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By Homealone_447
Edited by Silverman

Danika arrived at the entrance of one of the caves that spread across the hills of Montana. She was an amateur geologist and knew that there were plenty of pictographs inside the caves of the area. She had walked all day and it was getting dark. This was her last chance to find something before heading back to the cabin she rented for the weekend.

“I am here! Hope to find something in this one.”

Much to her disappointment, she couldn’t find any carving on the walls of the cave. But instead there was something that caught her attention. Danika found a rock that looked very different from the rest, both in shape and texture. It had a lot of pointy edges that extended from the center with a crystallized surface but it was certainly not made of quartz.

“Wow! Where did this come from? This rock doesn’t belong here.”

Danika stepped out of the cave with a sense of satisfaction. The sun was already hiding behind the mountains but at least this day hadn’t been a total waste. She walked back to her cabin looking down at the rock, wondering what it was and how it got there. A professional geologist may have dismissed the rock as irrelevant but for her it was worth further investigation.

“I need to figure out what type of rock this is. It must be some sort of ancient volcanic debris.”

The cabin was a small A-shape construction with two levels. The living room and dining table were near the front door and a small kitchen was at the back with the basic appliances. At the upper level there was only a single bed and a dresser. The place was very isolated. Perfect for someone that was looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
After dinner, Danika removed her hiking boots and tight shorts and sat at the table to admire her new discovery, “Maybe this is a part of meteorite that fell to Earth millions of years ago and the cave preserved it intact. This is so cool!”

Danika tilted the rock to see the other side and suddenly the most unexpected thing happened…

“Holy crap! Something is leaking from the rock!” Danika exclaimed.

She looked amazed at the thin stream of metallic fluid that spilled from a hole in the center of the rock and formed a small puddle on the table.

“Wow! This fluid must be mercury! It could be a freaking great discovery!”

Danika carefully touched the silver pool spreading it apart but curiously enough, it glided back together in an instant. She knew that mercury tends to merge together once two units are pushed into each other but this one seemed to be moving on its own.

“This is odd. Maybe it is has a magnetic charge.”

But it was even stranger that her own reflection on the mercury mirror seemed to be shifting around, even as the liquid remained perfectly still. Danika looked at it trying to figure out what was going on.

“It seems to be moving just below the surface. How can this be possible?”

Half an hour later, Danika realized that she had been staring at the reflective liquid for a long time. But it was so interesting. She could swear that there were plasma rays projecting up from the fluid from time to time but it made no sense. Mercury doesn’t produce plasma. She had to look more intently and catch one of them to be sure.

“It was a long day. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. But it looks so beautiful.”

More time passed and Danika remained on her seat, observing attentively. A bump in the center of the metallic pool surged up briefly, creating a few concentric waves that expanded outwardly. Danika’s eyes rolled up her head for a second before focusing back on the puddle.

“I must be more tired than I thought. I’ll just look at it five more minutes…”

The same thing occurred a few more times until suddenly a multicolored plasma cloud emerged from the silver pool, floating up. Danika gasped, opening her eyes wide. She realized this was something abnormal, this could even be a dangerous situation but she still didn’t move. It didn’t feel right. After all, it was a great discovery.

“Ahh…” Danika exclaimed; then she whispered “Soo… beautiful.”

The plasma cloud danced in the air getting closer to her face and then into her mouth. She felt tickles in her tongue, her throat and her brain. Still Danika remained immobile.


Danika felt a form of alien energy pushing her thoughts away. For some inexplicable reason this was exciting to her. That very thought remained and lingered. Her most basic instincts started to fill the void left by any rational thought expunged. Her belly began to twitch slightly from the waves of pleasure flowing out of her clit, intensifying every second. She couldn’t understand it, she couldn’t even think of it. But she could certainly feel it. Moments later, the girl’s mind was completely blank and her nipples fully bloated.

An idea formed in the geologist’s mind. She thought about gathering the liquid on the table and placing it on the floor without realizing that she was already doing it; the whole time her pussy twitched with rewarding excitement. Danika watched herself as if she was an outside passenger in her own body.

