Donna Does Her Brother–Again

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The story mentioned below is titled “Donna Does Her Brother” but it is not necessary to read it before enjoying (I hope) this tale of a meeting 20+ years later.

Some of you may recall the adventure between me and my brother Al which took place when we were both in our early twenties. At the time Al seemed to me to be more greatly endowed than most. We had two encounters which were very memorable but our sexual relationship ended quickly.

We both went on to marry, have children, become single and suffer a lack of meaningful relationships. We both lived not very far from our childhood homes. We crossed paths here and there and at family functions but only occasionally did we mention our sexual encounters. We did that by at times slipping a key word into a conversion which usually gave us something to laugh at while mystifying the others around us.

I was approaching forty five and the mother of an twenty one year old son and an eighteen year old daughter when Al and I met unexpectedly one late summer afternoon miles from home.

I was helping my daughter unload our car outside her college dorm when I looked up to find Al standing a few feet away grinning at me with a teasing smile on his face. Just then I heard my daughter say.

“Hi Uncle Al.” Then to me. “Hey mom, it’s Uncle Al.”

Suddenly I was a very happy girl. I was really happy to see my brother. I had recently been often reliving our previous adventures with the help of my fingers and my toys. That day just the sight of him close by miles from home had me instantly horny.

Turned out that he was helping a friend out of a jam by ferrying the friends daughter, also an arriving freshman, to that very same dorm.

We got the girls settled. We all found a pizza place and pigged out. We dropped the girls back at the dorm and bade them good-bye. I had a room reserved so was in no hurry to leave. I asked my brother where he was staying and did he want to join me for another drink and some conversation.

“No room.” He said. “I had planned to start back this afternoon and stop someplace along the way.”

I guess part of my brain was way ahead of the other part when out of my mouth popped the words. “That’s OK, stay with me I have a large room with two beds.”

“Great.” Said Al with a big grin. “But how about we only use one?” He teased.

I snapped right back with. “OK. Great minds and all that stuff.”

With that we both broke out laughing but at the same time I felt a familiar and pleasant tingle take over my crotch. Al followed me to the hotel and after a drink in the hotel bar up to my suite. By then it was eleven in the evening.

In spite of our earlier remarks I was not sure what was going to happen. anadolu yakası escort I did know that I was horny. I did know that it would only take a nudge to push me over the line again. But in spite of our earlier kidding were we really going to do it again?

Then Al said. “Donna, I’m not sure what we are doing here but I’m all grimy and need a shower. OK?”

“Go ahead.” I said. Al disappeared into the oversized bathroom. Minutes later I heard the shower noise. I quickly made a decision. I pulled the covers back on one bed then undressed quickly and made my way to the bathroom door. I knocked twice then not waiting for a reply flung it open.

“May I join you? I think that we both need our backs scrubbed.” Then I couldn’t help myself. I had to look at his cock.

It was fully erect. This time it did not seem gigantic. It was a bit longer and bigger around than most but not larger than my largest dildo nor was it larger than the one attached to my best friend Laura’s strap on.

Nevertheless I was wet and excited. The memories of our first experiences in the back of my Chevy had brought me to many masturbatory orgasms in recent months. Besides which I needed a real live cock to spray it’s cum inside of me tonight, it had been some time since the last one.

I soaped my hair then my brother massaged it into my scalp as he had done often when we were in our early teens. We then soaped each other all over our hands paying particular and lingering attention to the erogenous places.

I could feel my pussy pulse against Al’s fingers as well as feel a similar throb from his penis as I washed it in a loving manner. A minute later we were giving each other a quick dry before Al took my hand and led me to the bed.

Although the shower had washed away my external juices by the time we got to the bed my pussy was ready. There was no need for more foreplay. My brother, ever courteous made a ‘you first’ sigh to me. I kneeled on the edge of the bed making my pussy what some might refer to as a ‘target of opportunity’.

I felt Al’s hand on my left waist as he apparently used his right hand to guide his hard cock to my waiting pussy. I felt it slid up and down my slit till it stopped at the entrance of my waiting cunt. I pushed back as he pushed forward. That quick I was filled with a live cock and tremendous excitment. “At last.” I thought. “At long last.”

Al’s hands gripped my waist as he sunk into me as far as was possible. He stopped there, apparently savoring the feeling. I too was content simply to feel my cunt being filled by a real cock for the first time in months. I was starving for a good fuck.

