Cassie’s College Years Ch. 02

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I awoke about an hour later in bed. I guess I had passed out from all the multiple orgasms Julie had given me. Groggily, I looked around the room. Julie was frantically looking for something to wear.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Julie said with a chuckle, “You’d better get up and find something to wear before our company arrives.”

“Company?” I asked while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“Yes, company,” she repeated. “Like the hot male kind that lives down the hall…?”

I knew who she was talking about. Sean and Trent were two freshman guys that lived down the hall from us. Sean was your typical athlete, very built and very lean. He had short wavy blonde hair and blue eyes giving him a little bit of a surfer boy vibe to him. Julie had been lusting after him since the first day she ran into him in the laundry room.

Trent was very different, but equally sexy. Trent was very tall and, although not as muscular as Sean, had a nice muscle tone to him. Trent was a guitarist and was heavy into the reggae and rock scenes. His auburn hair was kept in rows and rows of dreadlocks, which complemented his caramel complexion well. His deep voice and elegant way with words made most of the girls he talked to swoon for him, myself included.

Both boys were friendly enough and we had gotten to know them pretty well since classes started. Looking at the clothes Julie was pulling out of the closet, and the amount of hard liquor she had procured, it was apparent that she was planning on getting to know them a lot better by the end of the night.

I finally got out of bed and began rummaging through my dresser to find something sexy to wear, if for no other reason than to not be outdone by Julie. She had picked out a skimpy dress made out of semi-sheer gold satin. It had a halter top that had a slit in the middle to show off her cleavage, then tapered down at her tummy where it fastened to a ring that joined to the skirt of her dress. The skirt consisted of three wavy layers of satin that stopped about two inches below her ass. She slipped on a low rise thong so it wouldn’t show under her dress. The dress made it impossible for her to wear a bra, and one false move would expose her to anyone watching, which is just how she liked it.

I, on the other hand, decided to go with a black bandana style tube top with a cut off short sleeve jacket. I put on a lacy black thong over which I wore a pair of low rise stretch denim jean shorts that cut off about halfway down my thighs. I knew the sides of my thong where showing. Whenever I wanted to be really sexy or a tease, I’d make a point of showing some of what I was (or wasn’t) wearing under my clothes. I think it makes the boys minds race with ideas.

“Damn girl,” Julie stated as she checked me out. “If I wasn’t planning on getting one of these boy’s cocks tonight, I’d totally be all over you.” She licked her lips.

“Easy there, Jules”, I retorted. “You’re quite the looker yourself.” My mind flashed briefly to my boyfriend, Charlie. “If you want me you can have me later after they leave tonight. Since Charlie isn’t here, I’ll be needing some loving later.”

Julie casino şirketleri laughed. “You don’t think I invited both of those luscious boys over here just for me do you?” I looked at her quizzically. “I’m going to take one, and you get to have the other one, Cass.”

I blushed. “Oh, no, I couldn’t cheat on Charlie like that!”

“It’s not cheating, sweetie. You’re in college. It’s called ‘experimenting’.” Julie gave me a long look and when she saw that I wasn’t convinced, she added, “Besides, I haven’t seen Charlie come visit you at all to take care of your womanly needs.”

As reluctant as I was to agree with her, she was right. Charlie had barely even called me, much less come to visit me and give me the cock I so desperately wanted. My mind soon drifted to Trent and how it might feel to have his nice hard cock in my pussy. I shook myself back to reality before I got too flustered.

“Thats it. You’re right, Jules. It’s time to party” Julie yelled her approval before pouring us both a double shot of Jack.

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. As expected, it was Trent and Sean. They had brought their own supply of alcohol to add to the party. Amongst the small talk and greetings flying around, Julie made a round of her special Long Island Iced Teas for everyone. I say special because she packs enough alcohol in them to sedate a horse.

Sean and Trent exchanged knowing looks that they would both get laid tonight if they played their cards right. Truth be told, they didn’t really have to play their cards right since Julie and I were intent on getting fucked anyway.

We started the night off with a friendly game of poker. The losers of the hands had to drink. I’m pretty good at poker, but since the odds were 3:1 in favor of drinking, we all got our share of booze. When the alcohol hit me I started getting hot, so I took off my jacket.

“Woot! Yeah, take it off!” Sean cheered. Everyone laughed and I blushed a bit.

I decided to do a little teasing. “You’d like this sexy body of mine to be all naked for you, wouldn’t you?” I said as I wiggled my ass in his face while I ran my hands all along my body. “Too bad for you that I’m not FUBARed enough to do that yet.”

“Well, we’ll hafta do something about that then won’t we?” chimed in Julie. She got up and made us all some more drinks, making sure to move her hips seductively as she walked.

“Hey Julie, why don’t you get my stuff from my coat,” requested Trent.

“I have drinks in my hands, why don’t you get it yourself,” Julie responded.

I wasn’t exactly sure what they were talking about as Trent got up and walked over to where Julie was. He wrapped his arms around her and although I couldn’t see very well, I’m pretty sure he grabbed one of her tits.

The embrace didn’t last long. Trent reached into his jacket and pulled out a bong and about an ounce bag of weed. I’d smoked up once or twice in high school, but I’d never done it this drunk before, so I was anxious to see how I’d be.

Two more Long Island Iced Teas and four or five bowls later. I was on cloud nine. Julie put on some reggae casino firmaları tunes and we started dancing with each other in front of the boys. Julie gyrated her ass into me, and I let my hand slide to the inside of her thigh.

