Caribbean Holiday Ch. 04

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We were showered by 8 am and on the way to the beach for breakfast. During breakfast we talked about yesterday at the beach and about the toga party last night. We liked Allen and Sue and had made plans to see them back in Jamaica next year. I knew Irina would love for Allen to fuck her again with that monster cock of his. Irina asked me if I liked what happen yesterday. I told her that I love her and I get very excited when other men are looking at her and wanting her. We were having fun together and we both wanted to play together a lot more.

We decided to go to the hotels nude island and spend the entire day working on our tans. Just thinking about Irina on the beach naked was exciting. Allen and Sam had told us the island was a good place to get away from everything. It has a bar, sandwich shop, good music and sun beds. During the 20-minute boat ride to the island I looked at the other couples traveling with us. All were in their twenties and had fit bodies. One girl with black hair was hanging over the side throwing up her breakfast. The guy with her was not very happy.

On arrival we headed to the far end of the island for some quite sun time. We were alone at this end of the island. We took off our T-shirts and shorts and went swimming. Irina was looking very good. She was beginning to have a good tan and her hair was turning lighter in the sun. Her blond pussy hair was almost transparent. I thought it a shame there was not anyone around to see her. My cock was hard just looking at her.

This was really great, walking naked on the beach and playing in the sea together. We had a nice long slow fuck that started on the rocks and ended in the water. Walking back we noticed a girl lying on the beach crying. I recognized her T-shirt, it was the girl that was throwing up on the boat. Irina went to see if she was Ok and came back in about 20 minutes. The girl’s name was Penny. Her boyfriend had gone back to the hotel without her. Irina went to our cooler and got two beers and went back to see if she could help the girl. At least she was not crying anymore. She was wearing her T-shirt and shorts, which seamed crazy because Irina and I were both naked. I noticed that Penny was probably Italian or Spanish with her jet-black hair, 20 or 21 years old, 5’5 or 6 and nice legs.

I heard Irina casino şirketleri ask Penny if she knew clothing was not allowed on the island. Penny said she was not a sun lover or beach person and had never been topless in her life. Irina said that this island is for nude sun bathing only. Penny looked at me and back at Irina nervously, slowly took off her top and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs without standing up. I could see a lot of black hair between her legs. When Penny stood up I lost control over my cock. She was quite beautiful, firm 38C tits and a hard teenage body. Her tits looked too big for her slim body. She had milk white skin that had not seen the sun in years. The only thing I did not like was her big hairy black pussy. This girl knew nothing about trimming her pussy hair.

The three of us went snorkling and swimming. Penny had never looked underwater before. She was like a little kid seeing all of the fish for the first time. Penny was finally relaxed and comfortable with Irina and me. I started to like her. She was clever, good personality and a set of 38C tits a man would kill for. It was apparent that Penny was living a conservative life style. Being naked in Jamaica with other naked people on a beach was like being on Mars to her.

Penny talked freely with us as we swam and enjoyed the sea together. She spent all of her time studying to be a veterinarian. The guy she came to Jamaica with was the only boyfriend she had ever had and he was very jealous and possessive. She had never been topless before. Had never been naked with anyone except her boyfriend in her apartment. She had never seen another mans cock. She did not know how beautiful she was. Penny was standing beside me in the water with her tits about 6 inches away. My cock was throbbing.

It was around 10 O’clock and I asked the girls if they would go to the bar and get us some sandwiches and beer for the cooler. Irina returned laughing about Penny being naked at the bar. Evidently a couple of men at the bar were looking at them and Penny kept trying to hide behind Irina. I said that if I had been sitting at a bar and two beautiful naked girls walked up, I sure as hell would look. Irina said that their cocks were good and hard by the time they left the bar. Penny was taking it great and laughed at herself.

