Dazzled by December: Singles Cruise

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Author’s Note: I love Country Music. I know for many you are hanging your head and saying ‘why Red… why?’ I really like George Straight’s song “She Let Herself Go” and I started a series with that title, but the woman in that story is different from this character. The character in “She Let Herself Go” is just as special to me, but as I looked back and reflected on the words to this song I realized I wanted to create another “She Let Herself Go” with a different woman in mind.

So I hope you enjoy “Dazzled by December”. Her adventures will follow the path of George’s Straight’s song. . .where Alissa in “She Let Herself Go” follows a path of fantasies that she and her lover had played out on the phone and now play out when they spend the Summer together. I hope you give both a look see and I know you’ll see the difference and perhaps you’ll see similarities, but not in their excursions… each is unique in that regard. Please enjoy and leave a comment if you wish. ~ Thanks ~ Red.


The ocean air caressed December’s face and she leaned over the railing of the Fascination, letting herself watch the water spray over the ship. A hand pressed against her back and she turned around to face the young man she’d met at the “Welcome Aboard Mixer/Orientation Gathering” that was held just two days ago. His name was Ridge and she had immediately felt drawn to him. Her smile lifted and she slipped her arm into the crook of his.

“What were you thinking?” he asked.

December laughed, her voice soft and melodious, “I was just remembering what brought me here.”

“Ahh… the letter?” Ridge’s eyes took in her quiet and calm expression as they walked away from the railing.

“You remember?” she asked and then waited why he opened the door that led down a small flight of stairs. They moved down a brightly lit hallway. She felt her breast touching his arm and she smiled inside. When was the last time she felt this way? Excited and electric?

His voice brought her back and she listened to his voice caress her. “I remember everything you’ve shared with me. I remember the sound of your voice, the scent of your perfume, the color of your eyes when you laugh and when you drift off thinking of him.”

December sighed. “When I read that letter there was this moment where I was shocked. I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t feel happy. I felt as if the final door had been closed on that chapter of my life.”

“And a new one opened, didn’t it?” he asked.

She held her magnetic keycard in her hand and whispered, “I believe so.” She slid it inside the silver box, watched the green light blink and then saw Ridge’s hand reach out and open the door to her cabin. She stepped inside, feeling his presence wash over her as he closed the it behind them. The swish of the lock sealed them, its sound eased over December and she shivered.

Ridge stepped behind her and slowly began to move his fingers across her warm skin. In time, they made love, slow and easy, until passion ruled them both, then they coupled hard and fast. Eventually Ridge fell asleep holding the exquisite creature in the crook of his arm and December silently stared into space. A feeling of euphoria surrounded her and she basked in it as she remembered the last few weeks of her life.

She’d come home to find a letter on the table. Five words filled the post it note. She shook her head in disbelief at the words written on a tiny scrap of paper, stuck to the table where they had once made love. “I don’t love you anymore.”

December knew it was coming and when it did, she didn’t innovia escort feel sorrow, but instead the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders. She called her mother and then her sisters. They too were not surprised. Later she learned they had anticipating it for sometime. Matthew and December had grown up in the same town and it was a given they would become engage and marry, have babies and live a long and happy life together. However that isn’t what happened.

The Head Cheerleader and the Quarterback did what was expected of them and wed three months after graduation. He was 19. She was 18. They lived like newlyweds for the first year, ships passing in the night the second, and the third they were like two strangers going through the motions. When he wrote the letter, they weren’t even speaking. They simply weren’t in love the way married people were supposed to be in love. They were in deep like, until they lived together as man and wife. It was during that time they became adults and as time passed, they saw in each other things they didn’t like. They saw in themselves things the other took for granted.

