David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 04

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(It was 1892 and I, David Shaw, then aged 19 joined ‘Maynard and Son, Purveyors to Gentlewomen and the Aristocracy’ on Upper Richmond Road, Putney. The job involved providing ‘underskirt services’ to single women. This was my third day with the firm)


I was given the following address by Mr. Maynard’s secretary and arrived there promptly at half past two. Lady Gertrude Flaxenworth, 12 Glebe Street, Kensington. I parked my bicycle near the servants’ entrance of this ornate Victorian crescent and rang the bell. A pretty young housemaid in her early twenties let me in and took me to the housekeeper.

“Ah Maynard’s, good,good,” she said as she read my calling card, “Lady Gertrude will see you presently,” she said as she returned my card. I stood there admiring the framed prints of views of Rome and Naples. The hall clock ticked solemnly and I noticed that this had an Italian movement. Everything in the house appeared to be Italian.

I heard a bell ring from below stairs and the housekeeper led me up to the second floor.

“You will take off your clothes here please,” she said as I stood outside Lady Gertrude’s boudoir.

I pulled my shirt out of my trousers and removed my vest. Down came my trousers and finally my underpants and socks. The housekeeper, Haynes, picked them up and handed them to the young housemaid who whisked them away. Haynes looked me up and down as if she were examining a joint of meat at the butchers.

“I need to spray you with perfume as Lady Gertrude dislikes the smell of men,” she told me in a factual way.

From a drawer on the landing she fished out an atomizer and sprayed me all over with a thick cloud of expensive perfume. It stung my balls and penis and I felt as if I was no longer a chap, and that part of my manliness had been eradicated in the haze of strong smelling femininity.

“I must warn you that Lady Gertrude does not suffer fools gladly and if you fail to provide satisfaction she has a network of friends who will drag Maynard and Son’s reputation through the mire. Understood?”

I told her that I understood and that so far in my career as ‘underskirt boy’ I had received nothing but praise.

“Good, good. Let’s keep it that way then shall we?” she concluded and the young housemaid suddenly appeared at my side.

Grace Haynes knocked on the heavy door and awaited a reply.

“Come,” said a regal, educated voice from within.

The housekeeper escorted me in, followed by the pretty young housemaid, Kathryn Fields.

It was a small room and was mainly filled with a large ornate bed covered in an Italian silk bedspread. The widows were framed by heavy silk curtains and there were several decorated plinths supporting carvings in stone and wood of Greek and Roman gods. Above the mantelpiece, and dominating the room, was a monochrome print of the famous painting by Francois Boucher entitled ‘Odalisque’. I stared at the artwork and felt my manhood begin to rise.

The room was very dim owing to the curtains being partially drawn. Presumably light wasn’t required for what we were about to do together.

Lady Gertrude must have been sixty years old and wore her grey hair in a spiral bun with soft bangs accentuated by a red ribbon to complement her red dress.

She sat on an armchair near the window and looked at me in a warm, almost motherly way. If the truth were known she was almost old enough to be my grandmamma. Her dress was huge. From her tiny waist it flared out in several tiers ending in a series of tailored flounces which almost appeared to fill the room. I wondered how many petticoats she was wearing. Ladies of her age were known to wear far more underskirts than younger women who favoured the more modern bustle.

My penis was now stirring to embarrassing proportions and I was pleased when the housekeeper, Haynes, left me with the housemaid, Kathryn Fields, and Lady Gertrude.

“Step forward boy,” I was ordered by the now aroused Lady Gertrude. I now read passion in her eyes as she stared at me and at my half distended erection. She asked me whether I knew her name and reputation and I said that I had never heard of either.

“So much the better boy, so much the better,” she nodded at me then nodded at Kathryn Fields.

Miss Fields clearly knew what to do as I wager that I was not the first ‘underskirt boy’ to set foot in her boudoir.

The framed print by Boucher kept catching my eye. The buttocks of bahis siteleri the woman in the picture seemed to pull me into the lewd scene like a magnet.

The bedspread was pulled back by the housemaid whom I now understood to be Lady Gertrude’s personal ladies maid.

Two long pillows, which extended from one side of the bed to the other, were carefully positioned half way down the sheets, but further towards the lower end. Both sheets and pillows were made of deep pink satin.

I was told to lie on the bed, on my stomach, so that my head rested on the first pillow. My face lay buried in the satin and I moved it to one side, and then tilted it upwards so that I could breathe more easily. There were no brass rails at the foot end of the bedstead so I was able to dangle my legs with relative ease.

Because I was so short and puny Fields, however, placed an ottoman at the bottom of the bed for me to kneel on which I found perfectly comfortable and agreeable.

In my mind I was wondering what I would be expected to do. Certainly, as I understood it, Lady Flaxenworth preferred to be pleasured in a horizontal position. Other than that I couldn’t fathom out what would happen next. It didn’t take long to find out.

The maid opened a drawer in a tall chest of drawers, next to the fireplace, and removed some leather straps. She selected two very long ones of the same lengths. I noticed that they had a set of buckles at both ends.

