Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 7

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Candy had just gotten off the phone from Ann. It was Thursday night, and they were planning what they were going to do when Ann got in town the following day. Ann said she was in the mood for dancing. Candy, quickly imagined her self dirty-dancing with Ann’s dad, but wondered how they’d pull that off… Candy didn’t bother wondering how she was going to arrange that, but decided to go out clubbing with Ann tomorrow night anyways.

The following afternoon, Candy went over to Ann’s house, and found her eating a snack. They hugged and chatted a little, until Buddy came home.

As soon as Buddy shut the front door, Candy started to feel her heart beat faster. She was trying not to look too excited, so Ann wouldn’t wonder, so Candy didn’t say much.

Ann rushed over and gave her dad a big hug.

Buddy said excitedly, “How’s my girl? I’ve missed you.”

Ann, “I’m doing great, dad. Just got home, and Candy and I are chilling out.”

Buddy looks over at Candy and gives her a warm smile, “Hey, Candy. How are you doing?”

Candy smiles back, with a blush, “I’m fine.” She almost called him “Buddy” and was glad she didn’t say anything more. Buddy had a look in his eyes that made Candy melt, but Buddy had to force his eyes away from her in order to stay calm himself.

Buddy, Ann, and Candy sat down to eat some dinner.

While they were eating, Buddy asked Ann what her plans were for that evening. Ann said they were going clubbing downtown, and just have some fun.

Candy felt this was her chance to cut in, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if your dad joined us, Ann?? I’m sure he hasn’t gone clubbing in forever. Let’s show him how to have some fun!” Candy was clever, and was hoping Ann was gullible enough to fall for it.

Ann thought for a second. She HAD been wanting her dad to go out some. She didn’t know if he was dating anyone, but she doubted he was. Maybe he might have some fun and even meet someone tonight…hmmm… “Yeah, that’s a great idea, Candy! Dad, why don’t you come hang out with some cute chicks tonight! Who knows? It’s been a while since you’ve gone dancing, casino şirketleri hasn’t it?”, she said with an enthusiastic smile.

Buddy quickly caught on to Candy’s plan, and tried not to sound too eager as well. He said, “hmmm… Well. I really didn’t have anything planned tonight. Maybe you two are right. I need to go out and have some fun. And it’ll be more fun with a pair of college chicks,” with a teasing wink.

So they finished dinner, and Ann rushed upstairs to go change. Meanwhile, Buddy and Candy were left alone in the dining room. As soon as they heard the water running upstairs, Buddy walked over to Candy and gave her a hug and a kiss. “How’re you doing, Candy? You sure look as sweet as Candy.” with a smile. He liked that she was wearing a thin skirt. He noticed the outline of her fine body as soon as he saw her earlier. He reached over and touched her firm ass. Nice, he thought to himself.

Laughing, Candy replied, “I’m great. I was nervous that Ann would get suspicious, but she thinks it’s good idea for you to come as well. I’m sure you and I can sneak in a dance,” with a smile.

Buddy had to go and change as well, so Candy went upstairs and pruned herself in Ann’s bathroom with her.

When they were ready, they all got in Buddy’s Jeep and drove off towards the club.

When they got there, Ann and Candy went in, with Buddy following them, checking out Candy’s rear-view. Buddy couldn’t wait to feel his body up against hers, and was growing hard from the thought of it.

Ann turned around and called to her dad. It was a big club, and Ann and Candy wanted to mingle towards the other end. They went off together and told her dad to just have fun.

Ann and Candy went off to the other side where it was packed full of people. It was only 11 p.m., but the floor was crowded. Music was blaring, and the lights were flickering on them like crazy,

Ann and Candy didn’t have any trouble finding guys to dance with. Candy made sure she got warmed up before the real thing. Ann was enjoying herself as well, but not too much, since she already had a boy of her own.

Meanwhile, casino firmaları Buddy walked through the crowds following the girls slowly, keeping his eye on Candy. He saw them each hook up with a guy and was seeing them dance on that floor. Meanwhile, Buddy didn’t look where he was going, and accidentally bumped into an attractive lady a few years younger. She must have thought he wanted to dance, cause she turned around, flashed him a smile and started dancing with him. Buddy could smell the beer from her hot breath, and was not turned on at all. Although, he figured he might as well have some fun tonight as well.

As the night moved on, Buddy and his partner danced, while Candy saw from the other side of the room. Buddy knew she was watching him, and Candy knew he was observing her. Whenever they were faced towards each other, they gave each other a special grin. They were both up against their partner, and dirty dancing to the beat of the music. Both pairs weren’t bad dancers at all. At one point, Candy allowed her guy to bump and grind with her. He sandwiched against her back and butt, and both had their knees bent some.

Buddy was watching this, and was getting horny and a little jealous at the sight of Candy getting down and dirty with a BOY.

Candy could tell Buddy was seeing all this, and wasn’t glancing over towards him as much. She was trying to tease him, but still making it harmless fun. She knew Buddy didn’t care really. Somehow, she had a feeling that Buddy wasn’t a big, insecure guy, and knew nothing would come out of their dancing with other people. OR at least she hoped…

Buddy started getting tired of smelling the alcohol from this half-drunk girl in front of her. Eventually, he shouted over the blaring music that he was going to get a drink and find some friends. She smiled and was immediately paired up with some other guy.

Buddy walked over the Candy and her dirty dancing, and focused just on her and that BOY.

Candy’s back was facing him, and the guy was right behind her, grinding her to the music.

Candy was really getting into it, and was güvenilir casino beginning to feel aroused herself. Not from the guy, but from the atmosphere, the heat, the rhythms, and the fact that Buddy was barely 20 feet away from her. She didn’t notice Buddy sneak up in front of her, and started sandwiching her as well. SO now Candy was in the middle. She blinked when she saw Buddy with a serious, but hot expression on his face. She immediately put her arms around Buddy’s shoulders, and allowed Buddy to put his arms on her hips, and he grinded her from the front. They looked into each other’s eyes intently, and continued to dance like that till the song was over.

When the song was over, Candy’s first guy left, leaving Candy alone with Buddy.

Another song came on, and immediately, they started bumping and grinding to the music.

Buddy’s hands were now all over Candy’s ass, moving up and down her shirt as well.

Candy got more aroused , feeling Buddy’s hands on her bare skin. She turned around in a few seconds, and allowed Buddy to hold her from behind. This time Buddy’s hands were on her waste and her front tummy. Buddy’s left hand moved from her waste to her skirt from behind, where he started feeling her from underneath. the dance floor was so crowded and was so dark most of the time that no one noticed. He could feel Candy’s body tensing up from his touch, but knew she wanted it more. So he continued. He bent his knees more, and started humping her from behind, and their bodies moved in unison. Buddy couldn’t help himself– he started kissing the back of her neck. He thought he heard Candy moan. He started grinding her harder and harder.

Candy was getting exasperated by all this excitement, and soon turned back around again. They humped each other right there, facing each other. Candy’s face was next to Buddy’s, and she took a slight step away. She moved her right hand down to wear the bulge in front of his pants were. She started massaging him, and could feel the hardness of his cock underneath the pants. Now Buddy was moaning from pleasure.

Buddy, as well, put his right hand down onto her pussy, from the outside of her skirt, and started rubbing her clit. They were both so wrapped up in this, that after the song, they both escaped the dance floor to find some privacy…

To Be Continued…

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