After a minute or so we slowly gebze escort pulled our bodies apart until my pussy was almost empty again. We paused again in that position before we pushed together again. It felt so good when his hard cock slid back inside of me. Again we paused.

I pulled my body upward and Al took a breast in each hand. My nipples were as hard as my brother’s cock. He pinched them gently and rolled them between his fingers. The sensations raced down a nerve path to my pussy which reacted by squeezing Al’s cock hard.

I pulled away from him as if trying to milk his sperm from his balls. Just as his cock might have fallen from me he pushed back into me, hard. Again it felt wonderful. I pulled away again and now we were engaged in that favorite indoor sport know as fucking.

My situation being what it was it didn’t take too many strokes until my body was screaming orgasm. I was ready, I felt my body begin to quake and throb and tremble.

“I’m gonna come.” I cried.

“Me too.” I heard my brother moan into me ear.

A second later I felt that lovely cum heat spread through out my cunt. As I recognized what I was that I was feeling I came too. We were coming together with such strength that we were shaking the bed. We were moaning words and phrases to each other but I have no memory of what we said.

Gradually we came down from our highs and fell forward on to the bed our arms and legs intertwined, and still coupled.

“God I needed that.” I said. “I’ve been wanting you again for a long time.” My brother was nodding his head in apparent agreement.

“It’s been a long time coming, no pun intended. Lets not wait again.” Said Al. “OK?”

“We are perfect together now aren’t we? But how are we going to manage it?”

“I don’t know or care right this minute but we can figure it out.” Said my brother, “But not right now. Right now I just want you again.”

“Yes. You do want me again. I can tell.” I said, acknowledging that I felt his cock which still inside of me swelling,.

We somehow managed to stay coupled as we rolled ourselves over into the missionary position. I then pulled my right leg up and over and locked it around Al’s waist and then locked my left leg below his ass which pulled him in even deeper within me. I felt complete for the first time in a long, long, time.

As he swelled even more inside of me it forced some of the cum from our earlier adventure to leak out. That invoked another pleasurable memory of our youthful encounters. Then our mouths came together for our first real kiss in many a year.

It was for me a very exciting kiss as it carried with it promises of things to come. We kissed long kartal escort and deep. We were so engrossed in our kiss that we almost forgot to screw. Suddenly I felt Al’s cock twitch. A second later my pussy responded. Then kissing was forgotten. We began some very serious fucking.

As our bodies came together and separated again and again the sensation of Al’s cock sliding in and out of my aching pussy began to make me feel more alive than I had felt in several years. My body liked it too. It began to respond wildly as if it had a mind of it’s own. We make fun of a mans ‘little brain’ but women, at least this woman has a little brain also and it was rapidly bringing the rest of my body to another orgasm.

It was a great one. As it began I felt Al’s hot cum explode inside of me. My pussy kept contracting each time our bodies made contact the held him tight as if trying to milk every last drop of cum out of Al’s cock as we pulled apart. It was one of my greatest fucks. An entry way up toward the top of my top ten.

We fell asleep arms and legs intertwined. Hours later I awoke to sunlight and the sound of the shower running. I peed without Al knowing that I was in the room then slipped into the shower beside him. Soon we were doing those thing that still horny couples do in showers. We half dried then fell into the fresh bed.

Al was there first and laid flat on his back with his arms and legs spread wide and his erect cock aiming at the ceiling. I kneeled across his chest facing his feet. I slid my legs under his arms and lowered my pussy to his waiting tongue. I wrapped my right thumb and forefinger in a circle around the base of his cock then cupped his balls with my left.

I bent forward and took the his foreskin between my lips and forced it down below the head of his erect instrument of pleasure. I then began to pleasure the head with my tongue as I held the foreskin back with my lips. At that instant I felt my brother’s tongue begin to bore into my cunt hole.

I felt something leak out and wondered how Al was going to react to the mixture of my pussy juice and his cum. He reacted nicely boring even harder as his upper lip started to pay homage to my clit. That did it, that quick I was coming. I began to bob up and down on Al’s cock squeezing it between the roof of my mouth and my active tongue.

It worked. Al came too. It had been a long time but I swallowed it with pleasure just as I orgasmed for the second time. With that we dressed and went for breakfast.

Back home we visited each other numerous times while wondering how to manage to establish something more permanent. Eventually we happened across a marina in the next town over. It was a nice size building with two apartments on the second floor. We sold our homes, pooled our money, moved into the two adjoining apartments and began a happy and close relationship.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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