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There is so much fun to be had in the world of sex. Infinite combinations. Two bisexual men and one straight woman. Two bisexual women and two straight men. Two lesbians. Two gay men. Two bisexual women and one straight man. A Black man and a Black woman. A white woman and a Black man. An Asian woman and a Black man. A Black man and another Black man. A Black woman, a Hispanic man and a Middle-Eastern Transsexual. Just think of the possibilities. It’s all good. I just wish people would stop being stuck up on issues like Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation. Sex is natural. We should all do it as often as possible. Doesn’t matter if we’re male or female, Black or white, Straight, Bisexual, Transsexual or Gay. The more sex we have, the better our chances for World Peace. If you’re too busy getting laid, then you’re not trying to stir up trouble across the globe. Sex is fun. And anal sex is the best sexual experience of all.

There is nothing quite like the joy I feel when watching some lucky Black man slide his thick dick into a big Black woman’s naturally tight asshole. Seriously. Big Black women with really big butts seem to think they’re immune to the wonders of butt fucking. And that is a crying shame. It’s not that big Black women the world over simply don’t like anal sex. Many of them do. It is a guilty pleasure for them. The fact is that most of them are accustomed to thinking certain things, like a good ass fucking, only happen to skinny white chicks.

To a big Black woman watching a romantic movie, it’s clear that the skinny white chick will get the hunky guy and live happily ever after. In the porno movies, it’s skinny white chicks doing all kinds of wicked, sexy things with the hot guys. It’s only recently that porn featuring voluptuous women has gained a following. Yeah, big Black women think skinny women have all the fun. My name is Samuel Xavier and I endeavor to change that. I’m out to prove to the entire world that big Black women can and do enjoy a variety of wickedly sexual experiences and have way more fun than the skinny white chicks that the western world loves so much.

A big and tall, handsome bisexual Black gentleman like myself can have his pick of women and men as potential sexual partners. I’ve got some money. I’ve recently inherited a mansion on Brockton’s West Side. And a small, independent publisher is turning my stories into erotic fiction anthologies. Life is okay for me. And I have lots of sexy people to keep me company. However, I’ve long been aware of my addiction to anal sex with big women. I’ve fucked dozens of gay and bisexual guys in my lifetime but it’s with big Black women that I enjoy anal sex the most. Weird, huh? Wait. It gets better, trust me on that one.

The big woman in this story is none other than Kendra Goodwin. A six-foot-tall, busty, heavyset and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman who works as a Bus Driver for Brockton Area Transit. Also known as the Bat Bus Company. She’s not very pretty in the face but she has some thick juicy lips that seemed to have been made for one thing and one thing only. Would it be wrong of me to say that this big Black woman had cock-sucking lips? Whatever. I’m saying it anyway. Also, her big round ass is so fine-looking and so damn big that I’m pretty sure it’s visible from orbit. I like big butts, folks. Big Black women with big butts, that’s what I like.

I met the voluptuous and dark-skinned beauty known as Kendra Goodwin while riding the bus from Brockton to Boston. The Bat Bus takes people from the Bat Center in Brockton to the Ashmont Station in Dorchester for a dollar and seventy five cents. It beats taking the Commuter Rail and since we’re in a frigging recession, I tried to save some dough. The bus was mostly empty that day. It was just me and some old people in there. Seven passengers in a bus equipped to carry twenty five to thirty people. Like the charmer that I am, I sat upfront and chatted up the driver. She didn’t seem to mind. When we arrived at Ashmont Station and I got ready to leave, she slipped something into my pocket. It was her cell phone number.

I smiled at her and Kendra Goodwin actually winked at me. What can I say, folks? I’ve got the magic touch with both women and men. Grinning, I walked to the Red Line Train Station and waited for the train. There were lots of people there. Mostly Black people and Hispanics, with a white person here and there. The train came and I entered the subway car. I picked up a copy of Boston Metro and started reading. I’m still upset over the Boston Celtics losing to Orlando. What’s happening to our sports teams? The Patriots suck big-time now. The Celtics didn’t make it and now the Red Sox look like they’re having some difficulties. I’m a sports fan and this doesn’t thrill me.

