building Harrys Harem – part 5

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He groaned as he woke up to the light snoring of the beautiful miss bones. He was still held within her despite being flacid. at least for a few moments. Moments after waking up his insatiable sex drive was active once more and he started getting hard. It was weird getting hard when already inside someone. It gave an instant pressure engulfing the entirety of his cock all at once and she shifted as she woke up. He stroked her cheek gently and knelt between her legs, twisting her around his pole and onto her back. She smiled tiredly up at him, blinking the sleep out of her eyes. “Could you please be gentle master? I am a little sore from last night.” she requested daintily, and he smiled with love down at her, stroking her hair out of her face, leaving it to fan beneath her head.

“Of course my love. Ask and you may receive.” he slowly started rocking his hips back and forth, pulling almost completely out before sliding back in, the muscles in her tunnel squeezing him like she was still a virgin. There was one definite plus about witches… no matter the age, no matter how often they had had sex, given a night to recover and they would be tight as virgins in the morning. He kissed her gently as her muscles massaged his long, thick cock, the tip pushing against her cervix as usual, and she was gasping and grasping his back. There was a flurry of activity when she let out a moan, and the curtains were torn back to reveal all 4 of her room mates staring at them wide eyed. They made no move to stop, and the girls just stared, enchated at the sight, fixated, for the next 20 minutes, watching the pair fucking and listening to susans moans as they got louder. She had a huge climax, her back arching, her nails digging into his shoulders, her hair plastered to her face and her features twisted in exstacy. So of the girls were touching themselves without realising it. After another 5 minutes Harry came inside her once more, before realising he had forgotten the anti-pregnancy charm.. Oh well, no use crying over spilt baby batter… He turned his head, still holding himself up above Susan but looking to the girls who were so engrossed that they didn’t notice.

He watched them hungrily. On the left was a tall Brunette girl, her dark brown hair cut off at her shoulders, her features aristocratic. He remembered her to be a pureblood, and remembered she was often thought to be a slytherin due to her cold and aristocratic exterior. She had a small chest and a very slim figure. Beside her was the delightful blonde, Hannah abbot, with her ample assets. Her hips were slightly wider than most girls, but it wasn’t so bad as to be even a slight turn off. The other 2 were identical twins, like the Patils. They had pitch black hair, slim figures, and the large assets he had become accustomed to. He watched avidly. Each girls skirt was hitched up above her waist, her underwear around their ankles, and their long slender fingers sliding slowly in and out of their holes, smoothly, the juices pouring down their legs. He smirked to himself, noticing their wands all on their nightstands and with an unnoticed wave of his wand conjured a long rope behind them which glowed blue as it became a portkey. They came to at the glow and turned to see the rope just before all 4 of them were stunned and fell into it, disappearing to his basement. He leaned down and kissed the glowing susan (figuratively. You know, the after sex glow) and slid out of her with the wet pop before disappearing, not even bothering to grab his clothes.

He reappeared in his basement, at the casino şirketleri top of the stairs, the girls slumped in a pile of bodies at the bottom. He smirked and with a few waves they were all strung up with no clothes. All of their cunts were shaved, which he couldn’t help but smile at. He checked his watch. 7:50. Damn. He didn’t have time to play yet… He pouted and went upstairs to shower and grab a change of clothes, leaving the girls naked and tied, locked in the basement, before taking a portkey back to school, to a room just under the grand staircase. He stepped out and casually swaggered into the hall, moving over to the Ravenclaw table, joined by padma, Daphne, and Blaise, who all kissed him deeply in greeting. He spanked each of them once, getting a small groan and a wink from each as they sat. There were curtains hung around the hall, black, and Dumbledore stood.

“Students, I am afraid there have been three deaths. I would like everyone to take a moment and raise their glasses to Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe.” Harry snorted. The old fart couldn’t come up with anything better? Or was he just that bad at handling children? After only 30 seconds, chatter started again and Dumbledore sat, shaking his head slightly. As he stuffed a sausage into his mouth he cast a glance over the staff table, and was surprised when he noticed a woman walking towards him.

