Bakers Park, Chapter 1: A virgin, A prego, and A spy

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The large bronze bells of St. Sebastian’s Church swung back and forth, filling the air with a rhythmic chime of “Ave Maria.” A golden sun was in the center of a cloudless sky and was beating down on the small town of Bakers Park. Men, women, and children were leaving their homes and walking towards the hill that St. Sebastian’s rested on. It was the oldest church in the area and the community felt a certain pride in being part of its congregation. As the pews filled up and the bells stopped ringing, Fr. Jim stood in front of his flock and began preaching his sermon. John Constantine, the rebel teen that lived three streets down, was sitting in the back of the church.

It was scorching and John tried to make himself comfortable in the back pew but it was to no avail. He loosened his neck tie and unbuttoned his shirt halfway. The heat in the church was making his forehead form beads of sweat and he could feel his underarms getting damp. He looked around and could tell that most of the people around him were feeling the same effects of a hot summer day. He decided he couldn’t sit in the wooden pew anymore and would need fresh air. He told his mother he was going outside. He walked out the front doors and began walking down a skinny dirt path that lead back into town, deciding that he would probably skip the whole mass. He was going to go through with the plan until he saw a young girl lying in some brush.

He walked toward her and noticed that she was sleeping. She was using the shade under the trees to stay cool. John looked around and then knelt down and tapped her on the shoulder. She didn’t move. He tapped her again and then finally she opened her eyes. She was surprised to see a boy next to her and hurried to scoot away from him.

“Don’ worry,” John chuckled, “I’m not trying to hurt you. I was just wondering why you were laying here. You look dressed up and the mass already started.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well, I was looking out in the lake and, I don’t know, I guess I just fell asleep.”

John looked out into the lake and it was a nice view. The water was almost like sapphire and few rowboats housing fisherman were dotting the lake. Occasionally, a fish would jump into the air and land back into the water with a splash. The lake was also providing a cool breeze to the small area where John and the little girl were occupying. John looked back at the girl and noticed she was extremely pretty. She had beautiful brown eyes that matched the color of her long brown hair. She had a small nose and full lips. He couldn’t tell how her body was, however, because the dress she was wearing was old-fashioned and nothing like the tight clothes he would usually see girls wearing.

“So, how old are you?” the girl asked.

“Oh, I’m sixteen,” replied John. “What about yourself?”

“I’m twelve.”

“You’re really pretty for a twelve year old.”

John scratched his head and started scanning the area. He wanted to make a move on the girl but wasn’t sure how he was going to do it. He wasn’t a stranger to picking up women and was, in fact, known as a sexual deviant at his school. Girls were often pursuing him in an attempt to experience him first-hand after hearing countless stories of his sexual exploits with other girls. This situation was different, however. He hadn’t hooked up with a preteen girl (in recent years) and didn’t want to pay the consequences if he were caught. After a minute, and realizing that only the fisherman, who were a few hundred yards away on the lake, were outside, he decided to make his move. John leaned forward and attempted to kiss the girl and was surprised when she immediately retracted her head.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I wanted a kiss,” said John. He leaned forward again and was slapped in the face. “What was casino şirketleri that for?”

“I don’t know you,” she said. “I don’t want you to kiss me.”

“Come on cutie,” he said. “You’ll like it. Trust me. You’ve probably never kissed a guy right?”

The girl blushed and John leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. The girl closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his lips against hers, taking in the moment of her first kiss. John put his hand on the back of her head and started sucking on the girl’s lower lip. She wasn’t sure what to do and let him take the lead. She began closing her eyes but immediately opened them again as she felt his tongue entering her mouth. His tongue met hers and it became a wrestling match in their mouths. She enjoyed the feeling of his wet tongue and kept trying to press hers harder against his. John slowly laid her onto the grass, without breaking the embrace, and started to fully unbutton his shirt. He pulled it off and threw it to the side along with his tie. He grabbed one of her hands and had her press it against his body. Her hand trailed over his hard chest and down the crease that divided his abs to his pants rim.

