Cindy Lou Meets the Vampire

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CAUTION: This story is about a man having sex with a woman, including performing oral sex, while she is in her period. If you think this is gross and disgusting and the idea bothers you, you probably shouldn’t read it.


Cindy Lou looked at the calendar on Monday morning and informed Amanda, her pretty, dark-haired roommate, “I guess I’m going to have to miss the party this Saturday.”

“How come?”

“I’m due to start my period on Friday. By Saturday night, I’ll be like a waterfall.”

“Oh? Do you expect to have cramps or pain or anything?”

“No, not at all. No pain or anything like that. Actually, I’m even hornier then, but it’s just so messy, especially on my second day, and such a turnoff for so many people that it wouldn’t be fair for me to go. I’ll just spend the night with Big Pete and Little Pete.” That was a reference to her two dildos that Cindy Lou sometimes used when there was nothing else going on.

“Would you rather come to the party?”

“Sure. Who wouldn’t? But I don’t want to gross anybody out. I’ve heard of girls wearing tampons and panties and just giving head when they’re like that, but I don’t want to. I’d get frustrated and even hornier, seeing all those great cocks and tongues and knowing my pussy would be out of bounds for them.”

I know one guy who won’t be grossed out, and won’t think your pussy is out of bounds. We call him ‘The Vampire’ and I guess you can figure out why. Anyhow, I can call Megan and tell her about you and that she should tell The Vampire about you being in your period. That is, if you’re sure you want to go.”

“Yeah, I want to. It sounds like a lot of fun, but let me get this straight. Do you mean to say this guy will eat my pussy and fuck me even when I’m running like a faucet? That would be so much better than Big Pete.”

“That’s what I mean.”

“Okay. Call Megan and tell her I’m really looking forward to meeting The Vampire.”

Instead of the usual tampon she uses when she is in her menses, Cindy Lou fastened a Kotex to her panties and wore that combination to the party, along with her normal skirt, blouse and jacket. She never wears a bra to parties like this because it would just be something extra for somebody to have to fumble with while he or she was undressing her. The skirt instead of blue jeans was for the same reason, because it would be easier to remove. Expecting the pad she wore to be soaked through even before she reached the party, Cindy Lou carried another in her purse.

When Amanda introduced her sexy, blonde roommate, Megan took their purses and jackets and hung them up. Mandy went to mingle and to have some fun with the men and women there, but the hostess wanted to introduce the new guest to the man who had come there specifically to meet her.

Almost everybody at the party, including Megan, was naked already. The two new arrivals were exceptions, as was the tall young brown-haired man who was introduced to Cindy Lou as Brian. He was wearing a T-shirt advertising Redwing Shoes and featuring a large pair of red wings on the front. “We usually call him ‘The Vampire’, and I guess you already know why,” Megan added, smiling, as she left the well-matched couple.

As is customary, Brian and Cindy Lou said hello by hugging and kissing, and their tongues quickly greeted each other also. All about the large room, couples or groups were enjoying themselves on various sofas or mattresses or pillows scattered on the floor. “C’mon,” Brian invited her, lying down on the mattress he had been reserving. The horny young woman joined him, lying on her back with a pillow under her head, eager to let Brian show her why he was called The Vampire.

At first, he was much the same as other men that Cindy Lou had met, kissing her mouth, blue eyes, ears and other erogenous zones. His tongue in her mouth and on her eyes felt much like others that had been there in Alabama or New York. When he started kissing the pulse points in her throat, she thought again of his nickname.

“I hope you’re not going to bite me there,” she said, giggling.

“My dear, I vant to dreenk your blahd,” he responded, in a terrible Bela Lugosi accent. “But not from here. It’s much more delicious from somewhere else.” As he spoke, Brian was unbuttoning Cindy Lou’s blouse.

She sat up to let him remove it and, after she lay back down, he started licking her erect nipples, while his hands were unfastening her skirt. The foreplay up to that point had been fairly conventional, but Cindy Lou was becoming more aroused than she normally would have. Because of her menses, she had been horny when it started, and her level of arousal was mounting so quickly that she found herself wishing Brian would go quickly to her pussy and demonstrate how he had earned his nickname.