I was really starting to get horny and decided to indulge myself. I slipped my other hand inside Julie’s top and felt her breasts, exposing her to the boys in the process. The boys were shamelessly rubbing their growing hard ons through their pants.

Julie turned around and gave me a big kiss. I melted into her kiss and let my hands slide to her ass. She did the same, and we ground against each other for awhile.

I guess Sean got tired of waiting for some action because he got up and slipped behind Julie and started dancing with her. I backed off and watched as one of his hands caressed her supple breasts, while the other hand drifted up under the hem of her skirt. From Julie’s reaction, I could tell he was rubbing her hot pussy.

I was just watching them, losing myself in their display, when I felt a tug on my thong, making me fall backwards. I fell into Trent’s lap, brushing against his hard on. He immediately began kissing my neck, which sent waves of pleasure straight to my crotch. I didn’t notice that Trent had unbuttoned my jeans until they were slipped over my ass.

I looked over to see if Julie an Sean could see what was happening to me, but I quickly realized they were preoccupied. Sean had his pants down and Julie was kneeling, taking his cock into her mouth.

Trents hands drifted down to my crotch. He started rubbing the sticky wet spot on my thong that my pussy had made. It felt so good, I started to moan and ground my pussy into his fingers.

“Damn, girl,” he whispered into my ear, “you have the wettest pussy I’ve ever seen. You must be really horny.”

“Oh yeah,” I gasped. “But, now its my turn.”

I stood up and faced him as I untied my top and let my supple breasts free. I started playing with my nipples until they got hard. I saw the bulge in Trent’s pants move as I did so. Since I’m asian, my nipples are nice and small, but they stick out quite a bit when they’re hard.

Then I removed my thong, letting him see my boobs hang down as I bent at the waist to take them off. I then straddled his lap, letting him get a good look at my boobs.

I pulled his pants down a little bit more so I could reach into his boxers and pull his cock out. My eyes went wide as I grabbed it. It felt huge. My assumtions were confirmed as I pulled out his massive cock. It must have been at least 9″ long and big around as my wrist.

“Oh, wow,” I gasped. Trent smiled at my reaction. I was really horny and I needed some satisfaction at this point.

I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Suck on my nipples.” He obliged and took one of my nipples into his mouth while he fondled my other breast with his hand. Meanwhile, I started rubbing my slit up and down the side of his cock.

I heard Julia moaning behind me, so I tilted my head to see what was happening. Julia was spread eagle on our bed while Sean was plowing his cock into her pussy. Seeing Julia güvenilir casino getting fucked made my pussy juices flow even more, coating Trent’s cock.

Before I knew it, Trent shifted down on the couch, and his cock slid into my pussy on my next hump. I let out a shrill cry as his thick meat invaded my tight hole.

“Ooooh,” I moaned as I slowly sank deeper onto his cock, “oh, fucking god.” I was now impaled by the entire length of his cock. I couldn’t believe how filled I was.

As I was adapting to the feel of Trent’s cock in me, he started fondling my clit with his thumb and index finger. I was trying to hold back yelps and gasps of pleasure, quite unsuccessfully.

Trent soon found my sweet spot and I felt a rush of pleasure course through my body as I orgasmed.

“Oh, god! Oh! Aieee!” I screamed as my juices coated Trent’s cock. Trent kept up his assault on my clit, giving me a prolonged orgasm. My vaginal muscles started spasming, gripping his thick cock as I came.

I fell off Trent’s cock as my orgasm subsided and I caught my breath. I was now on my hands and knees on the futon. Trent quickly took advantage of this and repositioned himself. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him as his huge cock again invaded my tiny asian hole.

I cried out as he buried himself entirely inside me. Sean and Julie were watching our display while Julie still had a hand working Sean’s shaft. He had gotten soft after busting his load all over Julie’s chest, but he was quickly recovering.

Trent grabbed my hips and thrust into me over and over, driving me to yet another orgasm. Pleasure washed over me and with each thrust of his cock, a fresh wave of pleasure filled my senses.

Suddenly, Trent’s cock left me. I heard him grunt before spraying his load all over my ass and pussy. I felt it oozing down my inner thighs.

I watched in my glazed over state as Julie got up and kneeled down behind me. I felt her tongue running up and down my thighs as she cleaned Trent’s cum off of me. When she got to my pussy, she began attacking my clit with her tongue. I felt a new wave of orgasm wrack my body and I collapsed completely on the couch.

I watched in a half conscious state as Julie mounted Trent’s cock. I saw their lips moving, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I watched as Julie writhed on Trent’s cock, impaling herself on his massive cock.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sean stand up and walk over to me with his freshly hard cock in his hand. He positioned it near my face and I knew what he wanted. I grabbed his cock and started licking it, savoring the precum that was oozing from the tip.

Sean started thrusting his cock into my mouth, obviously wanting to cum again. He repositioned himself so he was straddling my face and began thrusting his cock down my throat. I started to gag on his cock, but didn’t really have the strength to fight it. He fucked my throat for few minutes until I felt his cock tighten and jets of cum shot down my throat. Sean pulled his cock out and shot a few more streams of cum all over my face.

As Sean dismounted me, I could see Julie orgasming all over Trent’s cock, soon followed by Trent reciprocating and filling Julie full of his seed.

As I dozed off for the final time that night, I could see Trent and Sean getting dressed and leaving. It certainly had been a good night.

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