Cheryl… Meet the Author Ch. 01

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I’ve mentioned my muse, Cheryl. When we met, sparks flew.

She only knew him from his writing and the messages they shared. But still, she stood at the international arrivals gate at O’Hare International Airport on a Wednesday afternoon, expectantly and apprehensively awaiting his arrival.

“This is nuts. I should just go home. Why on earth am I here to meet a strange man?” she muttered to herself.

Cheryl and Jeff had met at the Literotica site when she had posted a message seeking someone to write stories for her. She got very aroused, indulging fantasies of her friends having sex in strange circumstances while she watched and this writer seemed to get into her and her friends’ heads. She lost count of the number of times she had orgasmed to the stories he had written.

Jeff was a contract worker which suited his real passions for music and performing. He was coming to Chicago to play a series of shows at a club, opening for a bigger name. The event would cost more than he’d make but when the opportunity to go to Chicago came up, he knew it would be worthwhile on a different level. After all, that’s where his muse lived. As well as music, Jeff found a creative outlet in writing erotica. Jeff and Cheryl met online and he wrote stories for her, about her friends.

The board showed that the plane from Canada had arrived. Cheryl was completely on edge now. It was a good thing that Tannis, her closest friend came with her. Yes, she knew too that Tannis had a special place in the author’s heart; maybe she had done a too effective job of selling her gorgeous friend’s qualities to Jeff. She was now questioning her decision to bring the bombshell along.

Cheryl was a wreck: giddy, scared, anxious, even a little horny. This guy knew her secrets and he fed them generously, filling her head and flooding her pussy with all sorts of arousing thoughts and images. She thought briefly of the scene he had created where she videoed Tannis and her husband. She cursed herself as she squeezed her thighs together.

“Is this freaking you out, Cher?” Tannis asked as she noted Cheryl’s nervousness.

“God. I’m a wreck! Oh shit. People are coming out of customs.”

After a couple of families and some business people came out, there was one figure, unremarkable but unmistakable, that stood out to Cheryl. Jeff scanned the crowd and came straight to the pair.

“I’d recognize you anywhere,” he greeted as he pulled the unexpecting Cheryl into a close hug.

“It’s so good to finally meet you,” he continued as he took a long, lingering appraisal of Tannis, the taller and bustier blonde.

As the trio formalized introduction, it was clear that the tone was overtly sexual. The author was obviously neither intimidated nor nervous as he engaged the two women almost like former lovers. In fact, if he had his way, they would become just that.

“Does Mr. Authorman need a drink?” Tannis asked, more playfully than she intended.

“Absolutely! I’d like to get to know you two especially, before anything else happens.”

Tannis then led the way to an airport bar. Cheryl leaned into her and whispered harshly, “‘Mr. Authorman’? What game are you playing?”

“God, it felt kinda silly coming out, but still… I guess it got your attention anyway,” Tannis wasn’t even sure why she had gotten even the tiniest bit flirtatious. She had read the stories he’d written and he always wrote her favorably. “Maybe even more than favorably,” she mused as she drifted into a spontaneous fantasy.

They settled themselves in the bar and Jeff ordered each of them a shot and a cocktail. The amused shock on the girls’ face was priceless. He was offering no pretenses; this was going to be fun for all of them, regardless of how it turned out.

Their conversation turned to the humour in the subtle differences of American and Canadian culture. “Say ‘eh’ for us!” the girls laughed.

“Huh?” came his drawled reply. “I don’t understand what y’all are sayin’.”

After the laughter subsided, he huddled conspiratorially with the two women. “Forget about the Canadian-isms. I am always looking for inspiration for my stories. You girls have any juicy ideas?” The emphasis on “juicy” was on the edge of lewd.

Much to Cheryl’s shock, Tannis was encouraging. “You may not know this, but I’ve read your stories and Cheryl has told me about your chats. It seems that you have a lot of good ideas.”

“All.” She poked his chest.

“By.” She dragged her manicured forefinger down his chest.

“Yourself.” She rested her fingernail on the top of his belt buckle.

Cheryl knew her friend was borderline insatiable but she had never seen Tannis in action before. Her sultry voice and killer body, combined with just how much she knew that Jeff favored Tannis in the first place, made for formidable seduction tools. Cheryl was half responsible for this mess and she didn’t know what to do with it. The truth was though, she loved how the author painted pictures of lust for her, helping to while şirinevler escort away boring days at work. The bastard even encouraged her to play with and taste herself. And fuck, she did it, too! Now, Tannis’s obvious approval was causing her own arousal to start piquing once again. Would he be like he wrote?

