Directed Affection

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I knocked on her apartment door. I liked coming over to her place. I heard quick footsteps and the door opened.

“Jake!” She exclaimed. She made it seem like she hadn’t seen me in a decade. I had just been over two nights ago.

“How are you Sandra.” I stepped inside.

“Good, I’m good. How are you?” She was excited. I was too, but I was able compose myself. Her excitement was commendable and exposing.

“I’m excellent. It was a nice drive over.”

“Good, I’m glad you had a nice drive.” She Leaned over and gave me a kiss. Her small breasts pressed against my body through her robe.

“Okay,” I said as I pulled away. “You wanna go to your room and get the shit ready? I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Sure Jakey.” She said while bouncing around in her short bathrobe and bare feet. Man she was hot. I threw my sweater onto the couch and kicked off my boots. I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable while I went to the kitchen and grabbed a jar of nutella. I headed to her room.

She laid there facedown, bare beneath her robe. Her tiny bathrobe barely covered her and I could already see moisture collecting between her legs. “Shh,” I began. “Let your mind take you to a comfortable place.” I gently place a hand on her ankle. “Everything should be relaxed. There is no pressure, no anxiety, just the relaxing ambience of the special place you’re now in.”

I massaged the muscles in her legs as I felt her body relax. “Calm. Everything is calm.” I stood a few feet from the bed and dimmed the lights. Sandra had a nice apartment so things looked real sexy. I took my shirt off.

I listened to her breathe for a few minutes. She became more and more relaxed. Her body was ready. Her bathrobe remained where it was, exposing the cusp of her legs. I couldn’t see much detail because of the darkness I created from dimming the light. But I knew that she was wet because of the movements she made while lying on the bed.

I had thought of a good scene we could act out.

“When you awaken you will be in another world,” I began. “A world where your current identity does not exist. In this world you have cheated, lied and stolen from powerful people. They sold you off as a slave to an esteemed psychologist, who is trying to change your behaviors. He wants you to see sexual activity as rewarding. He cares about you and tries to reward you, but sometimes punishment is necessary. To make sure your conditioning is in fact working he rehearses many sexual activities multiple times a day.” I stroked her leg, higher up. I brushed up her bathrobe and saw the wetness that was spawning from her. She enjoyed our fantasies and role play almost more than I did.

“He uses you as a prop for his parties.” I continued. “Originally you felt shameful and humiliated for being used like that for these people’s entertainment. You were hesitant and performed poorly because of your nervousness. But over time you have gotten better and you’re hoping to prove to him that you’re praiseworthy. Tomorrow he is having a big party and he wants to make sure your performance is remembered by all the guests.”

I took off all my clothes except for my dark dress designer jeans. I reached under her bed and took out the neatly arranged storage container of sex toys she had amassed over our years together. I uncovered it and placed it neatly on her glass computer desk.

“Awaken Sandra. We have some work to do.”

She slipped off her bathrobe and climbed off her bed. She looked stunning in the half-lit room. The dim light illuminated her collar bone and made her skinny frame appear more voluptuous than it actually was. She got on her knees and looked me in the eye. She had small streams of moisture which crept down her leg. I saw her wipe herself and pretended not to notice. I really appreciated how enthusiastic she is about our sex. She should write a book about how she does it.

I clamped a leather collar around her neck. “Sandra” I said in a growling voice. “Spread your legs and arms.” She took an eagle formation on the floor without saying a word. I attached a leash to her neck and gave it a small tug to show her that I had the power to do so. I attached a belt around her hips with a leash on it as well. The leather pulled tightly on her flesh. I could see the muscle tone in her abdomen from the tightness of the bahis firmaları belt.

I loosened it a notch so as to leave her unscathed. I stood atop of her, straddling her body beneath me. I pulled strongly on the leash around her waist forcing her ass into the air. The rest of her body remained spread out flat. I bent down and fondled her clitoris with two of my fingers. Her vagina was smooth and firm. The amount of moisture coming out of her amazed me. I felt her stir as she let out an erogenous moan. I pulled tightly on her collar’s leash. “You must remain quiet.” I stroked her clit some more. Her body trembled with eroticism. I released her leash and began stroking her uterus. I let my finger glide over her lushly smooth asshole a few times. It was firm and tight.

Sandra was obsessive about removing every hair and she was completely bare. I slowly placed my index finger firmly inside her. I wasn’t working with any lubricants so it didn’t go in as easily as it usually did, but my finger made room in her tight shivering ass. I writhed my finger around gently, feeling the warmth and privacy of her anus.

I released my hand and took a step towards the box of toys. “Come on girl,” I said as I pulled on her leash. She crawled obediently behind me, keeping her eyes fixed on mine. I reached into the box and pulled out a long thin dildo. I handed it to her. Without saying a word she placed it into her mouth with quick strokes of definite depth. “Good job Sandra doll.” I said as I dug my finger deep into the jar of nutella. I reached my finger toward her mouth. She replaced the dildo with my fingers, indulging herself in the delight of the sweet creamy chocolate.