For a brief second she thought about touching herself and extinguishing that burning fire that radiated from her pussy but the thought was quickly suppressed and replaced by a new one.


Danika walked robotically to the kitchen. She looked around searching for metallic objects and she found a few. There was one large pot and a few smaller ones. There were spoons, forks, knives… she grabbed them all.

She moved back to the living room and placed all the metallic appliances on top of the silver liquid. They immediately melted and merged with it, creating a wider and thicker chrome pool that grew substantially. When it was big enough, the fluid came alive, morphing and rising. Danika stood beside it, rigid, motionless, staring at nothing while her vaginal nectar dripped down her inner thighs.

The chrome formation kept changing until a head and a humanoid torso emerged from the amorphous bulk. The transformation continued, creating arms, hip and legs. A few minutes later, a fully formed humanoid made of shiny metal, was standing in front of Danika staring back at her with soulless silver eyes.

The creature stepped forward and analyzed Danika’s top, recognizing that it was not part of her skin. It unbuttoned the cloth and looked at the woman’s perky, voluptuous breasts then touched them delicately, caressing her nipples. Danika moaned quietly, instinctively responding to the subtle stimulation.

After removing her top completely, the chrome humanoid knelt down looking at Danika’s white panties. The difference in color indicated the possibility that they were not part of her skin either. The humanoid confirmed this after grabbing the soft cloth and proceeded to take them off. The subject needed to be completely naked for the replication process.
Still on its knees, the metallic humanoid looked at Danika’s exposed crotch for a moment. It moved one hand up and inserted a finger between her pussy lips, validating that it was one way into her body. Danika’s entire body twitched momentarily before resuming her rigid posture.

The creature moved around Danika’s curvy silhouette, finding her anus; another feasible point of entry. Danika felt the cold, alien hands caressing her buttcheeks and a sensual chill traveled up her spine into her entranced mind. This strange sensation woke her slightly from her reverie as the controlling effect from the plasma started to wear off.

Danika realized that she was standing naked in the middle of the cabin’s living room but she couldn’t remember why. She thought about moving but her body wouldn’t respond. Then she saw it. The humanoid stood up and moved in front of Danika, assuming her exactly same pose. Danika’s heart jolted from fear while her pussy throbbed in response. She noted the wetness in her pussy and this confused her even further.

“What is happening? What is that thing?” Danika wondered with unseen panic.

The shinny creature was ready to begin the cloning procedure. A squishy sound coming from the humanoid’s crotch resounded in the room as a long, metallic tentacle protruded between its legs. The proboscis curved upward and moved closer to Danika, searching for the first point of entry.

Danika wanted to look down and see what was happening but her eyes remained the same, staring forward at those empty, silver eyes that stared back at her. When she felt the cold appendage touching her pussy lips, her whole body twitched. Then the proboscis started to penetrate her pussy and slide deep within her lubricated vaginal walls. Danika screamed, yet she heard herself moaning softly. She had screamed only in her trapped mind and her body was acting as instructed.

The slender woman could clearly feel the malleable tentacle pushing forward, expanding and filling every inch of her pleasure center. Her nipples swelled even bigger while her pussy clenched hard around the invader, as if making sure it would never leave her shuddering body. The young geologist rationalized that this had to be a dream; otherwise it couldn’t feel this good.

“This is a dream. This is a strange sex dream…”

The humanoid detected the strong waves of pleasure traveling across the tentacle from Danika’s body into its own body. It shuddered as well. It was a strange sensation with a mysterious purpose. The humanoid liked it.

A second flexible tentacle emerged from the humanoid anus. Every opening needed to be explored since perfect symmetry was essential to the replication process. The tentacle curved between the humanoid legs, moved forward between Danika’s legs and penetrated her ass with a single, steady motion.

Danika’s primal casino oyna reaction was to scream while throwing her head back. This time her mind was in sync with her body and for a brief second she thought she had regained control of her movements. But she hadn’t. Her body stayed in place even as something alien entered deep into her ass.

