Butt Jewelry

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Author’s Note: This story takes place in one of those high schools where everyone is eighteen or older. You know the ones.


Riley waited for Jen by the front of the school. She smiled when she saw her friend approaching and turned to fall into step beside her.

“Morning,” Riley said cheerfully.

“Morning,” Jen greeted her in return. “Anything interesting this morning?”

Riley shrugged. “Seems like a few more showing ’em off every day. No teachers around keeping an eye on things so far either.”

“Nice. You’re wearing yours?”

Riley gave Jen a sideways look. “You think I wouldn’t?”

“You might have forgotten.”

“Pff, and let you have all the attention? Like hell.”

The girls grinned at each other. Right at the front doors they stopped, each hooked their fingers in their waistbands, and pulled their leggings and panties down at the same time, just past their butts. They then proceeded inside.

Riley held the door for Jen and followed just behind her. She took a moment to check out the jeweled butt plug Jen was wearing. It was basically the same as Riley’s, except that hers had a light blue jeweled base, and Jen’s was pink.

They walked side by side down the halls. They’d taken care with their outfits, as anyone showing off butt jewelry had to. Their backpacks didn’t come down low enough to cover their asses, nor did their shirts.

Their bottoms had been tested to make sure they’d sit just below their butts without riding up or down too far. It wouldn’t do for their pants to fall all the way down, after all, and if no one could see their plugs, there wasn’t much point. Riley and Jen had spent at least an hour or two walking around one of their houses together when no one else was around, just to test options. They each had a few choices that would work for them. Mostly leggings, though other options could work too if the hips weren’t too high on them.

“I think you’re right,” Jen said. “Hard to know for sure, but I think more people are getting in on this.”

Riley nodded, subtly scoping out other jewelry show offs. There weren’t exactly an abundance of girls walking around with pants pulled partway down, shiny plugs on display between their cheeks, but enough that anywhere she looked she could spot one. It become a common enough fashion statement that it wasn’t quite act of bravery it had been at first, though it still took some courage and self-assurance to actually go in public like that.

Even fewer boys were showing off like than girls were, but again, more than there had been. Enough that you could spot them here and there without having to search too hard.

“More hearts lately,” Riley observed as she checked out shiny butt plugs going by.

“Everyone used to go for the standard circle bases for a while, huh?”

“We definitely did.”

“Well yeah. Hearts are cute I guess, but maybe a little too cutesy?”

“I kinda like ’em. I might get one at some point.”


“I dunno. Maybe. If this keeps getting more popular, we’re gonna need to switch it up from time to time, you know.”

“True.” Jen sighed. “As scary as it was, I miss those first few times we did this, when hardly anyone was showing their plugs. We’d get all that attention without even having to work at it.”

Riley nodded. The same amount of butt and jewelry showing with the exact same carefully calculated sway in their hips just didn’t get the same results anymore. Still, they’d at least gotten in early enough to gain some notoriety from their efforts. Anyone starting now could still get respect for it, but wouldn’t get to be a trend-setter by any means.

The girls stopped at their lockers. They’d managed to finagle their way into getting ones side by side, which made things especially convenient these days. They both were much more comfortable showing off their butt plugs with the other nearby for moral support.

Not that they’d admit hesitance to anyone else, of course. They had a bit of a rep now, which was new and fun.

“Rumour has it lots more students are wearing plugs than we think,” Jen mentioned conversationally. “Only they keep their pants over ’em, is all.”

Riley snorted. “Well that doesn’t count. Scaredy cats. I mean, I knew some people were still doing that. You think it’s a lot? I woulda thought anyone who really wanted to stay fashionable woulda kept up better.”

“Could be basically everyone for all I know. Or maybe everyone wearing one is already showing it off. Who knows?”

The girls took their sweet time rummaging in their lockers while sticking their asses out just a tad, without being too blatant about it of course. Once they closed their lockers up, they each adopted a lean against them, bags on the floor beside them, hips angled to show off their butts while they faced each other and chatted some more.

“Have you seen Logan?” Jen asked, giving a slight movement of her head to indicate an indistinct area behind Riley somewhere.

Riley casually looked over her shoulder, and was easily able to locate the boy in the question. “Oh, ok, sure. That’s only a li’l baby plug, though, bahis firmaları from the look of it.”

“At least he’s doing it. It’s still interesting when boys get into it.”

“Lucky them.”

“Those girls flirting with him are interested, anyway.”


Jen shrugged. “Maybe a little. You know I crushed on him a bit last year.”