Penny casino firmaları was getting a little drunk and relaxed. She was now looking at my cock without being embarrassed. She was also looking at Irina’s neatly trimmed blond pussy. Irina said that people at the bar were probably staring at her big hairy pussy because girls nowadays kept their pussies trimmed. Irina went to her bag and came back with her scissors and a razor sat in front of Penny. My cock was at full attention now.

Irina told Penny to sit on the edge of the sun bed. I sat down beside Penny to watch. Penny looked as if she was in shock at what was about to happen. My cock was hard and standing up. Irina spread Penny’s legs very far apart. Wanting to help, I took one of her legs and held it so it was lying across my thighs. Irina started gathering little bits of Penny’s long pussy hair between two of her fingers and cutting it shorter. When her hair was about an inch long all over I could at last see her pussy lips and her hard pink clit sticking out. By this time Penny was breathing hard and her pussy would tremble when Irina touched it. Irina started using the razor along the sides and top forming a nice small black triangle. I was now holding Penny’s leg against my hard cock and slowly caressing the inside of her thigh. Penny had put her arm over my shoulder and her firm tit was pressing into my side. I could feel her hard nipple. Penny was very excited as she looked at her newly visible pussy. I know she could feel my hard cock pressing into her thigh. She was wet. So wet, that pre-cum was running down the crack of her ass. Irina started shaving around her pussy lips and down her ass. Every time Irina’s fingers rubbed against Penny’s clit she would suck in her breath and hold me tighter. I reached over and started caressing her tits and nipples. Did they ever feel good. Penny did not stop me. Irina soon had her clean everywhere except for a neat little black triangle on top. What a beautiful pussy. Irina poured oil in her hands and started slowly rubbing it where she had shaved Penny. Penny’s ass was moving around and she was breathing heavy. The oil and Irina’s fingers were too much for Penny. I took her hand and put it on my cock. She looked and me and smiled and began to stroke my hard cock and watching güvenilir casino Irina rub her pussy and clit. Pre-cum was soon all over Penny’s hand.

Her pussy was now bald like a new baby. Penny was looking at her new pussy and smiling. I told Irina that Penny now had a beautiful pussy and reached over and felt it, letting my fingers move slowly along her wet slit and over her clit telling her it also felt nice. Penny was squeezing my cock and pushing her pussy up against my hand. She was very wet. Irina started caressing Penny’s swollen nipples and asked if she like the way her pussy looked now. I buried my fingers in her wet pussy and Penny had her first orgasm. She was holding my hand tight against her pussy. Cum was flowing out of her pussy into the crack of her ass. I moved over between Penny’s legs and started rubbing my hard cock along her wet pussy and over her clit. I noticed that Penny was eagerly kissing one of Irina’s tits. Penny reached down and grabbed hold of my cock, wanting it in her pussy. I started sliding my cock in her tight and hot pussy. Before I had my cock all the way in Penny started asking for more and not to stop. I teased her with slow long strokes, sometimes pulling completely out and making her beg for my cock. Penny was urging me on, telling me to fuck her and I answered her with really hard long strokes. I could not hold back any longer. I started cuming and pulled out of her pussy. My cum went all over Penny’s stomach, tits and face.

Irina had been watching me fuck Penny and was fingering her wet pussy. I moved over and slid my still hard cock all the way in Irina’s pussy. Irina and Penny were holding hands and smiling at each other. I was caressing their tits and pinching their nipples. I began to cum again.

Irina and Penny went into the sea to cleanup. They were holding hands and talking girl talk, whispering to one another and giggling. They were both so beautiful. I could not believe I had just fucked both of them. Lucky me. The girls went back to the beach bar for additional beer and sandwiches. This time, Irina said, Penny walked around for a long time, letting them have a good look at her pussy. Irina and I spent the rest of the day on the nude beach with Penny. She was a lot of fun. I fucked Penny twice more that day and I ate her wonderful little pussy. She gave me a great blowjob. The best was when she started eating Irina while I fucked her. It was her first time to go down on a girl.

When we returned to the hotel I told Penny if she had any problems to come stay with us.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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