Bitch in the Bar 2

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This is the second part to the story I wrote before.

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That little cunt. My rage finally hit. My temper finally caught up with my humiliation. She was just another whore. Just another bitch whore.

Quick as lightening I grabbed her wrist, she went to jerk my head, but I was too strong, I squeezed her hand, forcing her vice grip to drop. I felt her hand spasm, she didn’t squeak in pain, but that look of ice in her eyes was lifting. She had only played with nice guys before.

I wasn’t a nice guy.

She tried to sit up, so I slapped her in the face. Hard. Her lip split. Her face was frozen in contempt. Her eyes betrayed her, the fear was creeping in. She was too proud to touch her lip to see how bad it was. I took her ankles and pushed them together. I lifted her feet up over her head, I pushed until her toes touched the bed. Her thighs squeezed together her pussy. I could see it was wet. She’d looked away.

I pushed my cock up against her, rubbing it slowly. I touched it against her pussy. She shivered slightly. I laughed.
“Oh cunt please. Like I was actually going to put it THERE.”
I pressed the head of my cock against her ass. I felt her try to shift.
“One chance bitch. Somewhere in your house is a sex toy. Somewhere. Tell me where it is and I won’t tear you open.” I lied.
I think she knew I was a fucking liar, but she didn’t have a choice. Defying me would be dangerous with the head of my cock right against her pink little asshole. It wasn’t like she could really say no.

“Middle drawer on the right of the bed” her voice didn’t tremble.
“Good whore, you play tough.” She was offended. She was determined not to give me anything to work with.

I climbed off the bed. I’d brought my drink with me, and I sipped it. I walked around to the far side of the bed. I reached in the drawer and was greeted by a huge dildo. It was almost comically large. About twice the size of my cock. This was the kind of shit you see sluts with on hens nights. It was attached to a little black harness.

“You were thinking of fucking me in the ass with this, weren’t you?” I taunted.
She didn’t respond. She just looked at me coldly. I freed this big dildo from its black harness. I discarded the harness onto the floor.

I pushed the huge cock against her cunt. I felt her tighten up, the hairs on her thin legs stood up.
“Come on whore, you put it in. I want to watch.” I saw her casino şirketleri push it against her. It was far far too big. In her slim hands it looked stupid.
“Tick tock whore. All the way now.”
She pushed it against her pussy, turning it, trying to get it wet. She started to push. It was uncomfortable and it wasn’t even in yet. She worked it in an inch, her cheeks flushing. It was hurting but she was being a trooper. I sat back with my drink in a chair opposite the bed.

“Come on cunt, work that pussy of yours or I’ll do it for you” I taunted from the chair.
She brought her hand up to her mouth and spit on her fingers. She reached down to wet the toy.

“Uh uh uh. Stop.” I interjected “wipe those fingers on the bed. You don’t need help.”
She did as she was ordered. She kept working the huge cock into her pussy. I could see it stretching.
“After tonight you’re never going to be the same again. I’m going to stretch everything out that much for you. I promise sweetie.”
She wasn’t listening. She had about three inches inside her. Only about another seven to go. She was rubbing her clit and starting to grunt. She was trying to keep it quiet, but working her clit and forcing a cock inside her wet pussy was getting her all worked up. She couldn’t help it. Her flushed cheeks and low grunts were giving her away. I came over to her.
I pushed her hands away, I told her to lean back, I pulled her ass down the bed so she was flat on her back instead of perched up high. I licked her clit to taste her sweet sex, I gently bit down on her clit, and pushed hard against the base of the dildo, forcing it inside her. She could feel my teeth against her, so even though it was agonizing, she stayed perfectly still. The over sized intruder was tearing her.

I pushed her thighs up again, feet over her shoulder squeezing her pussy tight. I pressed my cock against her asshole.
She started to object. Sputtering complaints about me being gentle and not tearing her. She was terrified.
I laughed.
I pressed my cock against that beautiful pink asshole and just leaned down.

It saw going to take a lot of power to squeeze through that ass. It was forced closed tight by the oversized cock in her. Tears streamed down her face. Stop stop stop she begged. The blood was thumping in my ears. I was millimetres in and I could see the agony on her face. I hadn’t even started to stretch that asshole out. I pushed hard, getting my cock an inch in. The largest part of my head still to fit. I couldn’t hear her screams. casino firmaları This was the tightest thing I’d ever forced my cock into. It was almost painful. Her asshole was closing hard against my dick. I kept pushing. I pushed through her muscular asshole, the head of my cock inside her. I pushed hard. I got another inch inside. She was sweating. Close to passing out. Her legs pushed together the way they were was making the pain worse. I tapped two fingers against the dildo in her big stretched out cunt. She started to scream again. The sound was blurred. Ecstasy or pain? I wasn’t sure.

