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All through dinner she’s been wearing nothing but leopardskin bra and panties. I watch her tan body, firm, hard and feel my breath shorten.

After supper i relax on the sofa, listen to music, until she leans over the sofa above me and kisses down my forehead, down my face. She opens my shirt and continues to kiss down my chest, her breasts over my face, small but very firm.

She kisses all the way down to my belt, undoes it, continues to undo my trousers, and kisses me through my boxers. It takes her no time to make me erect.

She pulls my boxers down with her teeth and releases me. As she’s doing this I’m gently pulling down her panties, reaching over my head to bring them down over her calves, and as I bring my hands back up they gently spread her legs. I run my hands along the back of her legs, which are stretched right out behind me, so I can feel the strain at the back of her knees, and draw my finger very slowly up the back of her thighs.

She’s got me in her mouth now, very gently but firmly, her lips making an ‘O’ ring around the head of my cock, right up against the head where it’s most sensitive, making me gently thrust up to be deeper inside her mouth.

I can feel her tongue running around the crown. My hands make their way up to the top of her thighs, running slowly over her cheeks, drawing a finger down over the dimple, into the crack, and then very slowly across her lips, but not opening her yet.

She starts slightly at this and makes a mewing sound. I do it again and again and she starts to twist a little.

We slide gently onto the floor and she kneels over my head, so I can reach up and trace her pussy lips, over her trimmed bush, and gently run my index finger up and down, still not entering her.

She starts to rub my cock with one hand, twisting slowly, with a firm grip; I’m raising my hips off the floor, not in control of this; I just want to be taken. I need the heat.

Finally i ease a finger into her, and immediately feel her wetness. I trace a line over her clitoris, and make a little wet circle around it, teasing it.

At this, zeytinburnu escort she starts to mew louder, a sound like a baby’s dreaming. Her hips raise and fall onto my finger in small thrusts and she tightens her legs about my head, urging my mouth higher.

I reach out with my tongue to just touch her lips, ever so gently, then flick over them quickly but lightly before easing my tongue inside her to replace my finger.

She thrusts more slowly but deeply against me, grinding her hips in a circle about my tongue; and this movement opens her pussy up further, exposing more wetness. I run my tongue all the way along her, deliberately flattening my tongue to rasp over her clit; she bucks each time I do this.

But I’m feeling a pressure deep behind my balls, and I know she’ll make me come in her mouth if I don’t stop her, so I pull my head back, lift her head from my cock. There will be time to come in her mouth later.

I want to see her sit on me, watch her pussy envelop my cock slowly.

She turns to sit astride me, lifts herself over my straining pole, grasps it and draws the head back and forth over her clitoris, masturbating herself using me.

It almost hurts because I’m so hard my cock won’t bend enough. I grab her by the hips, gently press down. Her hands shift lower to hold the very base of my cock and she guides it to the right place, and I watch it disappear so slowly into her, until there’s no light between us, no space, and I am as deep as I can be inside her.

She leans back, making the head of my cock rub against her G spot as she raises and lowers herself back onto me. I can only feel heat and a perfect glove-like fit grasping my cock all round.

I reach up to trace circles around her nipples as she rides, not touching the swollen buds yet, just dancing around and around, drawing fingers around her breasts, lifting them, weighing them; and finally wetting my fingertip and running it over her each hard nub of flesh, watch them stiffen even more, the skin pucker around each one, until they’re hard like little thimbles.

She’s aksaray escort starting to gasp, making unintelligible sounds, occasionally a drawn out “yesssssss” as she sinks back onto my cock, and short sharp “ohs” as she draws herself up and feels the suction grow around my cock.

I watch her lips cling to my cock as she does this. she knows I love watching this, and slowly turns herself round, swinging her legs over me, until she’s facing away from me and I can see my cock clearly and her wetness clinging to it.

Her gasps are getting louder and now unintelligible words are tumbling out in between her intakes of breath. I watch her reach for a nipple with one hand to pinch it hard, and she starts to bounce, really hard, down on me.

Now she’s saying “no, no, no”, as she starts to get really close to coming.

She tries to stop herself as well, to slow down, but she can’t give this up, she knows she’s going to come – she doesn’t want to but she’s desperate to at the same time.

And she knows I will come after her this time. I know how close she is, and I’m going to be right behind her.

She throws her head back, still whining “no no no”. I have to reach to her hips and try to stop her, but she turns her head to face me and all I can see is desperation, animal hunger: “I can’t…. I need….” and finally she swears “fuck fuck fuck”.

I feel her thighs start to shudder. she’s become so wet we make squishing noises as our bodies come together, a slap of her thighs and cheeks against my hips and groin. I can see her juices all down my cock as she rises, her shuddering has become more rapid, like an earthquake, and her hands are not so steady now in holding her up.

Her arms are shaking, her cries of “no no no” are beginning to meld together into an “ooooo” as she rises and falls on my cock. Her musical “ooooo” begins to rise.

I start to thrust into her – so far she has done all the work – slowly at first but quickly increasing the tempo, and she increases the speed of her thrusts too.

Now I feel her pussy begin ataköy escort to pulse, to contract and her cries suddenly stop, the shudders take over, and she stops thrusting.

She’s concentrating fiercely, willing her orgasm to last, to become more intense.

I’m still thrusting into her; I’ve taken over, as she’s shaking, totally in thrall, until finally she breathes out with a gusty “AHHHH”, and sobs for air.

I slow down, feeling a warm marble of intense buzzing at the base of my cock, moving slowly upwards and spreading throughout my groin.

I stop, gently lift her off and help her lie down next to me, and then I move between her legs, rubbing my cock, ready to come into her.

She reaches down and guides me in, holding me hard, rubbing over my hands. Her eyes are still closed, breathing hard. She reaches under my leg and brings her hand up to caress my balls..

so gently

so softly

and it’s like she’s put a vice around my groin and all I can feel is the same desperation, the same need for release. Her hands caress up and down along my cock from behind, and I feel the buzz spread, moving so fast out from my groin to take over my whole body, and it almost hurts.

My orgasm starts and I’m frozen: suddenly I can’t move, I’m living and breathing this thing, and my cock has swollen to twice its size, with every nerve shooting fireworks; the orgasm builds, and I’m almost desperate to start coming, to stop the buzz and the near-pain. I need to shoot, I need to come now.

And suddenly my body arches towards hers. my cock is hurling fireworks, pulses of come into her. I’m not in control of my cock, my hips, my eyes, my mouth.

I’m grunting, I’m bucking, I’m gasping and all the time my sperm is flying… the vice-grip around my balls starts to fade, and I dare not move; I dare not breathe in case it’s too painful

Finally my body releases from its frozen state: I can move my head, I can open my eyes.

My cock jerks, once, twice more and I feel the last of my come ebb into her. The buzz has died away, but my cock is still so sensitive I can’t move it in her yet.

Long minutes pass until she gently reaches up to grasp my shoulders and pull me close – for a split second there’s huge pain and then my cock is released from its spell.

And I only see a kaleidoscope of color, of sense, of panoramic emotions as I cling to her for safety.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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