Doubled Their Pleasure

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Ever since they were both little girls, sisters Courtney and Elizabeth Ross had wanted a big, lavish, elaborate double wedding. Not even a year apart, the sisters had grown up like twins and were joined at the hip. You never saw the elder Courtney without the younger Elizabeth in tow. They liked the same things, listened to the same music and liked the same TV shows. They never bickered, as sisters often do and they shared everything. Even their taste in boys was similar, so if Beth didn’t like one of her older sister’s dates, he wasn’t going to last very long, or vice-versa. Their instincts were always spot-on. Some of their friends would go on to date the boy that Beth or Courtney had not liked and he would invariably turn out to be a creep, cheap or a total loser. The Ross sisters liked class and sophistication, even from an early age. They liked their boys to be smart and to be gentlemen.

The sisters got engaged within a week of each other to successful young attorneys who had also been friends since childhood. Their boyfriends even played together on the school football team. It all seemed like some idyllic fairy tale.

So when their respective fiancés ditched both of them at the same time to marry a pair of identical twins they had met at their bachelor party, the girls were completely devastated. Neither of them had seen it coming. Both liked the other’s fiancé and both sisters thought they had picked honorable, trustworthy men. Their boyfriends even got along well together and didn’t seem to mind the constant double-dates.

“We need to go out,” Courtney told her sister as they tried to recover from the embarrassment. “Go out clubbing, kick up our heels and maybe meet some nice guys. Neither of us is 25 yet, we’re still hot and look good in a mini!”

“Speak for yourself,” Beth laughed. “You’ve got the legs for a mini, I don’t.”

“You have great legs for your size, stop fishing for compliments,” Courtney told her sometimes-insecure sister. “You’re just petite, like mom is,” Courtney argued. That was the only way the sisters differed, their looks. Courtney was a tall, tanned California blonde and her sister had the mother’s European looks and skin tone. “You also got mom’s boobs, you lucky bitch. Come on Beth, I am not going to sit around our apartment sulking over Bobby and Brian, I want to get on with my life!”

“You’re right, you’re always right,” Beth sighed. “It’s a very annoying habit, stop that!” She allowed herself a small laugh. “I do have a few new naughty pairs of Jimmy Choos that I’ve been dying to try on; I thought I’d dazzle my hubby with them and some naughty lingerie on our wedding night. Okay, a night out dancing sounds good. I can practice my stripper moves,” she giggled. Elizabeth had been taking pole dancing classes from an exotic dancer friend of hers. She wanted her marriage and sex life to be fun, Brian could be a little — sedate — in bed, she had complained to Courtney.

The girls took out what they wanted to wear. Instead of a mini, Beth opted for leather pants that Brian would have locked her away for daring to wear. You could have counted the wrinkles on her butt. She added a very low-cut, risqué blouse and a bit of bling to draw the eye to her best feature — her 34D tits, which she was never too ashamed to display. Court was right about one thing, the Ross sisters were H-O-T.

“Want to take the Jag? I’ll even let you drive,” Courtney said to her sister, throwing her the keys. Courtney made a lot more in her job as Art Curator for the local museum than her sister did as a legal secretary. It also afforded her more luxuries, like the fancy car and the designer leather mini, sexy blouse and high-end Louis Vuttons she was sporting. Better look out world, the Ross sisters were free and single again!

Courtney chose a club both of them had frequented some years earlier, knowing that there would be familiar faces there if both of them had too quiet a night or if they just wanted to relax and chill with other friends. As per usual, the place was hopping and the beat made the siblings want to get up and dance — so dance they did. Beth sure had some moves, her sister thought. The pole dancing classes had served her well. Courtney always thought that her gorgeous, brunette baby sister undersold herself. She didn’t take a backseat to anyone and whatever man ended up with Beth would end up a winner. It didn’t even have to be a man — as the sisters confessed everything to each other, Courtney knew that Beth and her dancing instructor had gotten a bit looped one night and fallen into bed together — and several times since. Courtney admired her sister for that. She might have been the one who looked brave and adventurous, but it was actually Beth who was the risk taker. Her younger sister had even gone sky diving. That wasn’t for Courtney; she kept bostancı elit escort bayan her long legs firmly planted on the ground.

