Cityslicker Cousin Ch. 04

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“Now that was delicious!”

“Thank you,” Ginny’s mother said, smiling at Michael. She turned to the twins and added, “I’m so glad you all decided to come for dinner.”

“Us too,” Heidi said, and then frowned slightly and added, “Sorry again about being late. We were having so much fun that we lost track of the time.”

“That’s okay,” the minister’s wife said. “I’m just happy Samuel and Sadie got a chance to meet some of Ginny’s friends.”

Hillary noticed that Ginny’s was blushing and smiled to herself. She found it hard not to laugh outright at the expression on Samuel’s face. He didn’t seem all that happy they were there despite his aunt’s words.

“I won’t be able to eat for days!” Michael moaned as he rubbed his belly, causing everyone to laugh.

The conversation drifted from topic to topic for a time. Hillary watched and smiled. The minister and his wife were actually very good hosts. They made sure no one felt left out without forcing everyone to actually participate in the conversation. That wasn’t an easy skill to come by.

“Michael, you can’t possible be reaching for another piece of pie?” Hillary cried as she noticed her cousin doing exactly that.

“But it’s so good!” he replied. Everyone laughed again.

They finished dinner and ended up playing charades for a while. It was a corny game, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The twins ended up winning despite fierce competition from the minister and his wife.

“Don’t feel bad,” Hillary and Heidi’s father said to his friends as he took his wife’s hand. “It’s the twins thing.”

“We haven’t been able to beat them in years,” their mother added. “Sometimes it’s like they can read each other’s minds.”

“Oh well,” the minister said good-naturedly. “We’ll get them next time!”

“Yes dear,” his wife said with a slight smile, and then whispered loudly to the twins’ mother, “For a minister, he’s awfully competitive!” There was laughter from a number of the people, but none louder than the minister’s.

The conversation continued as the ‘adults’ had something to drink. Hillary noticed that Michael and Sadie kept glancing at each other. Samuel noticed it as well and didn’t look happy. Ginny’s eyes occasionally met Hillary’s and each time the twin smiled and nodded, causing the minister’s daughter to quickly look away.

“I have an idea,” Hillary said suddenly. “We haven’t taken Michael camping up on Harkem Ridge yet and since it’s such a beautiful night, why don’t we go now?”

“Now?” her mother asked.

“Not everyone,” Hillary grinned. “Just us ‘kids’.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little late to plan a camping trip?” her father asked.

“No!” Heidi answered for her sister. “We’ve already eaten. All we have to do is grab the tents, some clothes and go!”

“And maybe something for breakfast,” Michael put in, but then quickly added when he received some odd looks, “I’m not hungry now! But the morning is a long way away!”

“You can’t blame them,” the minister sighed. “It is a beautiful night.” The twin’s parents waffled and Hillary smiled to herself.

“We were hoping that Ginny, Samuel and Sadie would come with us,” she added. “That would give you ‘adults’ a night without the ‘kids’ around.”

“That sounds like fun,” Ginny said tentatively, meeting Hillary’s gaze. The twin just smiled. The minister’s daughter quickly looked away and added, “That’s if Samuel and Sadie would like to go?”

“I don’t think…” Samuel began, but Sadie surprised many of them when she interrupted.

“I want to go!” she said. “I’ve never been camping before.” Samuel frowned.

“It will be fun,” Heidi said, drawing his attention to her. After the altercation earlier in the day, Samuel didn’t much like Hillary and certainly not Michael, but Heidi was another story altogether. She looked directly at him and added, “We have two tents. We can do boys in one and girls in the other, or maybe you and your kin in one.”

Hillary fought back a smile as Samuel looked around and considered. She realized that the thought of being in a tent with his sister and cousin excited him. Poor Samuel. It was pretty obvious to Hillary that at least subconsciously he wanted his sister and probably his cousin as well.

“Thanks, but no,” he finally said, causing Hillary to lose her smile. “I’m not one for camping.”

“Well, I’m going,” Sadie said firmly.

“No you’re not!” Samuel barked.

“Samuel, don’t be silly,” his mother said with a frown. “Sadie can go with them if she wants.”

“But mother…” he began.

“In fact, it will probably do her good to get some time away from the rest of the family,” his mother interjected. Hillary looked at Samuel and Sadie’s mother and realized that the woman was at least subconsciously aware of her son’s fixation with his sister.

“I’m not sure…” Sadie’s father began, but his wife cut him off.

“Ginny will be there,” she said. “And so will the twins and Michael. They’re all good kids. I say let her go.” Her husband frowned, but didn’t want to argue in bahis firmaları front of everyone.

“Thanks, mom!” Sadie said, smiling.

