Cedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 06

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When this chapter was first published it was essentially a true autobiography; only the names had been changed to protect the guilty. Someone complained about the inferred underage incest and so it was withdrawn.

There have been many attempts to have it re-published, each time after removing more of the original story. The introduction of Aunt Lorraine (a completely fictitious character) was another of the changes. The only part of the story that now contains any truth at all is that section with Junko.

All characters in this story are 18 years old or older.


Andy Meadows was one of the Audio/Video geeks at Cedar Hill high school. He was a class-mate of Jamie Taylor and Greg Arden.

Veronica Wilson was head cheerleader. Chantelle Spiros, Marsha Dickson, and Skye McDougal were some of her fellow cheerleaders.

Previously Chantelle had for two days attended school naked. Veronica and Marsha had performed striptease acts on their cafeteria table. Aimee Wong, a science/mathematics geek had followed their example; just to show that not only cheerleaders are sexy.

The fact that his classmate Jamie was going steady with Chantelle, and Greg had hooked up with Skye, made Andy feel alone and very frustrated. This feeling was further exasperated by Arleen, his twin sister.


On a warm summer Saturday afternoon Andy was doing his English homework in his room. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

When he finished the English homework, he started his Physics assignment. He hadn’t progressed very far when he was stumped.

He rang Jamie, “Hi. It’s Andy. Do you know how to do question 2 of the Physics assignment?”

Jamie explained how to use the equations of motion as the first step in solving the problem. Jamie had completed all his homework earlier in the day, so he could prepare the equipment he needed for videoing the inter high school game that night.

Andy quickly wrote down the three equations of motion: v = u + a*t; s = u*t + 0.5*a*t2; v2 = u2 + 2*a*s.

“Oh yeah; I see how to do it now. Thanks buddy.”

Once he had finished, it was time for dinner.

After dinner Andy settled down in the lounge room and watched TV.

The lounge room had a 3-seater lounge along one wall with the TV opposite on a low chest of draws. On the wall, furthest from the door, was a book case on top of which were family photos. Interestingly there were no pictures of his father.

The first TV program he watched was a documentary about dolphin on the ABC. It had not long started when his sister Arleen entered and sat on the floor beside his right leg.

His Mom could just be heard in the kitchen cleaning up. There were only the three of them in the house. His father had run off with another woman four years earlier. Since then they’ve had a tough time of it financially.

Initially the documentary revealed how they found the pod of dolphin using a spotter plane, because the pod wasn’t in one of its usual feeding spots.

Then the dolphins were shown feeding as the charter boat drifted among them. There were some very good under water close ups of the dolphin actually catching fish. In one such scene you could see one of the scuba diver/camera men in the background.

As the boat turned toward home, the dolphins stopped feeding and started to surf the bow wave either side of the boat.

When the first under-water shots of this were shown, Arleen was puzzled, “Andy, how did they get those under-water shots of the dolphin swimming so fast beside the boat?”

“I don’t know Sis. Perhaps they had a camera on a long pole.”

Arleen was especially interested in the final scene which showed the dolphin mating. “Did you see that Andy? The dolphin had sex! I even saw the male dolphin’s dick.”

“Yeah; calm down.”

The next documentary was about holography. She was obviously not interested in this program. She turned and snatched the TV remote.

When she switched the channel to ‘Days of our Drearies’, Andy complained, “Please sis; can’t we watch the documentary?”.

Arleen acted as if she didn’t hear him.

“Pleeease sis.” He pleaded, but she still ignored him.

Andy couldn’t stand that program; he just had to leave.

He went to the privacy of his own room. He had intended to watch the documentary on his computer, but he became side-tracked.

He ended up watching the video of Veronica’s striptease. It started when Veronica was undoing the last couple of buttons of her blouse.

She removed her top, swung it about her head and then dropped it in Chantelle’s lap.

Veronica had a nervous smile as a few of the boys began to chant, “MORE! MORE! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!”

Andy had the sound turned down, but he could still hear the chorus clearly.

Her bra was pink with a trim of white lace above the breasts and black edging along the bottom. She reached behind her and unclasped it. Then she twirled it above her head before flicking it to Chantelle. güvenilir bahis Veronica’s breasts were firm and perfectly shaped, just like two champagne glasses.