She carefully slid each strap around the brass bed head and through the buckle. She then pulled them down to my wrists and tightened them and tensioned them so that my arms were pulled towards the top corners of the bed with my face resting on the lower pillow facing up the bed. She rearranged both pillows so that my outstretched arms now lay underneath them.

Lady Gertrude inspected the straps and nodded to Fields.

“Are you any good boy?” she barked and I noticed in the dim afternoon light that she was heavily wrinkled and her hair was thin.

“I do my job reasonably well,” I told her and smiled at her. This had no effect on the old lady’s countenance and she frowned and told be to do my best. Already my neck was beginning to ache and I stared up the bed where presumably Lady Gertrude Flaxenworth would eventually position herself for a tonguing.

“Help me on Kathryn,” she said to her maid.

I was aware of movement behind me but couldn’t quite see what was going on. I felt goose bumps on my flesh where it touched the cold satin sheet.

There was a great rustling noise of silk petticoats being raised and the distinct faint smell of urine disguised by perfume. Two knees appeared on each side of my head. They were clad in black silk stockings and long legged bloomers. The bloomers were of white silk edged with three flounces of elaborate ‘Duchesse’ lace. These ended just above the knee and were open crotch. Lady Gertrude shuffled further up the bed and I could see that her maid was holding up her skirt and underskirt in great armfuls to allow her to get into position. She wore no shoes but wore black suede slippers with a slight heel.

Lady Gertrude then splayed her legs and backed into me and lowered herself onto the second pillow. In the dimness I saw her heavy exposed arse lie only a couple of inches from my face. The folds on her sagging skin contrasted markedly with the whiteness and smoothness of her expensive bloomers.

Fields rearranged the front of her dress so that it was pulled towards me and under Lady Gertrude. This was a complex procedure as my arms were in the way and her dress was so large. Eventually both were happy that the dress lay in a satisfactory position.

The maid hitched up the back of Lady Gertrude’s dress so that it lay over the old lady’s back and shoulders and then repeated this process with seven further layers of white silk petticoat. Lady Gertrude then sld further towards me and opened her legs fully. I felt the wrist straps tighten and I gritted my teeth with pain. This was now very uncomfortable.

“Cover him up Kathryn,” she told her maid who was clearly used to dealing with ‘underskirt boys’.

“Head up,” the maid told me and I stared straight up at her Ladyship’s bottom.

My penis was now rock hard and felt as if it would bore a hole into the mattress.

Kathryn Fields carefully draped and arranged each petticoat over me one at a time. Each was trimmed in fine lacework, mainly in ‘Point de Rose’ canlı bahis siteleri but some in Valenciennes lace. From the base of my spine upwards I was covered in silk petticoats and the rustling and frou frouing sound was almost deafening as Lady Gertrude made herself comfortable. It must have made an unusual sight to see my small naked bottom emerge from below the many layers of clothing which Lady Gertrude was wearing.

Again my penis was fiercely stiff and almost painfully hard and I was desperate for a wank.

Finally I felt the heavy red silk dress being spread over me and I was plunged into darkness. There was only my face and Lady Gertrude’s arse under her dress as far as I, and the old lady, were concerned.

“He may start,” said Lady Gertrude and I felt Kathryn tap me on the head through the eight layers of rustling material.

I had never pleasured a woman’s bottom before and I didn’t know what to do. Lady Gertrude pushed herself languorously against me and I began licking. First I licked the insides of her buttocks and along the crease as far as the outer edges of her open crotch bloomers. Then I licked her above and below her anus then flicked her puckered hole. I licked her perineum but stopped short of her vagina.

This seemed to act as a trigger as she pushed against me even more firmly. The leather straps on my wrists felt painfully tight but there was a certain degree of ‘give’ and I now understood that Lady Gertrude could control the pressure of my face against her hindquarters. She was clearly a woman who liked to be in charge of her ‘underskirt boys’ and I was learning what she liked. I was learning very quickly too.

I concentrated all my licking around her anal sphincter. The aroma from her bottom was disguised by the heavy perfume which had been sprayed on me and on her buttocks. Without this fragrance, I admit, I would have found the whole experience unpalatable to say the least.

She swiveled and ground her buttocks against my face in large circles followed by sudden jerks. I kept my tongue in contact with her anus and by degrees I managed to push it into the tight opening. Again this sparked more activity from the old lady who was now perspiring visibly.

“Further inside me if you will,” scalled out Lady Gertrude pushing her arse even more firmly into my face. The feel of flesh and the all pervasive aroma of sweat and perfume was intoxicating. I now understood the power of a womans bottom.

Her feet were wide apart and touching both sides of the bed and being inside the heavy layers of petticoat and dress made it difficult for me to breathe. Her hips and buttocks described small circles in front of me as my tongue slid ever further inside her.

If only I could have used my hands I could have pulled her buttocks apart to allow easier access but I couldn’t so I did my very best with just my tongue.

“Oh that is just perfection, perfection indeed,” the old lady moaned and dismissed her house maid.

