Better Than a Telegram

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story could have fit into a number of categories, most obviously humour and satire. However, I tried to put the sex first. Interracial and group sex elements are present. The story contains some reluctance themes, but these are mild by the standards of most non-consent stories on this site. There is an aspect of cheating on a partner involved. Mostly though the story involves sex between younger women and much older men – in some cases very much older men. Consider yourself warned gentle reader!


So far the interview had gone much better than Lauren could have anticipated. The young blonde student smoothed her pencil-skirt trying to hide her nerves and listen attentively to what the older woman was saying.

This was Lauren’s graduation year and she needed this placement if she were to make a success of her intended career.

“As you are no doubt aware, SLURP has grown threefold over the last two years,” the lady was now saying. “Such growth, when the health and community care sectors are in serious crisis, demonstrates the reputation for excellence this organisation has worked hard to achieve.”

Lauren accepted this with a serious nod of the head. “The Society for Longevity by Undergoing Relief Process is a group I have admired throughout my studies and I very much wish to be a part of its mission.”

What the older woman had stated about a health crisis was all too true Lauren thought to herself. More and more charities were being called upon to step in as government resources and budgets faced pressure.

The last recession had also damaged the pensions so carefully built by people over many years and this also added to the strain on resources.

Yet the ‘grey vote’ had become so powerful in developed nations that few governments could win elections without making significant promises to the retired population. That was partly why charities such as SLURP could make powerful contributions to the well being of society and were encouraged by the authorities.

Having studied hard for a post in ‘Geriatric Clinical Psychology’ over the last three years Lauren was now looking at full time roles. However, it was a fiercely competitive job market in this field and charity work would go a long way to help her stand out from the crowd. That said, Lauren was a caring person and her commitment to the join the charity was genuine.

The charity manager had Lauren’s application form open in front of her and was impressed with what she saw. Nonetheless she had another twenty graduates to interview and a hundred more to process. And the next one she had lined up after Lauren was another charity director’s daughter.

She sighed. “The truth is Ms Fox, we have so few positions available in the clinical division.”

Lauren felt a wave of despair at this statement. “I would be prepared to work on a voluntary basis in the short-term. I really do want this role. Oh please!”

The woman shook her head sadly. “I’m afraid that’s out of the question. It isn’t just you – we would need to assign you a supervisor and we just don’t have enough qualified staff for that.”

Lauren bit her lip. “Is there nothing then?”

The manager frowned and studied the young woman before her with a speculative expression, taking in her slim figure, the long blonde hair and enormous blue eyes.

“We certainly have vacancies in ‘R’ Department.”

“R department?” asked Lauren.

“Excuse me, we have so much jargon here. The Relief Department. I am sure you have heard of the Humanitarian Need Act.”

“Oh,” said Lauren, her pretty face frowning in surprise. Indeed she had heard of it. Two years ago the then political opposition party had made a certain promise in order to secure the support of many of the pension age voters and this promise had recently passed into legislation.

In short, the research the Act was based on called for the regular sexual relief of people – which was now considered a human right.

The idea was based on a great deal of compelling research and had so far proved popular but the implementation itself had proven challenging.

Originally the medical services were meant to be directly responsible but the nursing unions had fought heavily against their members involvement and now it had effectively passed to the charity sector to make it happen.

As far back as the 1960s studies had shown a pyramid of needs. At the bottom you have breathing, eating and keeping warm.

Sex is also a need as is love and comfort and the absence of any of these causes want and even distress in most humans.

Of course sex is generally a very private act but by moving it openly into the medical arena the taboo could be removed and issues dealt with in a professional manner by qualified staff. But finding volunteers, especially female volunteers, not to mention attractive females, was a constant challenge.

Lauren wasn’t sure what to say. This was not a direction she had intended the interview to take.

“I don’t think I could take that on,” casino şirketleri she said with what she hoped was a regretful tone.

“Oh?” said the charity manager. “It would look very good indeed on your record. Working in the Relief Department would demonstrate superb commitment. If you did this I could practically guarantee you a clinical role here within six months.”

