Becky Meets 13 Inches

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This morning Becky woke up in a great mood. There is always something special when you wake up to the full sun pouring into the bedroom window. She though, “wow, what time IS it?” as she brushed her teeth and tried to pin down a particularly funny blonde cowlick on her head.

She looked around the hardwood for a couple of minutes before giving up on finding her slippers. Today was a “wear a big T-shirt and lay around the house day” if ever there was one. That is because tonight was a big night!

A note left on the door told her Jen would be back shortly. Jen was Becky’s long time girl friend. In a couple weeks they were going to exchange rings. Tonight was Becky’s bachelorette party.

At 37 years old Becky was the prototypical “soccer mom” (that is minus the GF). She raised her daughter (from a previous relationship), drove a van and rarely went out. Many would say she was the spitting image of Mary Stewart Masterson in the movie “Some Kind Of Wonderful.” So much so that Jen’s nickname for her was “Watts.” Since dating Jen she couldn’t be happier. There was something about Jen – her softness, her glow, her personality – that made life wonderful.

At 29, Jen was gorgeous in every way. Becky liked to think she was Clark Kent to Jen’s Superman. The great part was Jen herself was so head over heels in love with her she never considered them anything but equals – in love. Jen didn’t use her brilliant looks to dwarf Becky, quite the opposite – she used them to make Becky feel incredibly special.

When Jen got home she joined Becky on the couch.

Both women’s thin bodies fit easily together. With the outside sunshine still shining in Jen started to press Becky about her big night.

“Sooooo…where are you headed tonight?”

“Why are you asking, are you jealous?” Becky laughed back as Jen poked at her arm.

“Yes, you know I am,” Jen replied loudly in jest, “maybe I should go with you!”

“No way!!! I am going to meet some boys!!!”

“Oh REALLY!!” Jen screeched out. Both women were laughing very hard and flirting like teens.

After a few more minutes of this Becky said she had to get ready and went upstairs. Jen could not wait to see her before she left. It was very rare to see Becky get dressed up. “Going out” make up always looked so out of place on Becky. She had such a delicate pretty face that eye shadow made her look like a kid that got into mom’s make up.

This time was no different.

Jen laughed – half in fun/half in shock – when Becky descended the stairs. She was wearing a fashionable strapless top and plaid school girl skirt. Add in the glittery makeup and expensive necklace she looked hot. Still, bahis firmaları in typical Becky fashion, she could not navigate the high heels smoothly and without her contacts in the glasses looked quite out of place.

At the door they kissed a soft passionate kiss. Jen’s large breasts pressed hard against Abby’s firm smaller ones. Just as Becky was pulling away Jen pulled her closer and said:

“I know we talked about you having one last fling with a man. I am still on board with it. Please just do this one thing for me – don’t cum for him. If you have an orgasm it should be with me. If you are coming with men it makes me feel awful.”

Becky tried to speak but Jen covered her lips with a finger.

“It is ok to play one last time, just make sure it is playing. Get it out and come back to me”

Becky looked back with dough eyes which seemed to say “I am not going to be with anyone tonight.” The reason she didn’t say it is because she knew it would be a lie.


14 girls in all were out that night. After work friend and family women left only Veronica and Jessica remained. It was off to the strip club.

Unlike Becky, Veronica and Jessica liked men. Their sole job that night: find Becky a man.

Completely drunk the girls marched merrily into the club. Becky had never been in one before.

In inebriated daze they found a spot to sit.

One of the fun things, in Becky’s eyes at least, was the fun theme behind the clubs introduction of the men. Sometimes it was funny (“butt man” for a guy with ample booty), dramatic (“Phantom of the Opera”) or gross (“Captain Cave Man” for a hairy guy).

Really, it didn’t matter who it was or what they looked like – the girls flirted with everyone (except Captain Cave Man…even drunk Becky thought that was gross).

In being honest with herself, Becky was more attracted to her friends than any of the guys on stage. That is until he came out.

When you hear the name “Batman” you initially think of a cape and funny suit. When this Bat-man came out he had neither.

His bat was his dick.

James “Bat-man” Rollins was a very large man. Tall and very muscular he looked like an NFL fullback. He was athletic and carried himself with the pinnacle of confidence. Also, he had a 13 inch cock. His dick was literally the size of small Becky’s wrist.

Even flaccid the whole room went wild with “ooOs” and “oh my gods” when he first walked out. Women screamed like it was the 1960’s and he was all the Beatles rolled into one. He made his way around the room to renewed cheer at each encounter.

