Champagne and Strawberries

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After a long day at work, I am ready to come home and relax. As I walk In the door, I don’t see or hear you. I call out your name but you don’t answer. I walk through our house down the hallway. Our room is the last one on the left with a large beautiful bathroom attached.

I walk into our room and as I look up to our King sized bed to see if you are there, I notice that candlelight fills the room in a soft glow. There is a bottle of champagne chilled by the bed in a silver bucket. I can smell that you have run a bath with my favourite scented bubble oil. It fills the room as well as the smell of melting wax and clean linens.

I kick my shoes off at the end of our bed sighing at the relief of not wearing the four inch heels. You don’t like when I wear them in public because these were the shoes you bought me to go with the naughty school girl outfit the first time we did role-playing. You would rather see them on me in the bedroom although I love to see you become hard as soon as you see me in them when I walk in because you remember what we did that night.

“you naughty little girl. you knew I would love these heels on your sexy long legs, right?” you say to me as you take your tie off. you wrap It around my wrists and tie them to the bedpost.

“now, I am going to work on that voluptuous round ass of yours. Its going to match the red of your shoes. now bend over and let me spank your lovely ass. If you cry out, you will receive more blows to your ass. do you understand?”

“yes, sir.”

after coming back from my my memory to the present time, I walk Into the bathroom to find you surrounded by candles and sitting In the steaming tub up to your chest In foamy bubbles.

“welcome home, baby,” you say to me.

I smile and say, “what Is all this for?” I start to peel my clothes off. you lick your lip and as I bend over you watch my tits almost spill out of my bra. you suck In a sharp breath and clear your throat. you are fighting back the urge to jump out of the tub and fuck me on the vanity right then and there.

“I missed you today, and I wanted to do something special for my love.”

a simple “oh” escapes my lips and you offer your hand to help me into the tub. the hot water instantly relaxes me as I slowly lower myself in. you tell me to turn around so that my back faces you. when I do this, you pull me to your chest and wrap your arms around me.

you hug me for a few minutes, then you kiss my neck and shoulder. I lay my head on your shoulder as your kisses go up to my ear.

“I love you” is what you whisper to me.

“mmm.. I love you to babe.” I say back.

you pick up a sponge and my soap. you squeeze some on the sponge and rub it to lather it up. you tell me to lean up and you start slowly washing my back. your other hand runs where the sponge was and your fingers on my skin gets my blood pumping. you move around to my shoulders and chest right above my breasts. my breathing starts to speed up.

the sponge grazes my nipples as you slowly circle each breast, and a small moan escapes my lips as you drop the sponge and replace it with your finger tips. you slowly circle my nipples and they harden instantly under your touch. your hands are gentle as you caress the flesh beneath your fingers, giving me jolts of excitement with every rub and pinch of my nipples that run deep within my lower stomach.

you pick up the sponge again and you start washing my legs. you go from my thigh to my calf and back up. I want you to touch me so badly that my excitement becomes more intense.

I want you to touch my clit roughly with your fingertips. to spread me open and have your tongue on me, flicking the tip over that sensitive spot that you know drives me wild. to have your fingers deep inside me, teasing that sweet spot that sends me over the edge.

as if you can read my mind, I feel your fingers slipping into the opening of my cunt, finding my clit. my body nearly explodes as you touch me and I arch my back florya escort against you as you rub circles around the sensitive nub, pleasuring me slowly.

“I have waited all day to touch you. to feel how wet you are and to bring you to a screaming orgasm. let’s get that cunt clean so I can get it dirty again.”

you kiss my neck with more passion, scraping your teeth gently against the warmed skin followed by your tongue then your lips. you pick up the sponge and easily wash my sensitive skin of my pussy, cleaning me carefully. you slip your fingers into me gently, pushing them in and out as your other hand concentrates on my clit again. I can feel your cock, rock hard, between our bodies. I reach behind me and start stroking your cock at the same pace that you are pleasuring me with your fingers.

I hear you let out a moan as my hand only strokes the head. I know this drives you wild and after a few strokes I go all the way down your 9 inches in length.

“I want you right now. I want your body all over mine. I want to tease that sweet little clit with my tongue. I want to taste your sweet juices on my lips. let’s get out of the tub and have some champagne.” you say in between sharp breaths and short moans.

I stand up in the tub and step out to wrap up in my favourite towel that you have set out for me.

