Bablee Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Ch. 03

Bablee the niece takes advantage

As a typical Pakistani woman, Bablee was of slight build, looking smaller than the students in the classroom. She was slim, had small hands, with thin delicate fingers, and skinny legs. It meant she looked out of place seated with the eighteen-year-olds, as though she should be with younger kids.

As a married woman of twenty-six, she was demure, and obedient to her husband as well as his family. Therefore it was a shock experiencing the western life style for the first time. Jetlag meant she found it difficult to keep up with what was happening to her.

Without a chance to recover from the long journey, and still bemused over what she was doing in the US, she was hassled into high school. A corporation employee had misread the instructions for Bablee. The corporation her husband worked for, arranged for his wife to attend adult classes, to gain a high school diploma.

Not understanding what was happening, she was mistakenly enrolled in a class for eighteen-year-olds, at a boarding school. Bablee was accepted in school, as a schoolgirl of eighteen. Being nervous, shy, and submissive, she dare not tell the staff they had made a mistake.

The principal assigned a mentor, to look after the new girl, tell her the rules, and settle her into the school routine. Adrian was only eighteen, but she hoped for his help in sorting out the mess she was in. As a male, in her eyes he held authority, and she thought the principal had put him in charge of her, rather than being there just to assist.

He saw a beautiful young woman, looking up to him, and responding to him sexually. When he found out she was a married woman of twenty-six, there was nothing to hold him back from seducing her.

She had been hazed by the girls in her dormitory, ending up naked in the boys dormitory. Her mentor, Adrian, grabbed her, and hid her in his bed from the matron. After passing that bold and courageous test, she had the protection of the class bully, Paula.

After being in his bed, it was almost inevitable she fell in love with the boy. This was so very outrageous, her whole world had been turned upside down. Sitting in a classroom of eighteen-year-olds, wearing a school uniform, taking part in lessons, left her sinking into the routine, and the role of schoolgirl.

Out of bed, shower, breakfast, two classes, a break, meet with Adrian, two classes, lunchtime, meet with Adrian, a free period, a class, then dinner. After dinner, she could meet with Adrian during a study period, then back to the dormitory. A chat with the girls, then lights out.

Her life was less demanding than at home, having her mother-in-law, and the sister-in-law demanding she cook, clean the house, attend to their wants, and shop in the local market. At home she had no time to herself, and none of the luxuries that were available in school.

Paula thought she was doing her new friend a favour, by having the uniform altered, helping with make-up, and fixing the girls hair.

A decent Pakistani woman would never wear such revealing clothes, or behave so rudely. Caught up in a strange situation, with such a different culture, she didn’t understand the rules. Instead, her vulnerability had been taken advantage of, by eighteen-year-old class mates.


Adrian grabbed her at lunch time, and led her off for a secret rendezvous. It was all very romantic, and she was caught up with the heady atmosphere of secrecy and flirting.

‘Where are you two going?’ a stern voice demanded.

‘I’m mentoring the new girl, ma’am,’ Adrian explained.

‘Really? Oh, yes, I heard about that. A bit of responsibility is doing you good, Adrian. Well done, carry on,’ the teacher approved.

‘We can’t lie to a teacher!’ Bablee worriedly said.

‘Don’t be afraid. We have her approval, and can go where we like. I’ve got something for lunch, and afterwards we have a free period, so plenty of time,’ he said.

Bablee smiled up at him. He was her mentor, which meant he looked after her, and she had to do as he said. It was a comfortable feeling, having this big handsome young man, looking after her. She would do as he commanded, as she didn’t know what was expected of her in this strange place.

Girls in the dormitory had surprised her with their lewd opinions, and the way they dressed. It was a school uniform, but they altered them to show off their bodies to the boys. Hers had been altered, with a short hem, and low cut, with buttons missing off the blouse. It was a surprise how quickly she got used to rudely showing off her legs, and even her panties.

‘They looked into each other’s eyes while eating, and even shared the drinks, taking a sip in turn. He was so romantic, she had never experienced anything like it. Her heart throbbed in her chest when they were near, and even when she thought of him.

‘Come here, I can’t wait,’ he told her.

He wrapped his arms around her, for a tight cuddle. This wouldn’t be allowed at home, whatever his age. Yet here it seemed innocent enough. From yesterday when they bahis siteleri had a sexual experience, she knew different. It would lead to them sharing an intimate moment, which was very wrong for a married woman.

