Danny Turns the Tables

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Danny was my everything. And before you get any romantic ideas there, let me clarify. I hired him to be my gardener and ‘pool boy’. Soon after he began to do regular maintenance on my car, minor carpentry and plumbing repairs around the house and run various errands. These were the things I didn’t like to do, because I didn’t need to. I could afford to pay others. He was a young man, just out of college, and his mother had called and recommended him to me when he was moving out to Colorado to explore the world.

I often watched him work while I lay by the pool, proud to show off my slim frame in a white bikini, my hair pinned up messily to keep it from my eyes. I’m a good looking thirty five. I mean, college guys hit on me, not knowing what they’re getting into. I know what I’m worth. Danny wasn’t really a flirt though. The most he would do is work without a shirt on, revealing the thick barbed wire tattoo on his bulging bicep. Piercing green eyes, golden tan skin, brown hair. He was delicious to observe, and I’ll admit, I enjoyed teasing him. When I tanned on my stomach I would remove my top and make sure he saw me throw it aside, the sides of my full breasts revealed to his wandering eye. I would ask him to bring me drinks from the cooler and make sure my fingers brushed over his while the condensation from the beer bottle dripped on my flat stomach. He never reacted like I wanted him to. Never blushed, never hid a growing erection, never stammered or stuttered like other boys did. He would just do what I asked and walk away.

I called him one Monday on his cell, to see if he would pick up lunch for me on his way over to clean the pool.

“Danny, it’s Julia. Do me a big favor sweetie?”

“What?” he said quietly. I didn’t like the tone of voice, but I let it go.

“Pick me up a salad at Ralphie’s? You’re a real angel.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Angel.”

When he arrived I held my hand out for the salad. “Don’t bump my nails I just did them,” I said, pushing my sunglasses back on my head. He gave me the salad without a smile and headed for the storage shed while I ate and read magazines.

“No charge for that,” he said sarcastically.

“Oh God Danny, what is it? Ten dollars? A lunch between friends,” I said, giving him a wink, letting my knee swing to the side so he could look at my bikini eve gelen escort bottom a little better. “Or did you want something to eat?” I purred. He just shook his head.

He scrubbed the pool in his red bathing suit, slung low on his hips, showing the sharp bones and toned muscles of his pelvis, the sun glistening on his back. I watched him for a while, then stood up and stretched.

“I’m heading in for a shower before I go meet Diane for a drink. Put the lounge cushions away when you’re done here. Your paycheck is on the kitchen counter.”

“Ja Wohl,” he said, not looking up.

The shower was luxuriant, hot, I had scented the bathroom with Lilac. My bathing suit was slung over the side of the shower curtain to dry and I scrubbed the chlorine from my skin, lazily soaping up my breasts, letting the water stream over them. It was a glorious day.

Suddenly, the shower curtain swung open and I saw Danny there, staring at my naked body.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said, covering myself. “Get the fuck out of here.”

He said nothing, just grabbed a fistful of my wet hair and pulled me from the shower.

“Remember when I said ‘no charge’ for the salad?” He asked, holding my hair tightly and hissing in my ear. “I lied, baby.”

My heart skipped a beat and I looked at him with wide eyes. He was at least a foot taller than me. His arms looked thicker, his chest immensely broad.

“Danny, what’s going on? Don’t do this. Big mistake.”

“Shut up. I’m tired of being your bitch, Julia. Time to get a taste of the other side.” He stuck his tongue in my ear and sucked the soft skin of my throat between his lips. Then he pushed me to the cold tile and stood over me. “Crawl, whore.”


“Crawl,” he growled, opening the bathroom door. “Go to your room, girl.”

I was terrified, but a part of me was intrigued. I had of course thought about Danny sexually. I always wondered what his ‘moves’ were, what he would sound and taste like. I was about to find out that it was nothing like I’d imagined.

We got to the bedroom and he pulled me by the hair again, dragging me up to my knees. He pulled one of my husband’s silk ties from the closet and tied my hands tightly behind my back, almost too tightly, running his hand over fatih escort my backbone as he finished.

“Stay on your knees,” he said, pulling down his shorts.