Andy could see that Veronica had begun to enjoy the attention.

Next Veronica lifted her skirt with her left hand, revealing her matching thong panties; they were pink with a lace front and trimmed with black edging. Veronica turned. Her arse cheeks were fully visible either side of the thin black line of her thong panty. The black made her smooth, rounded cheeks seem even paler and more unblemished, just like a baby’s bum. And there were the creases where her butt cheeks met her thighs; truly sexy.

Andy pushed his shorts and underpants down to his knees and began to rub his already rigid cock.

Veronica pushed her panties over her bum and let them slide down her legs to her ankles; she stepped out of them before she unzipped her skirt and removed it as well. There was a symphony of camera flashes at this point. Andy could tell this by the way they lit up Veronica.

Veronica moved her right hand down between her outer lips. She stood with her legs apart and her knees bent out, so the video clearly showed her clitoral hood and her swollen, red inner lips.

She rubbed the hood around and around with her finger tips, stimulating her sensitive little button beneath. Gradually it swelled and emerged from under its hood; now round, smooth and shining; the size of a pea. With her middle finger massaging her clit, she rocked her hips back and forth. Her left hand moved to her right breast and squeezed her nipple.

Her eyes were closed and her rubbing became faster and more intense. She moaned continually.

Andy reached his climax at this point; spraying cum past the paper towel, that he had ready, and onto his desk. Thankfully it missed the computer keyboard.

Andy didn’t see Veronica having her orgasm, because he was too busy cleaning up the mess on his desk.

Andy changed into a pair of pyjama shorts and went to bed under a single sheet.

His orgasm had relieved his mental stress as well as his sexual tension, so he was soon asleep.

The night air was hot and close, and as a consequence Andy kicked of the sheet early in the night. After that he slept soundly until just before dawn.

At that point, Andy woke suddenly.

A nude Veronica was on top of him; she lowered herself down until his rigid cock entered the vestibule of her waiting cunt. She was extremely aroused, her love juices oozed from her and dripped onto his balls. Andy felt the heat of her pussy surround the tip of his eager erection. Then Veronica pushed down, and Andy’s cock slipped easily into her; all the way in. Her insides were warm, wet and slippery, and squeezed his cock so wonderfully.

His dream seemed so vivid; he thought it must have been real. He could remember it all: the sights; the sounds; the feelings; and the smells. It took a while before he fully grasped that it actually was just a dream.

Oh how he wished it was real; and never ending.


Later that day, Andy told his Mom how Arleen had switched the channel while they were watching the TV the night before.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean to upset you. She just has different interests to you.”

“But she’s always doing it!” He protested.

“OK; I’ll talk with her and make sure she understands that she has to be a bit more considerate.”

“Ah… But will she?”

“I hope so; but you have to be more considerate as well, you know.”

“Oh… Err; I guess I can try to be a bit more tolerant.”

“Good… That reminds me; I have invited your Aunt Lorraine to come and stay with us for a few weeks.”

“Auntie who?”

“Don’t you remember Dad’s younger brother, Uncle Terry?”

“Is he the marine that was killed a few months ago while serving in the Middle East?”

“Yes… Well they were married when Auntie Lorraine was very young; just before Uncle Terry was posted overseas. Anyway, Lorraine is about your age, or maybe a year older at most.”


“So, as you can imagine, she’s been very unhappy since. And so, to give her a change of scenery, and hopefully cheer her up, I have invited her to stay with us.”

“But we can’t afford another mouth!”

“Don’t be like that… Anyway, she’s agreed to help out from her war widow’s pension.”

“Oh, OK.”

“Now I want you to promise that you will be kind to her.”

“Yeah; sure.”


After some deliberation, Andy decided to find a prostitute with whom he could release his frustration.

There was one brothel in town that everyone knew the address of. When Andy went in, the entrance smelled of stale smoke. The madam who was seated behind a desk, and the prostitute that stood to her right, were both fat and old enough to be his mom.

“Hi sweetie; ya look like ya need an experienced girl.” The madam pointed to the other old hag.

“I’m sorry ladies; I was looking for someone a bit more petite.”

“Oh, OK love.” türkçe bahis

Andy turned and left. He thought, ‘Surely no one pays for that!’

