Big Girls Bending Over For Anal

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It’s Friday at last. Ryan Lloyd finally comes home. He’s a six-foot-tall, good-looking black man in his early thirties. He is a graduate of the Hyperion Institute of Technology, an all-male private college. He is also president of his alma mater’s alumni association. This handsome stud currently works as a chief engineer and mechanics expert for a world-famous Professional Race Car Driving Team in the American Independent Racing Corporation. He travels extensively with the drivers when they go to NASCAR. Daytona has become almost a second home for our stud. He loves his work, though. It’s a tough job but it pays really well. Three hundred grand a year after taxes is a damn good payload, especially considering our stud is single and has no brats to take care of. Ryan Lloyd is a hard-working man who likes to have fun once in a while. That’s what tonight is dedicated to.

Waiting for Ryan when he got home is his favorite bitch, Big Rita. Big Rita is a five-foot-ten, plain-faced, thick-bodied, bow-legged, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black woman he met a while ago. This 250-pound jet-black heifer works as a bus driver in the city and is known to have an insatiable sexual appetite. This chick from the hood absolutely loves black cock and Ryan happens to be packing well over ten inches of black man power. Ryan walked in, and the sight of Big Rita’s plump naked body greeted him. You see, Ryan likes big women, especially the big-bottomed black ones. It’s his taste and he can’t seem to change it. That’s why he hooked up with Rita. He gets what he wants from her. Also, she’s addicted to cock, especially black cock, so they both get what they want.

Their arrangement is a rather simple one. They’re not a couple. Big bahis firmaları Rita has a husband at home. Ryan is an eternal bachelor. They both like sex and that’s why they hook up regularly. Sex with no strings attached. A lot more women like casual sex than most people realize. Ryan smiled at Big Rita and beckoned her to come to him. Big Rita did as she was told. She knelt before Ryan and unzipped his pants, taking out his cock. Eleven inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black man power stared her right in the face. She took his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. He grabbed her head and made her suck him harder. Then, he told her to lick his balls. Big Rita sucked that cock and licked them balls like her life depended on it. Ryan moaned in pleasure as the big black woman sucked him off. Big Rita’s oral skills were famous in the hood. It was said that she could suck on the biggest cocks out there without gagging. Considering we’re talking about the black community, where big cocks are all too common, this is quite an accomplishment.

Ryan thrust his cock down Big Rita’s throat. The big black woman worked her magic on him, and it wasn’t long before he came. When he did, she drank up all of his masculine seed. Ryan sighed in sheer pleasure. This female was something else. He looked at her plump black ass. A big black woman’s bubble butt. Damn, he wanted some of that. Big Rita noticed him staring at her big ass and smiled. If there’s one thing this big black woman loved more than sucking a big black cock, it’s getting a cock up her buns. Way up her ass. Where the sun doesn’t shine. The mere thought of it made her pussy get wet. Big Rita grabbed the small bottle of cooking oil she always carried with herself. kaçak iddaa She didn’t carry the KY lubricant brand because she was somewhat allergic to it. She preferred cooking oil. No one would ever suspect her of using it as an anal lubricant. So, she took it and greased up Ryan’s big cock, and also smeared it all over her asshole. Then, she got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open, offering her man an obvious target.

Ryan smiled as Big Rita quickly assumed the position. Damn, this big black woman was something else. Always ready for some raunchy sex, whenever and wherever. He grinned and slid one finger into her asshole. Her ass felt tight, but not too tight. He took his cock and placed his dick head at the entrance of her back door. Then, he pushed. Big Rita grimaced as Ryan’s cock slid into her asshole. Although they’d had anal sex hundreds of times, this was a first for them. Anal sex sans condom. Their first time having bareback anal sex together. Ryan placed his hands on those wide, plump hips of hers and thrust into her. Big Rita licked her lips. She absolutely loved anal sex. Nothing like getting her asshole drilled by a man with a big cock to brighten up her day. Fortunately, Ryan was a man equal to the task. He held her strongly with those hands of hers and wielded his cock with unforgettable masculine authority. That strong cock of his penetrated her asshole, going deeper than anyone had ever gone before. He fucked her good. She squealed in delight.

Ryan thrust his cock into Big Rita’s asshole. Over the years, he had developed a preference for large women with big butts. It didn’t matter if they were pretty or ugly, or even interesting. He liked a big woman with an insatiable kaçak bahis sexual appetite, and if she happened to be an anal enthusiast, as so many big women were, then so much the better. He loved fucking big women in the ass. This was his own personal fetish. Something not many people in the world would understand. Oh, well. Everyone’s got a preference for something. He drilled his cock into the forbidden depths of Big Rita’s asshole. Damn, her asshole was so warm, tight and supple. It felt really, really good around his cock. He couldn’t get enough of the big black woman’s ass. So much that he began to sing.

Big Rita squealed as Ryan plunged his cock into her asshole. He was fucking her hard and fast, just the way she liked it. What surprised her was when he began to sing. What the fuck? Oh, well. She ignored it and instead focused on the deliciously hot pain she felt when his cock probed the depths of her asshole. He was going deeper inside her, and bareback too. Where no man had gone before. He fucked her good, filling up her asshole. She clenched her ass around his cock, squeezing him. He laughed and fucked her harder. Until he finally came, his cock shooting its load into her asshole like a freaking cannon. When the hot masculine cum filled her asshole at amazing speed, Big Rita finally screamed. Ryan smacked her plump ass and laughed his head off.

Afterwards, the two of them parted ways. Both of them had lives, careers and other interests to get back to. Ryan had a plane to catch Sunday night. He was going to Los Angeles to meet with the leaders of the racing circuit. As for Big Rita, she had a husband to get back to. They smiled and went their separate ways. Ryan went to bed, and fell asleep. Big Rita drove back home, and decided to surprise her husband. He was a good man and she cared about him, but he lacked Ryan’s almost inhuman intensity. That’s why she hooked up with the racing stud. Oh, well. Nobody wins them all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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