Cannonball Kate (The Phone Call)

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This story comes from three sources; a reader contacted me some years ago about an affair he had had, then last year a female reader told me about her fantasy…..then a couple of weeks ago I watched a naughty video that gave me the idea to combine all of the parts; and then some!

My story starts 15 years ago.

I’m Ian; or Mac to friends and colleagues; and was married with two kids and had just turned 45 in the previous October when I got a new job as Sales Manager which I started in the February, in charge of 9 salesmen and about 8 tele-sales, for a manufacturer based in West Yorkshire, about 150 miles from my home. As you would imagine life was pretty good for me.

I guess I had first noticed Kate, the receptionist when I arrived for the original interview. Who wouldn’t? She was very pretty with a roundish face, cute button nose, very sexy naturally pouting lips and she was what we used to describe as ‘buxom’ or ‘hourglass’, with huge tits which she didn’t mind showing off.

Bless her, once I started work there; Kate wasn’t just a receptionist, she was one of those people who would help in anyway possible; constantly running messages and doing jobs that weren’t really part of her job spec. I didn’t actually ‘take advantage’ but it was soon obvious that if I needed something doing, and I rang Kate and the task was always completed.

Soon after I started I discovered she was getting married in the April to a guy called Jack; who worked on the oil rigs. I wasn’t invited the wedding; but the week after the honeymoon I was in the canteen when she was showing some photos to two girls from the factory.

“Here Mac!” An older woman giggled as she slid four photos across the table, “Get a look at Kate’s honeymoon photos…….they’ll help get you to sleep tonight!”

“Oh,” I smiled as I looked at the pictures of my young colleague in the skimpiest of bikinis on a beach in Spain, and on one she was proudly pushing out her tits together for the camera. “Very nice.” I winked, as I handed them back.

“I bet that gives him something to think about tonight.” The other woman cackled as they packed up their things and went back to the factory. Kate was smiling but blushing like mad.

Later that afternoon I was working in my office when Kate knocked on the door. I waved her in and she handed me some letters that needed signing.

The young newly wed looked as gorgeous as ever; wearing a thin nylon, slightly see-thru blouse with a the top three buttons left undone; which showed off her magnificent cleavage and her linen trousers emphasised her beautiful arse too.

“About earlier…..” She mumbled as she bit her bottom lip, “I am really sorry, Margaret wasn’t meant to… know…..and what she said……I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart.” I smiled to reassure her, “you looked bloody gorgeous; your husband is a lucky man.”

She nervously smiled before saying, “thanks; I just wish…..he’s already back on the rig so……never mind,” then shrugged her shoulders and walked out of my office. I could be wrong; but I swear that there was an extra wiggle to her walk as she walked along the corridor.

I’ve had a few dalliances over the years and I got the feeling that the buxom brunette was definitely a ‘prick tease’ like the guys in the factory said she was. Apparently her nickname at school had been ‘Cannonball Kate’ because of her exceptionally large and round tits; which a couple of lads claimed to have had hold of before she met her husband to be; but none had managed ever get inside her knickers.

Kate’s photos were ingrained on my brain for the rest of the day, and later that night they certainly aided my usual after work wank in my hotel; and again just before I went to sleep.

Our working relationship changed over the next few weeks; becoming a lot more flirtatious; culminating with me seeing her struggle to open a heavy door into the factory.

“Here let me help you if that’s too stiff.” I then pushed the door open with my shoulder. Kate giggled as she gently pressed her tits against me as she squeezed past, then smiled “Oooh, I don’t think being ‘too stiff’ is ever a problem!”

Then with her cheeky wiggle of her hips she sauntered off, her heels clip clopping on the wooden floors.

By now my hotel wanking was of epic proportions as I often fantasised about Kate while I read numerous old/young stories that I’d saved onto floppy discs to read at my leisure on the company laptop, for just such an occasion.

