Closing Time at the Restaurant

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I am the last person in the local restaurant one night with only you left working. A very young, 19 year old, beautiful brunette with nice firm round breasts, your tight upturned round little ass pushes out beneath the hem of your tight uniform top. Your top now has a few of the top buttons undone now that the day is over and you are cleaning up to close the restaurant, exposing some lovely cleavage when you bend over a little. You also kicked off your shoes and socks, leaving your cute little feet bare beneath your pant legs.

I watch your sexy young body as you clean the tables, watching as you bend over the table, stretching to reach across and rub the surface clean. Your upturned, round ass pushing out beneath the hem of your shirt as you bend, wiggling as you move. Then it happens, you knock over a water glass and the water goes shooting across the surface of the table and right into your crotch and thighs, soaking them with ice cold water.

You shriek and mumble to yourself, “just great,” and then start to unbutton your pants and slide them down. As you push them down you exposes your bare, beautiful, firm ass beneath your shirt wearing only sexy red lace panties. Down your pants slide, down long smooth bare legs, to bare feet, and off to the side.

I watch as you bend over again to clean the tables, this time with naked legs and exposed ass only covered by revealing red panties. Your round ass rounds even more, pushing out beneath your shirt as you bend over at the waist and arch your back a little, struggling ever so slightly to reach the other end of the tables and booths.

Your thoughts wander and your partial nudity at work gets you increasingly turned on. I watch as your free hand starts to touch your body, inching towards your pussy. Delicately, You start to rub between your toned bare thighs, starting to press into your young engorged pussy lips.

My view gets better as I watches you bend over, bringing your hand rubbing your pussy better into view below your tight ass, moving increasingly faster. I hear your start to softly moan, and lose focus on your work. You brings your hand up to your breast as you moves between tables, soon unbuttoning a little more of your shirt and pulling it aside to expose your naked firm breast to knead and play with your hard little nipples.

In the middle of cleaning a table you jerk, bracing herself with one hand as you moan, “oh fuck,” a tremor of pleasure pulsing through you. “Oh yes..”

You make your way closer and closer to my table, until right next to mine. I watch your amazing body and make a movement, setting your off to my presence. You bolt up and are frozen looking at me in shock. You stand there, long bare legs and feet, sexy red panties, tight shirt unbuttoned part way, one side jostled far enough out to see your little hard nipple on a nice round firm breast, and the cleavage showing off the edge of an equally amazing breast hidden under your top.

I obviously had a hard on and in your shock your eyes had moved to staring at it. “Hi, I’m Josh” I say, and you pull out of your shock enough to say you are Sarah, still not quite sure what to do and forgetting how exposed you are right now.

You find yourself incredibly attracted to this much older 28 year old you are now alone with half naked. You’re casino şirketleri a virgin, but you’re terribly curious, and now you find yourself here.

“I was enjoying watching you clean.” I talk to you and compliment you, while you can barely pay attention. “You look like you were enjoying yourself, what were you thinking about?”

Your face flushes as you register the question… “Well, umm…. I was thinking about…. Well… about a guy at school.”

“What was he doing?”

“Umm…. I was thinking about the time we were making out and I took him in my mouth and…. Well…” You got silent.

“And what?”

“Well, I imagined having sex with him…” You couldn’t believe you were saying all this, but you were just getting more turned on.

“Have you ever done that before?”


“You should, it’s amazing,” I say, as your eyes shy away and end up going down and stopping at my hardon again, “do you want to see it?”

You say yes before you even realize it. I pull it out of my pants for you to stare at as you stand frozen, still with your breast exposed and your panties exposed and your long bare legs. I start to get up and you just stand and watch. I walk over to you and you turn to keep facing me as I back your until your bare asscheecks feel the cool wooden table top press against them.

You just stare and stay there and I reaches a hand around you and lean in to kiss you. You stand frozen as my hands start to roam your body but kiss back and let out quiet little moans. My hand cups your tight round ass and another slides along to your bare breast. I kiss down your neck, down along your bare skin, over your naked breast, and down to your hard horny nipple.

You moan as I suck and nibbles at your nipple, getting your wetter, your hand subconsciously sliding down to your pussy again. You are lost in the pleasure and I reach for your panties and slide them down your bare tight ass, down smooth bare legs, and landing on the floor at your feet, exposing your pussy to the cool restaurant air. I then join your hand at your pussy, pressing into your soft lips, sliding and curling inside your wet warm pussy.

You moan and melt with pleasure. “Oh god, that feels good…. Mm!”

I kiss down your body, over the taught softness of your belly, down your mound, to your clit, and begin licking you as my fingers slide inside, pressing inside and along the tight walls of your pussy. You moan louder, losing yourself in the pleasure on your sweet virgin body by this restaurant stranger, giving yourself to me. Your knees are trembling as your body is wracked with an approaching orgasm. And then I stop.

“What? No,” You whine, “please, I’m so mmmff!…” but your whines are soon muffled by my lips and my caressing hands teasing your clit and soft skin.

I whisper in your ear as I press my body against yours, “Don’t worry, you’ll get it, you’ll get everything.”

You are mesmerized and my teasing is making you drip as you continue near the edge of orgasm. “Oh… mmmm…” you moan and whimper.

“Tell me you want it,” I whisper, applying more pressure and teasing at your entrance.

You squirm and whine, “Please, I need to cum, please, I want it so bad, I want to cum! Ohhhhh!” My fingers slide in as you continue casino firmaları and your head curls back, along with your eyes.

I bring my hard bare cock up between your legs behind my fingers, preparing to enter your sopping wet pussy. I rub the hard tip dripping with precum along your clit as my fingers press deep inside, eliciting strong moans. Oblivious to what I am doing I start moving it farther down, inching as I rub the hot knob up and down your lips until I reach my fingers and your slick, wet entrance.