Six months ago she’d dropped her groceries on the table, picked up the post it note and sat down. No tears fell as she realized after twenty-five years and three babies later she was free. . . and so was Matt. The kids, two girls and a boy were no longer little ones that she bounced on her knee while he worked. They were adults with lives of their own; when the news of their pending divorce was broken, she saw that they too knew it was time. As she packed her suitcase, not wanting to live in the house where she’d spent so many dismal days she wondered if it had been worth it. Had the past twenty-five years of staying home and ironing his pants and raising their children been worth the weight Matt and she bore.

She concluded later it had been. She loved her children and Matt wasn’t a bad man. He just wasn’t “The Man” for her. She booked a cruise for singles and found a spark she’d never felt before in the arms of a stranger. A sigh escaped her lips and she rolled to her back; rising, she felt a firm grip on her wrist.

“Stay,” Ridge whispered. She turned back and caught his features with the light of the moon filling her room.

“I’m just going to the bathroom.” She leaned over and kissed his lips. “Besides silly, this is my cabin.” She watched dawning cross his face and she laughed. “I’ll be back. You do have more condoms don’t you?” she asked with a wink and a smile.

She heard him scrabbling from the bed to grab his pants. “Damn,” he muttered. She giggled.

“Don’t worry. I bought some on the island today,” she said before she closed the bathroom door.

Richard watched her leave. He still couldn’t believe his luck. He’d taken these cruises before and sometimes they were wonderful, other times they were duds. This time he’d seen the heavenly creature with the spun-honey hair and flickering hazel eyes and he’d lost his breath. It took him several swallows of his brandy before he made the move to approach her in a more suave manner than the simple “Hello and nice to meet you” he’d used at the orientation gathering.

When it became apparent that she was interested in him and was willing to spend the cruise with him and no other, he thanked his lucky stars. They’d spent every moment together until it came to saying goodnight. Those first two nights he’d walked her to her cabin and kissed her goodbye. The first evening it had been a passionate kiss, but both had pulled away, promising to see istanbul escort each other the next morning at breakfast. The second night the kisses had been given off and on all day and into the evening. When they reached the door that night, it was a battle of wills that forced him to not gather her close and take her in the hallway. Tonight he knew there’d be no turning back and as they joined, he knew he’d never forget December.

He heard the door open and he looked up to see her body haloed by the light of the bathroom. He’d crawled back into bed and now he watched her pull a condom from her purse and place it next to the table.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, pulling her head down so his lips could taste her mouth. He felt her smile and knew she was about to deny what he and several others on the ship had noticed. “You are; so please don’t argue.”

“I’m old enough to be your mom,” she giggled, “but I’ll not argue.” He watched her eyes sparkle and he rolled her to her back. “Perhaps, but that is okay. You’re not my mom and so . . .” His words trailed off as he moved down her body.

His tongue moved across her ample bosom and he suckled on one tit while teasing the other with his thumb and finger. Ridge used his teeth to pull the sweet bud up; when he released it, her breast bounced. He watched with desire as her passion for his attentions began to make her body arch for more. With the tip of his tongue he traced each rosy pearl, pushed the globes together and then assaulted them by sucking on each one simultaneously.

Her intake of breath was all he needed as a sign of encouragement, though her whispered “Yes” made his lips rise and his cock jump. “December, can you come for me if I just sit here and suck on your nipples?” he asked, taking the right jewel in his mouth and sucking hard.

“Ridge,” she moaned and liquid silk fell from its warm home. He looked at her features glazed with hunger; he knew she would do as he wanted. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the weight of her breasts, loving the softness of them, the gentle sway and the size as he cupped them. She overflowed his hands and she groaned when he began to knead them both as if he had nothing more pressing in the world to do than pay homage to her tits.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered through a raspy voice full of want.

“Don’t worry,” he told her and stopped talking. He no longer needed to speak; he only needed to hear. He drank up her flesh and drew it into his mouth. Tiny hickeys were laid upon her skin, his sucking hard enough to make sure they appeared on her bronzed frame. He loved each one until her fingers were buried in his hair and she was grinding him into her chest. When she did that Ridge gave in and tore at her sweet skin.

