Chubby mom and her dog II

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I reached over to Giogo and began stroking his big dog cock, my head was still swimming while she got up on her knees in order to kiss me. Long wet kisses. She began sucking on my tongue. I let go of the dogs cock and fell back onto the bed with her.She cooed as I sucked and kissed her neck, working my way down to her succulent fatty breasts. She told me to suck them hard and to bite them.She said that she was a bit of a masochist and chuckled.I gave both breasts equal attention and worked my way down her belly to her hairless mound.

She began moaning as I ran my wet tongue all around her clit and pussy. Just then Giogo began licking my ass. She was moaning and cooing and I stuck a finger in her pussy and the next finger in her anus and began pumping them in and out. Both holes were tight and held my fingers for a moment as I pumped them.

My cock was growing back to life and my anus began to relax to the point where Giogo was able to get his tongue inside of me. A little bit of shit must have been just inside as he caught a lick of it and began sneezing. He resumed licking me right away and tried to mount me but casino şirketleri to no avail.

Adams mom noticed and I told her that I really wanted the dog to fuck me in the ass. He moved out from under me and began stroking the dogs cock until the knot got big and hard. She said that the last thing I wanted was to have THAT knot grow while inside of me.

She help Giogo get up on me and guide his big cock inside.
Ooooh it felt good. He began bucking and pumping me wildly. I felt so feminine which is what I love about being butt fucked by a man. I get to me the woman. Giving of myself. Once Adam and I both did five guys at work. We were such sluts, but that another story.

Soon the dog came and Adams mother had me squat and push it out as she licked and cleaned my ass with her tongue.

My cock was so hard and so full that I couldn’t cum. She couldn’t keep her mouth off of it. Licking and sucking. scraping her teeth along the top. Making me crazy.

Then we heard noises. It was already morning and the sunrise was coming through the window. We heard Adam miking his way upstairs and I confessed to her that casino firmaları Adam and I had been fucking for years.

She smiled and said I know. I watched you and Adam doing it in the pool room once. I didn’t remember which time because we did it there hundreds of times.

I told her that she could let him in as he was trying the locked door.
Giogo jumped out of bed and barked at the door and I pushed the button lock in as he opened it.

I immediately rubbed his already expanding hard on. But he brushed past me and got right onto his mother as she lay down and spread her legs. They were passionately kissing and moaning. I watched and wondered how long this had been going on as Adam came hard and moaned.

He rolled off of her as my own aching boner was dripping a load of precum and she reached for it and put it in her mouth. I got on top of her and began fucking her hard. Adam leaned over and kissed me.

We were all kissing each other.Adam turned over and said put it in my ass now lover. I exited his mother very tight pussy with a pop as i slid over and began fucking him with my now long long hard on. güvenilir casino

We measured it once and it was eight and a half inches long from the base to the top, ON TOP. along the bottom it was longer but of course that didn’t count.

I was giving him long hard strokes and his mother was caressing his hair saying “you like that baby, do you? Later She said that watching men fuck turned her on like nothing else. Seeing men sucking each other and kissing just made her as wet as can be.

I came in Adams ass. My orgasm was sooo long and good!

Adam ran to the toilet to let it out. His mom and I laughed!

I kissed her and said that i’s too bad we hadn’t been doing it for years.

She let on that Adam had been fucking his mom for years and that he and her were in cahoots with his setting up our own fuck parties so she could watch and masturbate.

Giogo had already left the room. We were all hungry and went downstairs where his mom made a great breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs.

She didn’t mind at all that I would walk up and snuggle and kiss her when ever I wanted.

I asked her to be honest and tell me if there were anyone else in their little circle of “friends” She smiled coyly and said “you’ll find out.

Man that gave my another hard on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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