“Oh my God! This is not a dream. This is real!” she thought in terror.

Her heart jolted in fear at the same time that her pussy twitched from incredible pleasure, sucking the tentacle even deeper. Danika’s mind was overwhelmed with mixed signals of apprehension and incredible bliss. She started losing the frail consciousness she had left.

The metallic creature observed Danika’s wide open mouth and extruded yet another tentacle that waved forward, closer to the woman’s face.

This time, Danika saw it coming. This creature was going to penetrate all three of her holes and there was nothing she could do about it. The idea of total submission sounded so sexy. It was the right thing to do. She caught herself thinking… “Take me!”

Danika gagged a little as the tentacle entered her mouth, reaching the back of her throat and beyond, moving down her esophagus, exploring, expanding. Her rigid body was a misleading indication of the turmoil of sensations that cluttered her entire nervous system. Her pussy twitched hard around the tentacle in perfect synchrony with her ass clutching the other. She felt so incredibly full and yet she wanted more inside of her.

The humanoid could feel every one of Danika’s blissful sensations emanating from every cell of her possessed body. The right moment was close.

An instant later, Danika reached the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her body shuddered back and forth within irrepressible spasms that seemed to grow stronger every passing second.

The humanoid trembled the same way as this mind-blowing climax filtered through the tentacles into her. It was time…

Thousands of microscopic fibers extended from the tentacles across Danika’s entire body reaching every organ, every muscle and every cell. Danika felt nothing but pure bliss. Any trace of self-consciousness disappeared forever, melted in an ocean of ecstasy.

The humanoid’s shape started to change again. This time, it became an exact replica of Danika’s body; the large, full breasts, the slim waist, the voluptuous curvy ass. Everything was exactly the same except for the metallic texture of the clone. Danika’s orgasmic spasms finally faded down but didn’t stop completely. The pleasure would continue until the process was finished.

Danika’s hips jolted hard once, then twice and suddenly, the tentacles penetrating her pussy and ass endured more changes, transforming its metallic composition into a fleshy, softer material that advanced slowly towards the clone’s shapely body.

The same thing happened to the tentacle joining Danika’s mouth with the clone’s. The fleshy conversion had already reached the clone’s head and the effect was now visible across her entire face.

The metallic, cold, silver surface slowly transformed into a soft pink skin across the rest of the clone’s body. Her inner muscles, organs and veins also morphed into an exact replica of Danika’s, giving the sense of softness that was needed.

Less than an hour later, the transformation was almost done. But still the most important part of the clone’s body was incomplete, her brain. Copying the millions of chemical and electrical neuronal connections was a complicated task and the clone needed absolute unrestricted access to do it.

The clone let the orgasmic feelings coming from Danika’s mind filter into her own morphing brain, savoring it, storing it. She shuddered for a few seconds, mimicking Danika’s joyful spasms in perfect synchrony. The clone loved it and wished she could do it for the longest time, but her mission was another. The duplication needed to be finalized.

The clone concentrated on the delightful orgasmic energy, amplified it several times and, with a single stroke, sent it all back to Danika through the tentacles and the millions of microscopic connections within her body. Danika felt an incredible, mind-blowing bliss that washed out her mind and soul completely. Orgasm on top of orgasm rocked her body like she never thought possible. Her brain and everything inside of it was now unconditionally available for the clone to do anything she wanted with it.

At that exact moment, the clone became Danika and Danika became an empty human shell, completely owned and possessed by that irresistible force that now ruled every cell of her body and every thought in her mind. Danika’s big, soulless and glassy blue eyes were indisputable proof that the cloning process was complete.

Danika-clone and Danika-slave stood in front of each other for a moment; one shivering from the newly discovered joys of a human climax and the other shuddering from her first orgasm as a perfect slave. She somehow knew that this unrelenting bliss would last for as long as she was alive.

Finally, Danika-slave collapsed exhausted to the wooden floor while the tentacles slid out of her mouth, pussy and ass. The slave took deep breaths while she stared up into nothing, deeply submerged in a permanent mesmerized state.

