Celebrating Forty

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For some time, Victoria had told herself that turning 40 was nothing.

She wasn’t going to let it get her down, as it did with some of her friends. It’s just a number, after all, just another birthday, she told herself. People who put too much emphasis on a simple number deserved to be depressed when that number entered their life.

So she was now 40, so what? She didn’t feel older now than she did when she was in her 20s. Being 40 is all in your mind, she told herself.

Still, now that the day was here, she had to admit that maybe, just maybe, 40 did mean something. Maybe 40 was the top of a downhill slope. Maybe, as some of her friends believed, 40 was practically the end.

The fact that she was stuck in her office, working late on the day of her 40th birthday, wasn’t helping matters. She was new and hadn’t made any office friends yet. So, as the office had emptied out, and Victoria continued crunching numbers in preparation for month-end, the place was deserted, really deserted.

To combat the hum of the fluorescent lights and her computer, she turned up the volume on her microstereo. It didn’t help much, she thought, as she continued scanning the spreadsheets before her.

“Damn,” she cursed aloud. “I don’t need this. I don’t need to be sitting here, alone, looking at these bloody numbers.” Looking at her watch, she noticed it would be another 15 minutes before Michael arrived to pick her up. She was sure Michael had something in mind for her birthday, he always did, but somehow she wasn’t in the mood for another birthday dinner, or movie, or whatever else he might have in mind.

As she ran through her feelings of the moment, she realized she didn’t need a birthday party; but she needed something. I guess, she thought, what I really need is… what I really need is… She smiled as she realized what she really needed. “What I really need is,” she said to her computer, “a really good fuck.”

Looking out the window, Victoria saw Michael pull into the parking lot in front of the building. He looked through the windshield at the door and saw her wave at him to come in. She could see he looked a little angry at having to get out of the car in the rain.

Michael ran up the steps to the door and she let him in. “What do you want?” he asked. “I thought we would go out for your birthday after I picked you up. I’ve already got the kids at the sitter’s.”

“I just need you to help me with something in my office,” Victoria replied. “It won’t take too long.” She heard him mutter to himself as he followed her down the hall to her office, and she smiled to herself.

Victoria had already put a classical music CD in her office stereo, so it was playing quietly as they entered. The lights were off, so the only source was her computer’s screen saver. Once in her office, she turned and sat on the edge of her desk.

“So what is it you need a hand with?” Michael asked.

“Come here and I’ll show you,” she said. Michael took a couple of steps to her. “Actually, it’s not so much that I need you to give me a hand with something as I want to give you a hand.” Saying that, she reached out and lightly ran her fingers over the crotch of his pants. Obviously surprised, Michael pulled slightly away, but Victoria hopped off her desk and put an arm around him and pulled him close. With the other, she again began to stroke his crotch.

Now over his surprise, Michael pushed against her hand. “What’s this all about?” he murmured, as he put his arms around her.

“I just decided I wanted to do something different for my birthday this year,” she said, then kissed him. As she eased her tongue into Michael’s mouth, she took his bağcılar escort hands and put them behind his back, where he clasped them together.

Still kissing him, she moved both hands back to his crotch, where she continued to stroke him through the cloth of his pants. As his penis hardened beneath the clothing, Michael gently moaned into Victoria’s mouth. As if waiting for that signal, Victoria slowly slid down Michael’s zipper and reached inside. Easing her hand through the opening in his boxers, she wrapped her fingers around Michael’s now-hard and hot penis. Using both hands, she pulled his penis through the layers of clothing. Now in the open air, she began slowly stroking him as they continued to kiss and tongue each other.

Parting their mouths for a moment, Michael could only mutter “wow” as Victoria continued slowly stroking his shaft. “Is this a birthday present for you, or for me?”

“I guess it’s for both of us,” she said. Letting go of his penis, she began unbuttoning his shirt to bare his chest. Pulling the shirt out of Michael’s pants, Victoria began kissing his chest, then took one of his nipples in her mouth to suck it. Michael, very horny now, kept his hands behind his back, but pushed against Victoria so his penis was rubbing against her skirt.