Becky’s kaçak iddaa friends saw she couldn’t take her eyes of him. She followed him around the room by making silly glances. The longer he stayed out the more overt she became.

When he was really closed girls started to giggle and whisper.

Finally, he got to Becky. She was flush with embarrassment but filled with excitement. She could feel her panties wet.

James, ever the showman, flipped his big dick around like a club. He rubbed it all over Becky’s tight body with a smile. Bat-man seemed to like little Becky. He stuck around, made small talk and got extra close.

Becky also noticed something amazing: James’s cock was getting bigger. Like many of the other girls Becky started to stroke his cock in fun but for her it seemed to be getting hard.

By the time James moved on (he was obligated to do so) Becky was sure he had a hard on. EVERYONE in the club was whispering in either jealousy or excitement. She got high fives from a bunch of women she had never met.

“This was a good idea,” Becky whimsically announced to herself.

The fun was just starting.

When the club closed the girls took a cab back to their hotel room. Completely drained Becky felt on her bed. Such a fun night. Oh and James. James was so amazing. She started touching herself to him. Sweat started to come off her working her clit so gently.

Just then a knock on the door.

“Come in, the door is propped open”

In came James.

Becky was floored. Her friends!!! They must have done it. But the shock was too much to think about that right now. Here he was: Bat-man.

Without a word he removed her glasses. “What an idiot,” Becky thought to herself. “I can’t believe I wore them out!! My contacts!!”

James did not seem to care. That was good.

“What are you doing here,” she stammered. She knew why. He knew why too.

He slowly removed her top to reveal her hard as a rock nipples. Her large areolas covered most of her A cups. James did not stop there.

He wasted no time. Before she could think again he was on top of her. The thick bulb of his massive cock was squeezing into her soaked hole.

Five inches he pushed into her (that left 8 to go) when she first realized she was ACTUALLY being fucked by a man. She couldn’t even remember the last time she touched a man before tonight.

Now this gigantic dick was pressing her insides apart. She started to get nervous and tried to free herself to catch her breath.

There was no breather coming. James had pinned her down by her wrists and was stronger than any man she would ever meet.

She didn’t want to kaçak bahis admit it to herself but her vagina was responding to him. While trying to open wide for him it was also trying to milk his fat shaft.

“Deeper,” she moaned.

“Like you have a choice,” he grunted back.

The deeper James’s dick went inside her the faster he trusted.

He let go of her left hand to put his hand around her neck. He gently but firmly held it there with defiance in his eyes. If you had asked her an hour ago if she would have wanted this she would have said hell no. But now…now it was ok….now she wanted it.

“Choke me harder.” Was this her? Did she really say that?

She did. She did and she meant it. She liked it. She loved it.

His big dick was throbbing inside her now. It was at full thickness and length when a thought came to Becky’s head: “don’t cum for him.” Jen had asked that. Jen.

“He has to cum soon,” Becky thought. She thought wrong.

She tried so hard to resist the tingle in her wrists and ankles. She tried to ignore the welling up feeling in her chest. He skin seemed on fire in the most exotic and sensual way.

The more she tried to fight it the more the feeling build. He was fucking her so well and she couldn’t do anything about it. She tried so hard to fight tears welled up in her eyes.

Then she cam all over his amazing cock. And again. And again. All that she had pushed back was overflowing out of her. She body shuttered and shook in orgasm.

After a time completely unquantifiable to her she thought it might be over. A little disappointed her head was clearing. She would never cum for a man again she thought to herself.

But she was wrong. He KEPT fucking her. Becky’s body warmed again. His cock was still 4 inches from being all the way in and he was going to get there. James continued to pump.

Again she pushed back and again it was useless. She could feel her fresh orgasm lubricate his fat cock even more. Becky swooned and passed out.


All day Becky could still feel James inside her. Her pelvis felt as if someone had tried to pry it apart. Walking was a cross between a limp and a ducks walk.

Jen must have noticed. If she did she didn’t show it.

But she must have known something: she didn’t ask a single thing about the night for 3 days. This was about the time Becky stopped walking funny.

That night Jen called to Becky, “Come upstairs”

When Becky opened the door her jaw hit the floor.

There with his naked dong in full attention was James. Jen was jerking it off slowly – her hand not able to reach all the way around it.

Before the three of them fucked like mad Jen stated matter of factly:

“All you had to do was ask!”

James would get it all in this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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