He felt her body stiffen and his eyes opened to watch the erotic play of emotions cross her face. “That’s right baby, let it go.” He went back to suck and pull, tease and flick as she called out for him to fuck her now. Ridge let her ride the wave and when her breathing returned to a moderately normal pace he gazed at her.

“I’m not ready yet,” he whispered and began to travel south.

December groaned as she watched Ridge disappear between her thighs. Her ass lifted and she felt his firm hands grip each cheek. When his tongue slid along the slippery lips of her pussy she moaned out and felt her body convulse. “Ridge,” she gasped and came again.

She heard his chuckle and the obvious delight that his mere touch had given her. “You were needy weren’t you?” he asked.

She kadıköy escort giggled and answered, “Very.” She closed her eyes and became lost in the sensations that ran over her skin and buried deep into her pores. Her veins pooled with liquid fire and her sex ached to be possessed. Ridge’s tongue swept along her pussy, tracing the triangle of soft fuzz. His teeth lifted the honey gold hair and felt another slip of juice free itself. He lapped it up, bringing a groan from her.

December felt herself begin to slowly thrust against his face. Her hips rolled. She spread her legs wider, hoping to urge him into fucking her with his fingers, tongue, cock. . .she didn’t care anymore; she just wanted to have the torturous tease brought to the promising end.

“You’re so wet. So hot. So needy,” Ridge told her. She agreed with him.

Each of her legs was raised and forced to settle on his shoulders. “Oh fuck,” she muttered. His tongue pushed into her hot hole. “Ohh… ohhh fuck yes, Ridge, don’t stop that!”

He chuckled against her sex and she shivered violently. “Mmm… ohhh yes… ohh fuck yes,” he said between the laps his tongue was doing inside her honeypot. “So sweet. So beautiful. So hot.”

December heard his muffled words and welcomed them. Matt had long ago stopped talking to her during sex and then when they had stopped screwing all together, she’d only climaxed when she was alone with her toy. Now she let herself go and allowed his words roll over her and blanket her.

“More… please… more,” she begged.

“You need to come first,” he told her. She cried out in frustration, wanting to feel his cock slamming into her. “December, dazzle me with your come. Give me all of your hot pussy juice.”

December lost it. She came hard and she felt the warm mouth of her lover capture every shooting drop of sweetness.

Richard lapped at her sex, washing away the feast that had showered him. He looked up the length of her and grinned. “Delicious,” he told her and licked a path up to her nipples where he suckled on the right and then the left.

He released them when she pleaded for his kiss. Ridge finished his path of kisses and covered her lips with his. They sucked on each others tongues and he allowed her to cleanse his pallette of his slick dessert. “December, I’ll fuck you now.” He grabbed the condom, pulled apart the plastic and rolled the sheath over his member. He aimed himself at her creamy entrance and slid the head of his shaft into her sex.

His hands reached past her head and he grabbed the headboard of the bed. Ridge pulled himself toward the wall, thrusting his dick into her with one hard drive. Her curse of pleasure filled his ears and his eyes rolled back as the welcoming heat of her pussy blanketed him.

“YES!” she cried out. Her ass rose and her nails found a home in the round, hard cheeks of his rear.

A grunt of animal pleasure left his throat and Ridge began the steady, slow fucking he desired. Soon he was moving faster, urged on by her pleas for more. He lost all will to stall his orgasm when he heard her whisper for him to come. He showered the protective covering with his seed, and closed his eyes as her fluids skated from her sex and soaked his balls.

“December… oh God baby,” he moaned and dropped his grip on the headboard to slide one hand into her hair and lift her head to his lips.

They made love later, each one waking the other up for a few quick minutes of play. Sometimes Ridge would come and another condom would litter the trash can. For two weeks December allowed herself the freedom of being single to take her to new heights as the ocean breeze whipped through her hair.

When she and Ridge parted it was with the promise to never forget the other, and to reserve a spot on the dance card for next year’s cruise.

To be continued in Vegas…

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