Caught in the Shower Ch. 03

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This is the final Chapter of Caught in the Shower, I would recommend reading Chapter 1 & 2 first. All comments welcome! As stated previously, all characters in this story are 18 or older. This is purely fictional, and for enjoyment only.


Chapter 03

Joe came home and took a quick shower, his second of the day, and dressed with care. He had taken the time to go have a professional shave, and hair cut. He assessed himself in the mirror, and had to admit, he looked damned good. The tux he rented fit like a glove, and for the first time since his wife had passed, he took his wedding ring, and placed it on his right hand. The time had come to say goodbye to his mourning, and move on to the next phase of his life.

He straightened his tie, and left his room. Once downstairs, he fixed himself a drink, and settled into an arm chair to wait for his daughter. She surprised him by being ready on time, for just as he raised the glass to his lips, she appeared at the top of the stairs. Gwen had left half an hour ago, giggling like a schoolgirl, and actually blushed when she saw him. What was up with that? He had wondered.

But right now, all of his attention was on the beautiful young woman at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a white cocktail dress that fit her young form like a second skin. It plunged daringly down the front, exposing the skin between her lovely large breasts. His eyes traveled to the waist, wear it dipped in dramatically, then tightened once more to hug her generous hips.

At about mid thigh, the dress blended into a gray, then solid black with rhinestones mimicking shooting stars. Her hair was swept up in an elegant style, with a couple of wisps left free, and curled. She had dangling earrings that went well with the diamond necklace he had given her the day before.

On her arm, she had a black lacy shawl, and she was clutching a small black, square purse that perfectly matched the snappy heels …they must have been four inch spiked heels. She looked so very sexy! His breath caught in his throat, and fumbling, he set his drink down, and rose to meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

“Sweetheart, you look…” he was at a loss for words. “Stunning!” By the beaming smile she bestowed upon him, he had hit on the right word. “Wow! Let me see the back.”

She turned around, and he could swear, his cock gave the highest salute of its life! The back plunged lower than the front, and he could see the dimples on either side of her tailbone. Any further, and the plunge would have revealed the crack of her ass! “Holy shit baby! That is some dress!” Joe whispered.

“You like it, Daddy? The lady at the store swore it was the hottest dress in the store.” She came closer to him, and he grabbed her hand, then placed it on the huge swelling organ in his britches.

“Ask me that again, sugar.” She smiled, and remained silent. She had her answer. Joe helped her on with her shawl, and escorted her to the limo he had ordered as a surprise. She gasped with pleasure when she saw the long black vehicle in the drive. He received a big hug for his efforts. “Only the best for you tonight love.” He whispered in her ear.

The night seemed almost magical, Jen and her father sat in a secluded corner, near a fireplace. They drank a little wine, and talked for hours. They seemed to talked about anything and everything, like they were discovering one another for the first time.

Jens gaze wandered around the room taking in everything from the chandeliers to the ornate handrails on the staircase to the restrooms. This was her first taste of the riches life has to offer, and he hoped somehow, that he had set a standard for the rest of her dates to live up to in the future.

Their meal came and they settled in for the feast. Teasingly, they traded forkfuls of food back and forth, much like lovers do. Joe rather liked Jen’s choice of steak and lobster, over his roasted chicken and garlic potatoes. He knew it was too much food for her, as she is a relatively light eater. They ate with gusto, and all too soon, the meal was over.

Daddy asked her if she would like some dessert, and I declined, saying I would rather dance for a little while. A slow, sexy song came on, and he held his hand out to her. “May I have the honor?” he asked formally.

“You may.” I replied, fitting my smaller hand into his. He helped me up, and led me to the small, darkened dance floor. Taking me into his arms seemed almost natural, and my body fit into his perfectly.

With one hand on the small of my back, and the other gripping her right hand loosely, daddy began to leading me across the floor.

“What is that perfume you’re wearing, Jen? It smells fabulous!” he inhaled my scent again, burying his nose in the hollow of my shoulder.

My breath caught in my throat, and for a moment I was unable to answer. “It’s called Poison, by Dior.”

“I like it. It suits you perfectly.” casino şirketleri he swirled me around dramatically, and pulled me close once more. I looked up at him, and he lowered his mouth to mine.