I hear you get up out of the tub and I turn to look at you. my mouth drops open and my pussy starts to throb and get extremely wet.

my eyes roam over your shining flesh as you wipe the bubbles from your body. your strong but gentle hands rubbing across your wet skin; your muscles flexing as you move; your cock erect , bobbing as you move and taunting me, waiting to pump In to my wet pussy. you look up and you catch me admiring you and you step out of the tub and walk over to me.

“like what you see my love? do you want these hands all over your body, caressing every inch of your skin, and my cock rubbing that tight cunt?” you ask me, stepping closer to me and rubbing my nipples through my towel.

I wrap my hand around the back of your neck and pull your 6 foot 4 inch frame down to me to kiss you. our tongues fight to touch as much of the other as they can. our lips touch each others. my teeth graze your bottom lip and you moan loudly. I know it drives you wild and gets your dick rock hard.

as you break the kiss, you dominantly say, “bedroom, now woman!” I walk into the bedroom and sit down on the bed. you pour US a glass of champagne and then hand me mine. after a few sips, I stand and let my towel drop to the floor. you sit own on the bed and set your glass down on the night stand.

I take a little champagne in my mouth and hold it there as I get on my knees in front of you. my mouth has dropped a few degrees from the chilled drink and I swallow it down. I instantly wrap my cool mouth around the head of your cock. you gasp at he coolness as I swirl my tongue around in circles. the Friction of my tongue over the smooth skin warms it back up. I take another sip and keep it in my mouth. I lower my mouth over the head of your dick and as you feel the cold champagne on your sensitive skin, you take a slow Deep breath.

I keep going down until the head is In the back of my throat. I swallow a bit of the champagne down and the feeling of my throat closing around your cock has you gasping and moaning.

“oh my god. I love when you swallow my cock down your throat. fuck yes! suck on this cock baby.,” you say as I suck all the way up on you. I swallow the champagne and notice the hint of saltiness from your pre cum.

“did you swallow all of the champagne yet honey?”

“yes sir.” I say and go back to sucking your cock. as I do this, I twist my hands around your length and pull them up to meet my mouth. I keep doing this and slip in the cold champagne occasionally. to surprise you, I also lean down and lick and suck your balls too.

you grab a handful of my hair and pull göztepe escort my head back so that I have to look at you.

“get on the bed. lay on your back, and open that pretty little cunt for me when I get back.” you kiss me and get up to walk out of the room.

I do as you say and lay down on my back. as I’m laying down, I can feel my juices running down to my Ass. I reach down to feel how wet I am, and realize just exactly how wet I am. I start sliding my fingers in and out of myself, being impatient waiting for you to come back.

as you walk back to the bedroom, you hear me moaning. you peek around the corner of the door frame and see me fingering myself and rubbing my clit. this turns you on more and since you see my eyes are closed, you walk quietly to the bed and set a bowl down on the end of the bed. you start stroking your cock at the sight of seeing me pleasuring myself.

just before I cum, you whisper just loud enough for me to hear, “cum for me baby. let me see you get yourself off. I want to see that juicy pussy shine with your orgasm.”

I open my eyes and see you jerking off to me doing the Same. this turns me on and I have an orgasm. I can feel my pussy tightening around my fingers and my cum wrap around them. after I stop coming, you grab the bowl and climb on the bed. I try to grab my towel to wipe my hand off but you stop me when you realize what I am doing. you put your mouth around my fingers, stick your tongue in between the two and close your mouth around them. you suck slowly all the way to the tips, making sure you get all of it.

“mmmm… so sweet. I want more.” you say after swallowing my orgasm. you kiss me passionately and then start kissing your way down my body. I feel something cold on my clit. I gasp and moan. as your mouth comes painfully close to my cunt, I look down and see you rubbing a strawberry on me.

“you torture me with the champagne, so I will torture you with the strawberries.” you hold the strawberry there on my clit and dip your head down until your mouth comes in contact with my clit. you slowly move your tongue under the strawberry and onto my clit. you close your mouth around both and suck hard. you hold the strawberry in your mouth as your lips and tongue work their perfected dance on that tender spot. I lift my hips to meet your pace. you lift your head and start chewing the strawberry and replace your mouth with your finger. slow circles and fast flicks right on the nub and my legs begin to tremble.

“no no my love. don’t cum yet. I know you want to and I want you to. but let’s wait. I want you to beg me to let you cum. when you can’t handle it anymore, then you beg me and I will give you such an intense orgasm that you will be screaming.”

“ok,” is all I can manage as your tongue works on me again.

you repeat the process again with the strawberry almost bringing me to an orgasm again. as your tongue explores, I feel something cold on my Ass, and I feel your fingers playing with my hole. you slide your fingertip in and I moan loudly you look up at me again and cover my clit with your mouth.

you suck It into your mouth and as your teeth graze it, you push your finger into my ass up to the second knuckle.