“I remember.”

“Now… now he’s just that little bit more interesting.”

“Better do something quick. If he’s got two girls after him already…”

Jen waved her hand dismissively. “I don’t see any butt crack on either of them, let alone jewels.”

“Doesn’t always matter.” Riley grinned wickedly. “Or maybe they’d got plugs in under their clothes, and they’re gonna… show him privately.”

Jen pouted. “Whose side are you on, anyway?”

“Yours, of course. Just give me the word if you wanna move in. I’ll help you get them out of the way.”

“Nah. Let them have their fun. Not sure if I even want to go for him.”

“Yeah you do. If even I know you do, you certainly must.”

“I’m being aloof here, thank you very much.”

“And a splendid job you’re doing of it. It’s just that I know you so well.”

“Ah. And here I thought it was ’cause I specifically mentioned him being kind of interesting.”

“That certainly helped.”

Riley reached back and touched the base of her butt plug, casually toying with it a little. Most of the fun was in showing it off, the shiny fake gem sticking out of her butthole, which in turn provided some very, very limited illusion of modesty by not actually letting anyone see said butthole. It was a daring look, though slightly more common every day at their school.

But admittedly, Riley also kind of enjoyed the feel of it. The plug in her butt, making itself known when she walked of shifted her hips. Or when she sat on it in class and subtly wiggled herself around on it. Or even when she just played with it a little in the middle of a semi-crowded hallway.

“Plug falling out?” Jen asked, a smile teasing the corner of her lips.

“Not hardly. My butthole is very tight and secure, thank you.”

“Seemed like you needed to adjust just now.”

Riley stuck her tongue out at Jen’s teasing grin. “I like the feel of it. I’m allowed.”

“You’re not supposed to let anyone see that. You’re just s’posed to casually show your plug off like you don’t even care. You know how this works.”

“Well maybe I’ll just start something new. Gotta keep ahead of the curve, right?”

“You really wanna try making masturbating in front of everyone the new thing?”

“… well not when you put it like that.”

Riley rolled her eyes at Jen’s beaming smirk. She didn’t much mind what Jen thought. They both knew how good walking around all day with plugs in felt. It wasn’t a secret. Just, for prestige reasons, it wasn’t something they were supposed to acknowledge publicly.

As her eyes wandered, Riley caught sight of Hailey. Riley didn’t react, tried not to give any sign she’d noticed, but followed Hailey with her eyes as she passed.

Hailey was rumoured to have been the first girl to dare actually showing her plug. Before that, it had been a whispered secret that some students were wearing them to school, unconfirmed and possibly little more than a myth. No one quite knew for sure who had been the first to take the obvious step of proving they were wearing their butt jewel, but Hailey’s name was a top contender in school gossip.

“Anyone ever figure out if she was first?” Riley asked, turning to follow Hailey’s ass with her eyes for a moment.

“Still inconclusive last I heard,” Jen said, not needing clarification on what Riley meant. “But I got something better.”

“Better than who was first?”


Riley scrunched her mouth slightly at the look on Jen’s face. “Well are you gonna tell me?”

“It’s a good one.”

“Great. So tell me.”

Jen took another moment to savour her advantage in rumour gathering, then leaned in and dropped her voice conspiratorially. “The plug Hailey’s been wearing…”


“Apparently it vibrates.”


“Vibrates. Like a vibrator. In her butt.”

Riley turned around a little too quickly to maintain her air of nonchalance. Hailey’s locker was down the hall, and though her bum wasn’t visible, let alone what she was wearing in it, Riley could see the side of her face when the wall of students between them shifted the right way.

“There’s no way,” Riley said. “She wouldn’t just be… vibing herself all day. Would she?”

“I expect it can be turned off and on.”

“Oh, yeah, that would make sense.” Riley chewed her lip thoughtfully, her mind going to the brief image of the jewel between Hailey’s butt cheeks that she’d captured moment ago. “You really think it vibrates though?”

Jen shrugged. “How would I know? It’s just what I hear.”

“It would be keeping ahead of the rest of us. That’s for sure.”

“I dunno. It gets awfully close to the masturbation thing again.”

Riley tilted her head and looked disbelievingly at Jen. “You seriously gonna tell kaçak iddaa me you wouldn’t be impressed.”

Jen thought for a moment. “Well yeah, I’d be impressed. I mean, it’d make a sound when vibrating, right? That’d get even more attention. And be a bit riskier probably.” She switched to her conspiratorial tone again. “But wouldn’t it just make you horny though?”

