Batman’s Darker Side – 5

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Chapter 13

Bruce staggered into his bedroom at stately Wayne Manor and found his slaves waiting, eager to serve him. He gazed at their firm lush breasts that swayed as they breathed. “I need a shower,’ he whispered. They rose to assist him with his clothes. Arm in arm they led him to the shower. While Marianne turned on the water Stephanie took the soap beginning to cleanse his aching shoulders and back. Between the two of them he was washed and dried in only moments. He was led to the bed where Stephanie massaged his manhood while Marianne rubbed his balls and fingered his ass. Despite his exhaustion he was soon rock hard and grown to maximum . Stephanie received only the slightest nod, a signal to continue. She straddled Bruce and gently lowered herself onto his shaft. The sensation was so intense that they both sighed simultaneously in rapture. Stephanie was an accomplished fuck-meister; she knew just how to encourage him. She initiated a slow rhythm and soon he followed. He reached up to a nipple and suckled. The other he rolled in his fingers, pinched, and tugged. Their motions quickened; passions grew. Marianne could feel churning in his balls; Stephanie felt it in his cock. Bruce moaned, then grunted twice as Stephanie slid off the monster and slipped it into her mouth. Bruce felt that he had never cum so hard or so long. Stephanie did her best to swallow it all but was physically unable so Marianne licked up any scraps that dripped from her lips. Together they licked her secretions and any spare cum from his shrinking tool. He pulled them to him when they were done, slipped beneath the blankets, and they all fell quickly to sleep.

Bruce checked on all the dogs the following morning in the company of Stephanie. She was his secretary, after all. All the dogs who had mated with her recognized her scent and howled in their kennels as their penises extended from their sheathes. Precum was sprayed all over, but none reached either human. Once satisfied that the dogs had survived their ordeal Bruce returned to stately Wayne Manor. In the study he asked Stephanie, “I have tried everything to humble and humiliate Barbara Gordon but nothing has worked. You’re a woman. Any idea why?”

“Nothing you’ve done would have embarrassed me, but I’m a slut. I’ll do anything. Maybe she is, too. I know she has a ‘goody-two-shoes’ reputation, but reputations aren’t always accurate. Maybe she just needed something like this to realize what a whore slut she really is.”

“Hmmm…maybe,” he reflected. Later that day he saw Barbara at a Library meeting; they were both on the Council. He noticed she was hobbling. “Everything OK, Barbara? He inquired politely.

“Oh, just something that ran into me last night. I got a bit sore from it, but I’ll be OK.”

“Well, if you need any help….”

“Thank you, Bruce. Can I talk to you a moment? Bruce…Oh, I don’t know how to start this. casino şirketleri Bruce, something has happened to me lately that made me realize what a jerk I was in high school. I have tried to apologize for the way I treated you so many times, but, to be honest, I was ashamed of my behavior. Anyway, I want you to know how sorry I am. I hope you can forgive me.” She walked away with tears in her eyes. Billionaire Bruce Wayne was dumbfounded. He just stood there with his mouth open until the meeting was called to order.

That night he snuck into Barbara’s apartment again in his alter ego of Batman. It was late—after 11—but Barbara was waiting. She was wearing a wine red teddy made of fine lace except around her ample breasts which were fully exposed. A matching ribbon formed a triangle around each breast, extending to a bow at her neck supporting them. Not a word was spoken between them. She stepped forward leaned up and kissed him. Her lips parted as she pushed her tongue, wrestling with his between their mouths. They had fucked, God knows how many times, in the past month; she had fucked dogs and a donkey; she had eaten a strange woman’s ass, but this was their first kiss. Batman put his arms around her and pulled her to him in a tight embrace. His hands dropped to her ass. He gripped each cheek tightly as he ground his mammoth cock into her and she responded. When she broke the kiss she took his hand and led him to the bedroom. She helped him undress—everything but the cowl—and ran her hands over his body before settling them on his hard-on. He was fully erect now forcing her to stand slightly to one side lest she be skewered on it. She tried to drop to her knees but he pulled her up, supported her on his strong arms and lowered her slowly–cock meeting pussy perfectly. She had grown accustomed to his girth over the past weeks so she was able to accommodate him almost easily. He backed her up against the wall as he pushed her up and down on the Batprick. Idly, he wondered what the people next door would think of the noises, so obviously of active coupling. He fucked her hard, not to hurt or humiliate, but from his own passion. Everything he gave her she returned, and then some. They came together sharing each other’s spasms before collapsing into each other’s arms. He carried her to the bed where they lay for some time.

She caressed his face, looking up into his eyes. “I did something today. I finally got up the nerve to apologize to Bruce Wayne. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Me?” Batman asked.

“Yes,” she said kissing him. “You helped me to grow out of that prudish shell I hated but wasn’t strong enough to shed. Everything you forced me to do showed me just how strong I really am. That’s what gave me the courage, and believe me I really needed it.”

