Can’t Help but Cum

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It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and you drive up to my house after work telling me you have an “early Valentine’s Day surprise” for me. The roommates are gone and I’m making dinner for you, practically bouncing up and down wondering what my early surprise is.

Finally you knock on the door and I let you in to a shower of hugs and kisses. After we eat and have a few drinks, you put my surprise in my hand. It’s a long, shiny red box tied with silver ribbon. I tear the wrapping paper off and see a box for a table lamp.


“No, it’s not a lamp…open the box.”

I pull open the top of the box and yank out a wad of tissue paper. Then my hand closes around something thick and round — it feels oddly like the head of your cock. My eyes grow huge.

“You did this by yourself!!”

“It was hard, but I wanted to surprise you.” You start laughing as I pull a huge rubber cock from the box, the cord to the attachment that makes it vibrate falling in my lap. “My roommate was gone and I put some porn in and did some running between the kitchen and living room.”

I had been begging you to buy one of the make-a-dildo kits so we could make a replica of your cock for Valentine’s Day. And now I was squeezing it in my hand. It was perfect — the veins, your balls, everything.

I immediately put the cock up to my mouth, kissing it with my plump, pink lips.

“Mmm…feels just like yours around my lips.”

You wink.

We take a shower. I throw my new dildo onto the bed and strip my clothes off as I follow you into the bathroom. In the shower we kiss, our tongues massaging each other’s and me sucking on your bottom lip as your hands reach down to squeeze my ass. I press my ample, perky tits against your chest and feel your cock, starting to grow, pushing at me between my legs. You’re definitely pushing seven inches already and I can’t wait for your full, fat nine.

I’m starting to feel flushed, and I move your hand down to my clit and you play with it in slow circles — then you slide your fingers down to my lips and push two of your fingers inside. I rock against your hand as I grab your hard cock and bend to lower bahis firmaları my mouth to it, kissing the sides and the tip.

“Let’s get out of the shower,” you say.

We barely grab towels as we head for my bed. I turn on some music, something with a deep, thumping beat.

“Lie down.” I say. You comply and I straddle you, kissing you urgently for a moment.

Suddenly you push against my shoulders and roll me over roughly.

“Fuck that,” you say.

“Looks like somebody wants to be in control tonight!” I say.

“Yeah, you like that?”

You bite on my neck as you say it, pinching my nipple roughly between your fingers. I moan softly in response.

You continue to bite and kiss down my chest and stomach as you talk. “Now what I’m going to do is make you cum for me, and when you cum I’m going to flip you over and bury my cock deep in your ass.”

My pussy is throbbing but I’m afraid of your huge cock in my ass. “No…” I whimper.

“Yes. Even if you don’t like it, even if you don’t want to cum, you’re going to, because you won’t be able to help it, and as soon as you’re finished shaking I’m going to push my cock up in that tight little ass of yours until I fill it with my cum.”

Meanwhile your mouth has made its way down between my legs. I just shaved before you came over, so my skin is smooth and soft, and you kiss down to my pink pussy lips, licking the sides of my vagina, just teasing around my clit.

You raise up for a second and grab the dildo of you from the bed next to us, and I see your cock too, bobbing, hugely erect.

“Mmm…I want it in my mouth,” I say.

Your eyes flash and you slide your knees up around my face. You grab your cock and pull it back, slapping it against my face. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” I open my mouth and stick out my tongue. You slap your cock against it.

I try to suck my lips around it but you pull back.

“Not tonight,” you say. “I told you what I’m going to do. I’m going to make you fucking cum and then I’m going to fuck your little ass like it’s my plaything.”


But you are already back down to my pussy, with kaçak iddaa the dildo in your hand and your tongue inching dangerously close to my clit. You push the dildo between my lips, and my pussy is so wet it starts to slide right in.

“Oh my God.”

It feels just like you. The sensation is amazing. You start to make slow, unhurried circles around my clit with your tongue as you methodically pump the replica of your cock in and out of my pussy.

“Oh yeah…oh my God!” I say.

“You know what I’m going to do once you cum all over this cock and in my mouth.”

I whimper.

But it’s coming. I can feel my pussy starting to throb and shake. You are responding to the way I press against your mouth, slowing down and speeding up to slowly but surely bring me to the edge of an earth-shattering orgasm.

You start to moan and shake your mouth back and forth against my throbbing clit as my breath quickens, bringing me closer and closer to exploding between your lips. It feels so fucking good and I don’t want to cum but — Oh my God — I don’t think I can help it.

You stop for a second — “You don’t want to cum, do you?”

“Uh, uh. Uh, uh.” I shake my head no. “It’s going to hurt — your cock in my ass, I don’t want –” but you’ve already started sucking and flicking your tongue again, and here it comes. I explode in an amazing orgasm in your mouth and on your dildo, my pussy squeezing around it as I grab the sides of my thighs and scream.

“Oh yeah…” you say as you pull back, your cock huge. You slide your hand up your wet shaft once, squeezing tightly around the head. “I’m ready to cum now.

I try to slip the dildo out of my pussy but you grab my hand and push it back inside, flipping the switch on the vibrator to it. It begins to buzz inside of me.

“Oh my God…” I moan…it feels so good, but I’m scared you’re going to follow through on your promise.

“Turn over.”

“No…” I whisper.

You grab the side of my hip and flip me over on the bed, smacking my ass — hard. “I said flip over.”

I’ve still got your dildo vibrating inside of me, so I can’t complain much. And then I feel you kaçak bahis spread my ass cheeks apart. You start rubbing in between. I moan quietly.

“You like that? I don’t know how good it’s going to feel with my big, fat cock up in there. It might hurt a little.”

But now it feels so good, and you slip your finger inside and I push back against you.

“Do you want my cock in there, you little slut?”


But you’ve already squirted some lube on your cock, and I can feel you pressing your cockhead against my tiny asshole. You rub against it slowly, and start to push in. I feel a sharp pain, and I breathe in sharply, trying to force myself to relax.

“Oh yeah…” you breathe out as you start to push your long, fat cock deeper inside of me.

It hurts but it is starting to feel oddly good at the same time. I feel like I’m almost completely plugged up by your cock, with one in my pussy and one in my asshole.

“Do you like that, you little slut?”

I don’t want to, but I find myself rocking my ass back against your cock, grinding it against you.

“Oh yeah,” you say. “That feels so good. So fucking tight. Now I want you to cum for me again, while I cum in your ass. Can you do that for me?”

I am afraid I won’t be able to, but your huge cock is filling my ass, and your other “cock” is vibrating deep in my pussy, and I can feel your balls slapping against me, and I can feel an orgasm rising again like a heat wave.

“Oh my God, yes…”

I start to push back harder against you, and you really start to pump now, pulling your cock in and out of my ass, your balls slapping against me.

I am about to cum and you are too — “I’m about to cum,” you say.

But when you say that it throws me over the edge — just the thought of you loving my tight ass so much you are about to cum in it is too much to handle — and I cum first, my ass squeezing around your cock as my pussy throbs violently.

You keep pumping in and out of my ass. “Oh my God, your ass is fucking milking my cock for its cum. I’m going to cum in your fucking ass right now, it feels so good and tight.”

And with that, you start to moan and push deep inside my ass, releasing a huge, hot load of cum deep inside of me.

And the next day, we go on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner — because you can’t fuck a girl in the ass on Valentine’s Day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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