?

Cassie took a deep breath and slowly and gently pushed her cock against me. My virgin hole seemed to fight back against her big cock, prevent insertion. The rocked back and forth pushing bahis şirketleri gently and then pulling away. The pressure on my hole increased with each push, i winced at the pain of being stretched even further. The pain was more than I had expected, and I didn’t think I could take anymore. And then my ass opened up and swallowed the head of her cock. She stopped and we both waited for my ass to get used to her cock. I whimpered and tried to pull away, but she grabbed my hips and held me in place.

Once again I heard her sweet breathy voice, but this time it seemed to echo through my whole body “Relax honey, just let it happen, let your ass adjust to my cock.”

My ass throbbed as if being stabbed, and part of me wanted to scream “STOP!” And then it happened. Slowly the feeling started to change, the pain faded and was replaced by a feeling of fullness. My cock was harder than ever, and I felt like it might explode and shoot off into the sky.

I laid there enraptured by my wife’s cock, and then a voice spoke “More, I want more of your cock in me” The words echoed in my head, “that’s my voice” I thought.

Cassie was eager to fuck me and happy to oblige. She gently pushed her cock deeper, I moaned and pushed my greedy ass back against her instinctively. I felt her hips against mine, and she gave me playful spank on my ass. “Oh sweetie, I’m balls deep. I’m gonna start fucking you now.” She slowly pulled her cock back leaving only the head in me. I heard her gasp and then she pushed back in all the way. She repeated this motion slowly building speed.

“Holy Fucking Shit this is awesome” I though and any worries about being my wife’s pantied ass whore disappeared. They were replaced what I can only explain as pure lust and a feeling of true sexual energy. She fucked me, and I fucked back. Her moans mixed with mine and filled the room. “Fuck me, fill my ass and fuck me like the whore I am!” I shouted.

“Do you like my cock in your ass?” She cried out “You dirty ass slut!”

Cassie’s thrust became more furious, my ass throbbed and my cock started spasming. “Oh FUCK, I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. I shot the biggest load I have ever shot, rope after rope of cum exploding from my cock. It sprayed inside my panties and erupted overflowing on to the bed. It seemed to go on forever and it was as if my whole body was cumming pushing all the orgasmic energy out of my cock.

I felt the wave subside and heard Cassie scream and moan, and then she stopped, her cock buried all the way in my ass. She fell onto my back gasping for air. After what seemed like hours, but was probably minutes, she regained her composure and whispered in my ear “that was great babe, the best ever. I hope you enjoyed being my slut”

I managed to whisper a “Yes babe, i enjoyed being your slut”

Cassie knelt down, pulled my panties away from my cock, licked up the cum inside and moved to my face. She gave me a peck on the lips and swallowed my load.

“Next time” She smiled “You suck my cock, and you swallow”

We fell asleep in each other arms just they way we were. Me in my cum stained panties and her with her cock. It was the best night of my life and I slept like never before.

The next morning we cleaned up the bed, and shared our experiences. She teased me for begging so loudly for her cock, and I called her on her screaming orgasm.

This was the first, but not the last time my wife made me her slut.

I often wonder if the neighborhood heard us, but have never asked, and their behavior has given me no reason to believe they know “Our Secret”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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