I’ve got to do a paper on real estate law, specifically acquisitions and estate planning, for one of my classes at Suffolk University Law School. I don’t know why but I want to be a lawyer. I figured that since casino şirketleri I’ve got a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, I might as well put it to good use. The police academy wouldn’t have me. They prefer military guys to guys with college degrees. An openly bisexual Black man like myself wouldn’t last long in today’s homophobic military forces. And I’m through hiding who and what I am from the haters. So law school it is.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get big beautiful Kendra Goodwin out of my mind. Well, actually it’s her big Black butt that I couldn’t get out of my mind. I was so caught up in my daydream about waxing her big Black ass that I almost forgot to get off at the Park Street. I walked up Boston Common and crossed the street. I entered the school, and headed directly to the law library. Hopefully I’d find a computer and the place wouldn’t be too crowded. I had to get the work done before my two o’clock class. Luckily, it was only ten in the morning and a genius like myself could work miracles in a couple of hours. And I got it done.

I sat in class, listening to professor O’Brien, a skinny old white chick with red hair, as she droned on and on. I tried not to nod off. The woman was exquisitely boring. So boring that I think she worked at it. She must be a professional. I was one of eighty six Black students in a class of three hundred. I definitely wanted to represent my people to the best of my ability. Talented Black lawyers can accomplish great things, just look at Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and U.S. President Barack Obama. After class, I headed to the Boston Public Library. I picked up a copy of this month’s Wolverine comic book and headed out. Then I hopped on the Green Line train to Park Street and took the Commuter Rail at South Station.

I returned to the city of Brockton around five in the afternoon, and just went straight to my West Side mansion for some rest. I dialed Kendra’s number in my cell, just to see if it was real. She picked up on the first ring. We chatted for some time, and then she surprised the hell out of me by asking me if I was down for some action. I was quite stunned. Man, women are so forward nowadays! Kendra was talking dirty to me, and I liked it. She said she’d been aching to get on top of me all day. So I gave her my address and told her to drop by. She asked me if I was a psycho. I told her I was simply a horny dude. She liked that answer. I told her I’d see her later. Then I hopped into the shower, brushed my teeth and dialed Charlie Chan’s place to have some Chinese food delivered.

An hour later, there was a knock on my door. It was none other than Kendra Goodwin. The voluptuous and big-bottomed African-American female bus driver. She was dressed to the nines in a red tank top and a Black skirt so short she could have used it as underwear. She looked me up and down, smiled and asked to come in. Of course I let her in. I gave her a tour of my house. She liked what she saw, and asked me what I did for a living. I told her I was a law student. When I bring women or men to my house, they always assume I’ve got money. I’m not rich. I make thirty bucks per hour working overnight security. I inherited the house when my family moved to Atlanta. They bought themselves a much nicer house in a rich neighborhood down there for less than two hundred grand. Everything is cheap down South. The houses, the schools and the women.

Kendra Goodwin was impressed. Was she impressed enough to give up the booty? I guess I would soon find out. I turned on the TV, and asked her to dine with me. She accepted. We talked about life in the city and how shitty Brockton was becoming while watching the movie Alien Versus Predator in On Demand. Kendra was that rare Black woman who liked science fiction movies. I liked that. Myself, I’ve never cared for the gangster movies or the romantic comedies featuring vengeful Black dames that most African-Americans, especially women, like. I guess it’s because I’m an original man.

After dinner, Kendra told me that she was still hungry. This time, she was hungry for sex. Folks, we humped all over the frigging house. I leaned against the bathroom wall while Kendra knelt before me and sucked on my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock. Folks, I’ve never seen a woman suck cock like this one. I was under the impression that most Black women didn’t like sucking dick. Especially Black men’s dicks. Kendra sucked my dick like she was practicing for the Cock Sucking Olympics. When I came, she frigging drained me! She didn’t just drink my cum, she guzzled it up! Wow.

I returned the favor by laying Kendra on the carpeted floor of the living room and spreading her thick legs to lick them. I breathed in the smell of her womanhood. Funky, but I don’t mind. I lathered up that pussy with my tongue. She didn’t shave her pussy, she didn’t use vaginal deodorant or do anything fancy down there. Hell, she didn’t even wear underwear. This big Black woman casino firmaları flaunts her sexuality. And I liked it. I licked that pussy like pussy licking was going out of style. I thrust two fingers into her, then a third. Could this big Black woman take four fingers? Only one way to find out.