Even in this country, it was frowned upon. At home, having an illicit relationship with a man meant a beating, married or not. Was it that which made it all the more exciting? A naughty affair with a boy much younger than her was exciting, and it was mostly because he was so handsome and thoughtful.

They broke from deeply kissing.

‘I, err, yesterday, we. . . I mean, I did, but you didn’t,’ she tried to say, but didn’t have the right words.

‘It’s alright. We didn’t have enough time. Besides, I enjoyed making you cum,’ he sincerely spoke.

‘Thank you. It was a lovely orgasm, sir,’ she meekly said, and blushed like crazy.

‘Would you like another orgasm?’ he teased.

‘I want you to have one!’ she blurted out, then looked down at her wringing hands.

Her wedding bangles, and every trace of adulthood had been removed. All of it was placed in a locker, with her clothes. Her makeup had been washed off, to be replaced by what the girls made her wear. Her long dark hair was tied up in two ponytails, which they said looked cute. This way it was easier to think of herself as a young girl, with a handsome lover. That could never have been contemplated at home.

The girls seemed to think she was a slut, after being in bed with a boy. They thought it was a good thing, so maybe she should try harder to be a slut. Unsure of what it meant, she would ask Adrian when she had a chance.

‘Together, let’s have one together,’ he said.

‘Is that possible?’ she asked.

‘Yes, of course. We make love, and find the right rhythm, for both of us,’ he said, trying to sound knowing and experienced.

‘Yes, that would be nice,’ she agreed, not knowing what he meant.

A rhythm was unknown, and making love was a hazy expression. If he said they should, then that’s what she would have to do. He was her mentor appointed by the principal, so she must obey him. Unlike obeying her mother-in-law, it would be a pleasure to please this wonderful young man.

Before they could go further, Paula interrupted them.

‘Sorry you two. Come on break it up. You’re wanted in the administration office, Bablee. It’s nice to see young love getting on so well,’ she laughed. ‘It’s half an hour since lunchtime started. I’m surprised you two aren’t at it,’ Paula said.

‘Bother! I’ll take you there, and see what it is all about,’ Adrian said.

As soon as they got close, they both guessed what it was.

‘The dentist. He arrives here every two months,’ Adrian said. ‘Don’t worry, it won’t hurt, it’s just an examination,’ he tried to reassure her.

It might be a different country, but dentistry, and the smells, were just the same. This was paid for by the corporation, so there was no problem over finding the payment.


‘What did he do?’ Adrian asked.

There were a few moans and shrieks from overdramatic adolescents, which they both winced at.

‘Like, he just prodded my teeth, you know, and declared they were healthy, yea. He took a mould of my teeth, but, seriously, like, I didn’t understand why,’ she shrugged.

Shrugging was a vital adolescent communication skill, which she had quickly learned. Other new words and phrases were scattered in her conversation.

Queuing, then the dental exam, took too much time. They only just made it back to their secret place, to kiss and cuddle.

‘It doesn’t matter, we can try again tomorrow,’ he reassured her.

He leaned forward, and bit upon her breast. Instinctively she pulled out a nipple for him to suckle. It looked to her so innocent and natural. She held his head to her breast, smiling with pleasure. His hand began to do lovely things between her legs.

He suddenly stopped.

‘We have to go back. We’ll be in trouble otherwise, and won’t be trusted to meet up again,’ he firmly said.


They only met briefly in the afternoon, as he was going off to a student meeting. They kissed and he held her tight, but she wanted more.

Bablee throbbed with anticipation. It felt as though she were vibrating, and it all stemmed from between her legs.

‘He put you on edge. You’ve been edged, girl,’ Paula said.

‘Oh! Well, it’s never happened to me before. I’m not sure if it’s nice, or annoying,’ she said.

‘Did he do it on purpose? The rat!’ Paula asked.

‘No, I don’t think so. We ran out of time, after going to the dentist,’ Bablee told her new friend.

‘Right, understood. He’s forgiven. Does he treat you right, girl?’ Paula asked.

‘I think so. He’s very kind, and thinks a lot of me,’ she said, looking worried.

‘He should do, you’re a little beauty. What’s worrying you?’ Paula asked.

‘Do you have a boyfriend, Paula?’ she innocently asked.

‘You for real? No! Of course not, I like girls, didn’t you know?’ Paula asked, sounding incredulous.

‘Really? I didn’t know. canlı bahis siteleri Is it allowed?’ Bablee asked, sounding worried for her friend.

‘I’d like to hear someone say something bad about me! Yes, its allowed,’ she hollowly laughed.

