Carol Pt. 02

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I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was everything that I ever wanted. But there she was, sleeping right beside me. It felt amazing seeing that I got the girl of my dreams sleeping like an angel right beside me. I wanted to do more to her. All that thinking vanished when I heard the front door open. It was Carol’s parents. They had gotten back from their vacation. I began to panic as I got up and started to pack I shook Carol, waking her up in return.

“Morning!” She said.

“Shhh, Carol. Your parents are home.” I said.

“Shit, what now? They can’t know you’re here!” She said.

“I know. I know. Any plans?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe through there?” She said.

Shocking as it was, she pointed to the window. Yes, the window. I carried my stuff and tossed them out. Before I jumped out, I gave Carol a kiss, said my prayers, and jumped out. I ended up landing on the soft grass. As I got up, I ran as fast as possible to street so that I can catch a cab. We had another day of college that day, and crazy as it is, I was wearing the same stuff I had on the first day. Only one this felt off was that I had no underwear on. I would just go the bathroom and take a fresh pair out of my bag and wear them, but I wasn’t bothered by it. Soon enough, Carol was dropped off by her parents. I met her at the entrance and gave her a hug as we made our way to Psychology class.

She chose to sat next to me as class was about to start. We both sat in the far back corner. During class, the teacher was doing her thing while I was scribbling on the table as usual. I felt a hand slip from under the table, feeling my thighs and making its way to my zipper. I started to become hard. Carol started to eye me as she bit her lips in divinity.

“Carol…not here…” I said, trying to resist.

“Relax. No one will ever find out about it.” She playfully whispered.

“Alright, but try not to make a mess. I don’t want us to get in trouble.” I whispered.

Carol slowly unzipped my pants, and took my cock out from under the table. She then ataşehir esmer escort took it in her soft hand. She started stroking it slowly as she kept her eyes on the board. I was done for. What if someone notices? What if I have to stand up and walk to the board? It felt good, but so God damn wrong. I later gave her a signal that I was about to cum. Without anyone noticing, she leaned down and took my cock into her mouth as she began to stroke it faster. I tried to act calm, but it felt impossible. I blew load after load of cum into Carol’s mouth, leaving her to swallow every single drop. She later sat straight, looked at me, and began licking her lips. My body was twitching. Yeah, it felt good, but I had to act normal or else we will get caught.

As class ended, me a Carol made our way outside the campus area. As we were walking together, the crotch area in my jeans felt sticky and really uncomfortable. As she was called by her parents to leave, I gave a her a hug and playfully squeezed her ass leaving her to moan softly. I on the other hand took a cab home. As I got there, I unpacked my bag from all the dirty laundry and went to take a shower. I later got out and dried myself, putting on a fresh pair of clothes. As I was separating the dirty clothes to put them for a quick wash, I heard my phone ring.

“Hey, Chris! It’s Carol.”

“Hey, Carol. How are you?”

“Well, I’m feeling kind of lonely.”

“Well, I can come over, but your parents are there.”

“Yeah, that sucks.”

“Well…you can come over to my place.”

“That sounds great! What’s the address?”

I later gave her the address.

“Thanks, I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Alright! Hey thanks for what you did to me in class.”

“Oh, no problem hun. You might even get more than that.”

“Oh wow.”

Hanging up the phone, I started to tidy up the place. I didn’t want her to think I’m some dirty snob who doesn’t clean after himself. After about an hour, I heard a knock on the door. I took a deep breath, stood ataşehir genç escort straight, and opened the door. I was amazed by what was upon me. Carol had on a short purple shirt that covered up her chest and left her belly naked, and sweat pants that revealed her curvy ass.

“Hello gorgeous” I said, eyeing her from top to bottom.

“Hey yourself.” She said, twisting her body.

“You look fantastic.” I said.

“Thanks, hun.” She said as she began to blush.

I asked her to come on in. I snuck a look at her behind as she went into the living room. As she turned around, I re-positioned my eyesight. She later got comfortable on the couch as she started to look around. I was in the kitchen making some drinks to hand her. She later went up and asked for the bathroom. As she went in, I took the drinks and made my way to the living room to set them on the table. She then got out and sat next to me. By the looks of it, she must have taken off her bra. Her boobs were swaying inside her shirt. We later began to sip on the drinks as she began to talk.

“That’s a nice place you’ve got here.” She said.

“Thanks, I rented it a month ago.” I said.

“Really? That sounds nice.” She said.

“Yeah. I’m still trying to get settled.” I said.

“Oh yeah. Isn’t it fun that you have your very own place?” She said as she stared to look at me.

“Yeah um I guess so.” I said.

“So, what do you do around here?” She asked as she got closer.

“Well…” I cleared my throat. “since I don’t have anyone around that much. I do nothing out of the usual. I’m still trying to get settled though.”

“Mhm, don’t you ever get lonely?” She asked as she got more close.

“Uh, I guess so.” I awkwardly said.

“That’s awful. Didn’t you offer anyone to share the apartment with you?”


Before I could continue, she leaned in and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I did the same in return. As we kissed, I started to grope her boobs, squeezing them. She began ataşehir olgun escort to moan in pleasure as I started playing with her now hard nipples. She started to take off my pants as I took off her shirt, revealing her perky breasts and pointy nipples. As I took off my boxers, my cock sprang out. Carol later took it and started to lick it from top to bottom. She later began to suck it as I played with her boobs.

“Fuck my wet pussy, Chris.” She said, biting her lip.

She laid on her back as I got closer. I took it slow so that she doesn’t get hurt by it. As I pushed slowly, she pushed in my direction, slipping my cock right inside her pussy.

She screamed in pain and pleasure.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“It’s fine. Just keep going.” She said.

“I’ll go slow then.” I finally said.

I later began to slowly thrust my cock into her pussy. It grew tighter as my cock grew bigger. I then doubled my pace as it became easier to slide it in. I later grabbed her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it, making her feel horny and wanting more.




“Yes! Yes! “YES!!”



Carol’s body began to spasm as she climaxed. She then laid on the couch and began to grasp for air. Soon enough, I inserted my cock into her pussy again and began to thrust much faster than before. I wanted to signal her that I was getting close. I didn’t want her to get pregnant, and I didn’t want us to get into trouble.

“I’m on a pill.” She said. “You can cum inside me, baby.”

I later grabbed hold of her big ass and kissed her deeply as I began to thrust my cock deep into her pussy. Soon enough, I began to cum. I came so much that some of it began to ooze out of Carol’s pussy, dripping over the couch. I couldn’t stop cumming as we both screamed in pleasure. As I sprayed my last drop, I laid on the other end of the couch, and started to stare at the ceiling. Carol later jumped and laid on my chest, kissing me.

“Don’t know. Would your parents allow you to move in with me?”

“I’ll have to ask them. I’ll let you know.”

She later called her parents and told them that she’s gonna be late for the night. We ended up sleeping with her on top of me that night.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead, and closed my eyes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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