Our lips brushed softly, and he ran his tongue around my lower lip, teasing and flicking, until I opened my mouth. Slowly we began to kiss, and my hand pulled free to wrap around his neck. I pressed my body into his, and moaned.

I never wanted this moment to stop. Weeks of lusting after this man had culminated to this point, and part of me would miss the teasing arousal I had caused, and the anticipation of the chase. But the other part of me just had to have him!

Recalling that they were still in a public setting, he reluctantly ended the kiss. He kissed her nose, and told her she was the most beautiful woman in the room. Jen beamed at her dad’s praise, and snuggled in closer.

They danced for a couple more songs, then headed back to their table. Their drinks had been freshened up, and as they sipped on them, Joe asked her if she was ready to move on to the next phase of their evening, as he had a surprise for her.

“I’m ready, Daddy. Let’s go.” I gathered up my things, and we began to weave our way through the restaurant to the lobby of the hotel. When I started for the exit of the hotel, daddy stopped me.

“No, this way darling.” He led me to a bank of elevators, and it whisked us up to the penthouse suite. He watched her expression as the elevator opened up, revealing pure opulence.

“Daddy, its, its,” she took in the large sitting room, with the bar in the corner, the wall to wall windows, the luxurious draperies. “Wow! It even has a full kitchen!” Like a typical teenager, I was overwhelmed with the rooms gadgets and doo dads. I spun around, like Cinderella at the ball.

“You’re the best, Dad! This room is stupendous!” I flung myself into his arms, kissing him passionately. He kissed me back, matching my tongue, thrust for thrust.

His hands slid up my legs, over my hips, and settled on the small of my back. He began to stroke his hand up and down the length of my back.

“Let’s check out the bedroom.” I whispered. I couldn’t wait to get this party started! He lead me to the bedroom suite. Again I was stunned by the rich furnishings. There was a hot tub in the corner, jets turned on and bubbling merrily. I ran my hand through the bubbles and giggled. “This is so neat!”

Then I looked at him and my expression was all of a sudden very serious. My stride was graceful, yet purposeful, as I neared him. Daddy swallowed hard, like a 16 year old virgin alone for the first time with a girl. I couldn’t believe how nervous he was, yet excited too. This girl, this young woman, was coming after him!

He didn’t say a word as I crossed the room. I remained silent as well, as my graceful fingers reached out, and took hold of his tie. In a flash, it was gone. I don’t remember how I did it, but I had it untied and slipped it from my father’s neck in one smooth motion. His shirt buttons were next, and as she deftly undid each button, he nervously took off the jacket, and let it fall haphazardly on the chair to our right.

He closed his eyes when my fingers were on the button of his trousers, my heart was pounding furiously. Gone was the belt, down went the zipper. I felt the backside of my hand graze his hardening member, causing him to jump in his pants. I finished with the shirt buttons, and slid my hands up his chest to his shoulders. My hands were smooth and warm as they maneuvered him out of his silk shirt. He stepped out of his shiny black shoes, and kicked them away. I slowly, divested him of his pants and boxers, sliding to my knees as I did so.

I knelt before him, fully dressed in my seductive gown, my hair still as neatly coiffed as when we had left the house. He was totally naked, his member half hard as I ran my palms up the outer side of his thighs to his hips. They caressed his ass cheeks, then slid around to the front, framing his cock and balls, bunching them up together. He watched as my face inched closer.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was about to take my dads cock in my mouth. I was so nervous! At any moment, I half expected him to push me away, and tell me it was wrong. I looked up at him, my father, the man who had cherished me my whole life, and I him. There could be nothing wrong in this, I thought, it seemed so right, so natural.

God he was so beautiful! I brought my face closer, and inhaled his scent. A mixture of soap and cologne assailed my nostrils as I breathed him in. A faint musky scent as well, that man scent! I brushed my cheek with his cock, and it felt like warm silk. So soft, yet hard as steel underneath. I caressed my cheek with it, then drug the head towards my mouth.

I had wanted this for so long it seemed, that now that the time had come, I was in no hurry to rush things. Slowly, I licked the head. I heard casino firmaları him groan. This encouraged me to continue licking, and for the next several minutes, I licked every inch of his cock and his balls as well. I took each plump orb into my mouth, sucking and licking them. His hands found my head, and began caressing me. My hair was quickly becoming ruined, but I didn’t care.