He rubbed her back and shoulders before pulling her down for casino firmaları a long deep kiss. It was a lovers kiss and they both knew it. When she backed off he asked, “So how did he take it?”

“I turned and walked away, but I could see him in a mirror. He just stood there with his mouth open. He didn’t yell at me so I guess it was OK. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.”

Batman playfully fingered her butt. “I was wondering when you’d get to that,” she said. “Got enough left to fuck me there. Damn, I want it so fucking badly. You know I never even dreamed of doing anal before you. Now I want it all the time.” She rose and pushed her cunt down on the huge phallus to strengthen and moisten it; then repositioning, she guided it to her ass. All the recent ass-fucking had prepared her for this. She forced her anus open and her ass welcomed the intruder. Her rectum was slick and muscular, squeezing him tightly. He pushed himself through her second sphincter so his cock was doubly constricted. Her friction made him hot and eager to cum. He started to gasp and pant. His actions became erratic. She rode him like a wild mustang until she milked him dry. She fell onto his chest, the cock still buried in her ass.

“You know,” she began, “when this started I only did it because you were forcing me, blackmailing me. Are you forcing me now, blackmailing me now?”

“No, obviously not. You want me as much as I want you… maybe more, if possible.”

She reached up and pulled him to another long kiss.

Chapter 14

Bruce didn’t know what confused him more—her feelings or his? This wasn’t what he anticipated. He wanted her to hate and fear him; he knew he hated her—or did he? He thought she was falling in love with him. He didn’t love her—did he? It was all very confusing. Bruce maintained his normal daily activities, including all kinds of sex with his slaves, but his heart wasn’t in it. He yearned for his nightly visits to Barbara. He loved her breasts with her long nipples—the longest he’d ever seen. He loved her huge clit, big enough to suck like a cock, and he did at every opportunity. He still remembered the first time he’d gone down on her. Her clit grew and when she got excited she arched her back jutting it out even farther. He licked her slit, savoring her flavor. He stuck his tongue deep into her wet cunt. She shivered in response. But when he started to suck her clit like a woman would suck his cock she went crazy. She even squirted (ejaculated?) into his mouth. He loved it; so did she.

They fucked every night in every conceivable position. They did it standing up, sitting in a chair, leaning over the back of the couch, on the TV, on the kitchen counter. She sucked him off; she licked his ass and he did hers. Several times he brought a dog along and watched her couple with the beast. She grew accustomed to having the knot in her and having the dog flood güvenilir casino her pussy so cum poured from her when the animal withdrew. She drank his cum, as well as everything the dog could give her. Batman gave her a golden shower, then squatted in the bath so she could pee all over him. They both loved the feeling of the hot pee running down their skin.

One day she asked him, “Will I ever get to see your face? You know who I am– Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, but I don’t know who you are. Don’t you trust me?”

He had no answer for her but he wondered– what brought that up? One day they met at the barn. Bruce’s staff had erected it over the past two days. He brought her in and led her to the bench, but instead of restraining her, he laid on the bench himself, holding his wrists and ankles for her to shackle. It was his way of showing that he trusted her. She removed his Batman costume, but stopped when she got to the cowl. She had Batman powerless, under her total control, but her love and respect for him held her back. He’ll show me when he’s ready, she thought. She rubbed and teased his manhood. Soon he was fully in fuck mode. The cock was hard and hot; it twitched uncontrollably. She jerked it slowly, teasing him. She removed her clothing; Batman thought she had put on a little weight but it just made her look hotter. She straddled his head and lowered her snatch into his face. He licked it fanatically. He was hungry for her and it showed. He gnawed on her clit and pushed his tongue as deeply into her pussy as humanly possible. He used that tongue to fuck her, bringing her to her first orgasm. While she sat on his chest to recover she stroked his stomach, noticing his fine-toned musculature. She turned and kissed him, something they had done more and more over the past few months. She moved into a reverse cowgirl fuck which showed her fine ass as it gyrated up and down his pole. When Batman was just about to cum she pulled off and squeezed the base of his cock, halting his ejaculation. Again she mounted him and when he got close she stopped it. Batman’s balls were aching with the desire—the need—to cum. A third time she used the same trick. His cock throbbed in its need for release. Standing next to the bench she whispered, “See, I can be cruel, too. But you’ve suffered enough.” She sat between Batman’s legs facing him and wrapped her two hands around his rod. Slowly she started to stroke him. She increased the pressure of her fingers and moved her hands up and down faster and faster. Batman shook in his restraints until a huge river of semen flew three feet high before coming to rest on her face and mouth. All told he shot five times, soaking himself and her in sticky goo.

Batman was drained emotionally as well as physically from the huge orgasm. Barbara released him and pulled him up to hug him, cum sticking between them. She licked cum from his face and chest. “Tell me, Batman, do you believe a child should know its parents?” He just looked at her, unsure of her meaning. “I’d like my child to know its father.”

He smiled, reached back, and unzipped his cowl.

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