Danika-clone felt the pleasurable orgasm fade down slowly while the fleshy appendages began to recede into her body. She examined her new figure. A subtle touch on her breast sent a pleasurable feeling to her brain and caused her nipple to swell. She took note of that and continued experimenting.

The clone looked carefully at Danika-slave lying on the floor, corroborating that their bodies were identical. She knelt and shoved one finger onto Danika-slave’s pussy. The slave gasped and twitched from a sudden mini-orgasm as she opened her eyes wide and listened to her Master’s command.

“Stand up and follow me,” Danika-clone ordered.

The two identical females walked towards the door. One was excited about the impending events; the other was excited from the continuous itching in her pussy.


Both girls marched the short distance that separated the cabin from the cave. Danika-slave stared forward, catching a glimpse of the sexy hips of the woman in front of her, swinging sensually as she walked. Her blank mind was unaware that her own hips moved exactly the same way.

Once inside the cave, Danika-clone led the way through a series of underground, dark passages until they reached a large, well-hidden chamber. Danika-slave heard her clone’s voice and her pussy tingled from submissive excitement.

“Wait here sweetie. I’ll be right back.”

The clone moved to another section of the cave while Danika-slave stood impassive and unemotional, regardless of the human corpse that lay just a few feet from her.

The dead body was almost a skeleton, with shreds of mummified skin here and there. It laid over a greenish mound a couple of inches tall that formed a circle of a fleshy material. Right above, hanging from the ceiling, was a large cocoon made of the same fleshy material with several openings all over its surface.

The cadaver’s legs were wide open as if it was still waiting to be taken by the massive greenish formation hanging above it.

Danika-clone came back a minute later holding a small green object in her right hand. She ordered Danika to spread her legs and the slave obeyed without delay.

“I have a present for you. Make sure you take care of this over your own life,” the clone said.

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave spoke for the first time.

Danika-slave felt the slimy object being pushed easily between her pussy lips and beyond. She moaned out loud as the clone’s entire hand penetrated her vaginal cavity, making sure that the precious greenish material was lodged as deep as possible inside Danika’s body.

The slave’s eyes opened wide not only from the forceful penetration but also from the unexplainable warmth that immediately began to spread from within her belly. She had been ordered to love this little thing attaching to her womb but she would have loved it anyway. It felt so good.

Danika-clone pushed half her forearm inside the girl’s pussy while using her left hand to feel through the girl’s belly, searching for the right place to attach the seed. The clone felt the slave’s pussy clutching down hard around her arm and she couldn’t help feeling excited from it. Human females were so perfect for nursing pods.

“Yes… right there”, the clone said, releasing the seed.

Moments later Danika-slave churned and twitched on the ground as the pod inside of her became alive, extruding miniature tentacles that caressed everything around it. Danika-clone pictured the pod already growing, feeding from Danika’s orgasmic delight. The most important part of her job was done but it was not over yet. There were millions of females out there waiting to be taken.

But there would be plenty of time for other females. Now it was time to help the pod, her pod, to nurture and grow. She didn’t know when “they” were coming to pick it up but she had to be ready. That was her only purpose. Danika-clone dived between the slave’s legs and shoved her tongue into her pussy. Danika-slave arched her back from the delightful sensation and reached the first orgasm of her new life.

The slave’s subjugated mind allowed focusing only on one thing: pleasure, irresistible pleasure. Everything that she had been, was gone, erased. All had been replaced with an unavoidable urge to serve and nurture the pod. Now the pod was her life.

But Danika’s memories were not lost. They survived in the clone’s mind. Only the future use of those memories was very different, darker, evil. Inside Danika’s mind, one of her friends stood out from the rest, Kelly.

“She will be an easy slot oyna target,” the clone thought.

Danika-slave’s trembling legs interrupted the clone’s thoughts. The clone sucked the slave’s clitoris between her lips once more and Danika-slave exploded in yet another climax. Inside of her, the pod grew.

