Bigrig Ch. 02

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I’m so elated to see some of you liked the first chapter. And at your request here is the second. Of course, there’s more if you want to read it. Let me know what you think…

At the hospital Greg entered the room evaluating the youth’s condition three days later. Jonathan turned his head looking at the man.

“Hey…” the youth smiled his voice still effected by the throat infection.

“Hey, little man. How are you feeling?” Greg asked with a bright smile.

“A little better I think.” Jonathan answered honestly. “You ain’t told no body in Arizona I’m here have you?”

Greg looked at him strangely. “No, Jonathan. Why, is there someone looking for you?”

The youth swallowed hard. “My Uncle, maybe. He’s not a very nice man.”

“I know. Bruce told me what you said to him. I have done some research and I read the report in the newspaper. You turned your Uncle in for quite a few sexual crimes against you.”

“Yeah, and they let ‘im go.” A quivering chin and tears accompanied Jonathan’s weak version of a growl.

“I saw that. It seems your Uncle has a few friends in high places.” Greg stood over him observing his responses with great interest. “I can understand your being afraid he’ll come after you. I saw that he has put out several requests that if anyone sees you or knows where you are to call this number…” he took the paper out of his pocket giving it to the youth.

Jonathan looked up at the man. Then looking at the torn paper in the man’s hand, he took it opening it slowly. His own home number was on it.

“Did you call ‘im?” The youth’s heart had already sunk deep into his belly. He was so solemn it broke Greg’s heart right then.

“No, Jonathan. I didn’t call him. I couldn’t do that to you. It wouldn’t be fair.” Greg stood at his bedside taking mental notes of the youth’s replications. “Especially knowing how happy you have made Bruce already.”

“He told me the two of you were very close.” Jonathan looked up at the man. “I saw him touch your face in your clinic. You care for him, don’t you?”

“Yes. I do, Jonathan.” the man admitted.

“Are you two lovers?”

“Of sorts… When I can get away from my work. But that’s a secret between you and me alone.” He leaned over the bed rail whispering the last.

“I won’t tell anybody.” Jonathan grinned, whispering back. “But that hasn’t been too often has it?”


“There must be a way…”

“Jonathan, he’s on the road all of the time. When would I be able to be with him?” the doctor interrupted him quickly.

“When he comes home.” It seemed the kid was digging for something.

“He doesn’t come home unless he needs me.”

“I can change that, Greg.” The youth perked suddenly.

“You’ll do no such thing. You just leave our relationship alone. You have your own to think about now.” The doctor grinned, shaking a very serious finger at him.

“But it’s not fair.” Jonathan quickly revolted. With the pitch of his raspy voice it was more of a squeak than anything.

“Nothing is fair in life. You of all people should know that.”

“Yes, but…”

“Jonathan. Just let it go.” He interrupted again, only now he was vehement.

A nurse entered the room quietly. Jonathan’s eyes went right to her. Greg picked up on his signal right away.

“Another day or two I might let you go home, Jonathan.” Greg stated then.

“Really?” The youth perked.

“Yes. Bruce will be here any minute. He’ll want to spend some time with you. So, I’ll just leave you two alone and let you two talk.” Greg seemed to say something without saying it as he moved toward the door.

Jonathan’s mind swirled with the information he now had. “Doc.”

“Yes, Jonathan?” Greg turned to him.

“Am I clean?”

“I haven’t gotten the results back yet. Still waiting on the AIDS test. We’ll know in a few more days, son.” The man answered understanding the youth’s concern. “I promise I will let you know as bedava bahis soon as it comes in.”

“Thank you.” Jonathan looked sadly at the bedding as the man left.

In the waiting area Greg approached Bruce. The man stood seeing his friend coming toward him in a bit of a hurry.


“Hey, Greg. How is he today?”

Smiling Greg put a gentle hand on his shoulder sitting beside him on the comfortable chairs. “He’s better. I’m going to keep him another couple days. He’s still very sick.”

“Okay.” Bruce nodded content to allow this for the youth’s sake.

“When are you planning on leaving?” Greg asked then.

“I haven’t. I told the job I was sick and I might have to come see you if I don’t get better.” He informed his friend.

“Good.” The man nodded. “I’ll back you up on that. Jonathan has a very bad case of pneumonia. He also has bronchitis as I suspected. The test for the strep has still not come back yet. It should be in tomorrow. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were positive. If he does have it you’re grounded for two weeks minimum. Can you financially deal with that?”

“Yes. I can stay home for up to six weeks if I need to.” Bruce informed him.

“Good. Listen, can I call you tonight? There’s something I’d like to discuss with you privately.” Greg almost whispered.

“Why don’t you swing by my place. We can talk there.” Bruce stared into the man’s face knowing exactly what he wanted.

