Compliance Ch. 02

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Time could not pass fast enough, as he constantly checked his watch. He made his way to the executive wash room and tried splashing cold water onto his face to wash away the image of her bent over his desk. When he made it back to his desk, he cleared the rest of his afternoon schedule just in case. As the clock read 11:00 he was almost embarrassed as his slacks began to tighten against his semi-erect cock. He reached for the phone and dialed her extension.

She squirmed a bit in her chair as she picked up her phone and heard his voice. “Can you get away a bit earlier?” he asked. Sensing the urgency in his voice, and the warm moistening between her own legs she replied “Well, you ARE the boss.” Grinning all the while knowing what was about to take place. “Be downstairs in 10 minutes” He instructed. As soon as he laid down the receiver, he bolted for the door, down the stairs and into the parking garage. He opened the truck door and stepped up on the stepside rail to get in. He sat for a moment to compose himself, looking into the rearview mirror he took a deep breath thinking, “What ARE you doing??”

He started the engine, and drove down the two levels of the garage. As he took that last turn, there she was, standing at the office door, the slight tilt of her hips raising her skirt’s hemline to just about mid thigh. He pulled up, leaned over and opened the door for her to get in. She suddenly felt a bit nervous. She was thrilled when he had called and asked if she could get away a little earlier, but on the elevator down, she couldn’t help but shake her head and wonder what she had gotten herself into. This was wrong, he was her BOSS! But the memory of that morning flooded back and all her reservations disappeared. She smiled and hopped up into his truck as he opened the door for her. “Nice truck boss”. As she fastened her seatbelt across her chest, she saw him glance over at her and his eyes widened a bit in surprise as he realized that she had removed her bra. Her nipples stiffened under his stare as she blushed and said “So what are we going?”

“Funny you should mention that”, he replied. He chose not to answer her and he backed up and headed back INTO the parking garage. He thought that since it was near the Holidays that there might be some privacy at the upper levels. Her eyes widened as they wound their way up the garage, she had never suspected this. He had guessed right and they was only one vehicle at the top level. He pulled as far away from it as possible and parked. She was a bit apprehensive, but that all went away as he folded the middle console up, and reached over to unbuckle her seat belt, his hand brushing very lightly over her breast as he did. She was sure he could see her heart racing as she sat there, wondering what was going to happen next. She felt herself growing wetter and couldn’t help but spread her legs slightly and slide down in her seat as his hand started to move up her thigh.

She reached out and pressed her hand on the front of his pants, feeling his hardness through the fabric. Oh god how she wanted him! She had to have him again. He slid over closer ataköy escort to her, his hand inching up her thigh. He moved to kiss her yet stopped short. His cheek crossed hers barely, if at all touching. He moved her hair away from her neck with his nose as a gasp of a breath found her ear. Her legs spread just a bit more, inviting him. His hand ran across her inner thigh, finding the warm moist outer mound of her thong. He found the edge of her panty and followed it to where the edge had slipped into her soaked pussy. She moved her head away from him as his tongue found her neck just below her ear. He pulled at her lobe playfully with his mouth, while his fingers pulled her panty out leaving her pussy completely covered by its moistened satin.

She tilted her head to one side as his mouth tugged at her earlobe, sending a shockwave through her body. She closed her eyes and mewled softly as she felt him pull her panty from between her soaked pussy lips. She pushed her hips up slightly, an unspoken invitation for him to continue. Her arms slipped up around his neck, pulling him closer against her. His breath on her skin was driving her mad as she squirmed under his attention. She opened her eyes to find him staring down at her. She felt him take his hand from between her thighs and move up over her stomach, to her chest where he started to unbutton her blouse.

One by one his fingers began to work the buttons free, while never letting his eyes leave hers. He became lost in her eyes, momentarily fumbling at a button. She sensed his unexplained clumsiness. Still not uttering a word, her look eased him as she, herself began to unfasten the final buttons. She pulled away her now opened blouse fully exposing her breasts to him. He broke away from her eyes and glanced down for a moment. They were full and heaved slightly with her breathing. He let the back of his hand trace the outline of the outside of her breast and slid over her already swollen nipple. He focused back into her eyes, and leaned over to kiss her. Their lips met, not passionately, but almost teasingly, gently. Her tongue was soft as it graced the outside of his lips. He pulled away, and placed two of his fingers into his mouth, as he again found his stare fixed into her eyes. She held her breath briefly as she was struck by how seductively he wetted his fingers.

He opened his mouth and removed his fingers, making sure they stayed moist. His fingers dripped just a bit as they moved from his lips to her breast. He placed his fingers at the top of one of her breasts and slid them down to either side of her nipple. She gasped as he squeezed his fingers together applying just the right amount of pressure. She reached out with both hands and placed them on either side of his head, pulling him towards her. She was overcome by the teasing, and couldn’t take it any more. Her kiss was no longer gentle. Her tongue hungrily found his as she pulled his mouth to hers. The fingernails of her hands gripped into his scalp, as he again pressed his fingers together against her nipple.