Riley laughed softly. “Probably. But then, I get kinda horny as it is.”

Jen matched Riley’s nearly silent laughter. “You’re not s’posed to admit it, you goof.”

“You already know.”


“And even if you didn’t, I can trust you with my secrets.”

“Probably just as well. If you didn’t trust me with secrets, you’ve been awfully liberal in telling them to me.”

Riley, mulling things over in her head, reached a decision. “I’m gonna go ask her.”

Jen arched an eyebrow. “Hailey?”


“Is that allowed?”

“Asking her? Why not.”

“I dunno. Ruins the mystique, I guess.”

“Well I just won’t tell you what she says, then. Keep the mystique intact.”

“Don’t you dare hold out on me.”

“We’ll see.”

Riley slipped through the hall, conscious of her lack of wingwoman as she moved away from Jen. She could still operate solo if she needed to, but it was way more comfortable with her best friend next to her, both of them showing off their jewels instead of just her.

“Hailey?” Riley said as she took up a lean on the locker next to Hailey’s.

Hailey closed up her locker. “Riley,” she returned. Her gaze shifted downward, and without really thinking about it Riley half-turned to show that she was displaying a plug. Hailey’s smile grew bigger. “Nice.”


“I think I heard you were wearing a plug. One of the early adopters, right? You and Jen?”

Riley nodded, flushing slightly at her reputation preceding her. “That’s right. Not that we’re quite on your level.”


“Well… some say you were first.”

Hailey shrugged. “Other girls started wearing them before I did.”

“None showed them off, though. You were first at that?”

Hailey smiled slyly but didn’t say anything.

“You’re not gonna tell me, are you?” Riley said.

“A girl’s gotta keep some mystery.”

“Fair.” Riley shifted her weight, inadvertently reminding herself of her butt plug. Even with all her experience, she still caught herself off-guard with it at times. “New rumour is you have a, uh, different kind of plug these days.”

“Maybe I do.”

“Mystery again?”

“Tell you what. Tell me what you think is special about it before I say anything.”

Riley swallowed, growing more nervous despite not quite knowing why. “Does it… vibrate?”

Hailey nodded easily, all smiles. “Got it in one.”

“For real?”

“Yep.” Hailey turned to show her butt to Riley.

“It, uh, kinda doesn’t look that different to a regular plug,” Riley said.

“I know, right? Still just like a regular old butt jewel. Give it a press though.”


“The jewel. Press it for about three seconds.”

Riley swallowed, going somewhat fluttery as she reached for Hailey’s plug. She’d touched other people’s plugs on occasion. While they were wearing them, even. It happened. This felt different to her, and she didn’t quite know why.

There was a border around the edge of Hailey’s jewel, where the base of the plug was wider than the gem. When Riley pressed in the middle, the jewel clicked in just a bit, enough to be noticeable. Nothing happened, but after a few seconds, a whirring noise started up and Riley yanked her hand back from the sudden vibrations as though it had gone hot.

Riley flushed deeper red, embarrassed at her reaction. Hailey didn’t seem to pay it any mind, though.

“See?” Hailey said.

“I do,” Riley mumbled, still staring at her ass. She was bizarrely transfixed.

Hailey casually reached down and pressed her button again. The whirring grew louder.

“It’s got different settings and everything,” Hailey explained. “Different speeds, but also it’s got patterns.”

She pressed her plug a couple times, and Riley got what she meant when the sound started going on and off in a controlled rhythm.

“That’s pretty fucking cool,” Riley said.

“Isn’t it?”

“So is. Do you actually turn it on while you’re wearing it?”

“Of course. What’s the point otherwise?”

“Uh, yeah. True.”

“Obviously I don’t have it on most of the time. The noise isn’t so bad when there’s people around, but in class when it gets quiet or something, you’re be surprised how obvious it is.”

Riley’s eyes widened. “In class?”

“Well… the thing about it is, right, that sometimes if you don’t pay attention, you can kinda turn it on accidentally just by sitting the wrong way. And then to turn it off without actually sticking your hand down the back of your pants, not the easiest.”

“Oh wow. That sounds crazy.”

Hailey grinned, flushing just slightly pink. “Not that crazy.”

“No way. Definitely crazy. You get in trouble for it or anything?”

“I’ve been lucky. I always keep kaçak bahis covered up in class.”

“Well of course.”

“And I think mostly people think it’s a phone on vibrate. Teachers do, anyway. Some of the people next to me… some of them have definitely caught on.”