After five months or so Kate’s job changed and she got a slight promotion. izmir escort bayan She was still the main receptionist but I’d manoeuvred it so she was my regular point of contact at the company and also take notes at the weekly sales meetings and the plan was for her to look after my Key clients accounts on the new computer system and occasionally join me on shop visits.

While still very flirtatious; our relationship was still chaste, and I presumed it would remain that way. I was 40 and not that particularly good looking – I looked a lot less like George Clooney and more like Jack Nicholson, but without his money. Kate, on the other hand was spectacularly sexy, just married and just turned 21.

A week before her birthday I called the office, and as usual she answered. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the conversation until about 5 minutes in, Kate whispered “Shit!”

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Not really,” she giggled, “when I was stretching to get that file my stocking fell down.”

“Ooooohhhhh……..I didn’t know you wore stockings.” I laughed. “Proper stockings or hold-ups?” I pondered.

“Hold ups.”

Her voice was now a bit giggly, so I continued. “What colour are they?”

“Black, if you must know.” Her voice suddenly dropped down to a husky whisper. “There’s a lot about me you don’t know.”

“Is there now?” I teased, “like what?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out, isn’t it?” She throatily chuckled.

“Well, the thought of you in stockings just might keep me awake tonight.” I burbled without thinking.

“Oooohhhh….you naughty man!” Kate laughed.

“Oh shit…..I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” I frantically apologised.

“Don’t worry.” Kate huskily whispered again, “I don’t mind.”


“I know Jack……you know…you know what’s…..when he’s away. All men do don’t they? So I guess you must too.” The young housewife giggled again.

“Well,” I caught my breath, “that’s for me to know and you to find out!”

On that note we got back to business and I ended the call with a growing hard on in my pants.

Bravely a day or so later during a business call, I asked if she was again wearing stockings.

“I might be.” She giggled. “And if I am?”

“It might give me something to think about when I’m feeling lonely in my hotel room tonight.” I laughed.

“Mmmmmmm well I am; my tan hold ups, again.” Her voice was a bit breathless as she whispered the words.

“Excellent; you have great style.” I teased; “but do you ever wear suspenders?”

“I might.” The busty girl replied, “sometimes…..not often though.”

“I bet your husband likes you in stockings; doesn’t he?” I was delving as deep as I dared.

“Sort of.” Kate stumbled then left a gap; “yes I suppose he does.” Then softly giggled.

“Good girl……what knickers are you wearing?” I continued.

“Oh.” Kate gasped then said, “Gotta go.” And the phone went dead.

Shit; I thought I’d over stepped the mark and spent the rest of the afternoon worrying about how I could backtrack.

About 9 o’clock that night when I was in a hotel in London, the bedroom phone rang as I was sitting in my underpants reading erotic stories on the laptop. In those days hotel internet connections were very expensive and notoriously slow; so I filled floppy discs up with stories at the weekend; to feed my lust while away from home.

Puzzled; as I’d already spoke to my wife earlier, I picked up the receiver, “Hello.”

“Mac?” A female voice asked, then there was a pause.


“It’s Kate….I….I…..just wanted to….know if you got that….fax I sent.” My sexy young colleague mumbled.

Phew. It sounded like I could be off the hook. “Oh hi, sweetie, yes…I did, thanks. All sorted now.”

“Good….that’s good.” She mumbled again.

“Are we OK?” I asked as I made myself comfortable on the bed. “After, what I asked earlier.”

“yes….that’s why…..that’s what I…..oh shit…..Nick Lamb turned up and I didn’t know he was there….I’m really sorry.” Kate slurred.

“Did he hear you?”

“Yes…….the bit about wearing hold ups…..but I told him it was…….my husband calling from the rig.” Then she nervously giggled.

“Phew……that was close.” I laughed.

“I know; but bloody funny too.” She giggled again.

“Are you drunk?”

“I might be.” She replied after a few seconds; “a little bit.”

“Jack been away long?” I asked her.

“Three escort izmir weeks this time.” She sighed, “it should have been two….but he even volunteered to do some overtime.”