“oh yes, fuck my Ass with your finger baby.” I say. you pull your finger out and say, “does my little sex whore want another? do you want two fingers in that tight little ass hole?”

I arch my back as I feel you put your fingers into my tight cunt. “yes,” I moan. you keep them In my pussy and take two fingers on your other hand and push them into my Ass. you lick your lips at my juices as your hands work in my holes. after a few minutes, you pull your fingers out of my Ass and I feel more cold lube being put there. then I feel something cold but hard being pushed against me. a ball of some sort. not too big. about the size of a marble or so.

as you push it in, I feel it slide easily in. then I feel pop halkalı escort it in and I can feel my cunt tightening up again, as I’m close to another orgasm. you stop moving your fingers so I won’t cum and push in another ball.

they keep going up in size and I wonder how big they get. when the orgasm eases off, you start working your fingers again. three more balls slide into my Ass and the pain of the last one sends me over the edge and my orgasm comes gushing out of my pussy.

“oh yes baby. let it go. cum all over my hand.” you say as you push onto my g spot and I release. my body Is trembling violently from all of the attention it has gotten in the last ten minutes.

I forget about the pain of the last ball Until the orgasm ends. I get a pained look on my face and you see it.

“I am sorry my love. I know it is uncomfortable on the last one, but you took it. and the last one is as thick as my cock. I want to fuck you in that tight little Ass, so I am just preparing you. can I fuck my little slut’s ass hole? I’will make it feel so good. I will be easy so I don’t hurt my Bitch’s tight Ass. please?” you beg.

“only If you leave the anal beads in my Ass and you fuck my pussy first. then you an have me anyway that you want.” I reply.

you shove your infers into my cunt roughly and cover my clit with tour mouth.I moan loudly as everything is more intensified by the anal beads that are deep into my Ass. after a few minutes, you pull your infers out and wipe the cum on your cocky. you turn e to my side and lift my leg up to your shoulder and rep the other on the bed. you quickly shove your coco in to me, grab my shoulder, and start Fucking me hard.the feeling of your thick cock pounding into me and the anal beads in my Ass pushes me over the edge again as I cum on your cock again.

“oh yes baby! ahhhh! cum on my cock again. make that sweet pussy squeeze my dick. oh.. ah… you are soaking wet honey.” you say through load moans.

“I want you to fuck my Ass. fuck me from behind and spank my Ass. pull out the anal beads and fuck my Ass now!” I say as my orgasm is slowing. you pull out of my pussy, get me on my knees and pound into me again. you grab a handful of my hair and pull gently while you start spanking me.

“does my little whore like it when I spank her juicy Ass? oh moan for me slut and say my fucking name. tell me who’s pussy I’m Fucking and don’t disobey me, or I’will stop Fucking that sweet cunt.” you say to me.

“I love it when you spank my Ass. oh god baby! that’s your pussy. fuck that pussy and make me cum. right there. fuck me harder!” I say

“ammo. are you ready to cum on my cock again? cum on my cock so I can pull these out and fuck your Ass. tell me when you are coming.” you reply.

you grab my hips and fuck me harder. the only noises in the room is our loud moans and your balls slapping against my clit.

“oh fuck! now! I’m coming now! yes… ahhhhhhhhh!” I scream out. you slowly pull the beads out one by one. with every one that comes out, my orgasm gets more intense and my moans get louder. once the last one is out, you pull your cock out of my pussy and push Into my ass. with every Inch you slide In, your moans get louder. “fuck! that Ass is so tight baby. it feels so good squeezing my cock. it won’t take long for me to cum. bare with me my love.” you tell me.

you reach down to rub my clit. our moans match each others and you keep pumping Inside my Ass. your moans get closer together and shorter so I know It wont be long before you cum.

“I want to swallow your cum baby.” I say. you pull slowly out of my Ass and I turn around and get on my knees. you stand up on the bed and you place your hands on he wall to tower over me as I start stroking your cock to help you get off. I feel he hot liquid spilling out of your cock and onto my tongue. I love the sweet yet salty mix of your orgasm. when our are done, I swallow every bit of it and lick my lips. you get down on your knees in front of me and kiss my face, neck, and lips. now that we are both spent, you pour US another glass of champagne and grab my hand.

“let’s get back into the tub. I want to clean you up and to relax in the water so you are not too sore.” you say as we walk to the bathroom to relax after our hot kinky night of sex…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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