“Damn. That’s insane.”

“Glad you think so.”

A sudden flurry of activity at one end of the hall caught both girls’ attention. Everyone displaying butt jewelry was pulling their pants up. Neither Riley or Hailey hesitated to do the same. A moment later, Mr. Simmons walked by. He didn’t catch anyone with their pants down, in a literal sense or otherwise, and didn’t seem to be trying too hard either.

Like many teachers, he didn’t bother getting as worked up about the new trend as he might have when it started. Some of them had been fiercely annoyed by the new fashion trend, but it was a hard one to catch anyone out on, since they could always just pull their pants up and pretend nothing was amiss.

Most everyone who’d adjusted their cover went right back to showing their butts again when the danger was past, Riley and Hailey included.

Hailey pressed her plug and held it for a few seconds, turning it off. It was only then that Riley realized it had still be running as a teacher walked by.

“I need to get one of those,” Riley blurted before she’d actually decided it was a good idea to say aloud.

Hailey looked curious and impressed. “Yeah? You’d wear one?”

“I think so. I mean, it looks cool and kinda fun. And I mean, gotta keep ahead of everyone else, right?”

Hailey glanced around as she turned back so she was fully facing Riley. Riley was disappointed not to get to see her butt anymore. To kind of a weird degree, actually. She wasn’t sure what was with that. She’d seen the plug. That had been the main goal.

“Almost getting popular, isn’t it?” Hailey said. “Even the boys are starting to get into it. I wasn’t sure they would, really, except for a special few.”

“Most of ’em still just like looking.”

“Can’t blame them for that, I s’pose.”

Riley felt an inexplicable little flutter in her tummy. “You think?”

Hailey grinned. “Don’t tell me you don’t like looking. Everyone does. Mostly everyone.”

“Oh. Well yeah. Sure.”

“You’re fascinating, you know.”

“I am?”

“Yep. I think you must be one of the bravest girls in school, but the way you get flustered so easily I can’t quite figure out what’s going on there.”

Riley squirmed. “Usually I got Jen with me. She makes me braver.”

Hailey arched an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“You know. Best friends for forever, basically. Everything’s easier with her around.”

“Just friends?”

“Um… what?”


“No, what did you-“

“So listen, I gotta get to class, obviously. You really want a plug like mine?”

Riley really did. She’d wanted one anyway, but the way Hailey asked made her bizarrely interested specifically in matching with her. “I do.”

“Cool. I’ll bring you one. Maybe tomorrow if I remember.”

“You will?”

“Sure. It’d be nice having someone else doing the vibrating thing. As far as I know it’s just me so far.”

Riley’s tummy fluttered again. “So it’d be just us, then.”

Hailey smiled wide. “Fun, right?”

“Um… so you want me to pay you back when you bring it or-“

“Nah. I got a source. Don’t worry about it. Just gotta let me see you wear it, obviously.” Hailey’s smile became almost suggestive. “Maybe I could help you put it in, even.” She winked, then slowly turned and walked away.

Riley stood right where she was, both because she was confused and wasn’t sure what had just happened, and because she couldn’t take her eyes off Hailey’s ass. As she watched, Hailey reached back and pressed her plug, presumably turning it on, though she was too far away to be sure.

Riley was still a bit dazed when she rejoined Jen.

“So?” Jen prompted.


“Is it a vibrator?”

“Oh. That. Yeah, it is.”

“Cool. Seemed like you talked about it kind of a lot.”

“That and other stuff.”


“Well mostly just about plugs, I guess. I think… I think she’s gonna bring me one. Like hers.”

Jen looked impressed. “Wow, really? How’d you swing that?”

“I… didn’t really do anything. She said she just wanted someone else to wear one. I don’t think that’s really the reason, but I don’t know what is.”

Jen tilted her head and seemed about to say something, but the bell rang before she could. “Catch you at lunch?” she said instead.

“Definitely.” Riley took a deep breath and prepared to face her morning classes. “I’ll probably wanna hang after school too, the way this day’s going.”

“Yeah yeah, of course. No one’s home at my place until this evening.”



Riley was distracted all day. Classes were sometimes a place for games of showing off some more, even just pulling her bottoms down some while in her seat, enough to show a little shine from her bum.

She wasn’t the only one, either. It wasn’t really a surprise these days to see one or two shiny plugs showing for most of a period, if one wanted to look. Riley had even seen some games of letting others touch the plug a bit while class was happening, though she didn’t really get into that sort of thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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