The clone needed to learn more about the human sexual sensations and there was no better way than experiencing it herself. She straddled the slave’s face and ordered her to lick her pussy. The clone felt the slave’s tongue circle around her pussy lips, delicately touching her clitoris, and pushing into her vaginal cavity. It felt so good. Human females were extremely sensitive and this made her job so much easier.


A few days later, Danika was sitting on the ground with her back resting against the cave’s hard wall. She stared forward as a strand of drool fell slowly from her lower lip. The pod developing inside of her kept the mesmerized woman in a constant state of arousal, draining her sexual energy to the limit; then waiting for her to recover and drain her all over again. She already looked seven months pregnant.

The pod’s tentacles churned and slid within Danika’s strained body, often finding their way out of her pussy to caress her clitoris, which drove the woman to a quicker and stronger orgasm.

Danika’s whole body twitched and shuddered for minutes during every climax. Before the orgasmic rapture faded down, she was already wishing for the next one to begin. She had become hopelessly addicted to it and there was no turning back.

Danika-clone noticed the size of the slave’s belly and realized that it was time to make a change. She repositioned Danika-slave so her hands and knees rested on the floor. Then she shoved her tongue into the slave’s pussy, forcing a heightened excitement that was immediately detected by the pod. A swift tentacle was projected from the slave’s body, aiming to caress her clitoris but Danika-clone was right there to grab it.

“There you are…” Danika-clone said as she saw and grabbed the small tentacle.

Danika-clone pulled the tentacle hard, knowing that it was the only way to remove the enlarging pod from the slave’s body. If the pod would remain inside the slave, it would keep growing until it killed her. Danika-slave needed to stay alive because her job was far from done.

“It is time for you to come out,” the clone said to the pod, as if it could understand to her.

Danika-slave felt the large bulk of the pod sliding down her belly. The clone’s command conflicted with Danika’s instinct to protect her pod but she stood still. Meanwhile, her pussy twitched from unbearable excitement as it was stimulated from within.

“Stay still!” the clone ordered.

The clone felt equally excited to see how much the pod had grown since she placed the small seed inside Danika a few days before. “It has grown so much!”
The slave could clearly feel the pod gliding between her widely stretched pussy lips, driving her insane with joy. Translucent slime mixed with her own lubrication, slithering down her thighs and dripping to the ground making a small, gooey pool.


“It is coming out and it is beautiful. The Masters will be so proud of us,” Danika-clone said excitedly, and then she added, “Just one more push. Then you can go back to tend our precious pod. I know how much you love it.”

A moment later, the pod rested on the ground between Danika’s legs. It looked like a butterfly cocoon only a lot bigger; about the size of a newborn child. It was dark green and had a lot of small holes on its surface. The clone admired its oily texture as it pulsated and adjusted to its new, cold environment.

Danika-slave laid face down, breathing heavily, recovering from the wearing labor. Then she remembered that her well-being was not important; only the pod mattered. She quickly moved closer to the pod and knelt in front of it, eager to perform her pleasurable duties. Danika-clone was pleased with the slave’s behavior. She no longer needed supervision.

“I need to go back home before anyone misses you, my darling. You know what you have to do,” Danika-clone said, as she got ready to leave.


The pod sensed Danika’s closeness and projected a tentacle from one of its multiple openings. The slave’s chest heaved deeply from the intuitive excitement of a new impending penetration, which came true, just an instant later. Danika gasped from sheer pleasure even as her body remained almost immobile. Her pussy, on the contrary, twitched and throbbed frenetically trying to swallow as much of the penetrating tentacle as possible.

Danika’s mind was a blank canvas ready to be painted only in bliss. There she was, kneeling in a cold cave with an alien tentacle penetrating deep inside her soaked vaginal cavity and she wanted more, much more.

Another tentacle protruded from the pod’s main body and snaked between Danika’s legs, searching for more ways to make her climax; to drain her sexual energy as fast and efficiently as possible. It needed to feed.

The tentacle curved up as it reached her ankles and aimed at her anus. With a swift move, the tentacle penetrated her ass! Danika screamed in delight, loosening her tight entrance for easier and deeper access.