I pulled her towards me with the finger I had in her mouth. Once I brought her close to me I withdrew it and slapped her across her face. “You’re getting my hand dirty you mindless bitch!” I pulled on her waist with my leash and caused her to fall over onto her side.

“I’m sorry” She apologized. I slapped her ass firmly leaving a rosy handprint and stood up.

“Be sorry.” I ordered as I placed the heel of my foot on her hip. I reached into the box and took out a medium sized purple dildo and a smooth purple butt-plug. I put the butt-plug on the desk and bent down beside her with my tool. “Take your dildo to your asshole.” I commanded.

She lay on her side and brought her knees up to her breasts so that he could reach. She began fondling with herself as told, but she wasn’t doing more than smothering her ass with her dildo as she had no lubricant. It amused me as she struggled to insert it. After watching her fail I let out a laugh and bent down behind her. I took my hand and wiped some of her juices toward her asshole. “Her you go doll. Maybe this will work better.”

She immediately gasped with delight as her dildo slipped right into her anus. I crouched behind her and let the tip of the purple dildo I held touch her clitoris. She shuddered. I then pumped my tool firmly into her swelling vagina. He hips rose forward as she struggled to control her moaning. She let inadvertently let a moan slip and cried out in ecstasy. I gave her leash a firm tug to quiet her, but it only invigorated her. By the way she was twisting on the floor I could tell she was well into an orgasm. I decided to let her have it and began pumping her vagina vigorously with my tool. I felt her shove her dildo firmly up her anus as it pressed against her vaginal wall creating more pressure inside of her. She clasped my arm with her hands and began pulling my hand deeper inside of her. “Harder,” She begged, “Oh! Jake! Fuck!” She let out a wail as she slipped into the ecstasy of an orgasm.

I pulled harder on her neck as my worked vigorously on her vagina. My hand was soaking wet with her juices as she laid there twisted and squirming. She writhed and moaned while forcing the dildo which I held my hand further up her vagina.

I’m still not sure exactly how female orgasms work, but I slowed my pace so that I could bring her down a notch. My hand had started to hurt, and I wanted some sensation too.

She released her hold on my hands. I felt them searching for her anal dildo. She shuddered as she slowly removed it. I [immediately placed my fingers inside her anus and massaged her internally. I did so for just a few moments then pulled them out. I removed kaçak iddaa the dripping dildo from her vagina and laid it down on the floor beside her. A small puddle formed on the wooden floor beneath her groin.

I stood up. She laid there gasping for breath with beads of sweat forming across her forehead. She had a sexy smell of sweat and female juices on her that made her smell like a seduced woman. I pulled out the nutella again and smeared some onto the waiting butt plug.

I pulled on her leash bringing her mouth just where I wanted. She was still trying to catch her breath as I shoved the device into her mouth. She struggled to breathe as her mouth was filled with the thick sweet gooiness of the nutella and the overwhelming mass of silicon. Her eyes widened with delight. I stroked the side of her face and she tilted her neck toward my hand in affection.

I removed the plug from her mouth slowly. It eased out smoothly. “Stand in a Big Toe Pose.” I commanded her. She exercised regularly and was fit enough to complete the pose without much difficulty.

She stood there in that position flexing all the right muscles in her quads and lower back. I stepped behind her and slapped her groin lightly a few times. I saw her hips twitch from the anticipation. She swayed as I slapped her, trying to retain her balance. I traced her ass cheeks with the plug and circled towards her hole. I could smell her woman-juices as there were traces of it all over her lower body. I placed a hand on the apex of her body, which was now her exposed ass. I wriggled the plug into her vagina for just a few moments. Instantly the whole device was covered in a slippery film of fluid. I leaned forward slightly to spit onto her butt hole just for good measure.

I slowly began the insertion, feeling the space the plug took up inside her tight asshole. She exhaled strongly. My steadfast hand supported her ass and prevented her from falling. Once I had the now juicy tip inside her asshole I stood up straight behind her and gave her a great shove with my hips. This forced the rest the device into her ass and knocked her headfirst. She caught herself and resumed a doggy style position. I slapped her ass a few times while moving my fingers in circular motions, gently stirring the butt plug to increase the sensation I was already causing. I fingered her clitoris for just a bit and then inserted my fingers into her vagina. Her anal plug caused pressure inside her vagina and she quivered with erogenous pleasure. I removed my dripping fingers and scooped out a chunk of nutella. I directed my hand towards her face. My hand smeared a little bit onto the side of her cheeks before making its way into her mouth. I could feel her hesitation to indulge as she noticed that she was consuming her own womanly fluids. I tugged harshly on her collar to show that I noticed her reluctance. I removed my fingers from her mouth and smothered them in her female juices again. My fingers made their way back to her mouth where she instantly began cosseting them.