“We should split up and meet back here in an hour,” Beth suggested. “I think the odds are better that we’ll meet a hot guy if we don’t hang out together. Remember, not everyone in this club is straight and we don’t look like sisters,” she giggled merrily.

“What are your limits tonight?” Courtney asked. “Sex or no sex?”

“I was supposed to be on my honeymoon next week, so I haven’t had sex in a few weeks,” Elizabeth told her sister. “If I meet a guy I want to fuck, I’m going for it. I need to get fucked, what about you?”

“Same here, but who gets the apartment?” Courtney asked.

Elizabeth looked at her sister in puzzlement. “It is a two bedroom apartment, what’s the big deal?”

Courtney chuckled. “With very thin walls. Obviously, you don’t remember the one time you brought Brian home the same night I brought home Bobby.”

Beth rolled her eyes. She had forgotten, but now it was all coming back in crystal clarity. “Okay, we don’t need to decide that now. Maybe only one of us will get lucky or maybe we can get our guys to pop for a hotel,” she said. “Let’s go get our groove thing going and have some fun,” she grinned.

“Groove thing?” Courtney teased her sibling. “What year were you born, 1979? Get going, `Peaches’ and I’ll see you later,” she laughed as her sister went off to shake a shapely tailfeather. Courtney scoped out the crowd and saw that there were more than a few interesting prospects. She found herself checking out the women as well. She admired Beth’s boldness at taking a foray into bi-sexuality. Maybe someday, she herself would be bold enough to try it. She certainly found women beautiful and being in the art world, she was always looking at paintings of beautiful women.

After a few dances with different men, she found herself drawn to a stunning specimen of a male named Glenn. He stood almost 6’4″ in height, had wavy dark hair, a dazzling smile and deep brown eyes. He was also wearing a nice suit and his shoes sparkled, they were so well shined. This was a man who took pride in his appearance, something that both sisters were very appreciative of. She instantly knew that her sister would like Glenn and she flirted shamelessly with the handsome stock broker. Her intentions were made clear to him — she wanted him in bed and tonight, if not sooner! He excused himself as Courtney suggested they meet back up at the bar. She went to find her sister and see how Elizabeth had made out. She found her sister talking with a man in a beautiful dark suit. He turned around and smiled as Courtney approached. It was Glenn, how had he found Elizabeth before she had?

“Hey Beth,” Courtney grinned. “I see that you’ve already met my date for the evening.”

Beth’s face took on a rare scowl. “YOUR date? No, something’s not right. He’s MY date.”

“No, I …”

“I think I can solve the problem, ladies,” `Glenn’ said as he pointed to another man who was approaching the three of them — a man who was his mirror image. “I’m Gordon Caron and the gentleman I think you were talking to is my identical twin brother, Glenn.”

Courtney and Elizabeth broke into peals of laughter and nearly fell over from laughing so hard. They hugged each other as their dates looked on. What were the odds that they would each pick up one of a pair of identical twins? Only the Ross sisters could ever imagine something so outrageous.

The two brothers looked at each other. Upon closer inspection, Courtney noticed a few small differences. Gordon was wearing a different tie and his shirt was darker than his sibling’s. His hair wasn’t as wavy, aside from that, they were a match.

“Who gets the apartment?” Beth asked, deciding to take the bull by the horns.

“Should we flip a coin or arm wrestle or something?” Courtney teased.

“Ladies, what seems to be the problem?” Glenn asked. Beth loved the rich timbre of his voice; it was slightly different than his brother’s.

“We’re deciding which one of us uses our apartment and which of us has to go elsewhere,” Beth told him.

“Paper-thin walls,” Courtney added.

“Don’t worry about it,” Gordon told the sisters. “We have a huge condo and it’s well crafted and roomy. We can all go there. Besides …” he winked at the sisters “… I’ve heard my brother have sex before. Once I get busy myself, I tune it right out.”

Beth liked Gordon and she found his attitude refreshing. Hearing Courtney have sex didn’t bother her a bit; it just made her want to compete a bit. At times, she felt inadequate against her bombshell blonde sister. She wanted to be taken on her own terms, so she learned a lot about sex. Her dancing instructor hadn’t bostancı çıtır escort been the only woman she had bedded, since that night; there had been a few others. It was, in fact, the only secret that she had ever kept from Court.