In the midst of her arousal, Cheryl was also getting jealous. This was HER guest and Tannis was dominating the encounter. She wasn’t without her own skills, and as easily distracted as the author was, she knew that he was also very attracted to Cheryl. She decided to play to this, at least to stir up some confusion and maybe defuse the lustful situation that was brewing.

She shuffled in closer to Jeff and tried to put a damper on Tannis. “Well, Tannis, you do know now what I like in my stories and sometimes his stuff just doesn’t quite do it for me. I’d loooove to give him some more ideas, if he’s asking. “

“That’s my girl,” Jeff whispered to her with the deepest voice he could muster.

Putting on an air of indignation, Tannis huffed, “Fine, then. Hmmmm, let me see.”

Tannis tipped her head and cheek to her raised finger in an exaggerated thinking posture then proclaimed, “Okay, I have something. Cheryl likes to watch, right? What if, just saying, what if she and I are out and maybe we meet some guy who I am very attracted to? And let’s say, we happen to be in a bar at, hmmmmmm, an airport?”

To Cheryl’s horror at what she saw unfolding, Tannis started rubbing the author’s thigh.

“And maybe, we’ve had a couple of drinks,” she continued, now ignoring Cheryl and staring right into Jeff’s eyes. “And there’s a hotel attached to the airport…”

Jeff knew when the sale was closed. He had a hotel reservation closer to the shows he was going to be playing, but he was not going to pass this up and taking the time to get there could foil the unfolding plan. He took out his phone, pulled up a browser window, did a Google search, and showed the girls the display.

“You mean this one?” he queried as he showed the Website for the Hilton hotel.

“Oh, look. That’s it exactly! Just like I would picture it,” Tannis enthused and encouraged. “I wonder what the rooms look like.”

“Let’s find out. I’ll make a reservation.”

Cheryl was frozen in spot. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her best friend and this man they hardly knew in real life were planning to get a hotel room. They had barely met! Still, the reluctance she had been experiencing was giving way to a deeper lust. She was getting damned horny at the thought of what might happen.

Before she even understood the words leaving her mouth, Cheryl blurted, “Have they got a room?”

“It’s booked. Let’s go check in and check it out.”

The girls hung back as Jeff checked into his room. Cheryl had recovered some sensibility by this time and was chiding Tannis. “What on earth do you think you’re doing? You just met this guy!”

“Ummm, Cher. Seems to me that you are the pot calling the kettle black. How many times have you chatted about him or someone else cumming on my tits? What about that scene he wrote where Ted fucked Britney Spears while he ate my pussy? Oh gaaawwwd… I need this right now. You’re in, right? Come on sweetie, it wouldn’t be the same without you. I bet you wanna see it happen, don’t you?”

Cheryl’s pussy moistened at Tannis’s purr and the thought of taking one of those scenes off the page and putting it into a bed right in front of her.

“Fuck sakes… I’m in!” she declared just in time for Jeff to come to them with the key card in hand.

As the elevator door closed, Tannis gave Cheryl a moist kiss. “I promise to make this worth your while, hon,” she whispered. Then she turned her attention to Jeff. She was about to kiss him when he pressed her up against the wall of the elevator.

“Are you going to be content to just let her watch?” he playfully asked Tannis as he ran his hands up and down her body.

“Whatever. Just so long as she enjoys herself.” She rubbed his crotch as he continued to enjoy her body with his hands.

There was a ding in the elevator and the trio composed themselves to make their way to the room. They walked down the hall and the two girls, Tannis eagerly and Cheryl somewhat reluctantly, each took an arm. Arriving at the assigned room number, Jeff inserted the key card and let them in.

Once inside, Tannis immediately went to the bed and sat down in a provocative posture. Cheryl stood and Jeff put a hand on each of her shoulders. “I think, deep down, you knew this would be the outcome of meeting, didn’t you? I’m not going to pressure you,” then he whispered, “You know, you’ll always be my favourite.”

Cheryl had always chuckled when he would say things like that, but now she saw the sincerity. He had a way about him, but he wasn’t a dick. He was just another lusty soul like she was.

“You know as well as I do that I like to watch,” she relented. “Now, go get her, şişli escort tiger,” she urged with a kiss.