Andy looked up “adult entertainment” on the internet, the phone book and a local newspaper.

He went to the first address on his list; near the entrance was a notice saying that the brothel was only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

At the next place, he was shown into one of the bedrooms by a pleasant lady. First she asked “Have you been here before?”

“No ma’am.”

Then she informed him of the procedure. “There are five girls available. After you’ve met them all, I will come and you can let me know which you want. OK?”


He sat on the end of the bed nearest the door while he waited. The price list on the wall, which he read while waiting to meet the girls, indicated that they were expensive; presumably because they were very experienced.

All of the girls were large; well actually, let’s not mince words; they were big and solid, although they weren’t flabby fat.

When the madam returned, Andy used the same apology “I’m sorry, I was actually hoping for someone a bit more petite.”

“Oh, OK.” And with that the lady escorted him to the front door.

On his third attempt: on entering the place it smelt of nice incense. He was shown to the waiting room by a slight built guy. He said, “You waiting here. Three girl come.” He raised three fingers.

Each girl entered, introduced herself and then immediately left shutting the door behind her.

The first one frowned and generally had an unhappy composer; she wore very cheeky shorts and a crop top that didn’t quite cover all of her breasts.

The next girl had happy demeanour, her smile was infectious. She was slim. She said “Me Junko; you rikey?” She reached out for his hand and shook it. She had on a see-through nightie with black-lace bikini briefs and no bra. Her small breasts were firm and stood out proudly from her chest. She waved her fingers good bye as she left.

The last girl was slightly plump, not actually fat; just cuddly. She wore a mini skirt and tight T-shirt; the position of her nipples showed through her top, indicating that she didn’t have a bra on. In an attempt to influence his decision, she lifted her skirt to flash her beautiful fully-shaved pussy; she was not wearing any underwear. She laughed coarsely. “You like? Me good fucky. Sucky cock no condom.”

The pimp returned. “Which girl you likey?”

“Um… The second girl; I think her name is Junko.”

“$75, half hour; $100, 45 minute. What you want?”

Andy gave $75 to the pimp.

Junko returned carrying a towel and a small makeup bag. She took his hand and led him to another room.

That room was dimly lit with a low-wattage red lamp. There was a bed farthest from door with the bed-head against the wall. There was a window behind the bed-head, but it was fully blacked-out. Beside the bed to the left was a bed-side table with numerous bottles on it. In the far-right corner of the room was a shower cubicle enclosed by a glass partition and glass door. There was a mirror on the wall beside the door.

After shutting the door, she kissed him on mouth.

As Andy undressed, Junko straightened the bed cover and the towel that was spread out in the centre of the bed. He especially enjoyed watching this attractive half-naked girl working.

“You shower.” She instructed.

He washed his penis and testicles. What Andy did not know was that the diseases most often caught in legal western brothels are tinea and other foot fungi; these result from the communal nature of the shower. Some experienced customers wear flip-flops in the shower to prevent this.

As he showered, he watched her remove her nightie and then her briefs. Her pubic hair was shaved about her pussy and the hair on her mound was trimmed short. Her inner lips protruded significantly, perhaps half an inch.

She joined him in the shower. Junko soaped his cock and rubbed it. Andy put some liquid soap on his hand, reached between her legs and applied it to her pussy and protruding lips. They felt so soft and smooth. For a guy that had never touched a girl before, this experience alone was worth the money.

Her smile broadened; she moved closer to him and briefly kissed him.

“You have a very pretty pussy.” Andy blurted out.

“Solly, me rittle Ingerish.”

He had been afraid that he would be so embarrassed being nude with a complete stranger, that he wouldn’t get an erection, but he needn’t have worried. Junko’s massage of his cock with soapy hands soon meant that he had such a hard-on that it hurt.

After he dried himself, he laid down in middle of the bed. She came and sat beside his hips.

Junko had a condom in her hand. She used her teeth to make the initial tear in its wrapper. Then she took the condom and placed it on top of his rampant cock, and pushed it over the glans with her thumb and index finger. She used her mouth, or more correctly her güvenilir bahis siteleri warm lips, to unroll the condom all the way down his fully engorged cock. Andy was amazed at her skill.