He broke the kiss and told her to close her eyes. She did, not knowing what was going to happen. She felt the bottom of her dress lift up and felt hands pulling on her panties. She started to get goose bumps as she felt them travel down her thighs and being pulled off her legs. Then she felt an intense shock through her body. John placed his tongue right over her clit and began flicking it around. She held onto the grass as he moved down her bald slit and spread her lips with his thumbs. He pressed his nose against it and began licking up and down. His tongue was met with a rush of wetness and began pressing it in and out. The girl tried to close her legs but John held them open. He was rubbing his fingers on her thighs and could hear the little moans escaping her mouth.

He started lifting the dress higher up the girl’s body and pulled it off over her head. She was lying naked on the grass and still had her legs spread. He knelt down over her tan body and started licking her nipples. He cupped one of her breasts, which was only the size of a healthy lemon. He gave it a gentle squeeze and it made the girl moan again. He started moving his tongue down her smooth stomach back to her young pussy. He put one of his fingers inside and could feel how tight it was. He unbelted his pants and unzipped them. His dick sprung straight out. He knelt in between the girl’s legs and pushed his dick down so that he could soak the head in the juice her pussy was producing. He started pushing it in and the girl jerked away.

“I don’t know if I should do this,” she said, half panting.

“Don’t worry,” said John. “You’re already naked and extremely wet. I’ll make it fast.”

He didn’t give the girl time to protest and started to push his penis into her. She let out a groan as she felt the teenager’s thick member spreading her pussy lips and trying to invade her hole. John had his share of virgins and this girl was one of the tightest. He tried gently pushing his dick forward but it wasn’t working. He had to use another method. He held onto the young girl’s hips and started rocking his own back and forth. She moaned with each thrust and John could feel her cherry breaking. With each thrust his dick was getting farther and farther in. Finally, he took one strong push and broke through the barrier. The girl arched her back and screamed in pain as she felt his cock make its way through.

John felt the sensation of warm blood surrounding his cock and started thrusting harder and faster. He watched the girl’s face as she clenched her teeth and squeezed her eyelids closed. Her nipples were rock hard and as he looked casino firmaları down he could see small traces of blood but large amounts of pussy juice surrounding his cock. He continued thrusting in and out, in and out, feeling his balls smacking against the girl’s body. He was building a sweat and wiped his black hair out of his face as he continued fucking the young girl. She was grabbing onto the grass and screaming.

“I’m about to come,” grunted John.

He lifted the girl’s bottom onto his knees and started thrusting harder into her body. With each thrust his cock would almost succeed in being fully buried but the tightness of her pussy was preventing it. His cock would go in and be squeezed by her tight walls. John couldn’t hold it anymore and gave one hard thrust and let himself shoot into her little pussy. He grunted and she moaned as the warm come filled her hole. His shaft throbbed as it released his seed. The girl’s stomach was heaving hard when he pulled out. He could see the milky white substance seeping out onto her plump lips and into the grass.

John pulled his pants up and picked his shirt off the ground and put it back on. He stared at the girl and wanted to do more with her but thought against it. The fisherman in their boats seemed to be rowing closer and he didn’t want to answer to them when they saw a naked twelve year old girl. He walked away from the brush and back towards the church, not noticing the silhouette of a woman, standing in the bell tower. He was about to make his way in when one of the large oak doors whipped open and slammed him to the ground. John held his head and looked up to see Natalia, his “girlfriend,” looking down at him.

“Oh, John I’m so sorry,” she said. She extended her hand and helped John back to his feet.

“What was that for?” he said, as he rubbed his head.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be there.”

“Well why are you leaving the church?”

“Well,” she started, “it was getting really boring and I just up and walked out. But now that you’re here, things can be fun.”

“What do you mean?”

Natalia grabbed John’s hand and lead him back into the church. She took him down a hallway and urged him to follow her up a flight of stairs. John was unfamiliar with this part of the church and let his eyes wander to the various paintings sitting on the marble walls. When they reached a landing, Natalia lead John to a room at the end of another hallway. She opened the door and they both walked in. She closed the door and flicked a switch to turn the lights on. John looked around and assumed they were in a storage room. There were shelves of books along the walls and a pile of boxes in one of the corners. There were a couple of chairs in another corner and to his confusion, a mattress in the center of the room.

“Where are we?” he asked as he walked around.