I start to press in, sliding in the head into your hot, seeping folds. “Oh… wait,” you suddenly realize what I am doing, “I didn’t mean that… oh..mmm… you’re not even covered… mmm… and I’m a virgin… uhhh…and have a boyfriend.”

Only my head is moving in and out of the soft entrance as my fingers continue pleasuring you to a building orgasm. “You mean you don’t want to feel this hard hot rod driving in you, filling you,” I whisper in your ear, “driving you to screaming orgasms?”

“Oh… mmmmmm… oh… I can’t do this…”

“Don’t you want to cummm…” I whisper seductively in your ear as I inch more and more in.

“But….. but… mmm… oh god…” You are torn, enraptured by the pleasure of all this stimulation rushing through you, while feeling that you shouldn’t be letting this stranger take your virgin body like this.

I slide in, driving in deeply for the first time, passionately taking this squirming, moaning girl, this virgin waitress on her own tables. My hard, pulsing cock drives into you, pressing along your sensitive walls, veins rubbing the throbbing flesh at your entrance gripping me as each bumps rubs against it, shooting tingling, electric pleasure up your spine and through your overwhelmed brain whirling with ecstatic sensations. My pelvis grinds into your mound, into your sensitive clit, as my cock enters you fully, filling you as you have never been before.

“Oh god! Oh fuck, fuck! Mmmmm! Oh, oh! I’m cumming! Oh, don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! OhhhH! MMMMMMMM! Fuck!” You are going over the edge of the most amazing orgasm as I pound harder and harder into your little writhing body, wearing nothing but your uniform top completely unbuttoned. Your entire naked body mine.

Your juices pour out as you convulse with tension and release of your orgasm. And I drive deeply, spurring your orgasm on and on.

I pull my cock out and flip you over on your stomach. “Oh!” You exclaim at the interruption and as I flip your delicate body roughly, “What are you doing?”

I look down to see that tight round ass atop those long smooth legs, your firm cheeks peeking out from the bottom of your shirt as you bend over at the waist on the table. I grab that ass and slide my cock right into your unbelievably wet pussy, driving a gasp from your cute mouth as I bottom out in one stroke, and hold it there.

You start to squirm as I hold myself buried inside you and stay still as I drink in your amazing body in my hands. You whimper, now desperate for me to move inside you. “Please.. please keep going…” You whine.

“Please what?” I reply coyly and smack your ass cheek, sending waves of sensation through your waiting, frustrated, tensed body.

“Please, please fuck me…” You say, now a little shy about it.

Smack! güvenilir casino Again my hand smacks your soft bare skin of your ass with my cock buried deep inside. It causes a trembling that moves against my cock deep inside, teasing you with sensation, along with the sharp pleasurable pain of my palm cracking against your cheek.

“What was that?” I say coyly again as if I couldn’t hear.

“Please!” Smack again, the shuddering sensation interrupting you, “Ohhh! Please, please! Please fuck me! Please!”

Smack! “Oh fuckkk!” You exclaim as your body climbs with pleasure.

I start driving my hard cock out and back in, over and over in slow steady strokes.

Smack! “OhhhhhhHHHH!” You groan with intense pleasure, my hard, hot rod pressing in and out of your pussy raw with sensation.

Smack! “Oh fuck! I’m cumming! UngghhhhHHH!!!” You scream out as your orgasm hits you hard, hands reaching out and grasping at the table, “oohhhhhhHHHH!!!! Fuck! AhhhhhHH! Yes! There, there, AHHHHHHHH!”

Smack! You are a wonton harlot in my hands, impaled on my pole, taken, filled, pleasured, racked with orgasm after orgasm!

My hands roam your body, touching every inch of tingling skin, pulling down your top off your shoulders and down your arms. I kiss your neck as I drive into you. Your breasts are in my hands as I massage the warm, firm flesh, occasionally tweaking a nipple.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh!” You moan and moan. Your body starts to shake, and I start to cum, set off by watching and hearing you peak, shooting streams of hot thick cum deep inside your pussy. Pulse after pulse of gooey cum ejects from the tip of my long hard cock buried deep inside you as you are filled within. You ride out your orgasm with my pulsing cock cumming with you, and then collapse below me on the table

I stay there a few moments on top of you, caressing your perfect skin. “When do you close up again, alone?” I whisper, giving sexy emphasis to ‘alone’.

“Tuesday,” is all you say quietly, breathlessly.

“Be ready,” I reply and slowly get up, and then start to slide my still hard cock out of that soaking wet, tight little pussy until your entrance is gripping only the head. And then I pull the rest out, watching my cock slide out of your lips and that beautiful ass. I watch my cum tumble out of your hole, and then drip, oozing out of your used virgin pussy and down your thigh.

“Ooo… I can feel you oozing down,” You coo.

I massage your ass perched on those long, young legs, admiring their beauty and the white streaks dripping down. I grab my camera and take a picture, I don’t think you even notice, and grab your red sexy lacy panties and put it in my pocket. You’ll be going home pantiless tonight, reminding you of what just happened as you feel the fabric of your pants against your bare skin.

I go over and kiss your tender lips long and slow, while grabbing your cleaning cloth from the hot water, wringing it out. I bring it to your perfect round ass and rub the warm, moist fabric over your smooth cheek and down your thighs, wiping away the cum and juices dripping down. I bring it up to your pussy lips, rubbing a little longer there as I move to the other side and begin moving down your other thigh until your perfect skin is clean and fresh.

I pull your upright and pull your shirt back over your shoulders, turn your around and kiss your again as I grasp you, and then pull as I say, “Until next time..,” as I walk away and out the door, leaving you leaning against the table naked except for an unbuttoned uniform top.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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