Finally, I took the head of his cock, and ran my tongue around it, catching the single drop of pre-cum with the tip of my tongue. I loved the taste of it, and squeezed the shaft from base to tip, and was rewarded with a little more of that yummy fluid. Unable to hold off anymore, I moved my mouth over the head, and closed it. My tongue swirled around caressing just the head for a moment, and I felt it stiffen a little more. Daddy’s hands tightened in my hair, and I knew that this was affecting him greatly. Slowly my mouth moved forward, taking a couple inches inside.

“Oh Jen, God that feels incredible!” Daddy groaned, his hands gently urging my head lower onto his hardened cock. I took the hint, and began bobbing up and down on it, my hand on the shaft squeezing and twisting as I did so. I heard dads breath catch, and he was murmuring encouraging words. I could barely make most of them out, but I did hear, ‘that’s it baby, just like that!’

I stuffed my mouth full of his cock, taking almost all of it in. He was so thick, that my jaws were beginning to ache from being stretched open so wide. I felt the head at the back of my throat, and at first, my throat clenched up, refusing to let him in. Some of the boys I had done this to, had forced their way in, refusing to let go until I felt as if I would choke on their meat. I knew it was fear of this that had my throat closing. I backed off a little, and tried to relax. This was daddy, he wouldn’t hurt me.

On the third attempt, my throat relaxed and I felt his cock pop into my tight channel. My nose buried in his close cropped pubic hair, I worked my throat muscles around his head and shaft. That is when I felt the first bubble of my girl juices escape the confines of my slit. It sort of tickled, and I giggled slightly around daddy’s cock.

This must have really done the trick, for at the same time, he stiffened, his hands clenched my hair in a tight grip, and then he groaned. “I’m cumming baby!”

Frantically, I bobbed up and down, feeling the first jets of cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed reflexively, then pulled back until just the head was in my mouth. Blast after blast of hot cum coated my tongue, and I swallowed as fast as I could. I opened my mouth to grab air, and the last blast left a gooey rope of cum narrowly missing my eye, shot across my nose and cheek, then dribbled down to my chest. I knelt back, and watched his cock twitch and throb as it spent itself. There was droplet of cum on the head, and I snaked my tongue out to take it. As I did so, my eyes met his, and I smiled.

“Jesus, baby! I’m not going to ask where you learned that from!” he said breathlessly. “I’ll just enjoy the rewards!” he held his hand out to me, and helped me to my feet.

With my hand, I swiped the cum from my face, and not having anything to wipe it off on, I licked it off in front of him. I smiled at the expression of lust on his face, as he watched me eat his cum. His cock twitched, and began hardening again. He leaned forward, and kissed me right then and there. His hands were all over me, and I felt my dress hike up a notch as he crushed me to him, his hands on my ass. Then I was lifted up, and carried to the bed.

He lowered me to my feet again, and I stood still as he undressed me. He looked at my body for so long, that I started to feel a little self conscious. He then told me how beautiful I looked, and what a great body I had. His hands began their odyssey. From my shoulders, they traveled down my arms and back up. Then down my chest to my breasts. Gently they grazed my nipples, causing them to pucker and harden into big nubs. His thumbs gently rubbed them over and over, then began rolling them between his fingers.

I moaned, and pressed myself into his hands. He then cupped them, and began massaging my breasts. They were just slightly larger than a handful to him, almost a perfect fit. His hands were so warm, as then kneaded the flesh beneath them. I moaned as his mouth closed upon my nipple, sucking it in deep and hard.


I was lost the moment her nipple entered my mouth. Her moans elicited the primal need to possess her completely. I squeezed the other breast roughly between my fingers as I sucked hard upon her nipple. Her hands were clenched in my hair, pulling my head deeper into her bosom. My hardness was achingly rigid, and actively searching for her warmth. I released the nipple from my lips, and sought out its twin. Her moans were getting to me, and finally, as if drugged, I released her breasts from the onslaught of my tongue, and crushed güvenilir casino her to me in a passionate kiss. I half lifted her, twisted, and lowered us both onto the bed, with her on top of me.