‘I was going to ask for your advice, about boys. The girls said I was a slut,’ Bablee said.

‘If you’re alright with that, why not be a slut. It’s more fun. You like Adrian, so there’s no need to go with different boys. You just need to keep him happy, or he’ll move on to someone else. It’s the same for me, with girls. I’ve had to learn quickly what they like,’ Paula commented.

‘If I lose him, I’ll have to find another boyfriend, and I don’t want that. You mean I should do what he wants, to keep him interested. I will, but I find it difficult to ask him,’ Bablee said.

‘No need to ask. Every guy wants a blow job,’ Paula told her.

‘What? I should blow in his ear?’ Bablee said, sounding confused.

‘No, silly, you suck on his cock,’ Paula said, while chuckling, at the girl’s shocked look. ‘They love it. Only you’ll have to practice with a banana. You’ll have to swallow his cock, as it won’t fit in your mouth, not all of it,’ Paula advised.

‘Oh! I never expected all that. It sounds difficult. Could you show me?’ Bablee asked.

‘As if you didn’t notice, I don’t have a cock. I know, I’ll show you how to suck a banana. I’ve got a small dildo somewhere, if that’s any use. They won’t let you have a banana outside the canteen. A girl got one stuck in her throat, with the skin still on. They were having a competition in the dormitory,’ Paula sniggered.

‘Won’t he want me down there?’ Bablee brazenly asked, sounding disappointed.

‘Of course he will. It’s like, making you his, like, marking their territory. They seem to think you belong to them when they’ve fucked you,’ Paula said.

Bablee liked the idea of belonging to him, and liked it better if he thought so too. The two friends talked for awhile longer, before lights out. A whole new world was opening up to her. There was so much more to a relationship here. At home her father arranged a marriage, and she had to get on with it.

The sex was far more complicated and meaningful. Then she figured it was just her. At home friends had talked about things, that she hadn’t understood. Trying to recall what they were, she determined to try everything, while she could. With fantasy stories from friends going through her mind, she fell asleep.


The next day they just had lunchtime, without a free period. They kissed and cuddled and were soon in a delicate position.

‘You are very handsome, Adrian,’ she said, from around his kisses.

‘You are beautiful, Bablee,’ he murmured, between kisses.

‘You are so very strong, Adrian,’ she whispered, while he kissed her neck.

‘You’re so innocent, and wonderful,’ he said, while passionately kissing her.

‘You are my boyfriend, aren’t you?’ she asked, with a note of desperation in her voice.

‘Yes, I’m your boyfriend, and your my girlfriend,’ he stated.

‘Kiss me, bite me, do lovely things to me, tell me nice things,’ she whined.

‘I love your skin. It’s so smooth and tanned,’ he said, while pulling out a breast.

‘Oh! Adrian, I love it when you kiss me there,’ she whimpered.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. He was pleased to hear her moan fretfully. He now knew her signs and sounds of satisfaction, and she was close.

He played with her naughty bits, and found she no longer pressed her thighs together. Her head was back, moaning, with her thighs trembling. She was close to an orgasm, so he stopped.

‘Adrian, have I done something wrong?’ she asked, looking worried.

‘No we haven’t much time,’ he said, and got down on his knees.

Bablee though he was looking for something he’d lost on the ground.

‘Oh! What are you doing?’ she asked, sounding scared.

He’d pulled her forward on the seat, and lifted her dress. Automatically pulling her legs together was no good, as she just tightened them around his shoulders. What was he doing? Did he want to take a look at her sex?

When his lips touched hers, she groaned, as though in pain.

‘Oh! Adrian, darling, I love you!’ she whispered.

His head was between her thighs, and he was sucking her sex into his mouth. Never before had she ever felt such intense sensations. A thrill of sexual pleasure coursed through her body, shattering her resistance, letting her enjoy the ecstasy to the full.

An orgasm shook her from toes to head, and out to her fingers. Her body burned, from heat coursing through her nerves. Her eyes stared unseeing. Her mind wobbled in and out of sanity.

‘Adrian!’ she said, on a whoosh of air. ‘Oh! My, lovely, Adrian!’ she poured out the words as though they were honey.

‘Bablee, was that good?’ he asked.

‘Oh, my, love, that, was, wonderful,’ she heavily breathed. ‘I must do it for you! You must have an orgasm too!’

‘No, it’s getting late, we need to get to a class. If we can’t canlı bahis be trusted, I’ll not be your mentor anymore,’ he pointed out.

