Canary Island Beach

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By SueLove58 (c) 2010

I decided to head off on holiday for a week and, being the winter, wanted to go somewhere where I would be able to soak up some sun. I discussed my idea with Lin and she suggested I try the Canary Islands. I had been to Tenerife 20+ years ago and had enjoyed myself but didn’t really want to return there so I opted for Fuerteventura.

Through the internet I found a villa to rent for 10 days and some cheap flights and I was all set. I’d had a busy 2009 and was looking forward to doing some sunbathing, wandering around the area and, basically, chilling out.

On my pre-trip searches I found that Fuerteventura was quite liberated with regards to beach attire. I have always enjoyed sunbathing and swimming topless but it seemed that nude sunbathing was also something that wasn’t frowned on – provided you were discreet about it. Having enjoyed nude sunbathing in my garden and become much more confident in myself and my body in 2009 I thought that I might ‘go public’ while away from home.

The beauty of arranging trips at short notice is that no sooner are they booked than you are on your way. Sure enough, I hardly had time to think about what I would do before I was landing in Fuerteventura, picking up my hire car and on my way to my rented villa.

I arrived at the villa to find the agent waiting for me with my keys. She gave me a quick tour, only two bedrooms, bathroom, lounge& kitchen so that didn’t take long. Then she opened the patio doors and we walked out onto a pleasant scene: a tidy garden with a small pool. I had arrived late afternoon and the pool was still in the sun, so it looked as if I could spend a lot of time there if I wished.

Once the agent had left I settled into my new home from home, unpacking my suitcase, showering and changing into fresh clothes. The welcome pack at the villa allowed me to make myself a coffee which took into the garden. I sat at the patio table and wound down from my trip.

For my first evening I followed directions to a local restaurant where the service was good, the food excellent and the selection of wine just what the doctor ordered. I had taken a book with me and quite happily spent my time reading and watching the other diners.

For the first two days I would drive off in my hire car in the morning to explore the island, return to the villa mid-afternoon, read, sunbathe and swim (well, float on the water) until the temperature dropped too low, then drive to a different restaurant for my evening meal.

On the third morning I decided to find a beach so that I could swim in the sea. I prefer beaches without families and children running about and the guide folder in the villa gave directions to about half a dozen that were far enough away from towns that I thought meant they would be quiet. At the back of my mind was the prospect of finally stripping off completely in a public area and I definitely didn’t want to do that with children running around.

Having selected a beach that I thought would be quiet I packed my towel, bikini, change of clothes, sun cream, water, iPod and book in my beach bag, got in my car and drove to the parking area near the beach. I had to walk about 10 minutes from the parking area down a well-worn path to the beach. The golden sand looked enticing and was very warm under my feet. There were quite a few people near where the path broke out onto the sand so I turned to my left and started walking.

Very quickly the number of people dropped off and then I found the signs that identified the clothing optional part of the beach. I took a deep breath and continued into that part, figuring that even going topless might be something to be avoided in the non-clothing optional stretch of sand.

As I walked on I was heartened by some of the bodies on display. There were a lot of people sans costume with bodies in much poorer shape than mine. I knew that, even at fifty, I was able to garner the interest of men and it was with a confident strut that I made my way past the first few couples.

I noticed that the people I was approaching would look up as they caught sight of me and there was no embarrassment on their parts as their eyes followed me as I walked past them. Even though I was still fully clothed I could feel myself becoming slightly aroused under their gaze. That reaction must have been due to my impending nakedness because I had never felt such a sensation walking along a beach in the UK.

Eventually I found a spot where I thought I would be comfortable and set down my bag. I unrolled my beach mat and towels and settled myself down. I was far enough away from my nearest fellow bathers that I would have no problem disrobing.

I removed my sandals, shorts and halter top to reveal my white bikini. Just looking at the contrast between the material and the slightly tanned skin I had gave me an extra jolt of confidence. I loosened my bikini top and freed my breasts. I am not a large breasted lady, my breasts having frequently casino şirketleri been described by my lovers as wonderful handfuls. Not being overly large they do not sag and are quite pert for a woman of my age.

