Bend Over, Bitch!

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(Note: this story line, in much of its detail, was suggested by a female reader)

Danny and I were ready to set off to go on a hike. It was a sublimely beautiful day and we were going to drive to a National Forest and then hike one of its easy, secluded trails. Then suddenly I had an idea, something that would add a little spice to our hike. I looked at Danny, a sly, wicked smile lighting up my face.

“Hey, pull down your jeans and your briefs for a minute, will you?”

“Sure. What have you got on your mind, Samantha?” he said, but quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. Of course Danny was always willing to pull down his jeans at a moment’s notice.

I got behind him now and had a look.

“I have an idea, bend over.”

There was his bare ass, staring me in the face, a beautiful sight.

I left the room for a moment and came back holding two black hard rubber buttplugs, letting Danny see them.

“Why don’t we stick these inside ourselves before we take off?” I said, “and then when we’re hiking, we’ll really feel them, have that nice, sensation down there?”

Danny knew what I was talking about. We were both serious anal addicts, always fooling around with each other’s bottoms. And we had a thing for buttplugs. I started it, working a buttplug inside while I hung around the house. After that I once went out shopping with a plug inside me. And then I had Danny stick one up there too, and the two of us went out to a bar, asses plugged. I still remembered how we looked at each other in the bar, sharing our little secret with those looks.

Now I leaned down and spread his nice, solid cheeks apart. Mmmmmh, there it was, the prize! I dug my tongue into his crack and started to rim him. We’re both always licking each other’s assholes. It’s one of our true addictions. Right away, feeling my tongue running over the rubbery surface of his very sensitive anus, Danny started to moan and groan, pushing his ass back against my wet tongue.

“You’re such an ass whore, Danny,” I teased.

“I know it’s a tired old cliche, Samantha, but ‘it takes one to know one’.”

“Damn right, I’ll admit it,” I said as I worked a lube into over his asshole and inside, make him nice and slick and slippery back there, then brought the plug up and slowly slid it right up his ass. What a sight, seeing the plug stretch him as it went into his slick, lubed asshole, then suddenly disappear inside him, only the flat little base sticking out

“Now it’s my turn,” I said, dropping my jeans and panties, bending over.

It took all of about two seconds for Danny to spread me wide open and drive his tongue between my cheeks. He’s licked my ass so many times, but each time is like a startling new sublime sensation. And Danny really knows how to rim ass, taking his sweet time, teasing, running his tongue up and down the crack before zeroing in on the hole, licking the surface, then wiggling that agile tongue of his inside. I just closed my eyes as I savored the exquisite sensations.

“Damn, you keep that up and I’m never gonna want to leave. You better get that plug inside me in a hurry,” I said, getting very aroused.

So he lubed me as I savored his slippery fingers greasing up my ass, then worked the plug into my hole, just as I had into his. Plugged, I pulled up my panties and jeans and buckled my belt.

While he was licking me and working the plug inside, I had another bright idea, a surprise. Danny would have to wait for this one.

“I just need to get a few more things,” I said, picking up my bag and returning to my bedroom ro retrieve them.

Two hours later we were making our way down a lovely trail alongside a rushing creek. The trail was narrow at that point and I was walking behind Danny, staring at his ass, tight, worn, frayed jeans clinging to that hot looking bottom. I knew what he had up his ass, and could feel it in my own.

“Feeling good?” I asked, reaching over to smack his ass, “feeling good? … you dirty ass whore!”

“Feeling great,” he said, stopping, loving the ass smack, as he always did.

A short while later we turned a bend on the trail and there, right before us, alongside the stream, was a big rounded boulder, it’s surface washed smooth

by centuries of stream flow. It was under a tree, and dappled sunlight was flickering over the smooth rock, warmed by the sun now in mid-afternoon, an idyllic sight.

“Stop,” I said, knowing this was just the spot for what I had in mind.

“I want to see you bend down over that rock, Danny, stretch yourself over it, and pull down your jeans and shorts. I want to see that bare ass… right now! So bend over… bitch!”

Danny was well familiar with that insistent, demanding tone of mine, and craved it. There were times when he adopted that same tone and I did the obeying.

What a sight! Sunlight dancing over Danny’s exposed, naked ass.

“I think for what I have in mind you better take your jeans bahis firmaları off,” I said, helping off with the jeans and briefs. “And plant your feet wide apart.”