“Courtney can be a bit self conscious,” Beth explained to her date as they walked back to their cars. Oddly, the brothers were also driving a Jaguar.

“Glenn and I aren’t self-conscious at all, we’ve even shared a few of our dates,” Gordon grinned at the sexy brunette.

“Well, aren’t you naughty boys,” she smiled, looking over at Glenn as he got into her sister’s car. Being single had its ups — she hoped that tonight would be one such opportunity. A male-female-male threesome was on her “to do” list — so far, she’d only yet managed three women.

When she got to the boys’ condo, Beth gasped. She had assumed as much from their clothing, but the condo made it undeniable — their dates had money! Everything was ornate, lavish and tasteful. Either they’d had the place professionally decorated or they both had good taste. “Our mom’s a decorator,” Gordon said as he took Beth’s coat, seemingly reading her mind.

“Wine anyone?” Glenn offered. The wine was a Chateauneuf-du-Pape, an excellent vintage. Courtney knew the wine well; some of her well-heeled patrons drank it. Even if Glenn was offering it just to impress them, she was impressed. A man with style, manners, breeding and he knew his wines? If he was good in bed, she was willing to consider keeping him around.

They all sat and drank and enjoyed each other’s company. It was going on midnight and the men still hadn’t made any overt moves. The sisters were impressed, but Beth was feeling horny and needed to get laid. She had wanted to fuck Gordon almost from the moment she had laid eyes on him. She put her wine glass on the ornate crystal table and stood up. “I’m going to bed,” she said with a saucy lick of her lips. “Anyone care to join me?” She wiggled her gorgeous derriere with the same sauciness and headed to what she was sure would be an equally lavish bedroom. Gordon was trotting behind her heels in a moment’s notice.

“She’s actually using my bedroom, but that doesn’t matter,” Glenn laughed. “Shall we go find some amusement of our own?”

Courtney didn’t know what possessed her, but she shook her head. “If you’re willing to be a bit risqué, I wouldn’t mind joining them,” she nodded in the direction of the bedroom. “I’ve never actually witnessed anyone being fucked, let alone my sister, let alone by a twin of the man I’m fucking. I don’t know if it’s you or the wine or my inner slut is just emerging, but I’m in the mood for a little kinky,” she told him. Courtney decided that for this one night, she was going to be a bit more like Beth and take a risk or two in the bedroom.

Glenn was nothing if not obliging and having a hot blonde on his arm didn’t hurt. He led her into the bedroom where the other couple was in the midst of undressing. “May we join you?” He asked, knowing that his twin would be cool with it. The most shocked person in the room had to be Elizabeth. Not in a million years would she ever have believed her sister capable of this. It only proved to her that everyone is capable of change.

“Let’s give them something to watch,” Courtney said as she sat on the bed beside her beloved little sister. To Beth’s utter amazement, her older sister kissed her with incredible passion. She knew that Court had never been with another girl, but she sure knew what to do with one once she got there! Beth didn’t give a fuck about the incest; there was no person on earth she loved more than her gorgeous blonde sister. Why not give in to desire and love? The girls kissed and began removing each other’s clothes while their astonished & turned-on dates watched with merriment.

Courtney realized after only a minute of kissing her sister that she should have given women a try much, much earlier. It was sexy and sensual and soft. Yes, the fact that it was Beth made it all the more special, but she had some pretty hot female friends she wouldn’t have minded trying. The sisters began entwining their bodies, tits and pussies pressed together as they made love, almost oblivious to their dates.

Almost — but not quite. The lust-crazed sisters felt the extra weight joining them on the bed and looked to see the two brothers now joining them. Courtney looked up and gave them one, two, three approving glances. “Okay, young, rich, well-mannered and buff,” she thought to herself. “If these guys can fuck worth a damn, they’re the total package.”

“You’re both so gorgeous, but I can’t tell the two of you apart,” Courtney said as she came up for air. She was almost panting, kissing Beth had been so erotic and nasty, but such a thrill! “For all I know, bostancı elit escort you could have switched dates on us — how would we know?”

“I can tell,” Beth giggled, thrilled that Court was coming out of her sexual shell. “Glenn’s eyes are brown, Gordon’s are green.”