“Uh, uh,” she said, “this is mostly my birthday present, remember?” With that, she kissed her way down his chest and belly, and then, getting down on her knees, she slowly took the head of his penis into her mouth. Michael looked down at her as she took him into her mouth and moaned once again. Looking into his eyes, Victoria slid her lips along his shaft as she took him deeper into her mouth.

Now Michael was feeling he was in heaven, and Victoria continued to work her wonders on his penis. As she pulled her mouth off him, Victoria worked some spit onto the head and worked it with her tongue. Michael tried to push himself back in her mouth, but, pressing her hands against his thighs, Victoria continued teasing the head of his penis with her tongue.

Still working him with her mouth, Victoria undid Michael’s belt and pants button and slid them to the floor. Then, pulling his boxers out to slip them over his penis, she slid them to the floor as well. She stood and pulled his shirt collar out from under his tie, then, pulling him by the tie, backed to her desk and leaned on the edge.

“Now you can start giving me some birthday goodies,” she said. “And remember, I’m an old lady of 40 now.”

“Vicky, I don’t care how old you are,” said Michael, “when you give me head like that, I’m in heaven. Now, what would you like me to do?”

“Hey, it’s my birthday,” she said, “surprise me.”

With that, Michael pulled her off the desk and reached behind her to undo the zipper on her skirt. Then, kissing her and probing her mouth with his tongue, he undid the buttons on her blouse and slid it down over her shoulders. Then, rather than removing her bra as he usually did, he slid the cups under her breasts, so the shoulder straps held her beautiful orbs firmly in place.

He then stepped close to her, pressed his penis against her belly and pushed her back on the desk. Victoria reached down for his penis, but Michael pushed her hand away. “It’s your turn now, remember?” he whispered. Looking at her breasts, he sighed and bent to kiss them. As he did, she wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him close.

Michael nuzzled, squeezed, kissed and sucked on her breasts and nipples in turn. Victoria’s nipples were hard and she responded to his sucking with little moans of her own. He kissed his way down her belly and stopped to lick her bahçelievler escort bellybutton as he reached between her legs. Finding her panties soaking wet, Michael unhooked Victoria’s legs from over his back and kneeled in front of her.

Slowly, he slid her panties down her legs, kissing his way as he went. With her panties off, he kissed his way from her ankles to her thighs. As he continued up her thighs, he lifted her legs at the knees and she grabbed them to hold them.

Moving to her pussy, Michael inhaled her fragrance and began to gently kiss her lips. He continued to kiss as Victoria moaned on the desk. Then, running his tongue along the folds of flesh, Victoria, whispered, “God, that feels so good. You really can do magic with your tongue, you know that?” As Michael began sucking her clit and working it with his tongue, Victoria moaned again, loudly. “More,” she said. “I need more of that, please don’t stop.”

As Victoria became more aroused, she began pushing her pussy against his mouth hard. Michael then kissed his way back up Victoria’s belly to her breasts and asked her what she wanted next.

Breathless, she could only manage, “more penis. More penis, please. Fuck me, Mickey. I’m ready, fuck me.”

“Sure Vic, I’ll fuck you,” he said. “I’d be happy to fuck you, but I want it a little bit different this time.”

“Anything,” she whispered. “Anything, just give it to me.”

“Here goes,” said Michael. Then, to Victoria’s surprise, he pushed her back and climbed on the desk so he was straddling her. “Now, you just squeeze those incredible breasts together.” Knowing now what he wanted, Victoria squeezed her breasts together to form a perfect, pussy-like opening.

Moving up her body, Michael pushed his penis between her breasts. Victoria squeezed them tighter and he began to pump into them with long strokes. As he pumped and she squeezed, they looked into each other’s eyes with longing, enjoying the sensation.

Suddenly, they both heard someone down the hall at the front door. Michael paused in his tit fucking and they both listened intently. Sure enough, someone was coming back into the office. They could hear keys turning in the lock. And here they were, fucking their brains out on Victoria’s desk!

Quickly, Michael jumped off Victoria and she jumped off the desk. They quickly gathered their clothes off the floor and ducked behind her desk. It was a big desk, but they barely fit behind it. Worse yet, her office door was open, as was the blind on the window that faced the hall.

