Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 02

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The following Saturday at 8.50 am Lisa came into the shop ready to start work accompanied by her sister Laura who is 20 years old. We had met Laura before when she popped into the shop to speak to her sister on a few occasions.

“Hi Bob,” Lisa said as she walked over to me.

“Hi Lisa, Hi Laura,” I responded.

Lisa and Laura smiled at me and then Lisa said, “Laura is going to come and work here with me every weekend from now on.”

Her words took me by surprise and I said, “What do you mean Lisa, we never asked for her to come and help out, besides we could not afford to pay her.”

Then Laura said, “Listen to me Bob, Lisa and I are very close and share everything in our lives, she told me how you took her virginity last weekend and about Molly wanting her sexually as well. I am not expecting to be paid, that is in monetary terms but rather in a much better way for all of us.”

“I don’t follow your meaning Laura, what do you mean you expect to be paid in a better way?”

“I mean that you and Molly can take care of mine and Lisa’s sexual needs. I like Lisa have fancied you for some time now, don’t pretend you haven’t thought about fucking me, I could tell you fancied me by the way you always tried to stop and talk with me if we met in the street, and the way you looked at me when I popped in to see Lisa at times.”

“You’re joking of course, Laura?”

“This is no joke Bob, you either agree to our terms or Lisa will tell our parents and lay charges against you and Molly with the police saying that you forced her to have sex with you. Do you get the message Bob?”

I realised that if they did go to the police and even if we were cleared of the charges our name in this town would be such that our business would decline and we would be forced to sell up and move losing a lot of money because we would be desperate to sell.

“Well we will have to discuss it with Molly as soon as she comes down.”

Laura walked up to me and suddenly put out her hand and cupped my balls and slid her hand up over the erection hidden in my pants.”

“I thought so Bob, a nice big hard on, did that happen when we both walked through the door you thinking about getting your cock into Lisa’s hot little cunt again, I bet you have probably jacked off imagining fucking me at times, well we are both giving you and Molly the chance to have sex with us on a regular basis. You see I am Bi just like Lisa and I suspect from what she has told me that Molly is also Bi.

I bet you and Molly thought you had caught Lisa masturbating with the candle and took advantage of the situation. Well the truth is we set you up; she deliberately made sure that she would be discovered, and you have to admit that she is one hell of an actress. Like I said I fancy you Bob, I have masturbated imaging your big cock in my mouth, then taking it up my cunt and feeling it shooting your hot cum deep inside me. Well Lisa got the first load but this weekend you are going to have one hell of a time fucking her, me and Molly, I am sure Molly will also enjoy having her cunt licked and also licking mine and Lisa’s.”

Just then Molly arrived in the shop and caught Laura with her hand on my crotch, she looked at me and said, “What the hell is going on here Bob.”

Before I could answer Laura took her hand away and said, “Well Molly its like this, Lisa has told me all about your little sexual escapade last weekend, about Bob taking her virginity and you licking her cunt and telling her that you had fancied her for some time. Well like Lisa I am Bi and I guess you are also. In return for us not telling our parents and them laying charges against you and Bob I am going to be coming to work here with Lisa every weekend from now on, not for money, no but for something much better for all of us. Tell her Bob what our terms are.”

“Well Molly Laura says that she fancies me as much as Lisa does and she wants us all to get together at the weekends and share in group sex. I think that it is in our best interest to agree to their terms otherwise we could be in real trouble. It seems that the candle incident was a set up to seduce me and that Lisa was just acting the part.”

“What casino şirketleri guarantee do we have that you won’t try to blackmail is later Laura?” Molly asked.

“Non whatsoever, you will just have to trust Lisa and I. All we want is to have sex with you both for our mutual pleasure and also so we can gain more experience by having sex with you because you have the experience that younger guys don’t have. Well what do you say Molly?”

“I guess I have to agree with Bob that it is our best interest to go along with your suggestion.”

“Very good then Molly, lets get started on the job and later when you close up the shop or earlier if things are quiet we can indulge ourselves in some lovely sex.”

And so it was from this moment on our lives were changed forever for Molly and me.


The day turned out to be a really busy day. Laura was a quick learner and had no real problems dealing with customers. She worked really hard; I guess she wanted to show Molly and I that she really was only interested in having sex in return for working in the shop. During lunch we left Lisa and Laura to manage things while we went upstairs to have our lunch and prepare something for the two girls.

“What do you think about the way things have turned out” Molly asked me.