I took in the stunning sight

“Look at that, a hot little ass slut just begging for it!” I teased, my eyes zeroing in on the black base of the buttplug visible between his cheeks.

Now that his ass was bare, I gave it another sharp smack, then a second.

“What a pretty ass, I want it!” I purred in his ear as I smacked him.

Now I dug into my pack and took something out, a nice big dildo.

“Look what I brought,” waving it in his face. He knew that dildo well, our very life-like 8-incher, we’d used quite a few times on each other, my cunt and ass, Danny’s ass. I brought it up to my mouth and began to lick and suck it, rather lewdly too, like a real cocksucking whore. There was just something about being in such a natural, idyllic setting and at the same time acting ‘whorish,’ sucking on a dildo while Danny was draped over a boulder, his bare ass sticking out in the sun.

I’d been very aware of my ass, with that plug inside me. Now I was becoming aware of my pussy, feeling that sweet warmth of arousal, the wetness. So I knew it was time to rip off my jeans and panties, which I did.

Wearing only a t-shirt, naked from the waist down, I turned so Danny could have a good look at my ass, spreading open lewdly, so he could see the base of the plug, buried between my cheeks as Danny’s was buried between his.

Then I came right up to Danny, my pussy at his eye level, and provocatively slid the length of the dildo between my legs, very slowly, tantalizing Danny.

“Your dick getting hard yet?” I asked as I reached down to have a feel. It sure was! Now I had Danny watch as I slowly dug the dildo into my cunt, nice and deep too, my cunt so very wet by now.

“Mmmmmh, this dick feels so good inside, so nice and hard and thick, Danny. And I bet you know where it’s gonna feel extra good” I teased.

Danny couldn’t help it, he had his hand under his body, stroking that cock as he was bent over there, ass up.

Now I pulled the dildo out of myself, all wet and glistening from my lavish moistness, and brought it up my mouth to suck again, this time tasting myself on it. Danny always loved it, whenever I wanted to taste myself on his cock or on a dildo.

“I want a taste too!” Danny hissed, eager for it now.

So I buried the dildo back inside my dripping cunt, twisted it around in there to make it nice and wet. Then pulled it out and brought it up to his face, teasing him, dragging the wet rubber cock provocatively across his lips.

“Want to suck my cock? And taste my cunt on it?” I asked, feeling that power.

All he could do was nod, a slave now to my lusts.

“Here, suck it!” I said, sticking it in his mouth as he greedily mouthed the cunt- scented shaft of rubber cock. I loved watching him wrap his hungry lips around the thick rubber shaft.

“Suck it, whore, suck the cock I’m gonna fuck you with!” I said gruffly.

I let him suck it for a while, then tore it away, slapping his face with the wet rubber cock. Then I made my way behind him; that’s where I had business to do. Big business!

First I reached in and pulled the plug out his ass.

“Mmmmmh, that old empty feeling. Don’t you worry, bitch, it won’t last for long,” I said, pulling it out, really getting into a groove.

There it was, his asshole, all vivid and slick. I leaned down to lick the hole, giving him a sweet rimming before I got down to task at hand. That’s one nice thing about using that edible lube! I just loved the way he always tried to squeeze his sphincter around my probing tongue, so greedy for it. Then I reached in for the tube, squeezing plenty more lube out into my hand, and slapped that lube between his cheeks, really spreading it around, working it in. Damn, if there’s one thing I love it’s the look of a slick, slippery, well-lubed asshole. And If there’s one thing I love to feel, it’s having my own lubed and slickened. But today Danny’s asshole would be the bullseye.

I dug my finger inside, feeling his anal passage gripping them, tight but slippery now. I loved how alive Danny’s ass could become. I love a man who really loves it in the ass, loves to be licked, probed, fucked!

“Okay, I think you’re ready for this baby,” I said, pressing the tip of the dildo against his lubed hole, slowly working it inside, watching his anus give way and open as I forced the rubber cock inside slowly, inch by thick inch. Fuck! Just the look of his asshole all stretched and wrapped around the thickness gave me goosebumps! His ass was both so slick and so tight as I twisted the dildo, working it inside.

“How’s my ass whore? Does he like having a cock up his ass out in the sunshine, feeling the breeze?”

“I fuckin’ love it,” he groaned, looking back over his shoulder at me.

I worked it in slowly until I got all eight kaçak iddaa inches inside him, all the way up his ass, right up to the rubber balls. Danny really was an ass slut. He could take it, he could take it deep, and he fuckin’ loved it!