Jeff smacked Cheryl’s ass then turned to Tannis who was beckoning him with a curled finger. He pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her bent legs. Crouching over her, he teased her mouth with his tongue. She wanted a kiss; he gave a lick. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she tried pulling him deep to her but was unable to close the space between them as he touched her lips.

She fucked the air between them as she sought the pressure of his pelvis between her legs. Her short skirt was now up around her hips, revealing a silky white thong and an expanse of luscious shaped thighs.

“Get her tits out!” came Cheryl’s command. The author smiled at her knowingly. She was taking a cue from the story A View to a Thrill where she directed and operated the camera for a video of Tannis and her husband.

He obliged her, his muse, and pulled the straps of Tannis’s tank top down then the cups of her bra. Cheryl gasped as the very large and proud tits were released.

“You like that?” the author pushed.

“Yeeeaaaahhh, lick ’em.”

He tugged her hips toward him as he knelt, finally meeting her pussy with his pelvis. With her back arched, her breasts stood proudly, begging for attention. Tannis was a grinder, wildly rubbing her pussy against him as first he licked, then sucked, then nibbled at her firm globes.

Cheryl had always wanted to see Tannis like this. She was wild, thrashing against her lover as she attempted to draw every ounce of passion and pleasure out of him.

“She wants to see you cum. Do you want your friend to see you cum all over my face? I think I recall that you squirt, dontcha?” Tannis moaned loudly at the talk directed at her.

The author sought to increase the tension in Tannis. “You want me to run my tongue up your thighs and suck on your juicy lips. Would you like that? You want your tight little hole fucked with my tongue?” Tannis almost pushed him off the bed.

Jeff stood and undressed, then took her by her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She took as good care of her toes as her fingernails. Taking each purple-painted toe one at a time in his mouth, he brought her to near giggles. Standing at the edge of the bed and pressed against her, his cock was lavished by her wet cunt lips and he teased her clit with the tip of his dick.

“Oh fuck, yes. Play with her like a toy,” Cheryl moaned from the chair she had found to sit in. She slid her shorts down her legs displaying herself to her friends, her baby smooth pussy flesh glistening with moisture.

Tannis was ravenous for more direct attention and she reached to Jeff’s head to push him down between her legs. Jeff knew what she was after, but knew what Cheryl wanted too. He directed the shapely blonde to the side of the bed near Cheryl so they were both fully on display to the horny, slutty brunette.

“Damn Tannis, look at her. She’s just like she is in our chats. She loves seeing you used,” the author provoked.

“Spread her legs. Tannis, play with your pussy,” Cheryl breathlessly commanded.

Standing and holding her legs wide, Tannis slowly an her middle finger down the slit of her cunt, almost sliding the tip in. The author kept her displayed for Cheryl, but his own lust was beginning to overpower him. Whether it was filled with his cock, fingers or tongue, the flowered lips of a beautiful pussy like this was an aphrodisiac like no other.

He dropped to the floor, letting her legs drape over his shoulders. She was playing it, stretching her toes out, and showing the elegant shape of her foot. Soon though, she was into grinding mode again as Jeff started at her tight asshole and worked his way up, just grazing her clit.

Tannis was so horny at this point that she needed direct stimulation and tugged his shaved head tight. He drove his tongue hard against her engorged little button, and to Cheryl’s delight, she went wild. Tannis bucked and thrashed against her lover, then gasped as he slid two fingers into her gaping hole.

“Oh my fucking god!” she howled as he showered his shameless lust on her dripping pussy.

This pushed Cheryl over the edge. She sat in the chair, knees splayed out with her shorts around her ankles. She now had her tits pulled out of her blouse, with one hand tugging at an erect nipple and another hand furiously teasing her clit.

“Oh god, oh god! I need to see your cock inside her!”

Jeff was busting to oblige, as was Tannis. He moved the horny blonde off the bed so she was standing, and then bent her over.

Running his hand down her ass, he pushed two fingers again into her. “You wanna be fucked like this, slut? Want me to grab your ass and pound you against the bed?” he taunted.

“Fuck. Fuck. YES!”

Cheryl timed her own actions with his. He grabbed the base of his cock and touched the tip to Tannis’s pouty lips. Cheryl’s finger slipped to her own suadiye escort cunt. With one thrust, the author went balls deep into his new friend, and Cheryl did the same to herself with her fingers. All three moaned loudly at the simultaneous sensual assault.

Cheryl was giddy and horny at the lewd display of her friend being used and satisfied all at once. She matched the pace of Jeff’s thrusting with her hand and juices were dripping down her ass cheeks.