The Vampire may have perceived this or he may have been impatient himself. He cut short his oral attentions to her big, succulent breasts, pulled off her skirt and tossed it aside. Smiling happily, he hooked his fingers in casino şirketleri the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down. Cindy Lou raised her ass to help and, when they were down to her knees, he stopped, his smile broadening when he saw the bloody Kotex attached to the crotch. He quickly finished removing the garment and held it, almost reverently, in his hands while he gazed at the soggy pad inside.

“I’m glad you’re wearing one of these.” So many women wear tampons, and they’re nowhere near as much fun.”

Cindy Lou thought that would be the case, which is why she had eschewed the tampon. The last time she had attached a fresh Kotex was late that morning and, with her heavy flow, it had completely soaked through. There was even quite a bit of her menstrual fluid smeared on her pussy and crotch and some was sticking to her pubic hair. Brian smiled at the sight of the treat that she had for him, but before going after it, he held her panties up to his face and breathed deeply of her menstrual fluid.

“Ah, beautiful,” he sighed. Just heavenly. I’m really going to enjoy eating the rest of this from your pussy.”

Cindy Lou thought he was actually going to suck some of the blood off the pad, but he just set it down beside her, where he could see it or smell it or maybe even taste it if he wanted to. Until that day, Cindy Lou had never given much thought to what passed out of her womb every month, except for being aware of its general yuckiness. She had noticed it was much darker than the blood that would flow from a cut or be drawn out by a phlebotomist, as well as being slimy and seeming to include some small particles. If The Vampire wanted to eat the mess on her Kotex, he was welcome to it.

However, Brian preferred to take his favorite treat fresher and directly from the source. Seeing him lean toward her, obviously intending to really get into eating her pussy, Cindy Lou raised her legs. The vampire ducked under them and started showing why he was called that. With the sexy young woman’s legs draped over his shoulders, Brian started with her crotch, licking at the clots of viscous liquid that clung there.

Bursts of pleasure coursed through her body from where his tongue ventured, between her ass and the lower edge of her love hole. It was her normal response from somebody licking that very erogenous place, multiplied by the increased sensitivity caused by being in her period. Although Brian had just started eating her pussy, Cindy Lou was already squirming on the mattress and cooing happily.

Her movements and expressions of pleasure became more pronounced when Brian started licking one of her outer lips. Cindy Lou has very soft, almost feathery pubic hair, which she trims but does not shave. Making kissing sounds and motions, Brian licked wetly, using plenty of his own saliva, cleaning off the sticky mess that clung to her hair. Everything about what he was doing was immensely enjoyable. The menstrual fluid he craved was delicious and her creamy skin and blonde hair, once everything had been licked off, were as silk, and gave his tongue some of the greatest sensations he had ever experienced.

After his mouth had cleaned everything off one lip, Brian treated the other outer lip the same way, swabbing off the pussy juices as well as the blood and mucus and other wastes that made up Cindy Lou’s menstrual flow. Once again, he licked all the way to her mons and, by the time he reached the end, she was moaning from pleasure and her pussy was writhing below his mouth. With her outer lips cleaned off, he turned his attentions to an even more sensitive part of her pussy, where he knew he would find even more of the bloody treat he desired. Before he started there, he raised his face to observe his partner for the evening, reveling in the way Cindy Lou’s luscious body was moving on the bed and the way her head was tossing from side to side on her pillow.

She looked down her body, expecting to see the forehead and brown eyes of Brian. Instead, she saw his entire face, with her mixed pussy juices and menstrual fluid smeared all around his mouth and chin. He smiled at her, and Cindy Lou smiled back, both of them already truly enjoying what they were doing for each other. After the exchange of smiles, Brian resumed putting his mouth to even more pleasurable activities.

He started licking below Cindy Lou’s dripping love hole and up to where her inner and outer lips are close together. Knowing that her thick menstrual fluid would tend to stick in folds such as that one, he probed his tongue between the lips, devouring everything, and giving tremendous pleasure to himself and to the one who was providing him with the delicious treat.

“Lick me! Keep licking me,” Cindy Lou implored him. Although her pussy had been eaten hundreds, even thousands of times, nobody had ever done it during her period, while she was at her most sensitive time. She spread her legs wider to give him even better access, and started thrusting her pussy against casino firmaları his face.

