Cigars and Whisky Turn into Wild Sex

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My lady and I have really grown in our pegging experience. She was new to it and I was minimally experienced, so we’ve gotten to explore more together. It’s been a blast. We also have this tendency to see who can “outdo” the other with perversion.

Last weekend, I think I won. We were out of town, and went for dinner, desert, drinks at the cigar bar. We get extra frisky when we drink and Saturday night was no different. We left the bar, and I made her get naked in the car. I offered to join, and stripped down as I drove. We watched some porn on the way, she blew me for a minute, and couldn’t stop rubbing her tits and pussy.

We made it back to the AirBnB we were staying at. A barn in someone’s backyard. I helped her out of the car, and had her kneel down. She assumed I was demanding a blowjob. But as soon as she had my cock in her mouth, I began to pee. We occasionally enjoy water sports, and it just felt right. I soaked her for about 2 minutes. I had been holding it for a while, planning for this. I made her drink the delicious golden nectar. She laughed, and almost struggled to drink casino şirketleri it all down. She was soaked from the top of her head to her toes, hair drenched, flowing down her delicious and naked body. Right in the driveway.

We moved inside and she went to shower off. While she was cleaning off, I pulled out the strapon and put it on myself. I moved my cock to the side, so I was able to have two cocks, essentially. She came out of the bathroom and knew it was about to get nasty.

She kneeled down and began sucking me. As she sucked me, I would smack her with the fake cock. I made her suck the fake cock and smacked her with my cock. Had her take both in her mouth. She loves sucking dick, and it shows. So I wanted to make sure she had plenty to work with. Then after a few minutes, I moved her to the ottoman and had her lie on her back.

I lubed up and slowly entered her ass with my cock. Once I was in her ass, I moved the fake cock into her pussy. It’s the 7″ king cock realistic dildo, and it really is pretty realistic. I slowly fucked both her holes for a few minutes, casino firmaları enjoying the tightness of her ass, then grabbed our magic wand and placed it on her clit. “You like being filled up like a whore?” Of course she did, unable to speak, only to moan. She moaned and screamed and finally tapped out after several orgasms.

I slowly pulled both cocks out of her, and she asked for the strapon. I helped her put it on, and she asked me to suck her cock. I loved blowing her and sucking all her juices off her cock. While I sucked her cock, I moved so she could suck mine. “How’s your ass taste?” I asked her. She loved it.

After a minute, she laid back down on the ottoman and asked me to ride her cock. I lubed up and did just that. She lubed my cock and jacked me off as I bounced up and down. It felt amazing. Lost in the moment. Like it needs to last forever…Then I wanted to be fucked.

So I got up, told her to get up, and as I moved toward the ottoman myself, I bent down and sucked her cock again. “How’s YOUR ass taste?” I smiled and kept going. The nastiness of us both going güvenilir casino ass to mouth just driving us both wilder.

Then I got into doggystyle on the chair. She easily entered me again and immediately began fucking me hard. “Omg, you’ve never been fucked this hard, have you? You like my cock fucking you this hard?” The feeling of being fucked is like no other, and crumble from a massive, burly man, an ass whore who can only moan and want more.

I moaned and had a hard time thinking. After a few minutes of her plowing my ass, I was ready to cum. I told her to pull out, and I stood by her. We rubbed cocks for a minute and I finally came all over her cock. Huge load. I was shuddering from head to toe as spurt after spurt came out of me. She went to guide me, but I was already heading down. I blew her again, sucking my cum off her cock that had moments ago been in my ass. I sucked all the cum off her cock. She giggled.

Two big drops hit the floor. When I finished cleaning her cock off, I instructed her to lick my cum off the floor. She got on all fours and licked it up like a good girl.

We finished and both kind of looked at each other, smiling, and said “I don’t even know what all just happened.” In a trance. Like we were drugged. But it was hot. And wild. And intense. And we loved every fucking minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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