As I freed them and exposed them to the air I notice that my nipples were quite distended. The thoughts of being naked in a public area and the looks I had taken in whilst reaching this point on the beach had certainly had an effect.

I remained sitting on my towel as I removed my bikini bottoms. This was it! I would finally be naked. I slid my bikini bottoms down my long, toned legs. As I bent each leg to slide them off my feet I was sure I could detect a cool breeze wafting between my legs. I could feel myself dampening and momentarily felt quite self-conscious until I realised that no-one else could see me.

I decided to go the whole hog immediately and after applying a little waterproof sun-cream I got up and made my way down to the water. It was only 20 yards or so but that initial walk was the most arousing thing I had done in a long time. I spent a few minutes in the sea then turned around and started heading back to my towel. My nipples were still very erect – probably due to the cold water! – and I suddenly realised that there was a man walking down the beach in my direction. If we both continued at the same pace I would cross his path approximately ten feet in front of him.

The man was no Adonis but I still almost moaned as I felt a tremor pass through my body at the prospect of the close encounter. Of course, I looked towards him as we approached each other. This being my first venture into this arena, I couldn’t help myself and my eyes drifted down his body to his groin. He was a middle aged man with a decent all-over tan and, much to my surprise, was completely shaved in his pubic region.

His penis seemed to be slightly ‘inflated’ and moved left and right as he walked. I knew that I was staring and when I finally tore my gaze away and back up to his face I saw a slight smile on his lips. I looked away quickly and pointed myself in the direction of my towel.

As I was about to walk in front of him I heard “Good Morning” in an English accent so I stopped walking and looked towards him.

“Hi, I’m Martin. Isn’t it a glorious day?”

“Hello, I’m Sue. Yes, lovely, and it’s going to get even better I believe.”

He held his hand out. I took it and we exchanged “Hi’s” again.

His eyes were hidden behind sunglasses but I was sure he was taking in my body as he asked me how the water was.

“Refreshing” I said, but my mouth was dry. I was feeling nervous under his gaze but at the same time quite thrilled.

I raised my hands to run them through my hair and pull it back from my face. I suddenly realised that it might looks as if I was posing for him and quickly dropped my arms back to my sides. If anything his smile widened, and I thought a saw a slight twitch of his penis.

“Well, it was nice to meet you. I hope we bump into each other again.” He said and then continued on his way.

By the time I reached my towel my heart was thumping. I quickly dried myself then sat down. I knew it was wrong but I let my hand drift down towards my groin. I ran a finger between my lips and was not surprised by the moisture I felt there. If I continued like this I might have to head back to the villa early.

I decided that the best thing to do was to dry off, apply some more sun-cream and then lie back and relax for a little while. I did just that, closing my eyes and revelling in the sensations of the sun and slight breeze wafting over my skin. The breeze would cause slight goose-bumps to erupt on my skin then the sun would warm me up and they would disappear but I nipples remained erect.

I sat up to take a drink of water and I notice a figure walking down the beach from the left. I wondered if it was Martin and another thrill went through me as I hoped he would stop and talk to me. Then I realised it wasn’t him.

This new man was much younger. He was slightly muscular and as I watched he set down his gear about twenty feet or so from where I was. I thought he was very attractive and as I watched him lay out his towel and recline on it I hoped he would notice me. If he did, he didn’t make it obvious. I was a little disappointed by this but shrugged it off and fussed around with my things as a wicked fantasy suddenly popped into my mind. It was an image of me making love to this stranger on this strange beach with others able to see.

She could feel the familiar moist sensation between my legs increase. From where I sat it appeared the stranger was sleeping, his chest rising and falling in a regular relaxed rhythm. I’m not a good judge of age, especially of muscular young me, but I thought might be in his early twenties and with a body like that I assumed that he worked out regularly.

He had been lying with the leg nearest to me bent and with his foot flat on the sand. As he relaxed, though, casino firmaları his leg dropped and his penis came into view. It looked quite large from where I was sitting and it lay over his thigh so must have been limp. I wondered if he had enough blood in his body to keep it erect.