This did gain Lauren’s interest but still she prevaricated. “The thing is…I actually have a boyfriend and I’m not sure he would…”

“Nonsense! We are not talking about relationships here. Do you think that when a farmer has to gain the semen of livestock through stimulation he feels he is cheating on his wife?”

“With respect ma’am I am not comfortable with that comparison,” Lauren said somewhat sternly. They were talking about human beings, not cattle after all.

“The point I am trying to make is this would be in a professional context. As for your partner, well just don’t tell him all the gory details.”

Lauren was not convinced but finally the woman persuaded her to start voluntary work on a trial basis. She would come in on Tuesday evening after lectures ended and maybe also some weekend work.

* * *

One of the first surprises Lauren received when she arrived on her first Tuesday was how attractive the other SLURP volunteers actually were. There were fifteen present, of various ages and ethnicities, but all naturally good looking and well presented.

She was sat in the main meeting room of the FH Division: ‘Female and Heterosexual’. The division manager was a lady called Sarah, a tall redhead with a build Jessica Rabbit would have envied. Lauren herself was very slim and although she had curves where she needed them, she always envied the hour glass figure of some other women.

After welcoming Lauren to the group (a blush), Sarah went through the duty rota for the night. Tonight Lauren would be under the guidance of a more experienced girl called Jess, a slight young woman with long brown curls who was a medical student. They would be working out of the local community centre this evening.

After the meeting broke up Jess came over to introduce herself. She was pleasant girl and instantly made Lauren feel at ease. However, there was one issue she brought up straight away.

“We have to do something about those clothes.”

“What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed,” said Lauren defensively. She had worn jeans and a hooded top – her typical university attire. Even in this understated outfit most guys still stared as she walked past.

Jess explained they would be expected to ‘make an effort’, which she was at pains to stress was not a criticism of Lauren, especially as it was her first day, but just the way the charity operated.

Although she would normally have to use her own resources, Jess could tell they were about the same build and luckily had some spare clean supplies.

These proved to be a black thong and matching lace bra. Lauren thought they looked far too nice to borrow but Jess said they were just from a major high street retailer.

Her new mentor also looked disapprovingly at Lauren’s flats that she had arrived in and dug out some stiletto heels for her, also in black. As part of their medical attire they wore white coats directly over their underwear.

The girls shivered as they went out in the night air but fortunately Jess’s car was parked nearby.

“Did they make you sign the declaration yet?” asked Jess once they were driving over to the community centre.

Lauren nodded. The waiver was meant to ensure that they could not accept material gifts from any patients. This prevented unscrupulous workers manipulating the people they were supposed to be attending to but it also removed any suggestion of this being prostitution.

Within ten minutes they were pulling into Barnton Community Centre’s car park. Lauren eyed the slightly grimy exterior with some trepidation.

“Here, have a bit of this,” said Jess passing over a hip flask and a couple of pills. “Don’t let this building fool you – the place is a bit shabby I know but they’re a nice bunch of guys really.”

“What are those?” Lauren eyed the pills with suspicion but gulped the vodka gratefully.

“Standard issue, especially for first timers. Fully tested but not available to the general public. Make you horny as a sex starved weasel.”

Lauren opted to nervously gulp the pills too but felt nothing. Perhaps they were a placebo she wondered but then Jess added they took a little time to kick in.

This was the third visit to Barnton in six months by the SLURP team, Jess explained. They should be here every week in an ideal world but they just didn’t have the resources. The guys would be very pleased to see them though.

The group tonight was what they classed as ‘mobile and healthy’, the manager had told her. If they were attending a care home the patient demographic would be different but to get to the community centre the men were all relatively spritely with the casino firmaları average age 65 to 75 years.

They considered this an easy starting point for Lauren. The catch was that in that age bracket there were rather a lot of men. Indeed, with the nation’s population ageing steadily that cohort now outnumbered Lauren’s own (she was 21, Jess was 22).

As they crossed toward the main entrance, heels clicking on the asphalt, Lauren noticed a large number of cars already present with more pulling in. She had butterflies in the stomach but she knew a few of the girls were already here setting things up.