I heard the door open, then close, and I was left alone with Lady Gertrude’s fleshy arse in my face. I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go and watched her grind herself into me stretching the leather straps to their maximum extension.

“Oh just perfect,” she groaned and continued swiveling her buttocks from side to side. “Perfection itself,” she moaned.

I had lost track of time but I must have been under Lady Gertrude’s dress and silk petticoats for at least an hour. I had slipped my tongue in and out of her anus many times and now was able to judge the exact movement or degree of pressure by her comments. Fortunately she vocalised her feelings and I used them as a guide.

She appeared to have an insatiable appetite for having her anus licked and I continued until she told me to stop.

I heard her pull the bell rope at the side of the bed and then the door opened and Fields reappeared. She lifted her dress and petticoats off me and helped Lady Gertrude off the bed. My face was a mess and was plastered with sweat. My hair lay lank and damp and I had to remain fettered until the maid had rearranged her Ladyship’s clothing. This took several minutes as each layer of silk petticoat had to be pulled down and shaken out to allow the one above to lie evenly.

“Enough Kathryn thank you, Release the boy please.” said the old lady resuming her seat in the armchair by the window.

I was so thankful to be unbuckled. My wrists showed canlı bahis the red marks of being fettered for an hour and I half. I noticed the clock on the mantelpiece showed four o’clock. Fields gave me a small bar of carbolic soap and a bowl of luke warm water and advised me to wash my mouth out, which I did. The soap tasted ghastly but I understood that it would counteract any possible infection. I also washed my face and dried myself.

My limp penis had a small string of precum hanging from it and I felt very dejected that I had not experienced my own orgasm. I sensed both women were reading my thoughts. Lady Gertrude turned to her maid and nodded. This clearly was a signal for her to do something with me, and I was completely unprepared for what was to happen.

Kathryn Fields, Lady Gertrude Flaxworth’s ladies maid, knelt in front of my puny naked body and began fondling my balls. Her fingers tugged and squeezed as she handled my heavy bollocks, weighing them in her hands.

I stared at her face as she stared back. No words were spoken. She had attractive features and could have graced the cover of any Lady’s Journal of that era. Her apron was immaculate; the starched stiffness gave it an almost cardboard like appearance.

I gazed into her big brown eyes and felt my erection slowly return. With each squeeze my erection appeared to grow an inch or so until after two or three minutes it jutted out horizontally.

I felt both women stare at it and then at my face. I stood like a small Greek god in front of them and my eyes wandered back to the print of Boucher’s ‘Odalisque’ and felt my swollen knob end twitch even more. In the dull light from the half drawn curtains I noticed that the carvings and sculpture of Roman and Greek deities all sported erections. The whole room was full of phalluses and pictures of an erotic nature.

I looked down at Fields who now began licking the tip of my seemingly ‘massive’ penis. Slowly she sucked it into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. I stood with my hands on my hips and stared into her eyes again. She fixed me with a gaze. She circled the area where my foreskin was attached to the tip which I found to be most sensitive and agreeable to the touch.

“Carry on girl,” said Lady Gertrude eager to see me ejaculate.

I must admit that I wanted to see me ejaculate too and held Fields’ head as she sucked me over and over again.

Sometimes she would lick the tip, then the shaft, but more often just slide it in and out of her mouth. The feelings were amazing. I never knew that the inside of a woman’s mouth could provide so much pleasure.

Soon the intensity increased, so did the tempo. I gripped Fields’ hair, almost crushing her starched maid’s cap and, to put it bluntly. I ‘was fucking her face’. I abandoned all sense of decorum and pumped my penis furiously inside her mouth. Her eyes still stayed on mine as if I was staring at an automaton.

We continued like this for about ten minutes until I felt a great intense gathering of semen inside me. The intensity and tempo was now at break-neck speed and I am afraid I had to vocalise my pleasure with blasphemy.

I was unsure whether I should spurt into her mouth or not and Lady Gertrude sensed my dilemma.

“Release it boy, release it; she’ll swallow it for you,” said the old lady wearing the vast red silk dress. Her voice was full of excitement.

I looked deeply into Kathryn Fields’ eyes and as I did so I squirted out five huge amounts of semen into her mouth.

I watched her face melt into a smile as I slid my penis from her lips. Long strings of semen looped us together then eventually broke and slid down her chin.

“Bravo boy, bravo.” Lady Gertrude cackled as she watched my penis begin to deflate. “You have done well my boy and I shall book you for further sessions,” she said and left the room, leaving Fields to recover my clothes and spruce me up a little.


That evening, back at Maynard’s I met another fellow who told me that he’d just returned from an ‘over-nighter’. His name was Timothy Prentice and the lucky chap was one of many ‘attractions’ at a young lady’s twenty first birthday party.

“How many women did you service?” I asked in an off hand manner.

“Well there was the mother, two aunts and twelve ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty five.” He told me in a casual way.

I said that I’d buy him a drink if he would tell me the details.


(If any readers wish to hear about Timothy Prentice’s ‘over-nighter’ perhaps they could write to me and let me know. Otherwise I shall continue with the David Shaw story regardless…regards, Thorilla)

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