Bisexual Quarantine Seduction Ch. 02

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It was the weekend after Chase’s unexpected threesome with his bisexual roommates, Grady and Bryson.

They’d all had very busy work weeks and quite surprisingly, no further action after the insanely sexy threesome where they had obliterated Chase’s very straight Bing cherry into preserves.

Chase had been sore for a few days after that night’s (and following morning’s) fucking. His ass had been stretched by two big cocks thanks to those incredible poppers, and he walked a little gingerly until about Tuesday. But even the pain had been strangely erotic to him. He sort of loved that his ass was sore. And he especially loved thinking about how it was sore from having taken cock. That was a philosophical bit of kink discovery for Chase.

He was also crazy horny. He had jacked off a lot that week thinking about it. His ass felt suddenly needy. Those first few days he was cumming in a matter of seconds as he imagined what they had done to him. by Thursday he was looking up porn with big cocks obliterating submissive male ass. He’d had a couple flirtatious moments with his roommates throughout the week. A look here. A subtle touch there. But there hadn’t been any more sex. That wouldn’t last for long.

They were finally all alone that Friday night, and eventually they’d drifted over to the living room floor and couch as they sat around the coffee table and talked about what shitty work weeks they’d had.

“I need to fucking let loose, Bryson bemoaned.

“Yes.” Chase said excitedly back.

“Oh yes. Definitely.” Grady agreed.

They all paused to look at each other.

“Ideas?” Chase queried, very ready to agree to whatever fun they had in mind. Bryson was sitting on the carpeted living room floor with Grady and Chase were both on opposite corners of the big couch where Chase had first been seduced.

Bryson got up on his knees and muted the TV. “What if we get like…really, really, really stoned and watch some porn and have some fun?”

Grady and Chase were immediately up and leaning in to listen.

“Yes. I’m so fucking in,” Grady practically growled.

Chase added, “Mmmmhmmm!” And his excitement was obvious. He wasn’t quite as experienced with weed as Grady and Bryson were, but he’d had sex while high before and he knew how much fun it was.

Bryson, by far the drug concierge of the apartment, quickly went to grab his longest bong and best strain of weed.

After grabbing a special Pog container that he kept in a seal tight bag that was then tupperwared in the freezer, he unearthed the dankish flower that Chase had yet to smoke with them. This strain of weed was a special strain that Grady and Bryson kept for some of their kinkiest plans. Chase was about to find out why.

And then they got stoned.


The type of stoned where you’re just dumbly smiling at the people you’re with.

“Fuck. Thass good shit.” Chase said sort fuzzy, smiling at them both. He had moved down to the floor suddenly. His whole body felt buzzy. He was flushed and already getting hard in his gym shorts. He leaned over the coffee table, as his ass popped up towards Grady.

“Can I ask you you guys a question?” Chase said and Bryson and Grady leaned closer to their recently deflowered roommate’s tempting form, now draped over the solid coffee table, even as Bryson finished off a very big hit, as he came up slightly coughing.

“Sure, we love questions,” Bryson was ready to fuck again. He was very stoned. This was such a good strain for sex.

“Why didn’t either of you try to fuck me this week? I was like…totally ready for it. I even left my bedroom door open a couple different nights,” Chase was putting it all out on the table. He was horny.

“We wanted to let you recover…but also, my work week was fucking insane. I’ve never had so many Zoom meetings and after-hours work.” Grady said.

“Yeah…trust us. We both wanted to. I was swamped with with work too,” Bryson explained, and he could see how Chase seemed to be stretching further out over the coffee table.

“Yeah, I figured. I was totally busy too,” Chase reasoned.

“Butttt…we do have a three day weekend, remember?” Grady added, as they all realized that Monday was a national banking holiday. They’d all be off.

“Oh yeah!” Chase would’ve been excited by anything they said at that moment. His body felt like a goosebump factory.

“So I’ve got an idea…what if we decide to make this weekend a sex weekend only?” Grady said.

“Oooh, I like that idea,” Bryson chimed in, staring at Chase’s ass and wondering how long it would take until he was plowing into him again. Chase could feel his asshole twitching as he shamelessly felt his eyes drawn towards his roommates sweatpants.

“That sounds like a lot of fucking fun,” Chase said.

“Hey Chase do you think you can handle us fucking you all weekend long?” Bryson said, as he brought his mouth down to Chase’s, and Chase nodded with a big smile before canlı bahis şirketleri they began a very attentive first round of kissing.