They entered the building and immediately there was a ragged cheer from the men already present. Jess gave them all a wide smile but Lauren felt she must have gone pale.

There were at least 30 guys seated around the waiting room so far. Her head dropped automatically and although she didn’t look around she could still feel the leers.

“They’re just being friendly,” whispered Jess. “It’s a generation thing.”

Fortunately for Lauren’s nerves they didn’t stay long in the hall as Jess led the way to the small room they would be sharing for the night’s operations. Normally each girl had a separate room in which to operate, or a booth, but tonight Jess would be with Lauren the whole time.

Inside the room was an old sofa, which Jess quickly threw a white drape over, and a small table on which were various items such as massage oils. A sink stood in one corner.

“So, feeling ready?” Jess asked her.

Lauren bite her lip but nodded.

“Are you sure?” said Jess. “You don’t have to do this you know. We’re all volunteers.”

“No, no. I want to do this,” replied Lauren steeling herself mentally.

– – – – – – –

Their first patient was a gentleman called Rodger. He was in his late sixties, a little overweight and plenty hirsute. He was easy going and polite, and although he clearly had made an effort to scrub up for the evening, his clothes were pretty tatty. Of course if he had any money he would be using one of the private services available instead of a charity.

There was an awkward silence as Lauren paused waiting for him to undress. After a couple of seconds Jess cleared her throat.

“Ermm, Ms Fox. Would you please unclothe the patient.”

She hadn’t realised she would be expected to do this too but Jess whispered in her ear:

“It helps with the eroticism of the situation.”

Which Lauren agreed made sense.

Sliding her slim fingers into his shirt she quickly and efficiently began undoing the buttons. A shiver ran through Roger at her touch. Nonetheless Jess stepped in-between the two of them.

“Please allow me to demonstrate,” she said to Lauren. With this she began to undress Rodger but a little slower and with more intimacy than Lauren had shown. Soon his shirt was off exposing his hairy, fairly flabby torso to the two young women.

“Wow have you lost a bit of weight since we were here?” Jess coyly asked whilst running her feminine hand through his belly hair.

Rodger puffed himself up at the compliment.

“Aren’t I a lucky man to have two such fine ladies available tonight?”

Lauren actually felt herself blush a little at the compliment.

Once the shirt was removed the two slim young women knelt at his feet. Gently they unfastened his belt and pulled down the trousers. Lauren had expected some old fashioned y-fronts but Roger was a little more modern than this and was wearing some clean black boxers.

The man sighed in pleasured at the touch of their soft fingers on his thighs as they reached up to tug down the final vestige of his modesty.

Once fully undressed, Jess led him to the sofa against the far wall. She invited him to sit as Lauren stood uncertainly.

“Don’t worry, just follow my lead,” Jess whispered to her as she came over. With that she moved to unbutton Lauren’s medical coat. This took Lauren aback until she realised this was no doubt part of the act too.

Steeling herself she reached over to undo Jess’s coat without being prompted, causing her mentor to beam with approval.

Their coats hitting the floor simultaneously, the two women turned to face the sofa.

“Fuck me!” shouted the elderly gentleman. “And pardon my French. I don’t normally swear in front of a lady.”

It was hard to blame him for the exclamation. The sight of the two ladies, clad only in their under-garments and heels, Lauren in black and Jess in red, was truly breathtaking. Both girls were of a similar build, fairly slight with good sized but not enormous breasts, firm well shaped buttocks, and legs that appeared long and elegant considering neither girl was very tall.

Jess was a little paler than Lauren but both had that smooth skin many women would kill for. Both naturally beautiful: Lauren with her long blonde hair reaching to a point a few inches above her waist, and wide blue eyes. Jess with long brown curls over her shoulders and narrower, pretty green eyes that always güvenilir casino looked to be smiling.

They stepped toward the sofa. Lauren was feeling a little cold and wished she could have another vodka.