Andy found the sensations created by her lips sliding up and down his swollen member extremely exciting. It was his first blow job. He wondered what it would be like without the condom.

‘What must it be like for Junko sucking on the rubber condom?’ He thought, it was probably similar to sucking a dildo or vibrator.

Andy reached between Junko’s legs; found her pussy and proceeded to push two fingers into her warm cunt. Her labia tickled his hand as he finger fucked her. She looked up, turned to face him and smiled briefly before returning to suck his cock.

He felt the lining of her cunt grow wet and slippery just before she ended the blow job. He hadn’t come yet, but her lips had eased the pain in his groin.

Junko squirted some KY jelly onto her fingers. This she then applied around and slightly into her cunt. She rubbed the remainder around the condom on Andy’s eager dick. Andy watched in anticipation.

“Me fucky you, OK?’

She straddled him and used her hand to guide his cock into her wet, slippery cunt. Andy felt the warmth of her cunt gradually envelope him. He could not believe how hot it was inside her. He could feel the pressure of her cunt squeezing the entire length of his cock.

He placed his hands on her broad hips.

Junko sat erect as she rocked her hips back and forth; her arse cheeks sliding on Andy’s thighs. She moaned repeatedly. He wondered, ‘Is she really enjoying it that much, or is she just pretending so as to make me feel good?’ Either way he could not believe how fantastic it felt; his cock moved inside her just a little as she massaged her clit against his groin.

Eventually she bent forward until her tits rested on his chest and her mouth pressed against his. Andy licked her bottom lip until she put out her tongue. Then he sucked on it.

They played tag with their tongues as Junko lifted her arse up and down; Andy’s cock slid in and out almost its entire length, but it never left her cunt completely.

Her breasts pressed against his chest as they French kissed; he caressed her butt cheeks with his hands, her skin was firm and smooth.

Andy soon found the correct timing, pushing his groin up each time she dropped her arse, and relaxing as she lifted up.

Ultimately she climbed off him.

As she sat beside his hip, she removed the condom and wiped his cock with a paper towel.

“You good fucky.”

She rolled onto her back with her knees bent and her legs spread; then she asked him to be on top. “You fucky me; OK?”

Andy did not hesitate; he immediately crawled between her legs. He thrust himself forward, but he missed her cunt. His cock slid up between her labia and onto her mound.

Her smile grew even bigger as she correctly guessed that this was his first time.

He moved back. This time she held his cock and guided it into her. He thought her cunt felt even better without the condom. The slippery wetness was more obvious; and the warmth; he couldn’t get over how warm her insides felt.

Again, she moaned continuously as Andy thrust his hips back and forth.

At one stage her cunt crushed the bottom half of his cock. Andy wondered, ‘Was she having an orgasm or just doing it to please him.’

When she squeezed his cock again a little later, he was sure she had good muscle control and was just doing it for his pleasure, and he certainly found it to be extremely stimulating.

Soon he came within her. His orgasm was stronger than any he’d ever given himself by masturbating. He squirted three loads of sticky cum high up into her cunt; some coated her cervix and a little entered her womb.

Andy looked deep into Junko’s eyes; she smiled contentedly.

He hadn’t realised how hot and sweaty they both were until then. He lay on top of her, his chest pressed against her nipples, his head beside hers. He could hear her heavy breathing.

Her arms were about his back, her legs wrapped around his. She continued to move her hips just enough to massage her clit against his pelvis.

It was at this time that Andy wished he could have talked with her. He wanted to tell her how much he enjoyed her company, and to complement her on her muscle control.

When he finally climbed off her, he still had an erection, although not as rock hard as before.

Junko wiped the sperm from his cock with a wet paper towel. He watched as she also wiped her cunt and inner lips, although to call them inner lips at this stage was strange, as they had grown somewhat and protruded even further.

“You rikey hand-job?”

“Yes please.”

She applied baby oil to her hands and his dick.

She alternated between rubbing her hand quickly up and down the shaft of his cock; and pushing down at the base with one hand, holding the skin tight, and teasing the tip with the fingers of the other hand. This second manoeuvre drove Andy wild.

When she bent down and sucked his balls, he came a second time. There wasn’t that much sperm, mainly mucus, and what there was dribbled down his cock and onto her hands.

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