Bolt Out of the Blue

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“We want to all thank you for your time and for your exhilarating speech Ms. Lightning Bolt. We cannot express enough what this means to the students of Arron Burr University.”

The assembled college students applauded and gave the caped superheroine a standing ovation. The pneumatic blonde smiled wanly. She tried to not let reactions at events like this go to her head. They went some ways to ameliorate the sense of loss from the destruction of her homeworld, but, of course, could never quite fill it. In many ways, she would always be a stranger upon the planet earth. For the next two hours, however, the statuesque blonde signed autographs and engaged in chit chat. She paid particular attention to the young college girls for whom her speech “Striking Against the Patriarchy” had special importance. As always, however, there were males present who simply could not focus on her face. The lightning bolt widow in the front of her costume drew their eyes instead. It was so hard for her to not be contemptuous of every earth male. Her costume was part of her fight against male domination. She was a woman and unabashedly proud of it. “Women can be sexy and strong at the same time!” she thought in frustration.

At last, the final student filed from the room, leaving her alone with Jack Meadows, the president of the organization that had invited her to speak on campus. He had been a perfect and perfectly delightful gentleman, never once did Ms. Lightning Bolt catch him checking out her prodigious rack. “Maybe not all men are hopeless,” she allowed herself to think.

“Ms. Lightning Bolt,” he said, “There is a small honorarium our organization would like to present you with.”

“You know that I can’t and won’t accept money for appearances such as this, Jack.” She replied evenly.

“I am well aware of the Ma’am. This is more in the line of a small loving cup and a scrapbook that some of us have put together for you to take back to your place of residence, wherever that is. Certainly, there is a place for those among your presidential citations and international tributes.”

“When you put it that way…”

“It is in an adjoining office. We didn’t want to see it damaged or stolen during your one on one with the students.”

“That sounds reasonable,” agreed the beautiful blonde superheroine as she rose to reveal her height to be nearly that of six-foot-one-inch Jack.

“If you will follow me, Ma’am.”

The two walked a short distance in the now deserted lecture hall. Ms. Lightning Bolt thought nothing of it when Jack closed the door behind them. There, on a table was an attractive loving cup-type trophy and a large scrapbook adorned with her picture. Naturally curious, the blonde goddess strode to the desk and opened the scrapbook. To her surprise and utter shock, every page was blank!

“Jack,” casino şirketleri she began as she turned to face the tall college senior.

Any other words she was about to utter were cut short by the sight of Jack pointing some sort of gun at her.

“This is a joke, right?”

“See for yourself!” returned a grinning Jack as he pressed the trigger of the device. A lavender and pink ray emanated from the gun and encircled Ms. Lightning Bolt. Try as she might the superheroine could not step out of the encircling ray. It seemed as though her feet were welded to the floor, then Ms. Lightning Bolt felt the sensation of falling from a great height as in one of her breathtaking dives off a skyscraper. The next thing the blonde wonder knew was that Jack was looming over her, a giant in every sense. The now tiny superheroine made a dash away from the approaching giant, but the handsome youth was prepared. He tossed a very heavy steel mesh net over the fleeing diminutive woman, ending her escape attempt before it had even begun.

Jack looked from the tiny trapped woman to the device in his hand, “What do you know! It worked, just like he said it would!”

The dark-haired lad opened a drawer in the desk and extracted a small cage, similar to ones used to transport lab animals but much more strongly constructed. Ms. Lightning Bolt knew full well the purpose of that cage. She struggled mightily against the steel webbing holding her to the floor. It quickly became apparent that her great reduction in size was accompanied by an equally great reduction of her powers. Jack knelt on the floor, raised a corner of the steel net, and, in a moment, transferred the beautiful blonde to the cage.

“Why?” cried Ms. Lightning Bolt.

“The gun was provided to me by one of your enemies, who shall remain nameless. When he learned of your speaking engagement, he contacted me, and we came to an agreement. His terms were most generous. I’ve been set up for life. He cares not what happens to you, only that you be eliminated as an irritant to his operation. It was fine and dandy in his eyes that I keep you for myself. “The ultimate action figure” in his words.”

“Jack don’t be ridiculous! Restore me and I won’t go to the police.”

“Why do you, superheroes always parrot the same predictable lines? Even if I wanted to restore you, babe, and I don’t. This gun only shrinks objects. As far as I know, there is no “enlargement” or “reverse” setting on this thing.”

“Your intentions, asshole?”

“Language, small one! You shall be my pet, Ms. Lightning Bolt. I’ll take excellent care of you for the next thirty or forty years,” then the handsome youth allowed himself a hearty laugh. Before stating, “I think it is time we blow this joint, doll.”

He took a heavy noise-muffling blanket from the same drawer which had concealed the cage and tossed it over the stunning blonde superheroine’s cage, leaving casino firmaları the discombobulated woman in utter blackness and total silence. The erstwhile Lydia Lions, as she was known when not fighting crime, tugged at the bars with all her might, but they seemed to be made of a very strong titanium and steel alloy. Even at her old size, with her strength intact, bars like this would give her trouble. She quickly realized that there was little for her to do in the muffled darkness than to plot avenues of escape. And to think, she had actually thought Jack Meadows likable!