Tannis was grunting and screaming as her pussy was pounded. She began to meet the thrusts herself, increasing the impact against her cunt and ass.

“Damn. Finger. Ass!” Cheryl could barely form words but her intent was clear.

Jeff leaned over Tannis and put his thumb to her mouth. She sucked it in, leaving it wet and slippery. He brought his hand back and pushed the lubricated member against her anus. She grunted as she was invaded, tensing at having two holes filled.

“That’s it. That’s it. Fuck! I’m cumming!” Cheryl yelled as she immersed herself in the scene.

Tannis herself was overwhelmed at the pleasure Cheryl was getting and she began to tense even as the thrusts continued. Her legs twitched, her pussy tightened and she howled her own orgasm as Cheryl’s abated.

Tannis panted as the author continued to thrust and he finally came to a rest. “I know what she really wants. Come. Suck your juices off my cock,” he demanded of Tannis.

She got on her knees in front of him, inch by inch drawing his glistening member into her mouth and throat. She was enthusiastic though knew her limits. She only took in as much as she was comfortable with. Despite those limits, she was showing she really liked being fed like this.

What she lacked in depth, she made up for in vigor. She kept a tight grip on the shaft and the lips of her mouth extended erotically as she withdrew to the tip.

“Make it really wet, slut,” he further commanded.

Tannis pulled off of his cock, lavishing his balls and the underside of his shaft with her tongue. The saucy little thing even gently nibbled at the tip, making Jeff shudder. She deliberately slobbered over his hard dick until he pulled her up, taking off her tank top and bra. This vision was incredible: her erect nipples and firm tits were begging for action. He walked her right to Cheryl. He knew she loved this and he was going to get her in on it.

“On your knees again,” he directed Tannis. “Push your tits together.”

Tannis agreed, slipping down to the floor and invitingly thrusting her large, firm breasts in the direction of both Cheryl and then the author. Her sensitive nipples had never subsided, and they begged attention. Jeff gripped his cock and tapped each of them a few times.

Tannis winked at him. “Nothing like a good dick-slap to get me going, lover.”

He then crouched to slide his cock up Tannis’s vast cleavage. “Cheryl, make her tits wet.”

Cheryl obliged with eyes wide, leaning over to her friend and letting a trail of spit drip down over his cock. With a slippery titty pussy now at his disposal, he thrust his cock between Tannis’s melons.

Cheryl was intensely absorbed in the action. If this was all she got to see, it would have been enough: seeing the shaft of her new friend’s cock disappearing between Tannis’s, especially Tannis’s, tits only to have the tip appear at the top. He played it too, thrusting just a bit further, extending his tool toward Tannis’s throat.

Cheryl was toying her pussy again. Stimulation seemed like the best thing she could do to get the most out of this scene. She was leaning close to and over Tannis getting the best view possible.

He kept up a solid rhythm with his glistening cock to Cheryl’s encouragement of, “Oh my god. Fuck those beautiful tits. Fuck, she’s gorgeous.”

“More spit,” the author ordered.

Aware of the situation they were in, Cheryl had an idea. Extending her tongue in invitation to Tannis, she told the blonde, “Give me some.”

The display of these two beautiful women kissing while he was thrusting his rod between the tits of one of them pushed him to a furious pace. As Tannis was jarred back and forth, Cheryl let a long stream of saliva fall onto Jeff’s cock.

Cheryl now had her pussy stuffed with her hand, just like Tannis’s breasts were with cock. Cheryl’s lustful face and the feel and look of Tannis’s tits overcame him. He could feel the tingle start at the base of his balls, and he warned, “I’m fucking cumming!”

The tingles coursed up his hard shaft as streams of cum erupted from between Tannis’s tits and over her chest and throat. Cheryl recoiled as a drop hit her nose.

They were catching their breath at the display and their exertion. Jeff let his cock rest in the valley of Tannis’s exquisite breasts as it relaxed.

Tannis broke the silence, “Girl,” she addressed Cheryl, “You can’t keep this guy all to yourself!”

Suddenly she got a worried look. “This is gonna be a story, isn’t it?”

Julie Gets Curious

That night, Julie joined Tannis and Cheryl at Cheryl’s house. It was just a visit but the girls always liked hanging out with each other. As they drank some wine, they discussed the weekend plans that they had. Cheryl had booked tickets for them to see the author’s show on Saturday.

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