“Mmmm, I fucking missed that,” Chase said, when their lips finally separated, saliva already dripping between them. Grady had moved down to the floor behind Chase and pulled his hips up to push against Chase’s own soccer shorts. Chase immediately moaned from the feel of Grady’s very hard bar pressed once more again his ass cheeks. For a moment it seemed like Bryson and Grady might just rip off Chase’s clothes and fuck him over the coffee table. And Chase was really hoping they would so at any second and he could stop all this anticipation.

“You guys wanna make some drinks?” Grady offered suddenly, teasing Chase more than he even realized, and they all hopped up to go to the kitchen and do just that. They were stoned beyond measure and any stupid thing that grabbed their attention left them all laughing with that giddy type of anticipation that arrives when you know you’re about to get into some naughty fun.

Grady grabbed some ingredients to make some very tasty vodka cocktails that would bring their sobriety levels nearer to their stoned levels.

While Grady was working the drinks, Bryson suddenly hopped up on the kitchen counter. He beckoned Chase over to him between his legs and they started to make out again. Bryson really was an insistently marvelous kisser, with these sensual lips that drove Chase crazy. As they kissed, Chase pulled Bryson’s shorts down and pulled his cock out. He loved feeling the big hard-on again in his hands. He jacked him off and moaned into his kiss. Then Bryson was pushing Chase down again and his mouth was quickly engulfing his cock. Grady was collecting glasses and setting up their drinks as he watched how desperately Chase began to suck on Bryson’s cock.

“Mmmm, Grady, I think Chase missed cock this week,” he closed his eyes and enjoyed the eagerness that their recent conquest was displaying to the task.

Grady couldn’t help it. As soon as the drinks were done he went to grab some lube from the nearby bathroom and approached Chase from behind in the kitchen.

He pulled his shorts off and lubed his cock and Chase’s ass. He was practically squeaking with excitement around Bryson’s dick in his mouth. Grady’s thick cock pushed into Chase’s re-tightened asshole causing him to groan with a sharp-pained pleasure, as the cresting of his sphincter remembered this seductive pain all over again.

“Mmmmmmmmmmfghhh,” Chase moaned back, even as he rocked his ass back, wanting more.

Grady slid his sticky, lube-coated, bareback bar into Chase’s incredibly round ass, and he groaned at the tightness of their new house slut.

“Mmmm, I missed this slutty ass,” Grady said, and Bryson agreed with a growling grunt.

For the next five minutes. The boys got reacquainted. Grady and Bryson enjoyed Chase’s newfound desire for dick. Grady thrust slowly and firmly, opening Chase up again while he did his best to deep-throat half of Bryson’s long shaft.

And then Grady was pulling his cock out, and Bryson was doing the same, and Chase was so damned horny from it.

“You guys are sooooooo fucking sexxxxy, godfuckingdamnit!” Chase said, and he bounced on his toes and stared very longingly at their cocks as they tucked themselves back into their shorts. Grady passed out drinks. It was another teasing break in the action.

“Don’t worry…we’re gonna fuck you good this weekend. But we’re also gonna play around with edging and porn and all sorts of good shit. We’re gonna make you work for our cum.”

“They talked in the small corner of the kitchen like the horniest best friends, as Chase stood in between Bryson’s legs and Grady stood at the opposite counter. Their closeness and obvious comfort with each other was growing. Chase enjoyed being between them. He loved the feeling of being with two powerful men. It was sexy in a way he couldn’t describe. He was very clearly the object of their horniness and he loved that.

“I have so much relaxed energy right now. I’m like, stupidly horny. That weed is really damn good,” Chase said, and they all toasted to that.

“Yeah it really is. Bryson and I have had some of our horniest, craziest nights using that strain,” Grady explained.

“Sooo…how are we going to make this weekend a super kinky weekend?” Bryson said, ever the most forward roommate of the three of them.

Chase and Bryson were holding hands and playing with each other’s fingers. They were all sipping the strong vodka smasher that Grady had cooked up, very much meant to warm their blood even more. The first few sips were like molten relaxation tonic. Thank god for the ice, Chase thought, as his body shuddered with more sudden excitement as he still couldn’t believe how hot he found his male roommates to be. He still couldn’t quite grasp the fact that he had now been fucked numerous times in his ass, and he wanted so much more.