“Well, in that case we better start packing,” Ginny said, quickly leaving the table and taking Sadie with her.

“We’ll meet back here in an hour,” Hillary said. “Heidi, come with me to help finish the packing.” Her twin nodded and stood.

They went home and packed in record time. They even stopped to pick up some beer and wine coolers. They only arrived ten minutes late.

“We ready?” Michael asked. All the girls nodded.

“Michael, are you sure you want to go up there with all these girls?” Sadie’s father asked. Michael shrugged, not sure what to say.

“Of course he does!” Hillary quickly put in. “Poor Michael is a city slicker. He’s been dying to go camping all summer!” Michael smiled in thanks at his cousin.

“Samuel, why don’t you go with them?” the preacher’s brother asked his son. Samuel shook his head.

“I don’t want to go,” he insisted. “And I still think it’s a mistake for Sadie to go.”

“Nonsense!” his mother put in. “You kids go and have fun!”

The trip up took about an hour. Michael drove. Hillary sat in the front with him. Heidi, Ginny and Sadie were in the back. The twins spent the time talking about some of their other camping trips. They had some funny stories.

“We’re here,” Michael said once they arrived. “Let’s go find a place to set up camp.” There was an awful lot of stuff in the trunk despite the fact that they were only staying the night. Everyone carried something and none of it was particularly light. Poor Michael carried more than his share.

“How about here?” Michael asked when they passed one likely spot.

“No,” Hillary said. “I have a place in mind. You’ll love it!”

“If my arms don’t fall off before we get there!” Michael grumbled, causing the girls to laugh.

“Quit your whining,” Heidi grinned. She noticed that Sadie was walking close to Michael and Ginny was still giving her twin the eye. Heidi’s smile faded. This might be an interesting night, but she was beginning to feel like a fifth wheel. Then again, she knew for a fact that both Hillary and Michael were willing to share. Her smile returned.

“We’re almost there,” Hillary put in. They arrived a few minutes later. The campsite she picked was a bit off the normal trails, but it was a beautiful spot. They set up and got a fire started, which was a good thing because the night was turning surprisingly cold considering how hot it was during the day.

“Do you want a wine cooler or a beer?” Hillary asked Sadie as she held up one of each for the girl to choose.

“I don’t drink alcohol,” Sadie quickly replied.

“That’s fine,” Hillary shrugged. “But it’s here if you change your mind. How about you Ginny?”

“Wine cooler please,” Ginny replied, earning her an odd look from her cousin.

“You drink?” Sadie asked.

“Sure,” Ginny shrugged. “Just don’t mention it to my parents.”

“They don’t know?”

“Oh, I think they do,” Ginny replied. “It’s more of a case of don’t ask, don’t tell.”

They all sat around the campfire for the next two hours drinking and laughing. Somewhere in the middle Sadie asked to try a wine cooler. She liked it. She finished it quickly and asked for another.

“Slow down,” Heidi smiled. “It’s not a race.”

“But it tastes so good!” Sadie cried, causing them all to laugh again. She continued to drink quickly despite everyone’s warnings. She became giggly for a while and then started singing television themes. The others joined her.

“I think it’s time I helped you bed,” Ginny said when she saw Sadie trying to get up and failing miserably.

“I’ll help you,” Hillary said. They each took a side of Sadie and walked her to one of the tents. They helped the girl into a sleeping bag.

“I can’t wait until her parents find out about this!” Ginny said with a loud sigh.

“Her parents? Could you imagine Samuel?” Hillary replied. They exchanged a look.

“Oh well,” Ginny finally shrugged. “It was bound to happen eventually.”

“You have to admit, she was cute as hell drunk,” Hillary put in.

“How can I not? I saw you, your sister and that cousin of yours leering at her,” Ginny frowned.

“Jealous?” Hillary teased.

“Maybe a little,” Ginny replied, surprising herself. She drank her own share of the wine coolers.

“I can fix that,” Hillary said, moving closer to Ginny. The minister’s daughter took a step back.

“I told you! I’m not a lesbian!” she cried.

“Me neither,” Hillary smiled as she reached behind Ginny and pulled her close. The girl didn’t fight. “But that’s not going to stop me from having my way with you.”

“We can’t!” Ginny cried, pointing at Sadie. “My cousin is right there!”

“Poor Sadie is passed out,” Hillary smiled, leaning in. Her lips were only inches away from Ginny’s. “We could have a live band in here and she probably still wouldn’t wake up until morning.”

“What about Heidi and Michael?” Ginny asked. kaçak iddaa Hillary refused to be the first to initiate a kiss. She wanted Ginny to come to her.

“They’re probably already in the other tent having fun,” Hillary replied.