“Oh dear; so you’re bored.” I suggested.

“Sort of….a bit……yes.” She took a deep breath, “and a bit…a bit….”

“As lonely as me?” I chuckled. “Frustrated?!

There was another gap; before she blurted out….. “I am wearing stockings…….real ones…..with a suspender belt!”

“Really?” I smiled to myself.

“White ones……with a lacy bit on the top.” Kate’s voice was now a husky whisper; and I could tell she was gulping down her wine for more courage.

“What colour?”


“Hmmmmm….very innocent colour.” She giggled. “Matching knickers?”


“Describe them for me.”

She took a deep breath and a drink, “A tiny white thong….satin…..with frilly bits around the legs……and you can see right through them.” Then there was a gap, “I wore them on my wedding night.”

“You minx.” I replied, “and why are you wearing them tonight?”

Kate just cheekily chuckled.

“What else are you wearing?”

“A dress….a short one….blue…..I wouldn’t go out wearing stocking under it ….but…..Mmmmmmm.” Kate purred; as I guessed she was touching herself.

“Which room are you in?”

“The bedroom.”

“Can anyone see in?”

“No. Its a 6th floor flat.”

“Is there a mirror in the room?”

Can you see your reflection?”

“Yes.” She responded sounding puzzled.

“Face away from it and touch your toes then look in the mirror.”

“Oh my God.” She panted.

“What can you see?”

“Right up my dress…..stocking tops and even my knickers.” She nervously chuckled.

“What about the top half……are your tits on show?”

“A bit.”

“Turn round and do the same…..then jiggle them.” I heard her laughing as she followed my instructions.

“Oh shit….that was funny.”

“Now take your dress off.”

Kate didn’t question me know; and I heard a zip being pulled down then the rustle of the dress being removed.

“Done it.” The youngster gasped.

“Now walk to the window and stand there for a minute then come back.”

That minute felt like an hour; until she picked up the phone again, panting.

“Did anyone see you?”

“I don’t think so but there are some lights on in the flats across the road.”

“Are you still facing the mirror.”


“Now rub the phone over your tits for me.”

There was silence then a gentle rustle as she did as she was told and the phone rubbed against her bra.

“Did you hear that?” She asked.

“Yes I did; now do the same to your suspenders and stocking tops.”

This time the rustling was louder and I definitely knew when the phone touched the suspender clips.

When she picked up the phone she was panting very heavily.

“Now, take your bra and knickers off.”

I’d only ever tried phone sex once before; with a friends wife. It had been fun; but she was nowhere near as submissive as Kate.

Her panting hardly masked the sound of her underwear being removed; but the image in my head had me close to cumming; but I was desperate to hold off.

“Oh God, Mac…..what are you making me do?” She sexily sighed.

“Lie on the bed and face the mirror”. I immediately heard the sound of her sitting down then moving into position.” Satisfied she was comfortable; “Now, spread your legs wide open.”

“Slide your finger along your slit.” At this stage all I could hear was her heavy breathing. “Is it wet?”

“Hmmmmmmm.” Kate purred before answering, “yes……soaking.”

“I wish I was there to take care of you.”

Before I could continue she butted in. “What would you do to me?”

“I’d lap your juices up and nibble on your clit. Is it stiff? As stiff as my cock?”

“Oh yes.” She sighed again; “are you….you know?”

“Am I what?”

“Playing with yourself?”

“Hell yes! I’ve already cum once,” I lied, “still tugging for part two.”

“TWO???” She questioned.

“Fuck yes, thinking of you might make me cum three times tonight.”

“Oh God, Mac…..three times?”

I laughed, then continued,” Are you playing with yourself?”

“Yes.” Kate whispered.

“Well after licking you and fingering you I would stand up and make you suck my dick.”

This was greeted with a sigh.

“Are you a good cocksucker?”

The husky whisper izmir escort continued; “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean? Don’t you suck Jack’s cock?”