“Okay.” Greg sighed. “I have to get to work. I’ll see you tonight. You can go in and visit him if you like. Just don’t stay long. You don’t need to get this stuff.”

“Okay, Greg.” Bruce stood his face brightened a bit knowing he was about to see Jonathan.

“See you tonight, Bruce.” Greg patted his shoulder before leaving him.

Bruce made his way into the room where Jonathan was still staring at the number on the paper. The youth crumpled it up as the man entered the room going quickly to his bedside.

“Hey, Baby…” He took the youth’s hand gently in his own. “How ya feelin’?”

“A little better.” Jonathan tried to raise his head but couldn’t.

“Need some help there?” Bruce eased a hand under Jonathan’s head lifting it. He pushed the pillow down a little for the youth’s comfort. “Is that better?”

“Yes. Thank you.” The youth now stared up at the man hopefully. “I get to leave in a couple days.” He stated solemnly.

“I know. I can’t wait to get you home and start pampering you a little.” the man gently cupped the youth’s cheek in his hand. It was still a little warm to him. “You sure you’re feeling better?”

“Just a little.” Jonathan stated raspy.

“I can’t stay long. Greg told me I had to leave in a few minutes.” Bruce informed him. “I hate having to leave you here alone.” he added sadly.

“You do what the doctor tells you, Bruce. He knows what he’s doing.” Jonathan defended the man now.

“Okay, Jonathan. But I still can’t wait to get you home.” He confessed once more.

“I know. I’ll be there soon.” Jonathan tried to be brave for the man.

“You’re such a good little man. I really think we’ll get along well.” Bruce expressed happily.

“Bruce, you need to spend more time with Greg. He needs you.” Jonathan blurted out suddenly. “He misses you something terrible.”

“Oh?” Bruce seemed very surprised by Jonathan saying so.

“Yes. You need to take him home and attend to him.” the youth whispered then.

Bruce stared at him long.

“He told me you don’t come home unless you need him for something. Why don’t you come home more often and make love to him like you should?” Jonathan fussed a little now.

“I didn’t know that was what he wanted.” Bruce argued gently.

“He shouldn’t have to ask you.” Jonathan was firm but gentle.

Bruce nodded then. “You’re right. I have neglected him.”

“Yes you have. Shame on you.” Jonathan smiled a bit feeling better about their relationship bedava bonus now.

Bruce smiled back. “I knew you would be good for me.” the man stated mussing the youth’s hair a bit.

“I’m going to try to be everything you need, Bruce. No matter what.” Jonathan stated then.

“As long as you be yourself while you do that.” the man seemed to be warning him a little.

“Okay.” Jonathan returned content to do just that.

That evening, the two men sat at the kitchen table eating a salad Bruce had made them for dinner. Greg eyed the man long as he set his fork down on the plate chewing.

“What’s on your mind, Greg?” Bruce asked seeing the man staring long at him.

“Are you prepared in the event this kid’s Uncle comes lookin’ for him?” Greg picked up the wineglass taking a sip then. His stare never faltered as he did.

“I’ve been thinking it over some.” Bruce admitted.

“And what if he wants blood?” Greg seemed more than just concerned.

“Then I guess he’ll have it. I’m not givin’ the kid up. He old enough to make his own decisions.” Bruce stated strongly.

“I made a copy of the newspaper clipping I found last night on the Internet. Jonathan told the cops his Uncle was prostituting him.” Greg informed him then. Bruce looked sharply at him having not known this. “That means money. And now that Jonathan has run away there’s no money coming in for him. He’s got to be very angry.”

“I’m sure he is. I also have my own friends in high places.” Bruce seemed a bit irritated about the thought.

“I just hope you and Jonathan are ready when he comes.” Greg stated. “And I’m sure he’ll find him.”

“I expect him to. Which is why I don’t want you hangin’ around here too often until it’s over.” Bruce stated seriously. “I couldn’t live with myself if you got hurt or worse.”

Greg stared up at him again. “So what do you intend to do?”

“I’ve already been talkin’ to Ben. He called a detective friend on the force while I was sittin’ there. They discussed what I should do to protect myself and Jonathan. One of the things he mentioned was to not have friends come by when no one is home. So, I don’t want you checkin’ my mail anymore. Just don’t come by unless I call you and tell you I’m home. And I’ll have you meet me somewhere in town or at a motel. That way you don’t get hurt or killed.

“They are going to start watchin’ the house. See if the man comes around. And if he does he might try anything if he’s crazy enough. Which I believe he is. He has to be insane to do the shit he’s done to that kid.” Bruce’s anger about it was showing now.” The man’s expressions were so very serious.

“I understand, Bruce.” Greg almost muttered. His sadness about the entire thing was apparent. “You must be careful, Bruce. Don’t let the kid outta the truck alone. What if he finds you guys out on the road?”