I don’t think I had ever seen a penis that was so large – except, perhaps, in some of those stupid “big cock” pictures on the web. (Well, a woman can be interested in such things, but I think a lot of those photos are faked. At least that’s what I thought until I saw this young man.)

I picked up my sun-cream again and oozed the creamy substance onto my hand. I started working it into my legs and it felt cool and relaxing. I realised that even though I was working on my legs, my eyes were pinned on the young man’s cock. As I rubbed the cream into my thighs I could feel my lips opening and closing and my pussy seemed to be tingling of its own accord. The soft skin of my inner thigh felt smooth and I could no longer stop myself as a finger stretched from my leg and found my clit. My body shuddered and I moaned as I teased my nub while staring at the young man’s cock.

Suddenly I saw it pulse and realised it was getting bigger. I was fascinated. It continued to grow larger, thicker. It started rising off the man’s thigh then suddenly pointed towards his chest. I watched until, finally, it was fully erect and it looked more twelve inches long. I continued stimulating myself, not even wondering why it had become erect but, suddenly, it occurred to me that if I could see him so clearly then he could probably see me too.

I looked up to his face and realised he was looking at me and that I had given him quite a show. I was embarrassed but still couldn’t take my eyes off him. He smiled and his hand moved from behind his head down towards his cock. When he had it in his hand he started to slowly stroke himself. My embarrassment lessened and was replaced with a feeling of lust. I wanted to see him cum.

I lay back on my towel and restarted my own stimulation for him, watching his hand moving up and down his cock. He continued to smile at her so I smiled back, almost in disbelief at what I was doing. Here we were, two strangers masturbating for each other on a beach.

Just that additional thought was enough to take me over the edge. As my orgasm washed over me, I thrust my pelvis upwards to meet my hand as waves of pleasure rocked my body. I groaned with delight as the sensations subsided and my breathing became regular again. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had, no doubt a consequence of the tension that had been building ever since I had arrived at the beach.

I looked back over towards the man. He was licking his lips and he flashed me a big toothy grin. My eyes were drawn back down to his cock when he released it. He rose to his feet and made his way towards me.

I was like a deer in headlights. What did he think was going to happen now? I hoped he didn’t think that on the basis of my exhibitionism something more significant was going to happen. I sat up and started gathering my belongings but my eyes were drawn to his groin and his cock as it bounced with each of step. It was hypnotic. Although I got to my feet it was too late. He took me into his arms and pulled me close. I was trapped. I opened my mouth to scream and attract the attention of the other bathers on the beach when he clamped his lips over mine.

He held me so tight that I couldn’t breathe. When he released me and removed his mouth he said loud enough for someone walking by “Hello. I’ve missed you. It’s good to see you again.”

Then, slightly quieter he said in a European accent “Where are you going? Did you think that you could get me worked up and then just leave?”

“Please!” I begged as I felt his cock against my stomach “I’m sorry! Please let me go. I’m married!”

I hoped that claiming a husband would make him think twice because of the risk of retribution.

“I don’t think so. I have seen you out and about on your own these recent evenings. If you are married he’s not with you. And if that is the case then him letting such a beautiful old lady out on her own is his mistake – and your problem.”

I moaned at his revelation about seeing me previously.

“Sweet lady, I’m going to show you how well a German can treat a lady and to help you realise that it is not right for a mature woman to tease a young man, especially if you really are married.”

He pushed his cock against me again.

“And,” he said as he moved backwards and grabbed his cock with one hand, “I know how much you will enjoy this.”

He spun me around and quickly dropped me back onto my beach mat. His hand pressed firmly against my neck, pinning me on my front. “No!” I screamed in my head. “Not like this!”

I tried desperately to keep my legs closed but he forced his legs between them and spread too easily.

“Please!” I begged but it was muffled by the mat and güvenilir casino sand. It was no surprise that I received no response.

Then I felt the tip of his cock come into contact with my pussy lips and I thought “Oh God!”