She squirmed in her seat as he pinched ataköy eve gelen escort her nipple with his saliva moistened fingers and moaned into his mouth as they devoured each others tongues. She could feel her pussy dripping even more as he continued to tease her nipple. He was driving her mad with desire and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

What moments before began as a gentle foray, erupted into a more forceful exchange. As she continued to pull his head tightly, he reached under her skirt and jerked her thong to down to her knees. She frantically worked her legs attempting to get them to fall. Both of his hands now moved under her opened blouse and found her breasts, his thumbs moving across her nipples as he pushed them together. She now had reached her limit. Where he had earlier in his office showed her who was in charge, she now was going to reverse the role.

As she finally got one leg free from her panties, she pulled away from him and pushed his shoulders back against the rear of the seat. She sat upright, faced him and worked her way into his lap as she swung her leg across. As she ground herself into his lap, it was only THEN that she realized that his slacks were still fastened. As he looked into her face he could tell she was not happy. Her eyes glared into his, and she bit on her lower lip as she rubbed herself even more forcefully onto the front of his pants. He could actually feel how wet she had become as he could feel the warm dampness soaking through. He hurriedly reached down and unbuckled, then unzipped his slacks. She raised up a bit allowing him to grab the edge of his pants and boxers and push them towards his knees.

She reached down and grabbed his cock as it sprang loose from the confines of his pants. She ran her thumb over the head and smeared the precum around before lifting her hips once again and rubbing it along her soaked slit. She gasped as the tip grazed her swollen clit. His hands were on her hips as she teased herself with his cock. He lifted her, and with her hand still gripping his throbbing member, she guided him to her entrance. She looked into his lust filled eyes, she felt his fingers dig into the flesh of her hips and sensed his urgency. With agonizing deliberence, she slowly slid her hot pussy down his pole, engulfing him until he was all the way inside of her. Her ass was now resting on the tops of his thighs. She heard him groan as she squeezed her muscles around his cock and rocked her hips forward.

She placed her hands on the ceiling of the cab to try and balance herself. She began to slide herself up and down the complete length of his shaft. She forced herself to control the pace, sliding down just as slow as she rose up. His hands ran up from her hips across her waist, pulled her towards him as his tongue now found her breasts. Her pace began to quicken and she exhaled deeply on every down stroke, yet still very controlled. He buried his face into her chest as she continued her work. She grimaced a bit when he tugged on a nipple between his lips, yet he instinctively ataköy grup yapan escort felt she wanted a bit more. As she rose up sliding almost completely off of his erection and just as she began to settle back down, he bit down just a bit on her nipple with his teeth. She was caught off guard by the combination of pain and pleasure and if that wasn’t enough as she relaxed her legs to drop down he thrust his hips upward to meet her. “OH!!” she exhaled as she somehow felt he filled her just a bit deeper with that last push.

She sat there for a few seconds, feeling him deep inside of her before she started to ride him. Bouncing up and down on his lap, the sound of their breathing echoed the cab of his truck. The smell of sex filled her senses, spurring her on. She was riding him fast and hard now, grinding herself down on the base of his cock on each downward thrust. She felt him bite down hard on her nipple and gasped at the wave of electricity it sent through her body. “Yes…yes” she cried as his mouth devours her breast.

He dropped his hands and sat back, watching her. He rolled his hips perfectly in tune with each of her movements. Her tits were now bouncing with each of his thrusts and her head was almost hitting the top of the cab as she rose up. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the rear window. Feeling his body tense up, she grabbed his shoulders and shook him, forcing him to look her in the eye. “Don’t you DARE come yet!” she panted, all the while never slowing down.

She saw his eyes fly open in shock at her command. A look of confusion crossed his face as she continued to ride him hard. “I want you to cum with me this time. I want to feel your cum shoot deep inside me as I’m cumming all over your cock. Do you understand?”

“Y-y-yes, yes I understand” he replied. He was taken aback by the tone of her voice and the force in which she pressed against his shoulders. Never had he been talked to like that, and almost embarrassingly he wanted to comply. The truck now began to bounce as she began to slam herself down into his lap. His balls began to tighten and knew if he didn’t do something quickly, he would not be to satisfy her demand. He frantically reached down and quickly found her clit, rubbing it left to right.

She arched her back slightly, allowing him to work on her clit. “Oh yeah baby, that’s it. MMMM…..feels…so….good.” she stammered as she felt his fingers on her nub. She knew he couldn’t hold back any longer and she felt her own orgasm building. She dug her nails into his shoulders as the first wave crashed over her “I’m c-c-um-mmm-innggg…cum with me”

No sooner had she uttered the words, he grabbed her hips and forced himself as deep as he could. He couldn’t form words, yet his guttural groan and arching body said it all. He felt her pussy tighten and he released into an almost violent orgasm. Her body pressed against his as they came together, bodies sweaty, collapsing in unison. She twitched a bit as one last wave came over her, and then her head fell onto his shoulder.

She lay there against his chest, spent. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest as his cock pulsed one last time. As their breathing became more even, she suddenly remembered where they were. She sat up and looked around, frightened that their passionate scene had been witnessed. He chuckled as he saw the look on her face and said “Next time we’ll go somewhere more….private.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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