I fucked him with that dildo, pulling almost all the way out, then ramming it back in again, as he moaned like a bitch in heat, greedy for cock up his ass.

“You just love it, don’t you?” I cackled, spanking his ass.


“Don’t you!”


“Yes, yes! I love it!”

Again I slapped his ass.


“Tell me, tell me what you love.”

“I love your big cock up my ass, Samantha.”

“Good, you’re a true ass whore.”

Now I left the dildo buried up his ass while I reached into my pack for something else. A leather harness, and another dildo. This baby was very special. One end of the dildo was a huge, 9 inch long, ultra thick rubber cock, the other end a slight smaller cock. Danny watched in amazement as I attached the dildo to the harness, then strapped it to myself. One end I worked into my own cunt, all the way, and when that was securely wedged inside I finished attached the harness to myself. There I was, a nine inch rubber cock, as thick as my wrist, sticking obscenely from my harness. And inside myself I had not only the buttplug still buried in my ass, but a nice rubber cock filling my cunt to the hilt.

“Like my new cock, Danny? I’m really hung, aren’t I? I teased lewdly.

“Yes, you are, Samantha, I love your big dick.”

“I think you should suck it.”

“Yeah, bring it over and let me suck that cock!” Danny hissed, his eyes glazed with lust, pure, raw cocklust.

I brought it up to his face and he wrapped his lips around it hungrily, greedy for the massive tool. I pushed it into his mouth as he sucked it, feeling the other end digging deeper into my cunt with each thrust.

“You really like the taste of my big cock, don’t you?” I purred in a teasing voice as I pulled it away now, “bet you’d love to have this big thick baby inside you.”

“Don’t tease me, bitch, fuck my ass with that monster!” he hissed lewdly.

Damn, I just loved how ravenous an ass slut Danny could be!

I stepped behind him again and abruptly pulled the other dildo out of his ass, seeing his hole now, spread and stretched. A sight I craved!

I bent down again and buried my face between his cheeks, greedily licking the open rim of his well-fucked ass, darting my tongue inside as he, once again, clenched his sphincter around that tongue, always lusting for a fresh rimming. His sun-and-cock warmed asshole was so nice and slippery as I dug in for a taste. God, I just love to lick ass! And to have my own licked!

“You need some big, thick cock up here,” I growled, pulling my tongue away.

Then I slathered my cock with a heavy coating of lube, adding more to his asshole, really getting everything nice and slick and lubed, my cock and his asshole glistening in the sun, a beautiful sight if I ever saw one!

I rubbed the massive slippery cockhead against his slick hole, Danny moaning and pushing back, wanting it, like the overheated ass slut he had become. But I kept teasing him, rubbing off the excess lube on his buttocks, then slapping that ass, as I worked the cock into his crack.


“You want it?

“Yeah, I want it.”


“Tell me again just what you want?”

“Your big thick cock, Samantha!” he growled.

“And where do you want it?”


“Right up my ass!!”

“Yeah! Up your fucking whore male ass!”

And then I just slowly slid it in, watching the cockhead, the size of a plum, force open his asshole, spanking his ass with my left hand as I held the thick nine inch cock in my right, forcing it inside.

“Uh huh, this one is big, and it is thick, so just breathe deeply and relax, and I’m sure you’ll be able to take every thick inch.”


And then worked in another few inches.


And then more. I was entranced by the sight, my eyes fixed like a laser on that thick rubber cock stretching open Danny’s hole as I had never seen it stretched, a fucking beautifully obscene sight. This was a new dildo. I got it a week ago and planned to wait to first use it on Danny on his birthday. But then at the last minute I had the perverse thought of bringing it along on our hike. And now was I ever glad I did!

“You like getting fucked by this big new cock of mine?” I purred.

“I fucking love it!” Danny hissed, looking back at me, his eyes blazing with greedy lust. It always amazed me what a total ass whore he could be, addicted to having my cock up his ass.

Now I had more than half the length inside him, and I pulled out, almost all the way, then slowly worked it back in, deeper than ever, Danny sighing and moaning like a greedy fuck slut in deep kaçak bahis heat.

I smacked his ass a few more times to get those cheeks nice and pink, then took hold of his hips and really started fucking him, fucking him right up the ass. I worked the full length of that cock inside him, all nine thick inches, right up the balls.

