Caught in Mid Fuck Ch. 04

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I want to thank my friend Princesss for her editing of my stories and i hope it helps you enjoy reading what I write.


A couple of days later after Jessica had watched her brother fuck their mom it was all hallows eve and all the family and friends would be arriving soon for the Collins Halloween party that they had every year. Lisa would have her usual Elvira costume on while Jessica would be dressed as Wonder Woman this time. Her brother said he was going to be the Green Lantern while their dad George was going to be wearing a Lone Ranger outfit.

It was going to be a little different confusing for George and Jason. For George it would be his wife and sister in law both being dressed as Elvira which did not go down well with Lisa as they were almost identical in every way apart from one. That being Ginny’s tattoo which was situated just above her pussy. Garfield was there with a lawnmower which looked like it had just given Ginny’s pubic hair a close shave.

As for Jason it would be very different this year after having fucked his mom a couple of days ago for the first time and now he wouldn’t know which one of the Elvira’s would be his mom. He would have to be very careful that his aunt Ginny was the one he was hitting on when he made a move on his mom tonight. It would be a little difficult as would be wearing masks as usual until midnight when the grandfather clock in their hall would chime twelve times at midnight. Even then with his mom and aunt looking like each other it would still be a little risky for him.

Both Lisa and Jessica had been pampering themselves for most of the day while Jason got things ready around the house for the party. George was now on his way home from work be he a little late but was looking forward to a night of fun after a long day of travelling. He and Lisa had seen very little of each other in the bedroom for the past few weeks with him travelling around the country because casino şirketleri of his job. Hopefully now things would be settle down now that he had done most of the leg work for it.

It was now seven thirty and the guests were starting to arrive, Jason was at the door to greet them and waiting on his dad bringing home his costume for the party. It was almost 8pm before George arrived home from work with both costumes. But there was a slight problem with the costumes. They had been given the right costumes but wrong size, so both would be in each other’s tonight and it would only be father and son that would know about it. Both George and Jason were the same build and height as each other and by wearing a mask and the only way they would be recognised would be when they spoke as George’s voice was a little deeper than his son’s.

By the time they had both dressed into their costume and downstairs the party was in full swing. Drinks and food were being consumed and the music was loud and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. George and Jason saw two Elvira’s mingling with the guests and wondered which was who as they both thought about snuggling up to Lisa. Jessica was having a ball and was sporting a huge smile as she was having her ass fondled by Batman as they danced.

As the Halloween party rolled on Jason dressed in the Lone Ranger costume bumped in to Elvira in the kitchen who he hoped was his mom and George got a hold of the other Elvira hoping it was also Lisa as he pulled her in to the laundry room. It had been two days since he finally got to nail his mom by the pool and he was hoping to get a little more action tonight as well. Now here Lisa was with whom she thought was her hubby and she was getting more than a little randy for him dressed the way he was as she always fancied being taken by a cowboy.

Lisa caught him by his gun belt and led him to the other side of the breakfast bar so if someone casino firmaları wandered in there would be less chance of them being caught with their pants down so to speak. George had no sooner pulled who he thought was his wife dressed as Elvira into the laundry room than she had shut the door behind her and was all over him like a rash. George pinned her up against the laundry wall and she wrapped her legs around him as they kissed and he fondled her breasts as she ground her pussy against his now hard cock.

Jason leant into his mom and they began kissing as he fondled her boobs and she felt his cock threw his cowboy pants. He was hard for her and that made it all the more exciting knowing they had a room full of family and friends only a few yards away and here they were almost half naked now as they started to pull each other’s clothes off. Meanwhile the real George had got hold of the other Elvira whom he thought was his wife and dragged her into the laundry room. Ginny had been drinking quite a lot as the night went on and here she was with who she thought was her nephew. She had always fancied Jason and wanted to feel his young hot body against her own. He was doing quite well fishing her boobs out of her costume and rolling her now hardened nipples between his fore finger and thumb.

Ginny was now beginning to enjoy having her nipples played with and being so drunk at that point didn’t care if it was her nephew or not. Lisa was getting the same treatment and was now turned around and bent over the breakfast bar. If they got caught everyone new George was going to be Lone Ranger as he had been talking about nothing else to family and friends for the past week. And with Ginny also in her Elvira costume there they would think it was Lisa.

Jessica had snuck upstairs with the guy in the Batman suit that she had been dancing with and now had him in her bed fully naked and was riding his hard cock while he played with güvenilir casino her boobs. He was stroking his hard cock in and out of her as she bounced up and down on him. Lisa was having the time of her life with who she thought was her hubby as he had his throbbing hard dick buried to the hilt inside her now soaking pussy.

Ginny was now stripped of her Elvira costume and was bent over the washing machine with what she thought was her nephew’s cock buried deep inside her warm wet pussy. He was fucking the living daylights out of her and she had to stuff a pair of her sister’s panties into her mouth to stop screaming out and letting everyone hear that she was being royally fucked. Jessica was not so shy though and you could just about hear her cum over her friends cock as the music changed from one song to another.

Jason was now pumping his cock in and out of his mom which he now knew it was her by the scratches he had left on her back from the other day. George still had no idea it was Ginny until he pulled his cock out of her drenched pussy and turned her over and sank to his knees on the laundry floor. As he bent over to stick his tongue in her pussy he noticed the tattoo on her pubic mound and it then he realised it was Ginny and not Lisa he had been fucking and was about to eat. It didn’t stop him though as he buried his tongue deep in her pussy and drank the nectar from her. Jason was almost at the point of no return and was fucking his mom like a man possessed. She could no longer keep quiet and before she knew the words were out of her mouth.

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard and don’t fucking stop I’m cuuuummmminnnng!” Lisa screamed out.

At almost the same time screams could be heard from the laundry as George now had his cock back inside Ginny and her legs over his shoulders as he hammered his cock in and out of her cunt. As the music was turned off everyone listened to the screams of orgasmic bliss coming from both the kitchen and the laundry room. Jessica and her young companion were on the way down the stairs adjusting themselves as they came face to face with everyone standing there listening as the two Elvira’s were being fucked senseless in unison.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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