“Now Rodger, we have a new girl here today,” said Jess indicating toward Lauren. “We may take little bit longer with you than normal so I can demonstrate a few operational matters. Is that okay with you?”

All poor Rodger could do was smile and nod as they seated themselves either side of him. So close, with the scent of their perfume in his nostrils he was having trouble breathing steady.

“Now Lauren,” began Jess, “what you will actually be doing in each appointment will vary. Some patients require more stimulation than others though the precise details you wish to conduct are at your digression. Some women only carry out manual stimulation on the patients but most of us consider this bad manners.”

Lauren nodded, not too sure what her companion was talking about, but wanting to look professional in front of Rodger, she decided not to interrupt with questions at this point.

Jess continued, “Also we run a lottery system at times so that some patients will be guaranteed a long session: the main prize being a full night, which we award to a lucky patient about once a month.

With a quick smile she reached out and guided Lauren’s hand to Rodger’s manhood. It was warm to the touch and actually not unpleasant but Lauren still cringed slightly at the familiarity.

Jess also took hold of the lower part of him and it took no time for him to swell to full hardness.

“Oh my!” gasped Lauren. For a man who must be 68 if he were a day he had become aroused very quickly. Once erect his penis was a good seven inches and had a nice weight in her hand. He must have been a little larger than her boyfriend and she found it very strange to be touching someone else intimately in this way.

As Jess began a gentle rhythm so Lauren joined in and soon their hands were moving up and down in coordinated stimulation.

“Oh this beats darts down the Royal Oak,” sighed Rodger at their incredible feel of their touch. It wasn’t his first visit to a SLURP event but he couldn’t remember anyone as gorgeous as these two, and to have two together – and a woman on her first night – well this was all rather special.

Not only did they look naturally perfect they were both well presented, in their matching lingerie and heels, make-up touched up and even the fingers gripping his cock were manicured to perfection.

He could have left himself drift into a rapid orgasm but Jess was keen to keep control of events for the purposes of training young Lauren. Abruptly she slowed her hand movement right down.

“Now remember, follow my lead,” she said to her charge.

So saying she leaned in and placed her lips against Rodgers, giving him a wet kiss. She followed this with another, taking the time to assess what he liked. This was clearly as much tongue as he could get so Jess and the older man frenched for a good 30 seconds.

She’s brave, thought Lauren to herself. Although Rodger was not exactly ugly he was still a man in his late sixties, not especially in shape, and much more hairy than what she normally went for. Not only all that but she had only just met him!

She had expected they would be providing only hand jobs as relief to the patients and the physical intimacy of what she was witnessing was more than a little shocking.

Jess pulled back and looked expectantly at Lauren. With a nervous gulp she leaned in. Should she go for a peck at first, would that be rude?

She needn’t have worried. In his excited state Rodger grabbed the back of her head and placed his lips over Lauren’s. She tried to concentrate on kissing back but her main consideration was simply breathing for the first few seconds.

He was a sloppy kisser but at least he tasted inoffensive, she thought. Considerately he had obviously brushed his teeth before the appointment.

After she managed to get her head away she caught sight of Jess licking at his neck before moving lower over the hairy chest.

Oh dear me, Lauren thought to herself but bravely followed suit.

The feel of two hot young students working their mouths south over his body caused Rodger to groan in utter contentment.

Soon Lauren was following Jess as she slid off the sofa to crouch by Rodgers slightly spread legs.

“And now for the other direction,” Jess winked at her before applying her lips to the hairy flesh just above his knee.

Again, Lauren followed her mentor’s lead as their brought their soft pink tongues up his legs, whilst running their gentle hands over his belly and chest. Their heads bumped when they reached the inside of his thighs.

Lauren paused to remove a hair from her tongue and watched as Jess brought a hand down to grip his hard cock again. She lifted this for a moment so that she could lick and suck at his ball sack.

Oh my God, Oh my God. Lauren wasn’t sure that she could do this after all. Yet the sight of the beautiful Jess licking at the older man was something Lauren found inexplicably hot. She rationalised that this might be just the pills she had taken now kicking in, but nonetheless there was now a stirring in her loins.

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