Desert Oasis Ch. 07: Fistfuls

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She led me to the sofa just inside the living room. I took a seat; she knelt before me. Her hand crept up my leg, coming to rest adjacent my cock. Soon a fingertip lightly caressed the underside of my shaft near the base, where the taut skin encasing my erection cascades to the draping sac of my scrotum. I slid to the edge of the cushion, spreading my legs wide. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, relaxing, surrendering to her touch, her attention. I sensed her coming closer.

I felt her lips on my inner thigh, kissing her way up from my knee. As she neared my groin, she nibbled lightly, her teeth delicately pinching and pressing my electrified skin. I drew in a sharp breath, my butt tightened as I thrust my hips upwards. Her hair tickled my scrotum, jolting it into contraction. I exhaled with a moan, relaxing. She attentively pushed my erection against my belly, her fingers cool on my superheated shaft. Resting her arms on the front of my hips, I felt the tip of her tongue dance on the withdrawing skin of my scrotum. The fluttering soon became broad strokes of her tongue across my sac. She ringed her left thumb and index finger around my pouch, preventing my testes from retreating farther into my body. My balls trapped, she drew them between her lips, bathing them in her warm, wet mouth, massaging them tenderly with her tongue. My thighs tensed and I pushed legs wider, beginning to breathe through my mouth, enflamed. I put my hands on her arms. Her skin was cool and powdery soft. The breath from her nose, erratic, spun around the base of my cock and through my hair.

With a pop, she released my testicles and hauled her tongue flatly over my scrotum and up the length of my cock. I’m certain she got a taste of my oil, having forced a bead of it up the channel through the tip.

She transferred to my torso, pulling her tongue up my belly and across my chest to my left nipple. topkapı escort In the process, I could feel her hardened nipples sliding along my thighs and hips, with my cock sensing her imposing breasts hanging on either side of it. I dropped my hands to her full hips and commuted between her waist and her upper thighs. I thought of snaking my right hand around the front of her and down through her grasslands to her glowing entry, but I relented, bringing my hands to rest on her hips, letting her continue, letting her preside.

She briefly sucked my nipple, her tongue toying with it, before she continued her journey. Her tongue blazed a trail up my neck and under my chin. Straddling me, I could feel her breath on me as her tongue scurried along my lips. I smiled, and chuckled at her playfulness. I ran my hands from her hips, up along her sides, the heel of my palms sensing her breasts, then back down, across the small of her back and down over her impressive ass. The heat of her cunt seared me as my cock jolted against her, nestled in the garden of her mons.

She paused her flitting on my lips and, in a fluid movement, rose up, reached between us and angled my desperate erection to her welcoming canal. She lowered herself gradually, tenaciously, allowing each of us to relish every centimeter of the other as she enveloped me. She came to rest on the front of my hips. She contracted her muscles, her cunt gripping my cock. I contracted mine in return, my cock swelling and surging within her. An open throated, “Aaaah,” passed my lips; she laughed, knowing that she was in command. I brought my hands up to her breasts and, cradling them, nipped her nipples lightly with my fingers. A sharp, startled “Ah!” escaped her; I smiled.

She rose and settled with increasing frequency, my turgid cock withdrawing and sinking in her with greater urgency. She was fucking türbanlı escort me exquisitely.

My hands returned to her hips, pushing her down on me, my cock fathoming her. I caught her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it ravenously, rolling it with my tongue. Her head fell forward with a, “rrrrrrr—ah.” I breathed in the scent of her hair as it draped over my face.

It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm roiling deep with me. “Oh, fuck, you’re going to make me come. Are you close?”

“Yes,” she said. “But I want you to fuck me from behind.”


She swung her leg over me and we disengaged. My cock, soaked and bewildered, bobbed in the cool air. We stood and made our way into the master bedroom. At the bed’s edge, she bent over, stretching her arms long across the cool white hotel sheets. Her breasts ballooned out from beneath her ribcage in enticing crescents. She rolled her hips, pointing her ass and cunt up toward me, and widened her stance. I approached, panting my palms on the wondrous globes of her ass, directing my cock between her pouting, parted lips.

She received me easily, fully, deeply, and while the walk to the bedroom quelled my orgasm’s ascent, being swathed again in her silken, molten walls quickly reignited the chain reaction. She looked fantastic, her back elongated by her outstretched arms, her hands gripping fistfuls of sheet, her face buried in the bed, attenuating her wails. Knowing I was nearing the point of no return, I fucked her abandonedly hard. With each plunge, the heavy scent of sex billowed from between us, filling my lungs. Her back, awash in perspiration, glistened in the bedroom’s diffused sunlight.

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me come.” She tightened her cunt, her canal constricting around my bloating cock.

She snapped her head left, craning her neck to see me, her hair plastered tüyap escort to her sweaty forehead. “Do it!” She commanded.

“You close?”

“Yes.” She curled her muscles around me again. “But just do it. Come in me. Now.” She tightened her muscles and held them, gripping my frantic cock, goading me to come.

I pulled back one more time, the distended crown of my quivering cock dredging along her cunt’s swollen, clenched walls. The spring deep within my loins snapped. I thrust deep, the head of my cock bouncing off her cervix. “—rah, fuck, Bee! I’m coming! Ngha…” I dug my fingers into the spheres of her ass.

“AaaaaAAA!” She screamed as she orgasmed with me.

My orgasm lashed out at me; my cock exploded inside her, spasming uncontrollably. The rolling contractions of her cunt around my shaft, her thighs and ass pulsing, convulsing against me, amplified my orgasm. She yanked my orgasm out of me. I couldn’t move. My body bucked. I ran my hand up her back; she was sweaty, hot. Planting my hands on either side of her, I fell forward, carefully lowering myself to kiss her back, to taste her. While my post-orgasmic erection was no doubt diminishing, I was still buried deep within her, her cunt still shuddering. I could feel liquid streaking down along our snuggled thighs.

She cooed as I kissed my way down her back, separating from her. I kissed the right cheek of her ass as I caressed her left with my hand, then climbed up on the bed. Clearing her hair from her face, I kissed her cheek and, catching her eye, we smiled.

“That. Was. Beautiful.” I said, glowing, out of breath but nearly giddy.

“Meet with sir’s approval, did it?”

“Oh, surpassed. Come here,” I said unreservedly, tugging her onto the bed.

She resisted. “I wanna clean up.”

“Fuck that, just come here.”

Fevered, sweaty, covered in a mix of each other’s cum, we collapsed on the bed, crashing into the cool sheets and the embrace of the pillows. I pulled her to me, cradling her head with my shoulder. She swung a leg over me. I could feel her heavy breast on my chest. I caressed her back lightly with my fingertips until, in short order, we were both asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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