I kept forcing my way in. I gained little by little. Her ass was stretched. She was double penetrated in a way she’d never expected to be. Her pretty little face was bright red with pain.

I started to pull back out. I wasn’t all the way in yet, but I wanted to hear her grunt. She moaned in pain.
“That’s it whore, keep moaning.” I made eye contact with her, pulling my cock until the head stuck on the inside of her ass. I gave a little tug. Her ass was keeping me in there.
“Feel how tight you are?” Giving it a slight tug. Her eyes closed. “Eye contact bitch. Look away again and see what happens.”

I pushed in hard, balls deep and started pumping away. She started to scream. I pushed my hand against the dildo, other hand keeping her legs in place. I kept my eyes locked on hers as I violated her asshole. I kept pumping in and out in and out.

I was trying not to come yet. I couldn’t hold it much longer. Her ass was so tight, tightest thing I’d ever been in. My hand squeezed her leg harder and I pushed in deeper, forcing my cock as deep as I could, I dumped a tonne of come into her.
I pulled out immediately, and my come leaked out. I scooped up a finger full and dropped it on her lips. I watched her for a moment and she licked it up. She didn’t have much choice.

I let her legs go, and lay back on her bed, occupying the white throne she once had, pushing her to the side. I took her by the hair and dragged her face down to my soft cock. “Beg to suck my cock” I said to her.

She looked up reluctantly. I paused and waited.

Time dragged.

I slapped her again. This time she just started to suck. Cleaning my dirty big cock off with her little pink tongue.

I wondered what she’d do if she felt like she didn’t have a choice. I felt my cock start to harden, and I knew it was time. I lay her on her back, her cunt still filled with the bit toy and my come leaking out of her asshole, and I güvenilir casino knelt on the bed next to her and put my cock in her mouth and let her suck for a moment.

“It’s going to get dirty, you know that right.” Her eyes flicked up at me angrily.

I climbed over her. My knees on her shoulders, balls hanging near her face. I closed my eyes, letting her feel humiliated. I waited for a moment, I imagined the look on her face. I could only imagine her pursed little pout. I leaned back. I worked my ass up and down her mouth and chin looking for the perfect resting spot.

I leaned forward taking a breast in my hand.
“Poke your tongue out now.”

I felt her wet tongue touch my ass then push between my cheeks. I adjusted my ass slightly and pushed down so her tongue was pressed between my ass cheeks right against my hole.

I knew she wanted me to stop. She started to lick slowly. I pushed against her face, squeezing her breasts were beautiful, the nipples dark, and begging to be squeezed. I pinched a little. Her tongue started to lick more rapidly. I started to play with my big hard cock. Jerking it. I was in heaven. I let her tongue poke into my asshole, enjoying it’s flavor. I was stroking the full length of my cock, playing with her nice big tits.

The slut was mine. I’d conquered her.

I jerked and jerked hard. I felt my nuts tighten as she started to push her tongue in and out of my asshole . I pressed down against her face and pulled my cock harder. I shot another thick load all over her huge tits. Breathing in for a moment, then climbing off I looked down at the whore. She was a mess.

Her bun had come untied and her hair was a knotted mess. Her face was covered in saliva from slurping away at my asshole. Her big beautiful tits were covered in come and her once tight pussy and asshole had been used and abused. The cum was still leaking out. I stood there a moment. Her expensive room, her perfect sanctuary. Her once white throne that she’d sat on like Queen Cunt was ruined and defiled.

I rubbed my cock a little. I was spent. Then a thought occurred to me.

I kneeled up on the bed. I started to piss all over her big soggy tits. I ran a nice thick stream all the way down to her abused pussy. My come washed off onto her nice white bed sheets. I shook off and smiled. She lay there. She was just another one I’d used now. I’d wanted her to start with. I’d found her unassuming sexiness appealing. Turned out she was just a psycho in need of a hard fucking. I smiled wryly. I walked out of her room, picking up my clothes as I went.

Granted it was me half naked in the hallway still putting my shoes on this time, but somehow I still felt I’d won.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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