“This used to be a library,” answered Natalia. “The Sunday school stopped using it a long time ago and started keeping things in here.”

“What’s with the mattress?”

“I don’t know,” said Natalia. “I heard a rumor that instructors come up here with each other after a class and like to full around, but it could just be a rumor.”

John fell backward onto the bed, and with an absence of dust, knew that the rumor may actually be fact. Natalia fell next to him and put her arm around his chest. He looked at her and she began nibbling on his lip. John entangled his fingers into Natalia’s long, strawberry red hair and kissed her back. She put her hands on his back and as they kissed, moved them down his spine to his butt and gave it a squeeze.

“Hey now,” John said. “I’m supposed to do that.”

“Why don’t you then?” she asked as she pressed her body closer to John’s.
“I don’t know if I want to do this right now,” güvenilir casino he said.

“Aww, come on,” she pouted. “You don’t know how horny I’ve been getting lately. Now that I have you all to myself I really need it.”

John started looking at her body and knew he wanted to give it to her too. Natalia was pregnant with John’s child. Although her stomach had already shown she was pregnant, being the size of a soccer ball, John was still highly turned on by her. She unbuttoned the yellow t-shirt she was wearing and unclipped her bra. Her cantaloupe size breasts fell out and her pink nipples were tiny and hard. John ran his hand down her milky white skin and started to pull her black pants off while placing gentle kisses on her chest. She was wearing black bikini panties and as John slid them off, he noticed she had been shaving, keeping her pussy pink and bald.

Natalia sat herself on top of John and started undoing his shirt. She always got wet seeing his chest and pressed hers against his as she started kissing him again. John reached down and started pulling his pants down. Natalia helped him and threw his pants and boxers across the room. She took his cock in her hand and began sucking on it. John closed his eyes and took in the feeling of her long hair rubbing against his thighs and her tongue sliding against his hard dick. She kept her lips tight around his purple helmet and let her tongue clean it off. John would thrust his hips upward and Natalia would allow his cock to meet the back of her throat.

“No, Natalia,” he moaned. “I need to fuck you now.”

“Then go ahead,” she said as she pulled her mouth away from his member and turned around, “but you know where I would really enjoy it right now.”

John knew what that meant. He stared at Natalia’s round, firm white ass cheeks and grasped her waist. He started guiding her down against his cock. He was experienced with how tight her asshole would be and was preparing for the incredible feeling that was about to engulf his penis. She started lowering her butt onto him and John made sure to guide his dick into the right spot. His penis head met her hole and started to penetrate. Her hole opened up and began squeezing him immediately. He continued to pull her down onto him and felt his cock being lost in a tunnel of incredible warm and tight walls. Natalia wailed as she felt her bottom being stretched open by her lover’s penis.

“Don’t be friendly John,” she moaned, “I want it in there.”

Without pulling out of her hole, John pushed Natalia forward a few inches and repositioned himself so that he was on his knees. He started pumping his hips back and forth and grabbed a handful of Natalia’s red hair. She groaned as she felt his body ram into hers and his cock finding its way deep into her bowels. John leaned forward as he rhythmically thrusted into her hole and started nibbling at her neck.

“You like that, babe,” he grunted.
“Mmm, yes!” she screamed, “Harder, John, Harder!”

John gripped her thighs tight and began ramming his cock forward. Natalia let out wail after wail of pleasure and pain as ass was being stretched apart. Her butt cheeks slapped into each other, squeezing John’s shaft even more. He took a finger and rubbed it against her wet pussy and started playing with her fat clit. She screamed as she felt her orgasm coming. She used her muscles and clutched onto John’s cock, not wanting him to escape. John grunted louder and was waiting for his own orgasm to arrive. His abs tightened up and he felt his balls contracting into his body, forcing his load out. Natalia bit down on the mattress as she felt gush after gush of warm semen shooting into her. John leaned backward and as soon as Natalia’s ass allowed him, he pulled out and fell onto the mattress in a heap of sweat.

“That was fucking amazing,” he said.

“Wasn’t it baby?” said Natalia as she fell backward and into John’s arms.

“I didn’t find it that amazing.”

Ms. O’Brian stood in the doorway.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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