“Not really.” She sighed again; “he thinks I’m weird because I want to do things like that. It’s not weird is it?”

“Fucking Hell….NO!” I laughed out loud; “I will let you suck my cock anytime you want.”


“Hell yes.”

“What do you mean ‘he won’t let you’?” I asked.

“I don’t know if I should say.” She whispered.

“Keep fingering your pussy then tell me.”

Kate sexily sighed then continued, “I’ve seen his magazines and I know he watches pornos when he’s away; but he says only tarts and prossies do it in real life.”

“The fucking idiot.” I laughed; “Loads of women like to suck cock; I should know….plenty have sucked mine!”

“Does your wife…..sss….suck you?” Kate panted.

“She fucking loves it……and she likes a good mouth full of cum too; lots of women do.” I lied. Well; when were were first married she did; but I didn’t want this young hottie to know that it was a thing of the past.

“Oh my God; I never thought of that.” Kate breathing was now getting heavier as I imagined her fingering herself in front of the mirror.

“Does that look good, watching yourself fingering your pussy in the mirror?”

All I could hear was the girls breath now and the occasional sigh.

“I’d fill your mouth with my cock until it filled your throat; and make you suck the whole fucking seven inches; then spray the spunk all over your face.

I continued like this for a few more minutes; explaining in detail how hard I would fuck her and what positions until I heard a squeak; then some guttural noises and a long sigh of relief.

“Are you finished?” I laughed.

“Yes.” She sexily sighed, “thank you.” (how very polite).

“Are you still wet?” I cheekily asked.

“God…yes…’s even running down my legs.” Kate sounded a bit concerned at this part.

“Don’t worry sweetie; that’s only natural when you are that turned on.” I lied again; but this fact really made my dirty mind spin into over drive.

“Have you……..finished?” Kate whispered.

“Yes.” I laughed; “all over my belly; I just wish you were here to lick it off.” I added. There was another sexy giggle a the other end of the phone. “Would you like to lick it off?”

Again there was laughter; before, “I might.”

“Mmmmmmm…well I will look forward to staying over near the factory next week then.”

“Oh….I won’t……can’t….next week…..Jack will be home.” Kate’s voice actually sounded quite sad.

“There will be another time he’s away though……and then I will have my wicked way with you.”

There was silence apart from her heavy breathing again; until, “I hope so.”

I could hardly get to sleep for thinking about the phone call; and even a touch worried about what would happen at work.

Bless her; Kate was a model of decorum the next day when I rang the office; only playfully ‘thanking me’ for our sexy phone call. When I was in the office the next week, Kate still flirted publicly with me; the following few days; but no more than usual; and how she behaved with the other Managers and Directors.

When I was in the office the following week we had a couple of short opportunities when she let me quickly grope her huge; firm tits and twice; without prompting deliberately bent over in my office to show me her stockings and tiny knickers, which where creeping up her pussy the second time, allowing me a view of her long hairy pubes sticking out the sides.

I also teased her about her husband being home and ‘taking care of her’; but she pouted and shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t tell me he hasn’t given you a good fucking after being away for three weeks.” I asked.

“Well.” She furrowed her brow, “we have had sex….a couple of times actually; but….he… just likes to be on top. Nothing like….you know…..what you talked about.” Then she gave her sexy chuckle again.

“When does he go away next?” I winked.

“Sunday.” Kate quickly responded, and smiled.

I checked my diary; but knew the answer anyway; “I will be in London on Sunday night and Monday, but…..back here Tuesday…..if you are free.”

Kate pulled a cheeky face then grinned; “I might be…..if you…..want to…..I..I…”

“Don’t make a commitment yet.” I told her; “let’s wait until Tuesday.”

I didn’t have to wait until Tuesday; as she rang my hotel on Sunday night less than an hour after her husband left for two weeks on an oil rig; and we continued where we left off; and again Monday night.

You want to know what happened on Tuesday night? You will have to wait.

To be continued……

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