Caught Wanting A Spanking Ch. 02

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I find myself holding my breath as I walk to our bedroom. I am so nervous and yet excited about what will happen next that I only remember to breath when I walk into the room and see you. You are sitting on our bed and look pleased with yourself. I wonder if you’ve decided to focus on pleasure more than punishment. I relax for a moment but the relaxation is short lived.

“Don’t come any further. Let me look at you.” You say, sounding quite serious but I can see in your eyes that you are enjoying this. I stand in the middle of the room silently looking at you. I must appear quite disheveled. My skirt has dropped back to its regular position, hem hanging just above my knees but my blouse is unbuttoned, my lace bra partially visible. My hair is messed up from where you held it as you guided my mouth up and down your cock.

“Well miss, it seems you’ve been a naughty girl. I didn’t think you had it in you but it seems this nice, polite behaviour I’ve been seeing from you has all been an act. Now that I know you really are naughty, I think I need to consider working some discipline into our relationship.” I’m not sure how to respond. This is all new to me, outside of my fantasies, but you seem at ease in your new roll.

“Well, what have you to say for yourself?” You ask.

“I’m sorry?”

“That sounded like a question, not an answer. I think you meant to say – I’m sorry Sir for being a bad girl.”

I look at you with disbelief. There is no way that you are new to this. You are far to confidant and sure of yourself. You must know me better than I knew myself as, much to my own surprise I find myself repeating your words. “I’m sorry Sir for being a bad girl.”

You smile at how easily I comply with repeating your words. Your voice remains stern. “And how should bad girls be treated?” You ask.

“They should be punished.” I respond, careful not to make my answer sound like a question again.

“I believe you meant to say – They should be punished Sir.”

“Sorry, that’s what I meant to say.” I reply too quickly.

“Then say it. I want to hear you say the words.”

“Sorry. They should be punished Sir.”

“Very well. Let’s discuss your punishment. I feel the punishment is best when it matches the crime and as I remember you are guilty of three crimes. Do you remember what the three crimes where?”

I rack my mind. It seems like so long ago since you caught me watching that spanking video and then told me my crimes but in reality no more than twenty minutes had past. “The first one was for watching that video Sir.” I reply confidently.

“Correct. That spanking video is not something a good girl would watch. Do you remember your other two crimes?”

I was less sure about these. “Was one of my crimes that I was going to touch myself?”

“Correct. You have fooled me into believing you were shy about touching yourself but that has been an obvious deception. I am very disappointed in you.”

“I’m sorry . I would never have done it if I had realized you where home.”

“And that deception is what makes it all the worse of a crime and why you will be punished for it. And what was your last crime?”

I stand in front of you silently as I search my brain. It’s not coming to me.

“Well?” You ask after a moment.

“I can’t remember Sir.” I hang my head a little. I can’t believe how quickly your personality has changed and how eagerly I am responding to my role of your bad little girl, caught and deserving punishment.

“It disappoints me that you weren’t paying attention but as this is the first time I’ve had to punish you I will overlook that infraction. Don’t forget again as I will not be as lenient.”

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.” I say, intrigued by you mentioning a next time. We haven’t been living together that long so we are still discovering each other’s querks. I’m not sure how I would have felt if I has known how much you seemed to enjoy disciple but right now, despite being the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life, I’m enjoying this and am excited about a next time.

“Your third crime was for being so very wet. A pussy that wet should be shared with me but you were obviously planning to keep it to yourself. That cannot be tolerated.”

“I’m sorry Sir. I hadn’t been meaning to be selfish but when you put it that way I see it was wrong of me.

“I expect you to remember from now on. If your pussy is wet than you need to share it with me.”

“I will Sir.”

“Very well. So now that we’re refreshed on your crimes, it’s time for your punishments. Your first crime was watching a spanking video. The matching punishment will obviously be you getting a spanking.”

“Yes Sir.” I respond, almost eagerly. This is what I has been hoping for. “Where would you like me?”

“Come and lie over my knees.”

