Dinner Out

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Alan and Beth were having a couple’s night out. Unlike in the past, Alan had persuaded Beth to go a little more lady-like, in a skirt and nice blouse. The night started with dinner at a nice restaurant. They were lucky to get a little booth out of the main traffic way. As they finished dinner, Beth excused herself. When she returned, she had a little sheepish grin on. She handed him something under the table. Alan felt something slightly moist and thin. As he opened his hand, Beth coyly licked the corner of her mouth as she had just handed Alan the white sheer panties she had been wearing. Just to reinforce how naked she now was under her skirt, she took her cell phone, placed it under her skirt and snapped a shot. Alan’s cock hardened more as he saw his wife’s bare pussy revealed on the small screen. After quickly adjourning to the car, Beth further teased Alan by lifting her skirt and slowly rubbing her wet lips on the short ride to the movie. Walking into the theater, Beth shivered from both the cool air hitting her bare lips and Alan’s hand softly caressing her nearly naked cheeks. The thought of being so open in public only made her moister, even stiffening her nipples.

They behaved themselves for sarıyer escort the first part of the movie, although they did find a spot towards the back. As usual, Beth’s jacket lay across her lap. During a particularly romantic scene, Alan put his hand under the jacket on Beth’s left thigh. Without flinching, Beth uncrossed her legs. She offered no resistance has Alan slowly pulled the front of her skirt up. As it reached mid-thigh, Alan began caressing the soft flesh of her inner thigh. In response, Beth parted her legs slightly. Alan’s hand worked further up her thigh, pausing three-quarters up. Beth reached under the jacket and guided his hand all the way up, only stopping when his fingertips touched her lips. Alan began to slowly and softly run his finger up and down her wet lips. When he glanced over and saw her eyes flutter slightly, he gently but quickly slid his middle finger into her wet pussy. For the next 10 minutes, her pussy was gently and slowly probed, finally causing her to squeeze her thighs tightly to control the orgasm. Alan discreetly removed his hand between her thighs, leaving her slightly exposed under the jacket. As she watched out of the corner of her sefaköy escort eye, Alan sucked the juice from his finger, bringing a slightly liplick from Beth.

The ride home was just as tasty. Beth hiked up her skirt, pussy in full view to the night sky. She then pulled her favorite black and grey toy from her purse. The buzzing and moans coming from the passenger seat made it a little difficult for Alan to drive. His wife’s self-fucking only made his cock harder. She only covered herself, and barely at that, at the few well-lit stoplights, the toy still buzzing between her thighs. The less-populated and dimmer stops brought no covering. At some point, she added a finger, bringing more vocal reactions.

She kept up the show until they pulled in the driveway. As Alan put the car in park, Beth had one final cum in the car. She pulled her slick, cum-covered fingers from her throbbing pussy. Much to Alan’s surprise, she sucked one finger clean before offering him the other. After her fingers were sufficiently sucked clean, Beth opened her door and turn to get out, skirt still hiked up. The cool night air on her hot cunt made her jump, while the air and the fact of being so silivri escort exposed made her pussy tingle more. Before Alan made it around to her side, she had slid her skirt down. Alan’s hand gently rested on Beth’s thinly-clad ass cheek as they walked to the door.

Beth felt so naughty standing in front of the babysitter, knowing her juices were sliding down her thighs. She wondered if the young girl could tell. The girl slightly coy smile hinted that she could at least smell Beth’s hot nectar. Beth very briefly entertained the idea of the girl lapping her clean right there in the entry way. The girl saying thank you and wishing Beth and Alan a good evening as she headed to the door shook Beth out of her horny haze. As Alan closed and locked the door he inquired if Beth was having naughty thoughts about the young girl who had just departed. Her facial expression gave away her passing lesbian thoughts. With that, Alan playfully ordered her over to the kitchen table. As she faced the table, Alan bent her over. With her tits touching the table, he quickly flipped up her skirt. The slap across her right ass check brought a moan and wicked smile over her shoulder. Alan asked her more erotic questions from wanting the babysitter’s tongue to wanting to fuck him at various points during the evening. Each positive answer brought another slap, alternating between ass cheeks. Beth’s pussy dripped more, hoping for more than just fingers soon. Even her tight little asshole tingled in hopes of attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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