“We can’t do this!” Ginny cried, but the fire in her eyes said something else entirely.

“Sure we can,” Hillary smiled. “You want to and I want to. Why shouldn’t we?”

“Because it’s so immoral!”

“I don’t think so,” Hillary said, licking her lips. Ginny watched and bit her bottom lip. “But even if it is, so what? Nobody is going to get hurt.”

“But what if I like it?” Ginny nearly whispered as she fought against herself.

“Oh, I guarantee you’ll like it,” Hillary promised. Ginny moaned.

“I can’t!” the minister’s daughter cried and pulled back. Hillary looked at her and was sorely tempted to insist. She knew that if she did, Ginny would be hers.

“It’s your decision,” Hillary shrugged. “I won’t force you.” Ginny felt a pang of regret that she quickly squelched.

“Thank you,” she said to the twin.

“Oh, don’t thank me,” Hillary replied. “I still fully intend to have you, but not until your ready.” With that Hillary proceeded to strip off her clothes. Ginny watched in silence.

“Good night,” Hillary said once she was fully naked. She could feel Ginny eyes all over her body. The poor thing was nearly panting in desire. “I’ll be right over here if you change your mind.”

“Good night,” Ginny replied rather hoarsely.

Hillary climbed into her sleeping bag and sighed. She was horny as hell. To make it worse, she could hear her twin giggling and occasionally moaning from the other tent. For a moment she thought about joining Heidi and Michael, but she could hear Ginny twisting and turnings as the minister’s daughter tried to go to sleep. There was still a chance she’d get what she really wanted, so she lay still and listened.

She must have nodded off because suddenly Ginny was standing over her. The girl was naked and smiling nervously. Hillary unzipped her sleeping bag and held it open without a word. Ginny bit her bottom lip one last time in uncertainty before shrugging and climbing into Hillary’s bag. They didn’t bother zipping the sleeping bag back up.

“You’re sure?” Hillary asked.

“Absolutely not,” Ginny said, but then kissed Hillary hungrily. “But it’s too late for backing out now!”

“Amen to that!” Hillary cried, causing Ginny to laugh.

They started kissing once again and continued for some time. Hillary caressed Ginny’s breasts with one hand and eventually Ginny did the same to her. They continued until Hillary received a waft of Ginny’s excitement. She then let her hand fall to the minister’s daughter’s pussy. Ginny gasped as Hillary’s fingers brushed her pussy lips.

“This is so nasty!” Ginny cried as Hillary rubbed her clit with two fingers.

“If you think this is nasty,” Hillary smiled. “Wait until later!” Ginny groaned and kissed Hillary almost feverously.

“You’re fingers feel so good!”

“I guess so!” Hillary smiled. “Your pussy is soaked!” Ginny splayed her legs open. Hillary knew what she wanted and pushed her two fingers into Ginny’s tight pussy.

“Oh yes!” Ginny cried, reaching for Hillary pussy. She drove two of her own fingers in. Thankfully Hillary was so excited that she was soaked and ready. That didn’t stop her from gasping.

“Easy!” Hillary cried. Ginny ignored her and pushed her fingers as deep as they would go. Hilary gasped again and added, “You have very long fingers!”

They finger fucked each other and kissed passionately through both of their first orgasms. It was cold out, but the tent was so warm that they threw off the sleeping bag altogether.

“What now?” the minister’s daughter asked in anticipation. Hillary grinned.

“Now it’s time to do something nasty!” she said, moving on top of Ginny and straddling the ‘s girl’s head. “I want you to taste me!”

“No way!” Ginny cried. “That’s sick!” Hillary looked down at the minister’s daughter and smiled lustfully. She saw Ginny’s eyes light up with desire despite the girl’s words. Hillary planted her pussy on Ginny’s mouth and held the girl’s head in place.

“That’s it!” Hillary cried as she felt Ginny’s tongue touch her pussy tentatively. “Just like that! Push it a little deeper!” Ginny complied and Hillary moaned.

“This tastes so good!” Ginny cried, obviously surprised by the fact. She wrapped her hands around Hillary’s thighs and drove her tongue deep.

“Oh wow! Your tongue is longer than Heidi’s or Michael’s!” Hillary cried. “Yes! That’s the spot! I thought this was your first time doing this?” Ginny didn’t respond at first. She just kept at what she was doing until Hillary came again.

“This was my first time doing that,” Ginny said once Hillary rolled off of her. It took Hillary a second to realize the minister’s daughter was answering her earlier question.

“Well then, you’re a natural,” she giggled as she leaned over Ginny and kissed her. Hillary could taste herself kaçak bahis on the girl’s lips, but that was okay. She liked it!

“Um, do you mind…” Ginny began, but couldn’t finish her request. She was blushing badly.