“I can’t believe how much dick you have up your ass, whore!” I said, pulling back now, then in again, fucking him, fucking his ass, hammering, pounding his ass with my cock. And with each thrust I could feel the other end of the dildo hammer deeper into my cunt. The deeper and harder I fucked his ass, the harder and deeper I fucked my own overheated, dripping cunt. And then there was that plug in my ass, always feeling that sweet sensation along with everything else.

I let myself fall forward, my body resting on his, kissing the back of his neck as I nailed him to that boulder with that big cock up his ass.

“I love fucking your ass,” I whispered in his ear.

“I love getting fucked by you,” he said, turning his head, his eyes meeting mine, a moment of pure primal lust, of ass lust.

I was really fucking him now, resting against him, but my hips thrusting forward powerfully as I held on to his hips and pummeled him.

“Take it, you slut! I sneered, ramming in extra hard. I was glad I had used plenty of lube because Danny was taking it like a pro, greedily pushing back against my thrusts, wanting more, want it harder, wanting it deeper!

“You’re my fuck toy, my bitch!” I sneered, slapping his ass again.


I was in a real fuck frenzy now, fucking his ass with lightning speed, fucking myself as I was fucking him, a wild rough, powerful ass-fucking machine

“Tell me you love it!” I howled.

“I fucking love it!”

“Tell me you need it!”

“I fucking need it!”


“Up… my… ASS!”

“That’s right, up your fucking whore male ass!”

And then out of nowhere, turning a bend on the trail right in front of us and easily hearing my last remark, this couple shows up. They stop, frozen, their eyes wide in amazement as they witness this utterly obscene sight.

“Holy…. shit!” the girl gasped.

They were young, barely in their twenties, and gorgeous. I stopped moving, as stunned seeing them as they were coming upon us.

“She’s fucking him up the ass!” the girl said to the guy, mouthing what was obvious, as though if she didn’t come right out and say it, then maybe it was just a mirage.

Then she smiled, a little lewdly, I thought, turning to the guy.

“You must love seeing that, Greg, seeing a guy get fucked?”

Next, she turned to me, woman to woman.

“Greg’s not my boyfriend. We’re just friends; he’s gay. That’s why I said that.”

“How about you?” I said pointedly to the girl, “do you like what you’re seeing?”

Her face brightened.

“Shit yeah! That is fucking wild!”

Here was a woman after my own heart.

“I think your friend likes what he’s seeing too,” I said, looking down to see that a hard bulge had formed in the crotch of Greg’s jeans.

“Oh man! Look at you, Greg! Your dick got hard!” she said, delighted to see it.

“Take it out and let us all see it, Greg,” I said teasingly, but with an assured, commanding tone to my voice as I picked up the pace again, holding on to Danny’s hips and starting to fuck him hard and deep. He didn’t at all mind having the audience. I knew the slut; he was probably loving it!

Greg hesitated, but then unzipped his jeans. Suddenly what came to view was one of the biggest, thickest, hardest cocks I had ever seen in my life, as thick and maybe even longer than the one I had buried up Danny’s ass.

“Oh fuck! Look at that monster!” the girl gasped, obviously never before having laid her eyes on her gay friend’s very impressive erect tool. “You never told me you were hung like that? I’ll bet all your boyfriends love you!”

She chuckled, licking her lips like a frisky, delighted kitten.

It was so massive, and so vivid, rising erect in the full sunlight

I had a wicked idea. Danny already had a big cock in his ass. Maybe now he should have another one in his mouth!

“You want Danny to suck your big cock, Greg?” I asked, point blank.

“Uh– sure–”he stuttered, his lips curling up in a horny smile.

“Hey Danny” I said, thrusting in deep to make the point, “I think you should suck Greg’s cock while I keep fucking your ass.”

“I’ll suck it,” Danny growled.

“I can’t fuckin’ believe it,” the girl gasped, unconsciously dropping her hand to the crotch of her own jeans. “He’s gonna suck your dick, Greg. Go on, get over there and let him suck it! I wanna see that!”

Greg walked a few steps, right up to Danny’s face, standing next to the boulder, as Danny turned his head.

“Suck it, whore!” I said, pushing down on Danny’s face.

I was staring at the girl, her eyes as wide as two saucers, her jaw dropping in awe as she now watched Danny wrap his lips around Greg’s cock and begin to suck it, Greg closing his eyes. and enjoying the unexpected blowjob.

“Suck it! I hissed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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