As the tentacles stimulated her pussy and ass simultaneously, Danika waved her hips slowly, hoping for another mind shattering orgasm that would set the tone for this new stage of the pod’s development.

And as expected, a powerful orgasm exploded in Danika’s entire body, making her shiver from head to toe. She wanted to stay motionless, preventing the tentacles from slipping out of her body but it was impossible. Her pussy pulsated uncontrollably as her legs and arms twitched within forceful spasms. Thankfully, the tentacles were buried deep enough to remain in place.


Her orgasm lasted for a long time, almost leaving her unconscious, but when it was all over, Danika was already waiting for the next one. The pod needed to be fed.

“More…” Danika-slave whispered.


Days went by and the pod grew to several times its original size. It anchored itself on the ground but the weight of its main body forced it to bend sideways. This was no inconvenience for the huge tentacles to pump Danika’s sexy and willing body. She was right by its side and she always would be, for the rest of her long life.

Within the fogginess that clouded her aroused mind, Danika caught a glimpse of another appendage waving in her face. The tentacles were now two inches wide, several feet long and as flexible as always. She unthinkingly opened her mouth. Danika needed to eat too and the pod had formed a symbiotic relationship that was convenient for both of them.

Danika felt the fat tentacle move between her soft lips and she sucked it in with eagerness. She caressed it with her tongue, urging it to penetrate deeper. The tentacle pulsated from its root, inside the pod’s main body, to the tip, now moving through Danika’s throat and into her esophagus. Danika loved being penetrated in her three holes at the same time and she reached yet another climax from this thrilling sensation.

A gooey, white fluid was pumped through a hollow tube within the tentacle into Danika’s belly, feeding her with everything she needed to remain healthy, strong and more than willing to return the favor, nurturing the pod with her countless orgasms.

And the orgasms never stopped. Danika moved from one position to another, always making herself available for a swift and deep penetration in her pussy and ass. Sometimes, the tentacles went so deep inside of her that she believed they were going to pop out of her mouth. And when her mouth was empty, she wished this would be true.

The corpse lying on the ground next to the blissful woman was a dark omen for Danika’s future but she couldn’t care less. One day with her pod was better than a whole life as the boring woman she was before.


Meanwhile, at Danika’s apartment, the clone opened the door for Kelly. She was a long time friend of Danika and the clone knew, using her duplicated memories, that Kelly had strong feelings for the original Danika. Kelly was intrigued by this unexpected invitation. After greeting each other, they moved into the living room.

“Thank you for coming to my house,” Danika-clone said, trying to sound normal.

“You sound so serious. Is everything ok?” Kelly asked, wondering why Danika was being so formal. Then she looked at Danika’s extremely sexy clothing and she ventured a thought…
“Wow! She looks hot! I wonder if she… and I…. no, it is not possible.”

“Yes. Everything is ok,” Danika-clone responded trying a more cheerful tone but again she sound too formal given the situation. She was learning.

Kelly immediately turned her attention to the strange, metallic ornament sitting by the far wall. Danika-clone stared at Kelly from behind. The original Danika didn’t know the proper way to approach a lesbian so the clone didn’t know either. She decided to just go for it.

“Where did you get this piece? It looks cool,” Kelly asked looking at the shiny, metallic bulk, “And very weird…” she added without saying it.

Danika-clone walked forward and grabbed Kelly’s breasts from behind. Kelly gasped and flinched, startled, but immediately realized that her long time dream was coming true. It was really hard to believe but it was happening. Danika loved her back.

“What? Oh my God! She is fondling my breast. How can this be? I had no idea,” Kelly thought amazed.

Kelly couldn’t be happier. She threw her head back on Danika’s shoulder and let her startling lover unbutton her pants and softly caress her pelvic mound.

Danika-clone asked, “Do you like this?”

“Yess… it feels so good.”

Kelly canlı casino siteleri turned around and kissed her new lover fervently. Danika’s miniskirt dropped to the carpeted floor while her tongue danced with Kelly’s.