Reluctantly she pulled at the uniform, smoothing it down, trying to look as though they had been studying, and nothing more.

It was easy for him, he didn’t have to keep a skirt hem down to avoid showing off her panties. Feeling depleted, she left in a state of bliss. Audaciously she grabbed him when they reached her classroom, and kissed him. Watching him move off to his class, she felt a pang of regret from not going all the way. Surely that couldn’t be right! Wanting to do it so badly was wrong. No one seemed to notice her state of intense happiness. A teacher didn’t haul them up for a punishment, so all was right in her world.


Bablee had been practising with a smuggled banana, and her friend’s dildo. Trying not to think where the dildo had been, put her off. Nevertheless, she persevered, until managing to swallow an object without heaving, and choking.

Paula was in the dining hall, when she spotted Bablee.

‘There you are, Bablee,’ Paula said. ‘Your name is on the notice board, for the dentist. Didn’t Adrian tell you? Anyway, you’ve got a follow up appointment, they must have found something.’


Bablee went looking for Adrian, hoping he’d finished another student meeting, and they could talk. Or, something else. Opening a meeting room door, she found the small room full of students arguing. They fell silent, and looked at her. She backed out of the door, and gently closed it.


‘Hi! I knew I’d find you here. Our little hideaway. What’s wrong?’ he asked.

‘It’s terrible,’ Bablee stated, looking away from him.

‘What is?’ he asked.

‘The dentist. He put braces in,’ she cried.

‘Let me look, it can’t be that bad,’ he said,

He took hold of her chin, and turned her to face him. He kissed her tears way, and told her how beautiful she was.

‘Open up and show me,’ he said.

Opening her mouth, she suddenly shut it again.

‘I was going to deep throat you,’ she blurted out.

Shocked from admitting such a terrible thing, the tears dried up, and she sat there mute.

‘That would be nice, very nice,’ he said, and wrapped his arms around her.

‘No need for tears. We can still make love. I want to make you mine,’ he said, trying to encourage her.

Supposedly she was a married woman, but she didn’t seem to have much experience. The woman was innocent, believably a teenager. She acted like one too. It would be difficult to take her to the principal to say a mistake had been made. No one would believe them. Not that he wanted to, as he was happy keeping her here in school.

The woman looked young compared to the other girls in class. They all towered above her, leaving her looking like a little girl. They gave her a makeover, fixing her makeup, and hair, so she looked young. With the braces, she looked even younger, but he didn’t say anything.

He gathered her up in his strong arms, and laid her on the grass. She looked frightened, yet not a finger was raised, or a word said in protest. He kissed her lips, face, ears, and neck, but still she kept her mouth tightly shut. His fingers tickled her thighs, until she opened up to him. Her breathing told him she was ready. A little more encouragement would be advisable, or she might get up and run.

He kissed her nipples, which swung her in favour of him doing whatever he liked. She had to want it too, or it would have to stop. He knew that, even though he lacked experience. Only Becky had let him do it to her. Maybe he was as innocent as Bablee seemed to be.

Slowly moving on top of her, he realised there was no going back now. She reached into his pants for his cock, and pulled it free. Massaging it a couple of times, she guided it into position. Waiting for him to do the rest, she felt him hesitate. Her hips pushed upward, pushing at him, but missing the mark.

He kissed her tightly pressed lips once more, then arched his back. He thrust in, wondering if she wanted it hard and fast, or gentle and slow. Thrusting in with his strong leg muscles pushing hard, she groaned a throaty whisper.

‘Yes, my wonderful, Adrian, yes!’ she hissed.

He pulled up and almost out, when she yelped something unintelligible. He pushed in, more controlled this time. Her hips came up to meet his, thumping into him. Did she want it faster? He pumped her body with his cock, seemingly bent on smashing her hips.

‘Yes, Adrian, yes!’ she gasped.

The harder he pounded the more animated and pleading she became.

‘Pound my pussy, fuck me hard, Adrian!’ she whimpered.

A young virile guy was fucking her, and it was wonderful. Not such a incredible sensation as when he kissed her down there, but just as devastating in a different way.

‘Oh! Yes! Keep going,’ her voice trembled.

‘Yes!’ she yelled.

Adrian began to pump her with semen. He shot his load into her, sticky shots of cum, one after another.

Of course he didn’t think about pregnancy, yet neither did she. Not at that moment. They hugged each other, not caring if a lesson was missed. He continued to kiss her lips, and all over her face. Sometimes he made it down to her super-sensitive breasts.

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