I walk to you and awkwardly lay myself across your lap. I haven’t been in this position since I was a little girl and I really had done something bad. Then I was silivri escort much smaller and more easily could lay across a set on knees. You however know where you want me and guide my body into place. With a few adjustments I find myself comfortably supported by your lap and the bed. My bottom now in the perfect position for your hand.

“Let’s get this out of out way.” You say as you move my skirt up, gathering it around my waist. You tenderly rub my pink lace covered bottom. “Now my lovely, how many spankings do you think you deserve?”

I have no clue. The only other time you spanked me it was in play, we were both a bit drunk, and I definitely wasn’t counting. I give what I think is a safe answer, “How ever many you think I deserve Sir.”

“No. You aren’t getting off that easy.” You respond, still gently rubbing my bottom. “I want you to think about it. How many spanks does a naughty girl deserve for watching a spanking video. The girl in the movie took over a hundred swats but I think that’s too much for our first time. What do you think?”

I scramble to come up with a number. “The movie was fifteen minutes long. What about fifteen spanks, one for each minute of the movie?”

“Hmmm. I like the way you think. I’m going to use that logic I’m going to double that number – fifteen spanks will be firm and the other fifteen, although still firm, with be mixed with pleasure.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, happy my response pleased you.

“I’ll show you.” With that you raises your hand and then quickly slapped each of my cheeks. SLAP! SLAP! I let out a short scream.

“That hurt!” I say, shocked, nearly yelling at you. My bottom is stinging.

“It’s supposed to.” You say as you raise your hand and do it again, this time a little harder SLAP! SLAP! Again, one on each cheek.

“That really hurts!” I say, this time less yelling and more surprised. Without thinking I move my hand towards my sore bottom to rub it.

“I don’t think so. Stay still miss.” You say as you grab my wrist and pin it against my back with your free hand.

“Now let’s get these panties out of the way before we continue.” Using your free hand you pull down each side a few inches at a time. The rough lace tugging across my burning bottom until you pull them down far enough so they drop down my legs to rest around my ankles. “That’s better. I would however like these cheeks to be a bit more rosy.”

This time you spank each side twice. Hard. SLAP! SLAP! On the left check. SLAP! SLAP! On the right cheek. This time I let out a gasp which bordered on a sigh.

“That colour is pretty.” You say. “Those were firm spankings. Where you keeping count of how many that was?”

“Eight Sir.”

“Good girl. Now let’s try some of the pleasurable spanks. Would you like that?”

“Yes please.”

Your hand comes down even harder on my left cheek SLAP! Just as I am about to protest about it hurting more than the firm spanking, you start to rub the spanked cheek, taking out some of the sting. I let out a little moan. You repeat this hard SLAP and rub on my right cheek. Again as the moan escapes me you repeat the process on the left and then again the right.

“You seem to be enjoying these. Let’s try a combination now. First the left.” This time you slap me hard three times, only following the third spanking with a little massage. My eyes are starting to tear but the moan that I let out as you massage me lets you know I’m enjoying this. “Now the right.” Again you slap me three times, following the third with a massage.

“Well we are sadly a little more than half way through my dear. Can you tell me what the count is?”

I have to find my voice as I’m closer to moans and cries now than words. “Well there was the first eight firm ones. Then four more pleasurable ones.” I pause as I think, enjoying you gently rubbing my now burning bottom. “And then the combinations which I think were each two firms and one pleasurable. So… What is that?” I’m too distracted to do math. “8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 4, 5, 6. So 12 firm and 6 pleasurable?”

“That seems right. Spread your legs a little so I can see what effect these have been having on you.”

I know what you will find. Wetness. Although my attention has mainly been on the spankings, I couldn’t help but also feel the growing moisture between my legs. I spread my legs just enough for you to slide you hand between them.

“You naughty girl,” you say, cupping my wet mound, “this must not be a terrible punishment for you. It feels to me that your pussy likes it when you are bad. Shall I share some of the spankings with it?”

You don’t give me time to respond. Your hand lands with a firm SLAP just above my asshole. As it land it slides forward along my pussy lips. I gasp, more from pleasure than pain. Again you, in the same place. SLAP. And again your hand slowly moves along my wet lips but this time your middle finger starts to move between them, şirinevler escort rising just short of my clit. The pain and pleasure has released something in me and I wantonly spread my legs more, exposing more of my wetness to you.