Danika-clone knew that she was on the right path when she heard soft moans of pleasure escaping Kelly’s mouth. The clone felt an arousing tingling in her pussy as well. She would be happy to do this for a long time if it was necessary.

“This feels very nice. Taking more females will not be hard at all,” the clone thought.

Half an hour later, both sexy girls were laying completely naked right there on the carpet. Danika had Kelly’s clit trapped between her soft, warm lips while Kelly moaned and waved her hips up and down from the wonderful sensation. The clone was also setting things in motion for the upcoming replicating event…


Beside them, the metallic figure received the telepathic command and began to change shape. A shiny, human head formed at the top of the malleable bulk and looked down at the writhing couple. One of them was like her; the other was her target.

After a few minutes, the previously amorphous figure was now a silver humanoid looming down on Kelly’s face. The unsuspecting woman had her eyes closed, focusing on the blissful spot that was so skillfully handled by Danika.

“Yes… like that. Make me cum,” Kelly moaned.

A chrome tentacle came out of the humanoid and got closer to Kelly’s open mouth. Kelly still had no idea of the imminent danger.

“It feels so good…”

Kelly opened her eyes in shock and arched her back as the humanoid shoved the cold tentacle into her mouth with a sudden, vigorous move. The panicked woman tried to scream but only a muffled, guttural sound escaped her stuffed throat.

In an instant, Kelly felt a thousand tiny prickles all over her palate that numbed her mind and prevented any physical reaction to the sudden intrusion. Danika lifted her face and watched with satisfaction at the beginning of a new cloning process.

Kelly’s thoughts became sluggish and everything around her seemed to move too fast. She was able to see this metallic figure kneeling above her, and then she saw her own reflection in the creature’s chest. She couldn’t understand what was happening.

Inside her head, microscopic tentacles spread from the tip of the tentacle invading her brain and established a direct connection with the humanoid.

Kelly’s eyes rolled up into her head as all of her thoughts were pushed aside and an irresistible surrendering energy surged into her mind, filling every void in her brain cells. Kelly heard a word… no, it was a command. She had no option but to obey.

“Relax…” the humanoid and Kelly thought simultaneously.

The humanoid changed position, kneeling between Kelly’s wide-open legs; and leaning over her limp, compliant body. The tentacle joining their mouths was never removed but now it had curved down and was penetrating down Kelly’s esophagus. Two other tentacles waved in the air, protruding from the humanoid’s pussy and ass while another telepathic image was sent from Danika-clone to the humanoid, indicating it what to do.

And the image quickly turned into reality as both tentacles forcefully penetrated Kelly’s pussy and ass at the same time. Kelly moaned loudly and jolted hard for an instant but her body quickly went static again despite the tentacles going deeper into her body.

As millions of micro tentacles projected to every corner of Kelly’s body, the humanoid moved one step forward in the cloning process and changed shapes again, matching the exact curvaceous figure of the woman beneath her.

A while later, the metallic surface was already changing to a pinkish, fleshy skin; starting from the joining tentacles and spreading across the new clone’s body. Danika had left the house to watch over her pod but not before sending one last telepathic insight to the clone: pleasure; the feeling of climax that would turn Kelly’s brain into a mushy, completely unprotected mass.

The copying process was almost complete and the clone was already filtering some of these, new orgasmic feelings into Kelly’s mind. Kelly felt her nipples swell immediately and her pussy started to burn from an increasing arousal that would not stop until she reached the most powerful orgasm of her life.

And then it happened! Kelly’s entire body twitched from a mind wrecking spasm, followed by another one even stronger. Her entire world became a blinding light that exploded behind her eyes as all her memories, her personality and all that she used to be was transferred into Kelly-clone’s mind.

Then everything became a blank void. Everything except the permanent sense of submission that now was imprinted forever into her ravished mind. The tentacles in her pussy and ass were still pulsating inside of her and for the first time she wished they remained there. It felt so good.