“Yeah. I wanna canlı kaçak iddaa be REALLY kinky with you guys. Like, seriously, I’m been so insanely horny since you both fucked me and I feel like I would do anything you guys wanted to do tonight. So show me what you’ve got…seriously…no holding back on me. Make me do slutty stuff.” Chase was smiling at both of them as he said such honestly bisexual words and loved every second of it. He was so turned on by his suddenly slutty self and he wanted to use it with these two dominant cocks at his disposal.

“I’ve got an idea…” Grady said, downing the rest of his cocktail and setting it on the counter. He went into the fridge and grabbed them three beers. “How about we take Chase to the bathroom and show him how we want him to be for us, and then we can all get a little more stoned and take a shower together and talk about what we want to do these next few days.

“Mmm, I reallly like that idea. I want you guys to show me everything.” Chase said and Grady kissed him. They finished their drinks and cracked open their beers and prodded quickly into the apartment restroom, which was impressively big for a city apartment.

“Chase, take off your clothes,” Grady said, and Chase smiled as he gladly stripped down in front of them. He was rock hard and Grady was immediately turning on his music as they lit a few candles that were kept in the bathroom. Bryson was rummaging through his lower drawer and he brought out a douching kit. Chase saw the black, bulb-shaped device that was attached to a beaded three-inch tip. He didn’t know what it was exactly but he had a guess.

“Chase, have you ever douched your asshole?” Grady said. Chase laughed out loud. Of course he hadn’t. He was in such foreign territory and the thrill of it juiced his loins like he couldn’t believe.

“No…fuck…I haven’t,” he was heaving his chest breathlessly as Bryson applied lube and filled it with water.

Grady pushed Chase back onto the hard toilet seat and had him lift his legs up with his arms. Bryson knelt down and inserted the toy-like end of the douche smoothly into Chase’s rump. And then over the next fifteen minutes, Grady and Bryson soothed Chase through his first, strangely intimate experience with a water enema. He was moaning and felt like he could even cry because it was a weird kind of pain. But they were holding him and massaging him. Chase was so hard from it. He was so into these impressive studs. They were all over him in all the best ways and he was turning more bisexual by the second.

“Good boy, Chase. We’re gonna make your asshole nice and clean so we can pound you and lick you their for the rest of the night.

On Chase’s very last squeeze of his ass and their final rinse, he flushed the toilet and got up, feeling almost wobbly from the clean sensation in his buns. He was totally cleaned out.

Grady turned on the shower and they got in together clumsily. Chase was in the middle of them and Bryson had brought a weed pen out. They all took a big hit and as the searing hot water had fully soaked their bodies the boys began to move together and make out, trading off mouths and tongues and saliva as they moved against one another like Peter Pan shadows escaping responsibility.

Chase felt Bryson rubbing his cock against his ass and he arched up onto his tippy toes to give him better access. Bryson began to enter him slowly in the shower spray thanks to the still lubed hole, and Chase closed his eyes to pray to the anal pleasure gods as another round of fucking began in full. But this was insanely sexy. It was slow. And they were able to talk while they fucked. That was that pedestrian jazz. Sex in the way men had sex, completely comfortable with their debauchery.

Grady was lightly jacking off Chase, and Chase was returning the favor, as Bryson rocked gently up and down inside of their new slut.

“Sooo…I wanna be super kinky for you guys this weekend, what do you want me to do?” Chase said to them, steadying his voice in the spray of the water.

“Yeah. We can tell you definitely need that. Chase…have you done any drugs besides weed?” Bryson introduced a new idea now.

“UhnnUhnn,” Chase moaned no as he tried to keep from squeaking at the pleasure coming from the thrusts. He had been offered mushrooms once but had declined.

“Do you know what Molly is, Chase?” Grady asked, gripping his cock and pulling, seductively against his own boner as he jacked them together. Their tips smashed, smearing pre-cum over each other.

“Mmm, unnfff, yeah…it’s the rolling drug right? Like when people…unfff…go to EDC and, ughh, fug…ravezzz and nnstuff? Mmmfff,” he was dying for this slow shower fuck, and the ability to talk to them like this was jazzing his brain beyond belief. He was so turned on by them in every moment of their sex.

