Caught Out

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We sat at opposite ends of the bed. Not knowing what to do. I was a sophomore in college and still a virgin. I wanted this more than anything. We had been dating for a year and half and I was in love; deeper than I wanted to be at my age. He was in his third year of college and much more experienced than me.

“Are you sure?” Jason asked for the fifth time.

“I’ve never been so sure in my life.”

He moved to me and began kissing my neck. Unbuttoning my shirt, my nipples grew hard. Not sure if it was the sensation or the cold air hitting it. His hands moved downward as he began to twist at them, “Ouch!”


He took his hands away and took my shirt off all of the way off. Jason adjusted himself where he was on the floor between my legs. He put his mouth on my waiting breast. It felt so good as he sucked like his life depended on it. My chest heaved and I moaned for more. He took his mouth away and began unbuttoning my skirt.

It was my favorite one. Jean, with tiny creases in it. I always wore my favorite black strappy sandals with it to give height to my five foot five inches stature.

He was rushing but I wanted him to go slowly. I needed to savor this moment forever. So I threw my short brown curly head forward and leaned in.

“Honey, kiss me?”

“Are you sure about all of this?” He asked again.

I reassured him by kissing casino şirketleri him and pulling him on top of me. We spread out on the bed kissing deeply.

If he didn’t get inside of me soon I was going to burst. He stopped our kisses and sat up so I could pull his shirt off above his head. I kissed and rubbed at his chest. Moving my hands to unbuckle his belt.

His hard-on was pressing against his jeans and when I unbuttoned and zipped them down, his cock seemed to jump out at me.

We had touched and fondled each other before, but never like this. There was so much passion between the two of us. We oozed desire. I needed him in me. Jason positioned his body to enter in and looked at me one more time for reassurance. I nodded my head yes and looked over at the door checking the locks. The door was unlocked and I didn’t want to get up to lock it. The people on my floor were prone to walk into my room and my roommate could return at anytime, but I didn’t get up.

What seemed like hours later, he pushed into me and I screamed in pain and pleasure.

He stopped, “Are you okay?”

“Don’t stop!” I panted.

“Try to keep it down.”

I didn’t know what to call it. We weren’t making love nor were fucking. It felt so good. Suddenly, I heard, “What the fuck is going on here?” I turned and it was my father. I pulled the covers on me and pushed Jason off.

“Daddy!” casino firmaları I exclaimed as he slammed the door behind him. “Daddy, please don’t be mad.”

“Get out, Jason! Taylor, put your clothes on, get your stuff and let’s go!”

Jason was gone and so was my father. Through my tears, I put on clothes and stuffed anything into my overnight bag. The two-hour drive was silent. It was my father’s birthday and I forgot he made plans for us to spend the weekend together. Inside of the house he sat on the couch, put his face in his hands and sighed.

I went up the stairs and into my bedroom and cried. How could I forget and get caught like this?

“Taylor, put something nice on, we have reservations!”

I took a shower. I ran my hands on my body in the same places that Jason felt. I put my hands to my clit and it sent tingles up my spine.

Getting out I could hear my father watching one of his favorite programs on television. Where was my mother?

In the car we made small talk about classes and my grades. “It was my first time.” I said looking straight ahead.

“Your mother and I are getting a divorce. She’s met someone else.” He pulled over and broke down.

“We don’t have to go. Let me drive.” We switched seats and I headed back to the house. My father went into his room and I sat on the couch. Soon I heard his door click güvenilir casino open. He sat on his chair and stared at the TV. I got up and sat on his lap. He cried into my chest. His robe was very thing and I could feel his soft penis through my dress.

I found myself rocking back and forth on his lap and getting wet. I let out a soft moan and when noticing what I was doing looked at my father. Staring at me. He bit my nipple through my blouse. This time it did something different to me. And screamed for more.

He picked me up and bent me over the arm of the couch.

“You little slut!” He pulled my dress over my hips revealing my pantiless ass. “Now you’re mine. I’m gonna show you what it’s like to fuck a real man.”

“Daddy, please, no! I’m not ready!” I begged.

He pushed his cock right into my dripping pussy. This triggered the first of my orgasms.

“Oh! Daddy, please!” I begged for more this time.

“You want this you little cunt?” He jammed into me pushing me further over the couch arm. I loved his aggressiveness.

“You’re just like your mother! Fucking everybody! Even your own daddy!”

“Oh, daddy! I’m cumming!”

“Not yet!” He pulled out of me. “Suck on this for a little while.”

I sucked on my father’s cock. It pulsated between my lips and he was about to cum but he pulled away. “I’m going to fill your insides.”
He put my legs above my head and pushed into my pussy. As fast and as hard as he could, he fucked me. Minutes later he burst into me.

Panting he fell over on top of me saying, “I’ve got a few friends at the office who’d love your tight ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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