“Well I didn’t like the idea at first but I think if we play our cards right and keep them satisfied sexually it will be OK. Think about all the possibilities for enhancing our sex life Molly. I never knew you were bisexual until last week, but that is ok and we have always talked about having other partners a few times over the years but have never done anything about it. Now we have the opportunity to do something together or separately with both Lisa and Laura. Do you agree?”

“Yes Bob, I have been thinking about it all morning and I think that we should just go with the flow, I wouldn’t mind having a session alone with either of them while you could enjoy a one on one with them at times as well.”

So it was agreed that we would go along with whatever Laura and Lisa asked of us.


The afternoon was busy until about 4.00pm when things got real quiet, so I suggested to Molly that maybe we should close the shop.

“I think you are right Bob, no point of staying open now.”

She locked the door and put up the closed sign then said, “Lisa can you help me cash up.”

“Of course Molly.”

“I’m going upstairs now Bob, give me five minutes then come up to the bedroom. You Molly can have Lisa all to yourself while I let Bob have me in reality instead of fantasy,” Laura said to us.

I expected Molly to say something but she just said, “Whatever you say Laura.”

Laura smiled at me and then went upstairs; I waited for five minutes and then went up to the bedroom. I pushed the door open and there was Laura kneeling on the bed naked.

“Close the door Bob, I want you all to myself. Have you been thinking about me all day?”

“Yes I have Laura.”

Before I could say anything else she said “Do you like my tits Bob?” As she moved her hands up and cupped them.”

“There beautiful Laura.”

“Well get your clothes off and get over here and suck them for me.”

I could tell by her eyes and her voice that she was highly excited about what was going to happen between us.

I started to undress and when only my trousers and boxers remained I undid my belt and as I lowered my pants I looked at the floor for when I was ready to step from them, when I looked at Laura again she was laying on the bed facing me with her legs spread wide giving me a great view of her shaved cunt.

“Is this what you want Bob?” she asked.

“You know it is you tease.”

She laughed and said, “I shaved it especially for you, leave your boxers on and let me take them off for you.”

She slid off the bed and onto her knees on the floor, I walked over to her and stood in front of her, she looked up at me and licked her lips as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers and started to pull them down slowly. Then with casino firmaları a sudden jerk she pulled them down my legs and just avoided being hit in the face as my almost erect cock fell forward.

As I stepped from them she grasped hold of my cock and looking up at me again said, “You really have been thinking about fucking me Bob by the look of your cock.

Lisa told me your cock was big and how you made her suck it and when she did you fucked her face. I can’t believe my fantasy about you is now becoming a reality. I have sucked a few cocks but no one has ever fucked my face, except you Bob in my fantasy, are you going to do that to me?”

All the while she was speaking she was stroking my shaft making my cock become fully erect.

“Yes I intend to fuck your lovely face, I have fantasized about doing that to you among other things.”

“What other things Bob?” she asked her voice showing how excited she was.

“Wait and see. Lick my cock Laura, then take it in your mouth and suck it.”

She smiled up at me once more as she slowly slid her tongue out of her mouth enhancing my pleasure as I waited for her tongue to touch my swollen cock head. I gave a moan as her tongue arrived and she began to lick the underside of my tip and then move up and over the top and down the other side to the underside of the glans and her tongue began to tease that most sensitive part. Holding it upright she licked from my balls to the tip again, seeing some precum oozing from the slit she paused and looked into my eyes again as her tongue licked it up and she swallowed it.

“Did you like that Bob? Now you know that I like the taste of cum.”

As she took my cock head into her mouth and wrapped her lips around the shaft and began sucking it I reached out and stroked her hair and said, “Show me what a good cock sucker you are then Laura, my balls have been aching all day while I thought about fucking you, but I think I will give you my first load in your cum hungry mouth.”

She paused and took her mouth away as she replied saying, “Yes Bob, let me taste your hot cum, fuck my face and fill my mouth with it and then you can watch me swallow it all.”

She took my cock in her mouth once more and as she began to suck it I took hold of her head in both hands and began to fuck her mouth using it as though it was her cunt.

The sensations of her sucking as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth made me moan with pleasure, soon my cock entered her throat and hit the back, I was surprised that she did not gag but realised that she must have deep throated a few cocks to be able to do this without gagging.

I began to fuck her mouth with long slow strokes but even when my cock head touched the back of her throat there was still two inches of shaft protruding from her greedy sucking mouth. I wondered if she would be able to deep throat me. The thought of having my cock going down her throat plus the warm wetness of her oral cave made my cock swell suddenly. I released her head and pulled my cock from her mouth and told her to open it and stick her tongue out. As she did as asked I stroked my cock twice and felt my cum rushing up from my balls.