“Yes…all of those things, but it’s honestly the best drug ever for super-connective and kinky, creative sex. Like, if you want to just get naked and be canlı kaçak bahis really fucking open and have some insanely naughty fun…we highly recommend it.” Bryson was excited as he talked about it. Grady was too. Chase was listening to them both as they talked about it and he could see the scandalous excitement in their eyes. He was VERY interested in this sales pitch.

“Do you guys…have some? Is that where this is leading?” Chase asked, and Bryson thrust a little harder into him. Chase arched his head back, eyes to the ceiling in pleasure, as the candlelight provided the only dancing waves of aurora borealis high up on the bathroom tile.

“We do…and we want you to roll with us tomorrow.” Bryson said.

“Yeah…we’ll show you just how kinky you can really be,” Grady said, “and we’ll break down barriers and have these stupidly sexy conversations about sex and what we like and what turns us on and everything.” Chase had never seen Grady so excited about something.

“FUCK. YES. I absolutely want to…UNNFFF…do that with you bothhh, fuckkkk,” and they all kissed again to celebrate Chase’s answer.

They spent the rest of that night having slow, intimate sex. There was blowjobs and rimjobs and lots of kissing and Chase was desperate to be fucked more but they would tease him and take their time with him.

They watched some porn in the living room together and jacked each other off and eventually ended up back in Grady’s bed where they all were able to take their time and build their orgasms within the span of an insanely hot final minute. Grady came in Chase’s hole from behind. Bryson came in Chase’s mouth, and Chase came all over himself as he jacked his cock off while enjoying his new role in the house. He was the slut.

They had finally finished their more intimate fuck-a-thon around midnight, and Grady suggested they get to sleep if they were going to truly have the most perfect rolling day that next day.

They fell asleep naked in their pile of cum and sweat. Chase loved feeling their bodies holding his. He settled under the single sheet on his side, with Grady’s soft sausage lightly pressed against his backside. They would each wake up randomly to go and pee. There was lots of cuddling. And thoughts of sugarplums, dancing of course. That next night was going to be wild.

There wasn’t any morning sex when they woke up that next day. They were all hard when they stirred, and there was just some kissing and roughhousing, but Bryson told Chase it would be better if they waited to cum.

“I have so many questions before we do this,” Chase said, as Grady and Bryson played with his body lightly between them in the soft sheets. He was feeling so adored and he loved it.

“Yeah, totally. And you definitely should not do this unless you feel completely comfortable with it,” Grady reasoned. “Hey…they just reopened patio dining at that one rooftop deck spot across from the stadium…you guys maybe wanna throw some clothes on and grab our masks and go get some breakfast while we let Chase pick our brains about tonight’s fun?”

“That’s a brilliant idea,” Bryson said, and soon they were all forcing their bodies out of bed with yawns and stretches and cracking muscles. They brushed their teeth and threw on jeans and t-shirts; and then grabbed their masks. Grady was able to just barely fuss with his hair. Bryson and Chase both decided on hats.

They walked the quarter mile down to the upstairs patio bar of a fairly-hipster brunch spot. This was the type of place that did overpriced breakfast cocktails and unnecessarily garnished Bloody Mary’s, but the food was definitely on point. There were just as many people taking pictures of their food as there were people enjoying the food, but you couldn’t miss the view of Coors Field from the fourth floor deck full of well-spaced tables. Probably for the best considering their impending topics of conversation.

They ordered light, egg-and-toast style breakfasts. Bryson was leading the early strategizing.

“So why did we order light and why aren’t we drinking?” Chase asked immediately. It wasn’t entirely true. They had all ordered a session IPA pint. They just weren’t drinking like they usually did. It was around noon and it was a gloriously beautiful day outside.

“Well, this will be the last food we eat today, my young Padawan. Also, last drink for now, and LOTS of water.” Grady explained. Chase blinked eagerly at them both.

“If you’re going to roll, you wanna clean out your body beforehand. Trust us.” Bryson added.

“Okay, sounds good to me. And when do we take the pills?” Chase was already chowing down on his omelette. He was starving.

“Probably about 6, as the sun is starting to set,” Bryson concluded, after a moment of thought on the matter.

“Oooh, yeah! And our apartment balcony has such a killer view of the sunset right now at that time of day, great thinking,” Grady agreed.

“Great…I’m fucking really excited to do this with you guys I think, but like, uhhh…what does it feel like? what am I getting myself into, here? I think I’m nervous and excited all at once,” Chase was eating, listening, and trying to make sure he tempered all of the pertinent questions to find the important facts.

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