“I thought you were identical twins?” Courtney asked, looking at the two men. It was indeed Gordon was who situated behind her.

“Contact lenses,” Gordon laughed. “Sometimes, it is even the only way that our mom can tell us apart.”

“Your voices are a bit different too, when you hear them together,” Courtney noted. “So handsome, you want to fuck me, do you?” She asked her sister’s date.

“We both want to fuck both of you, we’re selfish that way,” Glenn chuckled. “We had no idea you girls would be up for a little fuck party, but we’re not going to stop it now that it’s started.”

“Oh, we can be total sluts when we really get going,” Courtney said with a trace of bravado her sister didn’t know she possessed. Beth was impressed and ecstatic that Courtney was acting a bit less cerebral and going for the gusto. “Fuck us both from behind so that Beth and I can keep making out. I’m really getting into this sister-loving tonight,” she sighed.

The sisters gave both of their dates blowjobs, swapping tongues around the cocks of their men. Then they got on all fours and let the guys slide their cocks deep into their cunts. “You’re really acting like a little fuck pig tonight,” Beth breathed in her sister’s ear. “It’s really fucking sexy.”

“I didn’t know that I had it in me, but now that I know it’s here, this genie isn’t going back in the bottle,” Courtney breathed as Gordon pumped in and out of her pussy. Oh yeah, he was a great fuck — the guys got 5-stars, all the way — that is, if Glenn was a match for his brother. “Let’s switch!” an ecstatic Courtney groaned. The twins were smart enough not to argue and soon were fucking their original dates while the girls held hands and continued to kiss and fondle.

“God, I love fucking,” Courtney groaned as Glenn’s cock moved inside of her. They might have been identical twins, but Glenn was a bit more forceful than his twin. Yeah, 5-stars for these wonderful fuckers — and for Beth, too! She knew that she would be sleeping with Beth on her own as well; she had to find out lots more about lesbian sex. Courtney knew somehow that her sister must have experimented with other girls beyond her dance instructor. She just seemed too learned to be a one-time lesbian.

She could sense that Glenn was close to cumming and looked over to see an — identical — look on the face of his twin. In tandem, the sisters got close to their dates and sucked them off to completion. They shared cum-filled kisses and then flopped over in a sixty-nine position. Courtney had no further hesitation about experimenting sexually with her sister. If she had anything to say about it, the lessons would be continuing at home, as often as Beth was willing to tutor her.

They didn’t leave the spacious condo until late the next afternoon, both well-fucked out. Or so they thought. Once they were home, Courtney said to her sister “I need a shower.” Then, she winked and smiled “Would you care to join me?” Under the warm spray, the loving siblings made love again, over and over and over again. Now that they had discovered a hidden lust for the other, neither wanted it to end. Nor did it.

The Caron brothers were too good to let get away. They started to date the gorgeous men on a regular basis, enjoying their company and their sexual games. Beth got to live out a long-held fantasy and let the brothers DP her. Courtney had come a long way, but she still wasn’t quite ready for that one.

Everyone in their immediate circle was surprised and delighted when six months to the day of their originally-planned wedding; the Ross sisters married the Caron brothers in a lavish, double ceremony. Knowing how close Courtney and Elizabeth were, no one gave it a second thought that the young couples were also going on a lavish honeymoon cruise together.

Gordon was fucking his sister-in-law while Beth was sucking her husband’s brother. Neither of the men was using a condom. The girls both wanted families sooner, rather than later. “What if I make Beth pregnant instead of you?” Glenn had asked a few days ago while fucking the brunette pixie. The girls had told their fiancés that they could fuck the other, but sex with their respective brides was off until the wedding night. Beth was taking good care of Glenn, Courtney was banging the shit out of Gordon. Of course, the siblings were also taking great care of each other while the men recuperated.

“Do you really care, baby?” Courtney laughed as Gordon pumped inside of her. “You’re identical twins and twins run in our family too. I’m sure it will all balance out. Hell, with all the inter-family fucking we’re going to do, Beth and I will make sure of it,” she grinned. The grin then turned into a sigh as her handsome lover made her cum. The last thing she remembered before passing out from pleasure was the sight of her sexy sister’s long, dark hair slipping in between her thighs.

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