The feel of her soft skin on mine was pure heaven. My rod was trapped beneath our bodies and every movement she made seemed to be designed to cause friction against him. As our mouths explored one another passionately, our hands did the same. I was all over her backside, as she explored the planes of my face, my shoulders, arms and neck. Finally I rolled her over, pulling us both higher onto the bed. I kissed her neck, and once again laved her breasts with my tongue and mouth. I didn’t stay long this time, instead, kissing my way down her flat stomach, dipping my tongue into her belly button, for which she giggled. My baby sure was ticklish!

Then I was between her legs. I looked up at her face, and our eyes met. Never taking my eyes from hers, I spread her lips apart with my fingers, and leaned forward to run my tongue up her wet slit. Her pretty mouth formed a perfect O as my tongue slid up from her hole to her clit. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as my mouth closed upon that sexy little clit, and sucked softly. Finally the silence ended, as she moaned in passion.

“Oh, don’t stop Daddy!” her fingers found my hair again, and pushed my face deeper into her sweet pussy. I didn’t need much encouragement though, as my tongue began to fly! It flitted from clit to the top of her slit, then down, dipping into the hole to fetch more honey. I thrust it in deep, and she screamed in pleasure. Then back up to her clit, flicking it hard with my tongue, then softly on either side, building her up to her first orgasm. Over and over, I hit the hot spots of her pussy, as she frantically thrashed on the bed. Her hips bucked up into my face with such force, she nearly threw me, but I managed to stay firmly latched to her swelling clit.

Finally, her back arched, her hips shot up high and a wail loud enough to wake the dead escaped from her. My daughter was cumming on my tongue! I slid a finger inside of her, and damned near lost my own load as her pussy gripped it tight in the throes of her orgasm, and shot liquid all over my hand and face. After the first surprising splash, I was rewarded with another creamy load like the other night, when I had snuck into her room. I scooped that creamy cum onto my fingers, and began to spread it around the head of my cock, as I positioned myself between her legs.

“Oh yes, Daddy, I need you to fuck me!” Her eyes were glazed over with lust, and from her recent orgasm. Her hands snuck between her legs, spreading her pussy lips apart for my cock to find its way. I smiled at her eagerness, as I was just as eager to take her as she was to have me.

“This might hurt a little bit at first, baby. But I’ll be as gentle as I can, ok?” I rubbed the head of my cock across her wet slit, getting more of her creamy cum on the tip. Then slid the head to her opening, gently inserting just the head.

I rocked my hips forward, inching my way in. Her hips bucked up into me, forcefully, impatiently bursting her hymen. I was slightly shocked, and held her hips tightly joined to mine to let her adjust. Soon she was wiggling against me, and I knew that she was ready. I slid the rest of my cock into her tightness. Her eyes flew to mine, as we were finally joined fully.

“Oh, fuck! Yes! Fuck me, Daddy! Make me your woman.” her head flopped back down on the pillow, and her face became taut with the effort of her pending orgasm. I took this as my cue to start fucking her fast and hard.

Purposely, I drove my cock into, bunching my ass muscles and pivoting my cock at an upwards angle to hit her magical spot. Her surprised, “Oh’s!” were my reward, and indication that I was hitting exactly the right spot. Over and over, I plunged into her, each thrust swiftly hitting that spot, driving her closer and closer to her shattering release.

Finally, with a muffled scream, her body began to shake uncontrollably, and I hastened my efforts, in order to cum with her. I reached out, and with my thumb, began to stroke her engorged clit. This drove her over the edge, and I felt her muscles clamp down on my entire cock, squeezing it like a vise. It was all I could do to move a few centimeters inside of her, grinding my pubis against hers.

I felt a sudden rush of warmth splash my stomach and the base of my cock. It gushed down over my balls, and down my thighs. I pressed into her, and my cock slid slickly in and out, faster and faster. I was panting hard now, sweat beading on my forehead. I raised her legs to my shoulders, and plunged in deeper. I felt my balls tighten up, and begin to burn.

“This is it baby, I’m gonna cum!” I said through gritted teeth. I felt the hot boiling sensation in my balls, felt them tighten up. My cock expanded inside of her, and I let out a primal cry of lust as my seed erupted like a volcano inside of my baby girls tightly clamped pussy. I bent my head, and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth as my seed pumped into her. Her legs locked around my neck, hips bucking into my groin as she let loose another orgasm just as intense as her first.

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