As they clung together, with Michael’s legs wrapped around Victoria, they heard whomever it was moving around in an office down the hall. They heard part of a phone conversation and a radio being turned on. Victoria realized the sound was coming from her supervisor’s office and she was worried. But, as she felt Michael’s penis touching her leg as it softened, she whispered, “fuck it, nobody’s going to ruin my birthday.”

Victoria then squirmed around so she could kiss Michael once again. Michael gave her a quick peck, but when Victoria put her tongue in his mouth again, he pulled away. “What the hell are you doing? You know somebody’s here.”

“I don’t give a shit. I want you and I want you now, here, on the floor.” She then reached between his legs and took his penis in her hand. As she fondled him, Michael’s erection quickly came back. “Thank God you’re such a horny guy,” she whispered quietly as she pushed him onto his back.

Michael was a little worried about getting caught, but Victoria’s grip on his penis convinced him that now wasn’t the time to bail out. “I don’t bahçeşehir escort care if I get fired, I’m going to fuck you like I’ve never fucked you before,” she whispered fiercely.

Michael clenched his buttocks to push his penis into the air as she straddled him. With her hands on Michael’s chest, Victoria began to slowly ease herself up and down his shaft. Michael put his hands behind his head and happily watched as her breasts swayed and moved with the rhythm she was building. “You are truly incredible, you know that?” he whispered, as she continued fucking him. “You’re right. It’s your birthday and if you want a good fuck, who am I to say no? Go to it, baby. Enjoy yourself.”

As they both moaned quietly with pleasure, Victoria pulled off Michael and got her feet under her, still straddling him. “I’m almost ready to cum,” she whispered, “so hang on.” With that, she grabbed his penis in one hand and lowered herself onto him once again. Now crouched over him, but still impaled on his shaft, Victoria grabbed an edge of the desk and the seat of her chair and increased her fucking.

Michael began meeting Victoria’s thrusts with his own. She went full length on him, from the tip of his penis to his balls, riding him faster and faster. Michael just laid back and enjoyed the incredible sensation of his wife truly fucking him like she never had before.

Victoria could feel herself nearing an orgasm and she whispered for Michael to look at her. “I want to look in your eyes when we cum,” she said. He took his eyes off her wildly bouncing breasts and the sheen of sweat between them and looked into her eyes, holding her knees and feeling close to orgasm himself as he did so.

Victoria took a last few plunges on Michael’s shaft, almost hopping on him in her quest for orgasm, then they both exploded in an incredible union. As the ripples of orgasm went through her, Victoria slowed her motion, now slowly sliding up and down Michael’s slippery shaft. As she eased up and down him, she breathlessly whispered, “My God, that was incredible. Is it just me, or was that the best ever?”

Michael, his penis still throbbing inside her, was still enjoying the thrill of Victoria’s pussy enveloping him. “Vicky, you were incredible and I think it might have been the best ever. God, I thought I was going to break off inside you.”

Realizing he had spoken out loud, the pair halted their lovemaking, with Michael’s penis still deep inside Victoria. Listening carefully, they heard another phone conversation coming from down the hall, and they relaxed a little. “Let’s get dressed so we can leave as soon as they leave,” whispered Michael.

“I’m not ready yet,” murmured Victoria. “I haven’t got everything I want for my birthday, yet.”

“Oh, come on Vicky, you already fucked me within an inch of my life. What more could you want? Let’s get ready to leave.”

“No way, whispered Victoria once again. “I’m not leaving ‘til I’m ready.” Saying that, she bent forward and kissed Michael deeply. “Taste good?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Good, then I think you’ll enjoy this.”

Victoria pulled herself off Michael’s penis, then moved down his body. Looking him in the eye, she began licking the cum off his penis and balls, even took him back into his mouth and sucked on him.

Holding his penis in her mouth, Victoria swiveled around on Michael so she could push her pussy at his mouth. Taking his cue, Michael began licking their combined cum off Victoria’s pussy, enjoying the taste and the heat of her skin on his tongue.

As he enjoyed the feeling of Victoria’s penis sucking, he probed a little into her pussy with his tongue and was rewarded with a moan as she pushed against his mouth. They spent a few more moments lapping each other’s cum and, when Victoria figured Michael’s penis was pretty well cleaned up, she pulled off of him.

Turning to smile at her husband, with whom she had just shared a first in their relationship, she said, “now I’m ready to leave.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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