From the vibrations under her feet or her entire posterior when she sat down, Ms. Lightning Bolt deduced that she was in a moving car or another vehicle. By now, she could be miles away from the campus of Aaron Burr University, possibly even in another state or even Canada!

Finally, all motion ceased, and Ms. Lightning Bolt’s cage came to rest. The black blanket was removed, and the pneumatic blonde was blinded for a few moments while her eyes adjusted to rapid restoration of light. When her eyes cleared, the muscular blonde found herself on a small table in what was obviously an impressive house. Not far away, on a raised platform was the most elaborate dollhouse, Ms. Lightning Bolt had ever seen. “Oh, shit!” she stated.

“I thought you’d be more impressed, doll. Everything works, running water, electricity, gas fireplaces, even a little kitchen with all the latest appliances.”

“You are insane!” bellowed the superheroine.

“No, babe. I’m living the dream! Hold that thought.”

Jack disappeared from view. Ms. Lightning Bolt gave the bars one more futile try, then looked to see if anything she could use as a weapon was within her reach beyond the cage. The narrow table was empty aside from her cage. Not even a scrap of paper shared her wooden island in this outsized world.

“Tink, girl! Think!” she stated aloud.

Jack chose that moment to return to the room. Whereas before, he was clad in a neat tie and sports jacket and khakis, now the lad wore only a silken bathrobe.

“Oh, FUCK!” gasped Ms. Lightning Bolt.

Jack approached her cage with a positively devilish look upon his face. “I think it time that we were intimately introduced, superheroine.”

He reached into the tiny cage. Ms. Lightning Bolt tried to elude his grasp but there was, of course, no place for her to flee. She ended up in Jack’s left hand, his palm neatly encircling her middle.

“I think you are a bit, shall we say, overdressed for this occasion,” he stated merrily.

“No!” screamed the shrunken crime fighter.

“Oh, YES!” Stated Jack with glee as his right hand began tugging off the tall blue boot from her right leg.

“You perverted creep!” exclaimed the shrunken crimefighter. Her left boot quickly joined its mate. Jack was delighted to discover that Ms. Lightning Bolt had beautiful tiny feet güvenilir casino with delicate sensual toes and dainty high arches.

“Stop NOW, Jack before you do something really stupid!”

“But it’s just getting interesting, wee one.”

He began tugging the blue opera glove off the shrunken woman’s right arm. Ms. Lightning Bolt tried to resist, but she was no match for the giant. She knew exactly how this situation was going to end and she was powerless to stop it! Off came her left glove, leaving the now tiny heroine in just her white singlet.

“Now, Jack Meadows gets to answer the question that every red-blooded American male has asked himself. Namely, “What’s under Ms. Lightning Bolt’s “power suit”?”

“Don’t you dare, you, miserable bastard!”

“Insulting my mother? Well then, that settles it.”

Jack’s giant fingers went to the tiny zipper under the flowing blue cape. Despite her squirming, he succeeded in getting it open. He took delight in baring the tiny woman’s luscious back one millimeter at a time. The enthralled lad discovered that wonder of wonders, the alien warrior went into battle commando! The crack of her succulent ass came into view as the zipper’s downward journey ended.

“Oh, my God!” he said softly.

“Pervert!” fired back Power Girl.

“Duh! If I wasn’t one, your unnamed nemesis never would have selected me in the first place! It’s time for show-and-tell, little one.”

The shrunken superheroine stared intently up at Jack. She’d be damned before she acknowledged that he was striking at her integrity and pride. The red cape fluttered to the floor and Jack began to prize away the last of the now tiny crimefighter’s modesty. He pulled the white singlet Away from and presto! She was stark naked in his grasp! Not even in Jack’s most fervent imaging’s did he even come close to visualizing just how perfect she was sans attire. The trim and muscular physique, the beautiful face, the sapphire blue eyes, her amazing tits with the light brown areolas, and chance pink nipples! Her neatly trimmed blonde pussy! For a moment, Jack wondered if he had entered into heaven without the inconvenience of dying. This blonde vision was mouthwatering! He raised the tiny woman to his lips.

“Gross!” cried the naked heroine as Jack proceeded to lick, kiss, and suckle every part of her anatomy. To be abused in just this way was the ardent feminist’s greatest fear. She had had nightmares just like this! Ms. Lightning Bolt stood firmly against patriarchal and possessive men and now, to be reduced to a mere toy of one! It was beyond maddening!

“Let’s continue this in my room, doll,” said Jack in a husky voice as his robe fell open revealing a muscular physique and a positively titanic penis. “I hear that small sex is the best sex. You’ll practically be able to swim in my cum! After we make love, it will be time for your bath and then I’ll get you situated in your dollhouse. I think you will love the fashions I’ve selected for you.

Losing all composure, the now powerless superheroine moaned in frustration and fear. She knew that this horrible night could only get worse and that this waking nightmare had only just begun!

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