After allowing her to perform orally on my finger I reached for the reins of her waist. I humped her anal plug a few times with my jeans on. I unzipped my pants and humped her brimming pussy with my cloaked penis. I gave her ass a hard slap.

I got up and removed my pants fully exposing my penis. I stood in front of her and let my penis hang in front of her face. Her hands reached for it as she got up into a kneeling position. “Back down doll.” I held her by her hair. I chuckled, “but I won’t punish you for your eagerness. However, you must remain on the floor, just like you will do by the party.”

I took some nutella and smeared it onto her fingers. I watched her lick them clean. “Good girl I said as I held her jawbone. I let my penis touch her face a few times before I took some more nutella onto my hand and slapped her across her face. Fine imprints of chocolate covered her neck and cheeks. I shoved her head downwards back into a doggy style position. Oral sex didn’t excite me, it was too soft.

I crouched behind her and slapped her vagina lightly with my penis. She was on the pill so there was no need for a condom. I took the leash of her belt and passed it behind my back. I took the free side of the leash and connected it tightly to her belt. This pressed the two of us closely together. kaçak bahis

She was tied to me.

I pressed my penis against her while pulling lightly on her collar. Her vagina was swollen from the games I had been playing on her. I felt some of her juices dribble out onto our legs as I pressed my penis inside her. She gasped for air and began sliding her body away from me, causing my shaft to fully experience her tantalizing woman hole. We worked this game for a little while, I, shoving inwards, she, sliding outwards. I jiggled her butt plug and felt her pussy swell even more.

“This is it,” I commanded her. “Let’s fucking cum!”

I increased the rate of my movement and dragged her along with me. She was tied to me and she was forced to follow my every move. Only, she was half a second behind me which increased the rate of our movement. I pumped her vigorously feeling her crash into me. My body moved back and forth violently. Her sexy frame followed mine. I pulled on her leash with vigor and heard her gag. I didn’t fuckin’ care.

I felt the euphoria of an orgasm approaching. I stood up dragging her with me. I pulled her upright with a strong tug of her leash and pushed her against the glass-topped desk desk, forcing her face against the glass, leaving a harsh chocolate smudge. I began thrusting my penis vigorously into her woman hole. Her body rocketed against my ferocious thrusting. With one hand I constricted her by the leash and the other slapped the hell out of her hips and I felt the pleasure increasing.

And just then.

I felt the tip of an orgasm reach out to me from her warm and dripping hole.

I fuckin’ followed it.

I gave a massive thrust that slid her face across the desk streaking it with the chocolate goo. I let out a loud moan. “FUCK!” I called out.



My whole body leaned against my pumping as I chased the euphoria. My head was so full with the orgasm that I didn’t notice that I was choking her neck.

I wrapped my forearm around her small waist and began pumping even faster.


Blood pounded my head as I reached further and further into the depth of my orgasm. I felt her juices running from her freely as she began moaning in pleasure. “Harder!” She begged me, “Fuck me harder!” She was well into an orgasm as well. Her body shook and writhed due to her constricted position. She let out a cry and clenched the desk as hard as she could

My body shook and my head was pulled backwards as I climaxed. I held onto the feeling strangling Sandra with her collar until it was completely gone. I allowed my cum to release fully before untying myself from her belt. I then freed her from our intertwined position and took a step back. Her vagina was dripping with semen and womanly juices. I wiped it clean with a paper towel.

“Onto the bed.” I ordered her.

She climbed obediently onto her bed with difficulty as her body was still recovering from her climax. I unclasped her belt and collar. There was a red ring of strained skin around her neck. Once she was lying face down comfortably I began. “When you wake up,” I said in a soft and calming voice, “You will be Alexandra again.” I smoothed my hand of her sweaty back. I liked making our role play seem like hypnosis. It made the submissiveness less personal.

I placed the used equipment onto the lid of the container. I let her lay there for a bit while I cleaned up the two dildos and anal plug. When I was done scrubbing them down I brought her a wet towel. I wiped down her groin and legs to remove the juices that made her smell like a seduced woman. I cleaned up her pretty face and gave her a kiss. I cleaned up the puddle of her juice that remained on the floor and hung up the towel. I then placed her bathrobe over her. I redressed and straightened my hair. “Wake up Sandra.” I said in a voice that hovered just above a whisper.

She got up from the bed and slipped her hands into her bathrobe. She then tied it around her. She stood up from the bed and ran her hands through her hair. She gave me a huge smile, “Thanks Jake.”

“For what?” I exclaimed as I nodded at her with a wink in my eye.

She came up to me and leaned forward, giving me a long kiss. “For showing that you care.”

I held her there not wanting to let go. My heart beat a thousand times a second I buried my face into her shoulder. We stood there embracing for a while before we let go. I then led her by her hand into her kitchen where we would indulge in a post-sex meal of pancakes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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