Taking advantage of your new view, this time you land the spanking directly on my pussy. The pain is shocking but I love the feeling of the blood rushing into my most sensitive parts. This SLAP is followed by your probing finger, ever so slightly entering me. I want to raise my bottom to guide the finger deeper in but you pull out and land a SLAP in the same spot, followed again by your finger into my wet hole. This time however your whole finger goes in. You don’t linger though. A third SLAP in the same spot. This time it’s two fingers that go in. I’m struggling to keep my breathing steady with all the pain and pleasure. Gasping and moaning both at the same time. As you pull your fingers out I give you a little whimper, wanting more. You reward me with several slow in and outs of your fingers. I love it. Eventually however you do pull out and a land a fourth SLAP on my swollen pussy. This time you push in three fingers. My ever growing wetness allowed them to easily push in despite my tightness. Instead of finger fucking me this time you take your time to let me feel you stretching my pussy – going deeper, opening and closing your fingers in me, rotating your hand so I feel your knuckles moving in me. Although this is somewhat uncomfortable, as you take full advantage of my hole, it is also very intense. All I can think is “more, more, more.”

You pull your fingers out and I feel myself tensing as I wait for your next move. I am so on edge that slight shudders go through my body. You do nothing but watch. I squirm a little to relieve some of the tension but also to get your attention. Still nothing. I close my legs, squeezing my pussy muscles, and try to calm its burning. Still you do nothing. I know you haven’t given me all my spankings yet. Although part of me wants them, I’m sorer than I thought I would be. I realize I wouldn’t mind if you ended your spanking early, after all this was our first real spanking session. Realizing my clenched pussy fells slightly better I relax, and trying to be a good girl, resume my position of legs spread. I can feel the burning returning.

Finally you speak. “You have six spankings left. Three if each type. I’ve decided I’m going to save the three pleasurable ones for a short while. I will however give you your last three firm ones now and I intend for them to be the hardest ones you receive today. After I give them to you I don’t want you to say anything to me until I give you permission to talk. Talking without permission will result in me adding to your remaining spankings. When I’m done spanking you, you will stand up and return to your place in the middle of the room. You will stand straight, arms by your sides but you will keep your eyes lowered, looking at my lap where you now lay. I will then explain to you your second punishment for your second crime of planning to touch yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir”

“Very well. And remember no talking until I give you permission.”

You tighten your grasp on my arm that you’ve been holding behind my back, moving it higher up my back and restricting my movement even more. Then, as promised, SLAP! You spank my ass harder than any previous time. I feel my whole body jump. I nearly scream out. Again, in the same spot. Again my body jumps and I feel my wetness increasing. My ass is on fire. My eyes full of tears. SLAP! You surprise me and land the third hard spanking fully on my wet pussy. I can hear the wetness on my lips as your hand lands on them. The pain, the blood rushing, the pleasure is overwhelming. Tears unwillingly pour our of my eyes. The tears show the pain but I hope you know they also show the happiness.

You let go of my arm that you’ve been holding. I take this as my cue to get up. Every instinct in me is to rub my sore ass and wrist better but I stop myself as I don’t think it would please you. I’m weak as I stand, overwhelmed I realize. I step out of my panties that you had dropped to my ankles. They are like a little lace puddle on the floor. My skirt however drops back down, covering me like nothing has happened. I stand in front of you teary, flushed, disheveled, and wet. I want to look at your eyes to see what you make of me but following your word. I keep my eyes on your lap and can’t help but notice a wet spot on it from me.

“First things first.” You say. “Take off your blouse. Just drop it on the floor.”

I have always been shy about walking around naked but right now I feel silly still being dressed consider what we’ve been doing. I slip off the blouse, letting it fall on the floor beside me. It is no sooner out of my hand than you say, “The skirt too.”

It is a very flowy skirt with a little zipper on the side. As soon as I undo the zipper there şişli escort is nothing left to hold it up. I let it drop to the floor and puddle around my feet.