“Tonks?” she had her usual pink hair, her really tight weird sisters T-shirt and some trousers, while having altered her features to look like one of those innocent schoolgirls from hentai porno’s. Harry fought off the drool. “What are you doing here?” she sat next to him, patting his leg. He closed his eyes to fight his reaction, which she seemed to take another way.

“Dumbledore thinks that its time someone tried to talk to you about… your capture. He thinks you are more likely to open yourself up to me. He says that you are to take the day off to come talk with me.” He repressed the grin and nodded, trying to look sad.

“well… alright. Im not sure if I can open up though.” he muttered. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and helped him up before he could finish his breakfast. He pouted. It was taunting him! She led him out the hall and into the open of the grounds, obviously heading to the lake.

“So, what exactly happened?” He decided to play along for a shot time.



He was flying after the snitch, his broom at top speed. Almost there… he glared at Malfoy as the boy knocked him, and shoved back, laughing at the ferret as he was knocked too far away to do anything. He stretched his arms and swiped the small winged ball out the air. He looked down to see the pitch had gone and he was stock still, surrounded by the death munchers. He panicked, eyes widening, but he couldn’t move.

“Ah potter… Potter, Potter, Potter…” Voldemort was slightly ahead of him on the ground, Bellatrix next to him, bouncing up and down like a school girl. He glared at the man. “Pleasure for you to joing us.” He said, raising his wand, followed by every other deatheateer bar Bellatrix. As one, they yelled out the crucio spell, and it took every ounce of will not to scream. He blacked out.

End flashback

“Oh Harry!” She muttered, tears streaming down her face as she hugged him. They were in a little alcove, well away from where any students went, even outside of classes. It was hidden by foliage. He felt her huge bosom pressed against his chest as he hugged her tight. After a few minutes she backed casino firmaları away and sat on a log in front of him, gesturing for him to sit on a stump, which he did. “What… What happened then?” she asked, almost dreading the answer.


“Oh, so the brat finally decided to wake up!” Voldemort said jovially, almost welcoming. “I was getting bored!” He raised his wand and hissed another crucio, hitting harry between the eyes, and he writher in his chains against the floor of Voldemorts throne room. There were at least 30 death eaters watching him. He couldn’t really see their reactions, as they were hidden behind masks. Bella seemed like a little school girl, smiling and jumping up and down. He vaguely noticed her chest rising and falling… he groaned, not sure if from the spell or something else, as it came to a stop. “Noble. Not a sound. Bella? Take him for a private session, while I… teach… your comrades.” she skipped over to harry, binding him and removing the chains, floating him with Levicorpus out of a side door. He saw the ceiling sliding by, as she led him for about 5 minutes, turning into another door. In those 5 minutes he had come up with a plan.

She lay him on a rough table, much like what he assumed would count for a prison bed, barely 3 feet off the floor with a thin and scratchy straw matress. She tied his ankles and wrists to the corners of the bed, his torso and legs bare. “Bella.” he muttered, trying to show strength.

“What did you call me?” she muttered, almost like a little kid when her parents had first used a pet name.

“Bella.” he muttered again. She frowned and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Why did you call me that.” she half asked.

“Its… a beautiful name.” he told her. He supposed it was, but he still struggled to say it in relation to this insane woman beside him. She may be attractive, but no one that evil could be beautiful. He saw a brief glimpse of longing as she looked at him.

“Say it again.” she said, stroking a bony finger down his chest. He closed his eyes, praying for strength.

“Bella.” he muttered, and she leant down to kiss him.

“Scream, or they’ll come looking.” he looked at her curiously.

“If you scream I wont have to hurt you.” she muttered, lying and resting her head on his chest. He closed his eyes and tried his best to start screaming, occasionally throwing in an expletive and a vow to never break or leave the light. After an hour he was sweaty, and exhausted. Every now and then she had gotten him to say her name, and each time he tried to say it as though he loved her, shoving his own loathing down into his stomach.