Soon after, Danika-clone arrived at the cave to find Danika-slave lying ecstatically on top of the large pod with both tentacles buried deep into her body. The slave wouldn’t like to be any other way. When one of the tentacles was removed from her body for any reason, Danika felt an unbearable emptiness that needed to be corrected as soon as possible.

Judging the size of the pod, the clone realized that it was time for the last stage of the pod development. She waited until Danika-slave stopped shaking from her latest orgasm and moved closer, grabbing her doppelganger. After delicately placing the slave on the ground, the clone embraced the main bulk of the pod and pulled it from the ground. The living pod instinctively retrieved the tentacles for protection.

“Relax my baby. This will make you more comfortable,” the clone said.

Danika-clone lifted the heavy mass with inhuman strength and waited until the pod anchored itself on the ceiling of the cave. Now there was no danger for the thin stem to break under the increasing weight of the pod’s main body. It would be able to feed on Danika and grow without disturbance for many years to come. Danika-slave knelt on the ground below, looking up with dreamy eyes, hoping to see the tentacles come out again and fill her impatient body.

One tentacle appeared shortly after and the slave quickly got on her feet and offered herself to the pod. The long tentacle entered her mouth, moving past her throat, her esophagus and all the way down to her belly. The woman’s pussy twitched on emptiness driving Danika to the verge of orgasm even before the other tentacles emerged from the pod.

The other tentacles were not far behind and soon two more appendages waved down towards Danika’s pussy and ass. Danika-slave took one step closer, pushing the tentacle in her mouth even deeper and getting closer to her beloved pod. Danika-clone walked away proud and excited. There were more humans to take.

“Your old friend Kelly will join you very soon. Not that you care,” the clone said with a smirk on her face.

In fact, Danika didn’t even hear her clone. The moment the tentacles touched the slave’s pussy, she climaxed. The welcoming energy only encouraged the tentacles to move deeper and faster. Danika was back in heaven.

A few hours later, Kelly-clone and Kelly-slave arrived at the cave. The empty stare and serene look on the new slave’s face was masquerading the fire that burned in her crotch. The clone had taken the slave’s mind to the brink of ecstasy and had left it in an arousing spiral that seemed to have no end.

“Wait here slave,” Kelly-clone said.

Kelly-slave waited. The squishing noises coming from the right side of the cave meant nothing to her, as the tentacles pulsated, revolved and twitched inside her former friend Danika.
Minutes later, Kelly-clone came back with another pod seed in her hand. She knelt in front of the slave and ordered her to spread her legs. The submissive slave obeyed.

“Humans’ natural lubrication is very useful,” Kelly-clone thought.

The clone shoved the seed into Kelly-slave’s pussy and then pushed her whole hand in. The slave moaned out loud and reached the first orgasm of her new life.

The cave’s large room that had been silent for many years were now filled with erotic noises that echoed between the stone walls; the noises of two blissful women that soon would be joined by many more.


In a distant planet, a similar scene was taking place. One female alien was nurturing her pod, submerged in mesmerizing bliss that had become her only meaning for existence, not very different from her human counterparts. Another female had just been taken and the cloning process was reaching the final stage…

The metallic clone behind her slowly changed to match the slave’s hard, multicolored skin to the smallest detail.

“Now let’s get your pod,” the alien-clone said in a strange language.

An image lingering in the female alien’s mind of her large city filled with billions of her peers being in real danger was shut down and deleted. All chemical connections that formed coherent thoughts were suddenly wiped out and overridden by a single emotion… submission.


Somewhere in the galaxy, an enormous spaceship was traveling through space while millions of rocks filled with the mysterious metallic fluid were ejected at specific directions. Inside the ship, one grey alien communicated with his superior. They stood in a large room where hundreds of pods, or “aphrodisiac meat” as they like to call them, hung from the ceiling.

“Sir, we have received a signal from another clone. It indicates that its planet is ready for harvest,” said the subordinated alien.

“How many pods?” the leader asked.


“Good. Set the coordinates. We need them all. The demand is very high this season,” the leader said.

Then he made a noise that appeared to be laughter.

The end.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

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