I cried out as my cock erupted sending string after string of cum into her mouth, the sight of my cum on her tongue brought me great pleasure as I had fantasized about doing this quite a few times. But the icing on the cake was when my cock ceased cumming Laura showed me all my cum pooled at the front of her mouth, she played with it with her tongue making it all frothy as it mixed with her saliva before looking into my eyes and swallowing it all.

“Mmmmmm, that was tasty Bob. Did you like watching me do that?”

“You know fucking well I did. But now you hot little slut it’s my turn to taste you, lay on the bed and spread your legs wide.”

“Yes Bob, lick my hot wet cunt, I have wanted to feel your tongue exploring my pink valley and playing with my clit for a long time.”

She lay on the bed legs spread and as I knelt at the side of the bed I smelt the aroma of her arousal. I looked at her pert young breasts sticking up in the air her nipples hard showing her sexual arousal. I bent güvenilir casino over and kissed the nearest one my lips enveloping the swollen nipple and as I sucked on it I teased it with my tongue eliciting moans of pleasure from her.

I reached across and took her other breast in my hand and squeezed it as my mouth and tongue continued to play with her other nipple. I took her nipple in my fingers and squeezed and twisted it as I nibbled on her other nipple with my teeth, she moaned loudly but at the same time she put her hand on my head and stroked my hair.

In a husky voice she said, “That feels so good Bob.”

I took my hand away and kissed both her nipples and looked at her as I said, “Time for me to taste that lovely cunt of yours Laura.”

I got on the bed and as I lay between her legs she reached down and spread her lips wide open revealing the pink interior glistening with her juice as it leaked from her already partly open hole.

I pushed her thighs wider apart and then pushed her fingers away replacing them with my own as I slid out my tongue and flicked her swollen clit, which was now protruding from its sheath. She moaned and I felt her pushing her hips up to try to push her cunt against my mouth.

I paused and said, “You are one hot horny cunt Laura, just wait till I get my cock up you.”

“Mmmm you turn me on so much Bob and it turns me on more when you call me a slut or a cunt. Lick me Bob, taste me then fuck me hard, let me be your nasty dirty little slut.”

I lowered my head and licked in circles all around inside her spread cunt, then as my tongue came to her fuck hole I paused and teased it then licked all-round her ring making her moan loudly and then cry out as I thrust my tongue as far inside as I could and tongue fucked her.

I replaced my tongue with a finger and as I finger fucked her I played with her clit with my tongue. She was really hot by now and I pushed a second finger inside her wet slippery cunt hole and rammed them hard and deep inside her as I took her clit in my mouth and sucked and nibbled it with my teeth making her moan loudly. I moved another finger into position as I pulled the first two back down once more and rammed the three of them as deep inside her as I could, splaying them and twisting them to arouse her more. The ring of her fuck hole was now stretched tightly around my invading fingers and the sudden stretching of her ring to accommodate my fingers made her cry out.

My three fingered assault on her tight sheath and my mouth and tongue massaging her hard erect clit brought her to orgasm. I felt her push her hips up as her hands pressed my head down hard onto her cunt as she cried out her pleasure. I felt her sheath grip my thrusting fingers; I felt it rippling along them as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over her. I continued my oral assault on her swollen clit as my fingers fucked her hard and deep. I felt her hot juices flooding her hole and as her orgasm faded I raised my head my mouth glistening with her juices.

“Did you like that Laura?”

“It was fantastic Bob, I was so aroused and wanting to be fucked but I could not hold back any longer.”

I pulled my fingers from her cunt and straddling her I crawled up until my now partly erect cock was nestled between her lovely tits. I looked down at her and presented my fingers wet with her cunt juices and said, “Be a good little cunt and clean my fingers.”

She opened her mouth and I put each finger in separately and watched her suck her cunt juices off them.

“Why don’t you ring your mother and tell her that Molly has invited you and Lisa to stay for dinner, then I can fuck you without your parents wondering why you have not arrived home.”

“No need to Bob I told her that this morning. I knew that Molly and you would have to accept our terms. So now why not just get on with fucking me.”

I knew then that Molly and I were trapped in this situation and that Laura was a clever scheming little bitch and Lisa came a close second, although I think Laura was the one who masterminded the whole thing. Still I could not complain about having two lovely girls who fancied me and had fantasized about having sex with me and had set out to make their fantasy become a reality. In doing so they had made my fantasy about fucking them become a reality for me, and made Molly reveal her bi-sexuality.

To be continued…

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