End flashback

Tonk was looking at him as if surprised he could still function. “That was the first day?” He nodded, before realising he was saying too much. Tonks came over and sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around him again, sobbing. He nuzzled her neck while she cried, and when she finally stilled they pulled back, looking in each others eyes. She leant in and kissed him gently for a few minutes, deepening it to a full blown snog. While she did he let his hands roam, pulling her wand out of her pocket and slipping it into his own. She pulled back suddenly, looking surprised at herself. “We cant do this!” she stated. He growled at her. Teasing him like that! He pushed her til she was on her back, waving his hand and casting a silencing and imperturbable bubble around them, stopping anyone from possibly noticing them. He lay on top of her holding her down and she looked shocked as he started güvenilir casino to kiss her neck. “Harry! Get off me! Get off me, now!” She started to scream for help as he let his hands roam, causing the ever hard charm and anti pregnancy charms to activate. He then did the one causing her to cum at the slightest touch, and before he knew it her bottom half was absolutely soaked and she couldn’t scream for help, too busy screaming from orgasms.

He smirked at her pleading eyes and with one hand forced her trousers down her waist, reaching her knees. He then manoeuvred his own pants down, sliding his cock out of his boxers, and she started to cry. “Please! Don’t do it! I don’t want to love you!” Each word was punctuated by screams and creams. It was like there was a constant stream of piss blasting out of her, and it was flying constantly into his stomach, as if she was pissing all over him. He smirked and without permeable pushed. Despite her absolutely soaked cunt, and the sloshing sounds as he pushed his head up and down between her lips, he still struggled to get inside he. He pushed as hard as he could, almost painfully bending his cock from the preassure, before there was a sudden release and in one swift motion he was buried inside her. He was enjoying the feel of her juices splashing his balls. He grabbed her neck and squeezed to show domination as he pounded her unceremoniously. He was pounding her so hard that she was sinking into the grass slightly. He moaned as he pounded, and then she tried something to get him to stop. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the few pictures she had seen before changing. Her hair turned auburn, her features getting more square, and her breasts reducing to a small C cup, freckles spattering her face and body. She grew a large auburn bush, and a well defined torso and abdomen. She had become…

“Oh mom!” He groaned, and he slowed it down to become more loving, kissing the now shocked and even further appaled tonks into a deep kiss as he kept pounding. “Mom! Oh ive always wanted to do this! You have no idea how many times ive burst a load at your picture!” he moaned. Tonks was still cumming, but it was no longer squirting due to the transformation. “oh, you are perfect mum! I love you, and I want to give you children and grandchildren at the same time!” her cunt was as tight as ever, every single ring felt by his cock as he made love to the woman who looked like his own mother. He didn’t just hit her cervix, he pushed in at least 3 inches. His mother ahd been very small, only 4 10. Barely taller than the first years. Tonks was in both exrutiating pain and pleasure. She was being raped, she was fuller than she had ever felt before, and as her cervix stretched with each thrust she felt an inexplicable need for more.

He fucked her long and slow, constantly declaring his love for both his mum and tonks, for giving him this chance before finally cumming deep into her after 2 straight hours. She was ridiculously sore as the glow surrounded her and she suddenly changed her opinion. “I love you so much Harry! Never leave me!” She moaned. He kept going due to the charm, flipping her over and pounding into her arse… it was as tight as her cervix had been. Was being the key word once he was done, and he lifted his spent cock from her ass. She quickly crawled over and sucked it clean, licking every crevice. She altered her tongue to make it extra long and wrapped harrys entire length in her now massive tongue, growing and shrinking the organ, causing a sort of spiralling effect on his cock. He grinned and apprated her back to his house where he forgot about the other girls and made love to tonks, who still looked like his mother, all night long, and most of the next day.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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