The vampire was tremendously enjoying himself too. Not only was the mixture of her blood and other fluids delicious, she had one of the most delightful pussies of his experience. The fresh juices that she was producing in great volume soaked into the thick menstrual flow, thinning it and allowing him to sluice it up with his tongue, relish the flavor, and swallow it. The mix of the usual nectar from her pussy and the castoff from her womb was the most delightful combination he had ever tasted, and he licked slowly, making sure none of it was wasted.

By the time Brian’s meticulous tongue reached Cindy Lou’s clit hood, her arms were flailing the air while she thrashed on the mattress, moaning from the incredible pleasure his mouth was giving her. Her legs were thrusting out over his shoulders and her pussy fucked strongly into his face. The sexy blonde was on the verge of cumming. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” she begged the man who had brought her to that marvelous state.

Brian’s tongue, after cleaning off every drop of menstrual fluid from the first pair of labia, had just started on the second pair when he heard Cindy Lou begging him to bring her to a climax. Although there was still plenty of the delicious combination left, he engulfed her clit with his mouth and started sucking. Even without the added treat of the menstrual flow, he loved eating a pussy, especially one as delectable as the one in front of him, and the best part was feeling her cum under him. After her climax, he could finish devouring the rest of her juices and blood, hopefully bringing her to another orgasm.

Seconds after Brian’s mouth had enveloped her clit, Cindy Lou started cumming. “Oh!” she cried. “Yes! Yes!” Other party-goers smiled when they saw and heard her. Although still relatively new at their sex parties, she was already a favorite, especially among the men and the women who liked to swing either way. They loved seeing and hearing her having a great time, whether they were providing it or not.

And a great time is just what she was having. Cindy Lou’s legs squeezed the sides of Brian’s head holding his face against her pussy, which was where he dearly wanted to keep it anyhow. Her arms slammed into the bed and, bracing her heels against his back, she jammed her pussy against him seeming to want to wrap it around his face.

“Uh! Uh!” Cindy Lou whimpered as his lips and tongue pleasured the sweetest of her many sweet spots. While she whimpered, she rocked from side to side and back and forth until she reached her climax, shouting for joy and jamming her pussy into The Vampire’s face for a climactic time.

When he was sure Cindy Lou was through cumming, Brian licked up all the fresh juices she had just produced, delighted with the tinge of her menstrual fluid that was included in them, and resumed licking her pussy between the second inner and outer lips. Once again, he slowly probed into every fold, relishing the beauty of Cindy Lou’s pussy as he sought out new clots of sticky fluid, until he had reached her clit hood again.

From her soft murmurs of pleasure and the way Cindy Lou’s pussy had already started fucking into his face, Brian could tell she was aroused again, and he hoped she would cum as powerfully as she had before. Before bringing that about, though, he wanted to devour all the menstrual blood that adhered to her pussy, including what was matted into the hair on her mons. Continuing to move slowly, and probing his tongue into every fold and crevice, his tongue worked its way to her clit hood again.

Pleasure swirled through Cindy Lou’s body from the path of The Vampire’s mouth. When she looked down her body again, she saw his hair over his forehead, and the bridge of his nose as his face rode up and down, staying with the movements of her pussy. When she looked, the level of her pleasure mounting, his eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled. Whether he was smiling at her or about what he was doing, she didn’t know, nor did she care. All she knew was that she was getting more enjoyment from having her pussy eaten than she had ever gotten before.

The man who was giving her that pleasure was getting just as much. Cindy Lou’s menstrual fluid, especially mixed with her pussy juices, was the most delectable he had ever smelled, and it tasted even better. She is a gorgeous woman, with a sexily plump body, and her pussy, with its blonde hair and swollen red lips was truly a thing of beauty. Her silky hair and soft, smooth skin were giving his mouth some of the greatest sensations he had ever felt, and her spongy pussy lips were even better. He loved the way her body thrashed under his mouth and her loud moans and whimpers of pleasure. Cindy Lou’s pussy, especially during her menses, was the greatest among the many he had eaten.