Kendra Goodwin screamed as I fingered her. I asked her if she could take an entire fist into her pussy. She said yes. And thus I began fisting her. I slowly inserted my fist into Kendra’s vagina and worked it up her snatch. The big Black woman’s eyes bulged as I filled her pussy with my fist. Man, I was loving it. I’ve never fisted a woman before. Sure, I’ve seen it done in porno movies but it’s quite a different thing when it’s me doing it to somebody else. Kendra was definitely sexually adventurous and I really liked that in a female. I worked my fist deep inside of her, and I made her scream.

Yeah, Kendra and I had a lot of fun during that first encounter. We became regular fuck buddies. One time, I fucked her in the bathroom of the Dunkin Donuts located near the police station in downtown Brockton. The Dunkin Donuts was really close to the Bat Center where Kendra Goodwin works and we had lunch there during her break. We were talking while having some coffee and egg and cheese sandwiches when she whispered to me that she wanted to fuck. Who am I to disagree? I asked my buddy Yolando, a Cape Verdean dude who works at the Dunkin Donuts for the keys to the men’s room. I went in there with Kendra, and kept the key. Yolanda winked at me then posted the closed sign on the door. Kendra and I had some privacy to do our thing.

Kendra sat on the toilet and sucked my dick while I ran my hands through her short Black hair. She sucked me until I was mad hard, then we got down to business. Kendra got on all fours and asked me to lick her ass. I’ve licked male ass before, never female ass. As a fellow bisexual man once told me, there’s nothing wrong with ass licking. As long as both the ass owner and the ass licker get along. I spread Kendra’s big butt cheeks wide apart and began munching on her sweaty asshole with joy. It didn’t taste bad. Kind of sweaty and salty, but not bad at all. I fingered her asshole while licking it and she purred in delight. After a few minutes of this, she told me she was ready. I took the bottle of hand lotion I always carried with me and smeared some of the contents on her ass. I also applied the lubricant on my dick. Then I pressed my dick against her asshole. She was ready for me. So I pushed my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock into her asshole. I couldn’t wait to fuck Kendra in the ass. With a huge butt like hers, not having anal sex should be considered a sin. A sin and a shame, I say. I placed my hands upon her very wide hips and pushed my cock into her asshole. I was in for a surprise. This big Black woman was no stranger to anal sex. How can I tell? Well, I’ve fucked enough women and men in the ass to know when I’m in the presence of an anal virgin or an anal connoisseur. Kendra Goodwin definitely fell into the latter category.

Kendra didn’t ask me to be gentle, folks. The big Black woman told me, through clenched lips, to fuck her ass hard. I grinned, and did just that. If butt fucking becomes illegal in all fifty states tomorrow, at least I can say I’ve had a nice fun. I watched her big booty bounce under the force of my thrusts and it was frigging glorious. I highly recommend to every man alive, whether you’re straight or bisexual, to fuck a big woman in the ass at least once before you die. Seriously. Kendra was no stranger to anal sex but her asshole was still pleasurably tight. It gripped my cock like a vise and wouldn’t let go. Kendra’s asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. Like a very smooth glove. I loved it. I fucked her ass until I came, and then her ass surprised me by squeezing every last drop of my cum. I’m serious. I came in her ass, copiously in fact, and when I pulled out of her asshole my cock was dry. How in hell did so do that? Kendra later laughed when I asked her. She refused to reveal the secret of her dirty tricks.

Yeah, it seemed like I had finally found myself a kindred spirit. A woman who liked sex, loved life, and didn’t believe in being possessive of other human beings. Kendra Goodwin knew that I was bisexual and she didn’t care. I had lots of fun with her. I also had some fun with some guys I know. Like Jonathan, a big Black dude who works as the archivist of my hometown library. He’s secretly into men, and his Irish wife Amber along with the rest of his family don’t know. I didn’t care. All I wanted from Jonathan was some of his big Black dick. The guy is five-foot-ten and weighs two hundred and forty pounds. He’s big. But his dick is titanic. At least ten inches and so damn thick it makes my mouth water. He tells me that his wife Amber, a plump blonde who works as a secretary with W.B. Mason, loves his cock takes it in every hole. However, he still needs something only another güvenilir casino Black man can provide. That’s where I come in.

