Desperate at the Doctors

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Desperate At The Doctors – A Full Bladder Needed

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The letter said “Ensure you have a full bladder.” Mine wasn’t so much full as overflowing like a sink with the tap left running. I had arrived at the surgery with two minutes to spare before my appointment. Just my luck that they were running late today as well.

I didn’t know what my stomach cramps were, but then that was what the scan was for. I stood up as another pang of pain shot through me, they better not be much longer.

“Hi,” I said to a receptionist half my age. “I know I’m meant to have a full bladder but I’m dying to pee. Do you mind if I use the bathroom?”

She frowned at me. “We really do advise you to wait until after your appointment Miss Welles. Please take a seat,. I’m sure they won’t be much longer.”

I sat back down, ignoring the supportive glances of the other women in the surgery as another twenty minutes slowly ticked by. Finally just as I felt about to burst the speaker burst into life. “Miss Welles please for Doctor Carmody.”

I almost ran through the surgery door, along the corridor and past the waiting doctor who smiled at me. “Miss Welles?”

She looked far too young to be wearing that lab coat, barely out of her teens and not a single wrinkle in sight. “Come in and climb on here,” she said, pointing towards the bed.

I clambered up, trying to ignore my desperation. “Can we get this over with quickly?” I asked, “I really need to pee.”

“Well that’s good,” she replied, taking a seat beside me and beginning to coat the ultrasound wand with gel from a bottle on the desk. “I’ll be as quick as we can and then you can use the bathroom I promise. Okay?”

I nodded, hoping she meant it, I hadn’t wet myself since I was a child and didn’t want to start doing it again now.

“Do you mind if I lift your dress or would you prefer to do it?”

I reached kaçak iddaa down and tugged at the hem of my dress, raising it to lay across my bust. I glanced down and wished I’d chosen different panties, these plain white ones made me look so dowdy. Still nobody but the two of us would see them. The doctor typed something into the computer beside her before swivelling the chair back towards me. “Let’s get started shall we?”

She gently placed the wand on my stomach. This isn’t so bad, I was thinking just as she suddenly pressed down hard. I moaned in pain, the need to pee was excruciating now. “Can you be gentler?” I asked. “I really need to go.”

“I know, ” she soothed, ignoring me and continuing to probe across my stomach, pressing hard into my bladder. “I’m just going to get my assistant in here for a second opinion. Hold on a second.”

She pressed on the intercom. “Sophie, could you come in here please.”

The door opened moments later and a woman younger than the doctor walked in. They whispered in the corner for a few moments before turning back to me, my legs clamped tightly together as I tried to distract myself from the urgent need to pee.

“Hi,” Sophie said. “I think we need to scan a little bit lower. Do you mind if we take those panties down?”

I nodded, my face flushing slightly. Sophie hooked her hands into the elastic and slowly peeled them from my legs. She passed them to me and turned to Doctor Carmody. “Clare, I think we need to have legs up too, wouldn’t you agree?

Doctor Carmody nodded and they each took one of my ankles, lifting them into the stirrups placed at the end of the bed. In this position I felt both nervous and exposed. My vagina was on show now to two strangers and to make matters worse if this took any longer they might both see me pee myself on their bed.

Sophie picked up the wand and began to run it over my stomach, covering a wider area kaçak bahis than the doctor. She probed into the skin just under my breasts before working down gradually, ending up pressing it into the skin directly above my clitoris, making my bladder feel like it might explode at any moment. I winced as I felt a little trickle of pee flow dribble out of me, soaking into the layer of tissue paper that had been draped over the bed, immediately darkening it.

To their credit neither of the women commented but I felt the wand press harder into me and a second trickle dripped out, this time strengthening to a stronger flow. The pool of darkness under me widened and I could hear the awful hissing sound of me peeing. I tensed up every muscle in my body and somehow managed to stop any more from coming out.

Finally the pressure from the ultrasound stopped, though my feet remained in the stirrups. I waited whilst the two them whispered to each other once more.

“Can I go to the bathroom now?” I asked, interrupting them. They both turned to me.

“Not just yet I’m afraid,” Doctor Carmody said. “Just another minute. We just need to examine you a bit more closely.”

I watched Sophie apply the ultrasound gel to her hands, rubbing it into to the finger tips. “This might feel a little bit cold. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

I breathed in sharply as I felt her place her hand on my labia. She pulled the lips apart and moved her face closer. Her other hand lay flat on my lower stomach and as she pressed down I felt her little finger just brush over the top of my clitoris. I winced, the tingle of pleasure was out of place in a surgery like this and it had made my desire to pee even stronger. Sophie moved her face closer, I could feel her breath on me as she peered at my most intimate area.

Another pang of pain shot through my bladder, making me shudder. I couldn’t help myself then, a gush of pee sprayed illegal bahis out of me and hit Sophie directly in the face. I expected her to jerk backwards and she did but not straight away. She spent at least five seconds frozen to the spot, I assumed in shock. My piss had splashed into her open mouth, making her cough and splutter. As she pushed the chair backwards I craned my neck to see my urine dripping off her chin.

“I’m so sorry,” I muttered, my face bright red.

“Don’t worry,” she smiled, wiping her face with a length of paper towel. “It’s okay. We’ve had worse here before haven’t we Clare?”

I was continuing to pee, the flow feeling like it could last forever. The two of them stood watching as a puddle began to spread across the floor under the bed. I waited, wanting to die, until finally it stopped.

“Should I go?” I asked, unable to look either of them in the eye.

“No,” Sophie said. “We better finish the exam. That is, if you’re finished?” She raised her eyebrows. I nodded in response.

Sitting back down, Sophie moved towards me with her roll of paper towel. “Let’s dry you off,” she said as she began to dab at my legs with the towels. Next she pressed paper against my labia, pressing it between and I felt her finger slide under it, covered with paper to keep it hidden from the doctor as it slid slowly inside me. I gasped in shock but then felt a strange warmth spreading through me. For reasons I couldn’t explain, I wanted her to keep the finger inside me. I felt empty when she withdrew it, pressing a towel to my clit and stroking it softly more times than was really necessary to dry me.

The next few minutes passed in a daze as Sophie prodded round my stomach and vagina, though not going inside me again. Finally she was done and I was allowed to sit up. I looked for my panties but they’d somehow fallen off the bed and were now soaked in my urine. I picked them up and wrung them out.

“Maybe go without, stop the risk of infection,” Doctor Carmody said, taking them from me. They promised me results by my next appointment and ushered me out the door.

The End…for now!

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