“I been thinkin’ ’bout that too. And I think you and I need to talk to him about this when he comes home and feels good enough to do so.” Bruce stated. “Don’t you have some vacation time coming?”

“Yes, I do. Why?” Greg put his fork down again having been eating slowly as they talked.

“Why don’t you take some of it and spend a week with us. I mean when Jonathan is better. Before I go back out on the road.” Bruce suggested.

Greg shrugged. “I might can arrange somethin’ like that.” He smiled as he thought about it seriously.

“Good. ‘Cause I’d really like to spend some time with you more often. We’ll just have to be discrete about it. For your sake really.” Bruce stated.

“Jonathan talked to you, didn’t he?” Greg smiled gently.

“Yes, and he made me realize what an ass I’ve been to you.” Bruce stood coming around the table. He leaned down wrapping his arms around the man loosely. “I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you, Greg. It won’t happen anymore. I promise.” he kissed the side of the man’s head gently.

Greg hastily grabbed the wineglass washing down deneme bonusu the salad. Turning, he reached up connecting their lips.

Bruce surrounded him in his arms urging the man to stand. Greg followed his lead standing to face him. Their kiss suddenly heated to that a fervently torrid wrestling for need and fulfillment.

Greg did indeed miss Bruce and his attentions so very much. It had been months since they just touched one another let alone kiss or make love to each other. He did so miss this man. And he missed his loving hands plundering him like so many tentacles of an octopus.

His strong burly arms, which are always seemed so very constricting at just the right moments to him… His hard body so very compressed against him, so he can scarcely breathe… He missed his brutal gentleness.

“Bruce…” he pulled back just enough to say.

“Yes, Greg…” The man moved down to his friends neck tormenting him lovingly with gentle kisses that seemed to scorce the doctor’s flesh.

“Please…” The doctor whined like a child.

“Please?” Bruce now seemed to toy with him.

“Yes, please. Take me to your bed. Do what you do so good to me.” Greg just barely spoke above a whisper.

“Are you sure you don’t want to finish dinner. I made steaks on the grill for ya.” He continued to use his mouth to torment the man. Now he began unbuttoning his shirt. Blazing a trail with his tongue he went after the new exposed flesh greedily.

“We’ll warm it later.” Greg answered breathlessly.

“This is what you wanted to come over for wasn’t it? Take advantage of me.” Bruce teased.

“I think you’re the one taking advantage, Bruce.” Greg laughed lightly.

“I miss you so much.” the man confessed.

“Then do something about it.” Greg groaned impatiently.

“Okay, okay. Keep your britches on.” Bruce began to lead him to the bedroom.

“No, Bruce. I want to take them off.” Greg rushed ahead already knowing the way.

“Damn, Baby.” he followed him at a more hurried pace.

When he finally got to his own bedroom Greg was completely naked waiting for him on the bed.

“Come get me, Bruce. Take me the way I like you to.” Greg had a very serious expression. He was almost panting as he propped himself on his elbows.

“I’m comin’, Baby.” Bruce leisurely took off his shoes.

“No, Bruce. Come get me now, or I’m leaving and never coming back.” He spoke through clinched teeth.

Bruce stopped every movement looking into Greg’s eyes. He was more than serious. The man could see this. Moving onto the bed quickly he hovered over Greg staring down at him. His jaw flexed.

Suddenly he gripped the hair at the top of the doctor’s head wrenching his head back. He forced his knee between the man’s thighs coming down atop him forcefully.

“Oh, God! Bruce!” Greg cried out.

“Shut up, bitch!” He unexpectedly pushed into the man all at once.

Greg bolted. Trembling he cried out. He found himself tight in the man’s grasp that was now holding him down. His hands and arms pinned over his head he arched to meet Bruce’s thrusts groaning at the feel of this wonderous brutal attack. His lover’s strong power now wielding its way into him meanly.

Staring up into his face his mouth hung open as his body surprisingly surrendered to the overwhelming onset of stimulation so quickly. He arched his entire body toward the man all but screaming his release to him.

Bruce liberated Greg’s hands engulfing the man in his arms. The strength of Greg’s orgasm was more than he could bear. his face pressed tight against the doctor’s shoulder and neck he groaned over and again fighting to continue his work for Greg’s sake.

But quickly they both calmed resting together. They lie together taking quick snatches of air into their lungs. When their bodies were finally settled they kissed gently, touching lightly one another.

“Let’s not wait so long next time.” Bruce smiled at him.

“I agree. This is ridiculous.” Greg stated seriously.

Bruce chuckled. “I think Jonathan is good for both of us.”

“You might be right. I just hope we can protect him from the big bad wolf.” Greg replied pulling himself as close as he could to the man.

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