Jonathan and I had our fun at his apartment one afternoon while the wife was at work. We got busy in the shower. We kissed passionately and then I sucked on his dick. Hot damn, he had a big one. I sucked his dick and licked his balls. He groaned as I worked my magic on him. When he came, I drank his manly seed. It tasted hot and salty. Afterwards, Jonathan made me get on all fours and bent me over. Then he spread my ass cheeks and shoved his dick up my ass. Folks, I’m not going to lie. I screamed like a banshee as Jonathan slammed his dick up my asshole. I felt like my ass was being split in half. Jonathan rammed his cock up my ass. And he called me names while fucking me. The Black stud was cutting loose. I felt like he was taking his frustrations out on my ass. Like a lot of bisexual Black men, Jonathan was trapped in a relationship with a woman who didn’t know who he really was. I don’t have that problem. I tell the truth to the people I care about. My mother, sister, uncle and cousins know that I am bisexual. As do most of my friends. I haven’t had the talk with my father or my brothers. I hope that someday they’ll come around.

Jonathan fucked my ass so hard I was sore for two hours afterwards. I wanted to fuck his ass in return but he told me he was strictly top. I’m versatile. To each his own. After getting an ass reaming from Jonathan, I went home. Guess who I found waiting for me. Kendra Goodwin. I’d recently given her a key to my place. Hey, somehow, our raunchy sex turned into an open relationship. I liked having sex with her but I also liked men, especially gay and bisexual Black men. I wasn’t about to give up on the guys just because a hot chick came along. Kendra understood that and she didn’t question me about my relations with men. She just enjoyed sleeping with me and hanging out with me. I didn’t mind. With my family gone and most of my friends too busy with their husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, I was quite lonely.

I found Kendra Goodwin naked on my bed. Somehow, she managed to tie up her hands and feet. I found her on all fours, face down and ass up. Well, this was a surprise. Kendra grinned, and told me her big Black ass was lubed up and ready to go. I stared at her. Ready for what? She told me she wanted me to fuck her ass like ass fucking was going out of style. I grinned. Who am I to deny such a simple request? I’m not cruel enough to deny anal sex to someone who’s asking for it. So, it’s with great pleasure that I shoved my dick into Kendra Goodwin’s asshole. She didn’t even scream as I penetrated her. Her asshole had grown accustomed to the length and girth of my cock. To the point that we were now a perfect fit. Every inch of my cock could fit in every crevice of her asshole without missing a beat. As I fucked her, I couldn’t believe how submissive Kendra Goodwin had become. I slammed my cock into her asshole and spanked her big Black ass while fucking it. I yanked on her hair and told her I owned her. And she simply took it. I fucked her hard, then filled her asshole with my cum after blasting my load deep inside of her. When I pulled out, I ordered her to suck my dick. Kendra licked my cock, tasting her ass on it. Afterwards, she kissed me. We sucked and fucked some more, the regular ( boring ) way this time, and then she finally left.

Folks, I need to get rid of Kendra Goodwin. She’s grown clingy over the past few days. We’ve only known each other for two weeks. She was fun in bed in the beginning. My cum-guzzling, anal-sex-craving, big-bottomed voluptuous Black woman. Now she’s calling me while I’m at work and at school. She’s showing up at my house unannounced. I mean, the sex was fun but was it worth this much hassle? I’m not the marrying type. I rarely date women or men. I like sex, end of story. Every time I open my heart to a woman or to a man, they stomp all over it. I need to get rid of Kendra. So I hired a locksmith to change the locks. I also had ADT Security come by and install a top-notch security system at my house. I had motion detectors, fire detectors and the like installed at the doors and windows. Only I would know the password and the alarm code. When it comes to clingy women, I know how they can turn dangerous really fast. I didn’t believe in taking chances. All this I did before calling Kendra Goodwin to tell her it was over.

Oh, man. I sent her a text message letting her know I was moving on. Kendra’s wrath scared me shitless. Oh, man. I didn’t think a woman could get this mad. She started a campaign of harassment against me. Started telling everybody in the city of Brockton that I was queer. Well, I tell my friends and family that I’m bisexual so she couldn’t do jack with that kind of information. My only friend in law enforcement, a Black man named Nascent who works at the police station helped me get a restraining order against this psycho. It’s not easy for a man to obtain a restraining order against a woman in the state of Massachusetts. However, when a cop is vouching for you, it can go a long way. And that’s how I got Kendra Goodwin to keep her big ass away from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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