“And of course, your bra.” My shyness kicks in, making me a bit more hesitant but I know there is no point hesitating. I’m too far in this game already. I undo the back clasp, and slide the bra off, dropping it onto of my blouse. My pink nipples stand to attention under your gaze.

“Very nice. Now on to the matter of your second punishment. In a minute I’m going to go sit on the chair,” you say, referring to the easy chair we have in the bedroom for reading, “and you are going to position yourself on the bed so that I have a good view of you. As punishment for planning to touch yourself, you will touch yourself in front of me until you cum. However instead of touching yourself as you like, you will only do as I specifically tell you. As a part of this punishment your hands will obey my every direction. I expect you to provide me with a good show of what I would have missed had I not caught you.”

“But,” I interrupt you.

“One extra spank for that word. Do you have anything else to say?” I shake my head no but strongly want to protest. You know this is a major punishment for me as you know how shy I am. The idea of you making me touch myself while watching me is horrifying. I know I am blushing bright red.

“Very well. I think I shall enjoy this.” You say, walking over to the chair and taking a seat. “Please take your position on the bed.”

Even if I was allowed, I wouldn’t look you in the face. This is torment for me. I go over to the bed. I half lay, half sit in the middle of it, leaning against the pillows. I want to pull my legs tight towards me to cover myself but don’t dare. Instead I stiffly put them straight in front of me.

“Look at me. I want you to remember at all times who is in control.” You say. I look at your face. You are half-smiling, enjoying this too much I think.

You begin your instructions, which I follow nervously. “First, spread your legs and bend your knees. I want to have a view of your pussy at all times. Next take a few deep breaths. Get comfortable. Relax. I know this is a punishment but it is also a show for me. I want to see you be overcome by the feelings in your body.”

It takes me a few minutes of breathing but eventually I find myself calmer. You are right. This is the perfect punishment for this crime. I may as well try to enjoy it, despite the embarrassment, like I enjoyed the spankings, despite the pain.

“Good. Let’s start with your breasts. I would like to see you slide your hands up and down over each breast, letting each finger roll over your nipples.” As I follow your first instructions I can feel my nipples hard under each finger. I repeat several times.

“Now I want you to draw circles around your areoles with one finger, careful this time not to touch your nipples.” You watch me carefully and I keep my eyes on your face as you told me.

“Good. Next you are going to lick your finger tips and rub that spit on your nipples, repeat until they are shiny with wetness.” At first I don’t get my fingers wet enough. My nipples are barely wet and they are dry before I return to them. Each time I repeat I try making my fingers wetter but you always say “not wet enough.” I find myself spitting on my fingers to finally get them wet enough to please you. They are now sticky with wetness but I’m happy to have finally met your challenge.

“Good job.” You say, and then smile. “Now I want you to blow on them until they are completely dry again.”

I want to protest in frustration but don’t. As I blow my nipples dry, it is as though the wetness is moving from my nipples to my pussy. I wonder if you notice.

Once they are dry, you torment me by saying. “Very good but on second thought I would like for you to get them wet again with spit. I liked how they looked better when they were wet.” At least this time I knew the spitting trick so it takes less long.

“Now I would like to focus for a few moments on your right nipple. First flick your finger back and forth on it, pretending it’s my tongue.” I carefully follow your every instructions. “Now tight circles around it. Perfect. Now pinch it for me, tight as you can. Good release. And again. Hold. Release. Again, tight, tight. And release. Now pinch and twist it for me. As far as you can go one way. Now the other way. Now pull it. Pull further. Good. Release. Give it a little rub as a reward before we switch sides.”

You repeat the same instructions for my left nipple. I can feel it hard as I flick it and circle it. I easily imagining its your tongue as you’ve done this to me many times. Each time I pinch it I feel electricity run straight from my nipple to my clit. The pinches making my clit feel like it is throbbing. And with the twists and pull my pussy responds with more wetness. When you finally tell me to give it a little rub it feels so good. It’s all I can do not to let a hand drift down to touch my burning pussy.

You repeat this twice more on each side, always encouraging me to pinch harder, twist further and pull longer but always rewarding me with the rub. The pain and pleasure have made me less uncomfortable about you watching and more eager for your next instruction.

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