“Of course not,” Hillary smiled and moved down between Ginny’s legs. The girl obviously wanted the same she’d given. Hillary brushed her tongue gently against Ginny’s soaked pussy and the minister’s daughter jumped. Hilly grinned and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Fine. I’m fine,” Ginny answered. “I’m just a little jumpy.”

“Let’s see if I can cure that,” Hillary smiled and went back to Ginny’s pussy. She tasted the minister’s daughter and giggled softly.

“What?” Ginny asked in concern.

“Nothing,” Hillary answered, but then added, “You’re the first girl I’ve been with besides my sister. You taste different!”

“Is it okay?” Ginny asked, now sounding nervous.

“Are you crazy?” Hillary answered rhetorically. “You’re delicious! It’s just different is all. Now lay back and enjoy!”

Hillary was very talented with her mouth. It was one of the things that she secretly prided herself on. She took her time with Ginny and built the girl up to a big orgasm with her tongue. Ginny literally screamed when she came!

“That was out of this world!” she said between gasps as she recovered.

“Tasted good too,” Hillary grinned. Ginny looked at her, blushed as she fought for her breath and then giggled.

“This may be a sin, but right now I can’t regret it,” the minister’s daughter sighed.

“I don’t think it’s a sin.”

Both Hillary’s and Ginny’s heads snapped around when they heard the words. Sadie was still laying in her sleeping bag, but her eyes were open and she had obviously been watching.

“You were supposed to be passed out!” Ginny cried, attempting to cover herself. Hillary started to reach for something to cover herself as well, but then she shrugged. Sadie didn’t seem freaked out, so there seemed no point.

“Ginny calm down!” Hillary said. Talk about freaked out! Poor Ginny looked ready to die of mortification.

“But…but…” Ginny said, unable to form a sentence.

“Ginny relax,” Sadie said, sitting up. “I’m not going to tell anyone.”

“Not even Samuel?” Ginny asked.

“Especially not Samuel!” Sadie snorted. “He’d have a cow!”

The three of them sat looking at each other for a few moments. Not even Hillary was sure what to do or say next.

“So, you’re okay with this?” Hillary finally asked.

“Okay? No,” Sadie said with a shake of her head. “On the other hand I don’t think it was a sin or anything. No one got hurt and you both certainly seemed to be enjoying yourselves.”

“You know for such a sheltered girl, that’s pretty open minded of you,” Hillary smiled. Sadie shrugged. Once again the three fell silent, but no one even faked trying to go to sleep.

“I think we should forget this ever happened,” Ginny finally said.

“On no you don’t!” Hillary grinned. “Not only am I not going to forget, but I’m going to make you scream again.”

“That was pretty amazing,” Sadie put in. Ginny looked back and forth between them.

“Sadie, what exactly are you saying?” Ginny asked nervously. “Because as bad as I’ve become, I have no intention of adding incest to my sins.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it!” Hillary grinned, causing Sadie to stare.

“So you and your sister really have…well, you know?” she asked. Hillary nodded as she watched Sadie.

“And their cousin too,” Ginny put in. This caused an obvious spark of interest in Sadie’s eyes.

“You and Michael?”

“Me, Michael and Heidi,” Hillary admitted. “Actually, if you listen you might hear them still going at it. Those two are like bunnies!”

“Michael seems nice,” Sadie said tentatively.

“He can be,” Hillary replied with a knowing smile. Sadie might be open minded, but that didn’t stop her from being any less innocent. She obviously had a crush on Michael.

“He’s not afraid of Samuel either,” Sadie said softly. She was obviously speaking more to herself now.

“Don’t even think about it!” Ginny cried. “Your parents will lose their minds!”

“I’m nineteen!” Sadie snapped back. “They can’t control me forever!”

“Alright Sadie!” Hillary grinned.

“You are not helping,” Ginny sighed.

“Depends on what you mean by helping,” Hillary shrugged. “I’m not trying to push Sadie into doing anything she doesn’t want to, but that doesn’t mean I won’t cheer her on as she tries to become her own person.”

“And the fact that you’re hoping to get your hands on her damn near perfect body has nothing to do with it?” Ginny said sarcastically.

“I can’t deny that the thought hasn’t past through my mind,” Hillary replied. Poor Sadie was blushing badly again, which was funny in its way. She was sitting in the tent talking to two naked women who only moments earlier were having sex with each other and she hadn’t bothered to blush until they spoke about how attractive they found her.

“You two really think I’m attractive?” Sadie asked, causing both girls to look at her.

“You’re kidding, right?” Ginny asked.

“Sadie, it took all my strength not to jump you at the lake when I saw you in your bathing suit,” Hillary added.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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