Her clit had almost found its way out of its protective hood and Brian’s tongue caressed her there a few strokes. Cindy Lou’s movements güvenilir casino became even more frantic and he knew she was close to cumming. Before that happened, though, he wanted to devour all the fluid that was stuck to the hair of her mons, including what had almost dried there. Moving his mouth back to an outer lip, he started working his way upward. The mixture there was strictly the menstrual fluid that hadn’t been absorbed by her Kotex, because her pussy juices hadn’t flowed in that direction. Its purity made it all the more delicious to The Vampire. Generating all the saliva he could, he diluted the blood that was almost dry and the fluid that was still a viscous liquid. It was slow work, but worth it to him, as he greedily swabbed up all of the menstrual fluid from Cindy Lou’s mons.

Impatiently, she waited until he was finished. She enjoyed his look of concentration as his tongue and lips cleaned off everything, and it felt good, but she knew it would feel much better when he wrapped those lips around her clit and that tongue started caressing her there. Finally, Brian had swallowed everything she had for him. He grinned as he had before, with the blood and mucus and other goo smeared all over his face, and brought his mouth back to where she so desperately wanted it.

“Yes!” Cindy Lou blurted to him as she felt his lips wrap themselves around her love button. “Suck my clit!”

The request was unnecessary because Brian wanted to suck and lick her there as much as she wanted him to. The succulent morsel was so engorged it had pushed itself entirely clear of its protective hood so, with his lips clamped on the base, Brian sucked on her clit while his tongue caressed the sides and top. Greedily, he moved his head from side to side while he sucked, relishing the taste and the texture of her adorable love button.

“Yes! Yes! Suck me!” Cindy Lou urged him while her body thrashed on the mattress and her pussy fucked up into his face. Abruptly, she exploded into ecstasy.

“Yes! Oh, God, I’m cumming.” Cindy Lou clamped her thighs onto the temples of the man who had brought about that wonderful event. Her arms flailed the mattress as she rocked on her ass, back and forth and from side to side. Brian was a prisoner, but a very happy one, clinging to Cindy Lou’s thighs and keeping her clit firmly in his mouth as he sucked and licked.

Her cumming went on for even longer this time, as she called out her extreme pleasure, until her orgasm. Once again, she slammed her pussy against Brian’s face as she climaxed, followed by completely relaxing on the mattress, her legs remaining draped over his shoulders. The Vampire feasted on most of the juices that she had just produced, especially relishing the trace of fresh menstrual fluid that was mixed with the nectar from her pussy.

Confident that Cindy Lou would want to fuck, he made sure there were enough juices in her pussy to act as a lubricant. After backing out from under her legs, he leaned over to pick up the condom he had left beside the mattress, and put it on. Neither of them was worried about Cindy Lou getting pregnant but there was a standing rule that everybody should practice safe sex at all times. Besides that, he wanted to lick out her pussy after they were through fucking, and he didn’t want to eat his own cum. With everything ready, he knelt between her spread legs, his erect cock aimed at her pussy like an arrow at a target.

He was right. It took a few minutes to recover from her orgasm, but after she did, she looked hungrily at his erection. “That was great!” she told him. “Maybe the best I’ve ever gotten. I hope your cock can do even half as much.”

Smiling, Brian walked closer on his knees and guided his cock until it was pressed against Cindy Lou’s love hole. Some of her juices were trickling out and he rubbed the tip of his cock against them to spread the lubrication while her fingers held open her pussy lips. Brian leaned forward until his hands were on the mattress beside her and gave a short thrust, wedging the head of his cock in the place where he knew she wanted it.

Cindy Lou had been right; it felt much better than Big Pete would have, and she sighed happily while continuing to hold her pussy open, her head luxuriating in the pillow. With a second push, another inch of Brian’s cock surged into her, sending waves of pleasure crashing throughout her body. His shaft was thick, but the combination of her juices and the slimy menstrual fluid that was still flowing made a perfect lubricant. With another strong thrust, almost half his cock was imbedded in her.

Grinning happily at the way Cindy Lou’s pussy was clutching his cock, Brian leaned forward, moving his hands so they were under her shoulders. There was no longer any need to hold herself open so Cindy Lou moved her hands, prepared to hug The Vampire in the full body-to-body contact of the missionary position she usually preferred. Almost all the rest of his cock plowed into her at his next thrust, sending even greater bliss flooding her body and evoking a moan of pleasure. Already, her extremely sensitized pussy was getting some of the best fucking it had ever gotten, as The Vampire’s cock spread open her love hole and stretched her slippery channel.

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