I knew I was still wet and as he moved his cock up and down my moist slit the moisture lubricated his cock-head. Suddenly he stopped moving his cock around, placed it at my entrance then pushed forward slightly. I moaned as the head entered me. I may be mature but that did not mean I was loose. Indeed his girth was such that he had to ease the head in slowly even with all of the lubrication.

He nudged forwards again, embedding himself a little deeper. His hands held onto my bum-cheeks and he mauled them as he withdrew his cock. The empty feeling he left behind was only momentary as he thrust himself back in, penetrating deeper this time.

“Oh my God! What have I done?” I thought as he slowly started pumping my pussy and with each thrust burying himself deeper inside her.

He was deeper inside me than any man had ever been and he was still going, penetrating a little further as my pussy accommodated his cock a little easier with each thrust. I wondered if I would be able to cope with his full length but then I felt his balls against my clit. He had made it all the way in! I wondered if he’d managed that with any of his younger conquests.

He started thrust at a faster rate sliding in and out of me in smooth strokes. Even with all of my experience I was surprised at how easy he was finding it. The initial soreness from the initial stretching of my pussy was slowly subsiding and being replaced by pleasurable twinges. The sensations grew stronger as he fucked me. I couldn’t control my body. The sensations were becoming too much. I thrust back against him, enjoying the sensation of him bottoming out against my clit. He knew I was his now.

The waves of pleasure were growing stronger and stronger with each thrust. I wanted the pleasure to continue. I had forgotten that I was on a public beach. Did I really just want to be this young man’s fuck toy?

I could not stop moaning. Each time his balls hit my clit a tremor went through me. I forced my chest down so that I could feel the rough texture of the beach mat against my nipples. I had to admit to myself that the session was turning into the best fuck of her life. It could definitely not count as making love.

I came hard. He held onto my hips to maintain his control over me. As my climax finished he started thrusting again, but faster than previously and using his grip on my waist as leverage. I was loving it. Waves of pleasure rapidly built inside me again and another orgasm washed over me. I heard a scream as if from a distance but realised that it was me who was screaming in ecstasy.

This time the man didn’t stop his thrusts. He rode out my climax and fucked me even more furiously. Before I knew what was happening I was on the verge of another orgasm.

“Oh God” I panted “What are you doing to me? I’m cumming again.”

He threw his weight on top of me and slowed himself down as I climaxed, then he pulled out as my shaking slowed. Before I had a chance to complain about the void he’d left in my pussy he grabbed my arm and flipped me onto my back. I’d never before had so many orgasms in one go.

The young German looked down at me and grinned at me.

“That was good, yes?” he asked “You want me to continue? I have much left for a woman like you.”

I couldn’t help but nod, thinking that I was going to be fucked silly by this sex machine.

I looked down my body and watched his groin move towards me again. I felt the head of his cock enter me. It slid deep inside me. He immediately set up a fast pace. He was going to have me screaming again in no time.

“You like this, don’t you. Your teasing has got you this.” he growled at me, “I have the best cock you have ever had haven’t I?”

My only reply was to continue moaning with pleasure.

“Answer, or I stop right now!” he threatened.

Of course there was no way I wanted this to stop, especially as I was on my way to another orgasm.

“I stop now!”

“No!” I moaned.

“No what?” he smiled at me.

“No! Please don’t stop!”

“Why not?” he laughed.

Oh, you’re loving this you bastard, I thought to myself, but I wasn’t going to do anything to cause it to end.

“So good! You feel so good inside me!”

He grabbed my legs and lifted them up to his shoulders.

“I do, don’t I. I am good. Are you my toy, lady?”

“Yes, I am your fuck toy. Fuck your toy. Fuck me with your big German cock!”

I couldn’t believe that it was me saying such things. As my next orgasm hit me I couldn’t do anything expect feel the pleasure.

“I’m cumming again. Your cock is so good. Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!” I moaned. Then I just saw blackness.

I opened my eyes and looked up to find the German above me, looking down with some concern. That changed to relief as I took a breath. Then I felt his cock still inside me. I felt it twitch so I clamped down on it with my pussy muscles.

“Oh you are awake?” he faked surprise, “Did you enjoy your sleep?”

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