I was amazed at the size of cock. It was already rock hard, at least eight inches long, straining towards me, right in front of my face.

“You must be a great cocksucker,” he said, walking closer. “That’s the only way your husband can put up with you, eh?” He rubbed the head of his prick over my closed lips and I backed away. A drop of pre-cum felt slick on my mouth. He grabbed my wet hair again and snapped my neck backwards. “Don’t you back a way from me, Julia. Suck it good and we’ll see if I give you a good fucking.”

“I’m not going…”

He pulled my hair harder and held my head still. “Yes you are. Open your mouth and suck, bitch.”

I tentatively opened my lips and he immediately shoved the thick, hot head of his cock in my mouth. I let my tongue lash over the head of it once or twice and he drove in deeper, touching the back of my throat. I whined a bit and suppressed my gag reflex, and he pulled back a little.

“Go on,” he said a bit more gently, “let’s see what you’ve got.”

His grip on my hair loosened and I let my tongue play along the shaft of his dick, drawing my lips back and thrusting onto the head sucking steadily on the hard muscle. He stroked the back of my neck and I felt my pussy starting to dampen. I squeezed my knees together while I bobbed back and forth a bit faster, saliva dripping from my bottom lip as I choked down as much of him as I could take. He was growing impossibly harder, thicker, with every stroke of my tongue, and I heard him begin to groan with pleasure. He pushed my head away and began stroking his long, wet cock, faster and faster. He pushed my head backwards, and his hot spray covered my face, dripping down to my throat, rolling between the valley of my breasts.

“Yeah,” he said, catching his breath. “You’re good at this.”

He pulled me up by the elbow and threw me face first onto the bed, kicking my legs apart with one of his. He stroked two fingers between my legs, dipping in to the slick juices dripping between my pussy lips. I pushed back against his hand and he laughed.

“What a pushover. I bet you think about me when you fuck yourself with halkalı anal yapan escort that pretty pink vibrator of yours. Ooohh, I want that big hard cock in my old lady pussy. Right?”

I stiffened beneath him and he laughed again.

“I know this house inside and out, madam. I know your toys.”

He opened my bedside table drawer and I heard the vibrator switch on, the tell tale hum of the low setting. It was like Pavlov’s dog. I started to squirm at the thought of it.

“Look at that ass wiggle. You want this in your pussy?”

“Yes,” I said quietly. “Please”

“Please? Please what, angelcake?” He set the vibe against my inner thigh and I moaned, pushing backwards, my pussy soaked with my own juices. The room smelled musky.

“Please sir. Please.”

“That’s a good start sweetie, but you have to tell me what. What do you want me to do with this magic wand?” He rubbed it closer to my pussy, but was careful to avoid it. I felt like I was going to explode.

“Fuck me with it. Fuck my pussy with that stick. Please sir. Please.”

He said nothing, just rubbed his hand over my tight ass, pushing his thumb against my asshole. While he pushed his thumb inside my ass, he slid the vibrator inside my slick snatch. I shuddered as he pulled his thumb inside and out, driving the vibrator deeper, then pulling it out to brush over my pulsing clit.

He bent over my back and I could feel his dick getting hard again. He kissed the back of my neck, licked the skin below my ear.

“From now on, Mrs. Arrington, you only come for me…right?”

I couldn’t answer. I could only whine. My orgasm was building, the muscles in my asshole clenching around his thumb, my thighs trembling. His thumb left me. He pulled the vibrator out and I watched him suck my juices from the shaft of it.

“Right?” he asked again, pulling at my hair. I felt the head of his cock against me, inching forward. “You only come for me.”

He pushed the full length of his dick inside of me in one solid thrust. His balls slapped against my clit and I yelped with sensory overload.

“Yes,” I hissed. “Yes. I only come for you.”

He bucked against my hips, holding my hair tight while I came, my sticky wet tits scratching against the bedspread, his cock hammering deep into my pussy. He thrust harder, growling, then grabbed my waist to pull himself in deeper, as deep as he could. I screamed with ecstasy as he filled me with his hot load, his fingers digging deep in to my skin. He pulled himself from me and spanked me hard on the ass.

“Go finish your shower bitch. I’m going to finish the pool.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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