Ava and Emma

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Ava blindly reached for the off button on her alarm clock and was rewarded with blessed silence once she pressed it. Her partner Emma rolled over towards her with a groan and tossed her arm over her. With her long, brunette mane in Ava’s face after the change of position, Ava couldn’t help but smile down at the half conscious woman.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Ava said as she kissed her forehead.

“I’m not sunny at this hour.” Emma groaned and pulled the comforter over her head.

Ava laughed and agreed, though silently. “We have to get up. Busy day and all, you know… like work? I’ll give you ten minutes. I’m going to shower.”

Ava pushed Emma’s arm off of her and crawled out of their queen sized bed. In the bathroom, she used the restroom and threw her pj’s into the laundry hamper. She brushed her dark red hair and turned the water on. She checked the temperature and stepped in to the shower, pulling the curtain closed behind her. Holding a wash cloth and a bar of soap, Ava looked up to see Emma’s small, feminine hand pulling the curtain back. She stood naked in front of Ava, her pj’s apparently in the hamper as well. Just the sight of Emma’s small breasts, flat belly, and rounded hips made Ava’s skin tingle. “You still have 9 minutes or so to sleep, you know.” She smiled at her partner.

“I know, but I got lonely. Would you like some company?” she purred, with a soft smile.

“Mmm… boy would I ever. You look beautiful.” It had been several weeks since the two of them had made love. They both had bahis firmaları demanding careers which had taken a toll on them lately. Ava was an elementary school teacher and had just finished their first couple of weeks at school. Emma was a property manager who was always busy. Their love life always suffered first when they were busy at work.

As Emma stepped inside the shower and under the warm water, Ava wrapped her arms around her hips. “I’ve missed this.” Emma smiled and leaned in to kiss Ava’s soft lips. Their tender kiss suddenly turned from gentle to passionate in a matter of seconds. Emma’s lips parted to allow Ava’s tongue to explore her mouth. While Ava’s attention was focused on Emma’s mouth, her hands were busy elsewhere, sliding to Emma’s breasts to cup them gently. Emma tossed her head back and moaned quietly at the sensation of Ava’s hands on her. As Ava began kissing Emma’s smooth skin under her ear, Emma let out a soft moan. “I love when you do that.”

They moved closer to each other, each woman’s breasts and nipples pressing into her lover’s. With the sexual tension of not being touched in several weeks, their immediate arousal was obvious. Emma’s moans at the pleasure of Ava’s touch became louder and more demanding. Their hands slid over every inch of the other’s body: over soft breasts and hard nipples, round bottoms and wide hips. Finally, Emma couldn’t take the touching anymore and pressed Ava against the shower wall.

“Oooh…” Ava smiled and laughed while leaning in to kiss Emma’s mouth. Their kaçak iddaa kiss was passionate, full of silenced moans and their need for each other. Emma broke their kiss and moved her mouth slowly down Ava’s neck to her collar bone. Ava shrugged her shoulders and giggled, “That tickles.”

“I know, but I love kissing you here.” Emma continued on down Ava’s body; kissing her collar bone and the valley between her breasts. With her hands on her large breasts, Emma’s thumbs slid against each of Ava’s nipples. Ava’s moans encouraged Emma to continue on to the place she knew would drive her partner crazy: her nipples. Emma slid her tongue around Ava’s areola, then gently flicked her tongue against Ava’s hardened nipple. Finally, she took the hardened nipple between her teeth. Ava’s hands flew to Emma’s hair to pull her desperately closer to her body. After a few teasing moments, Emma softly sucked the redhead’s nipple into her mouth. While still sucking gently on Ava’s nipple, Emma’s hand slowly grazed her moaning lover’s thighs. Ava parted her legs willingly and her hips arched towards Emma, begging for her touch. Emma smiled at Ava’s desperation and whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to touch you?”

“Yes, please.” Ava begged.

“What do you want me to do?” Emma whispered.

“I want you to slide inside me. Please.” Ava wrapped her arms tightly around Emma and spread her creamy white thighs farther.

With this admission, Emma slid her fingers slowly inside her partner’s wet folds. They had made love countless times kaçak bahis and Emma still immensely enjoyed sliding inside Ava. With Ava holding on to her shoulders, Emma began moving inside her faster, knowing just how she liked to be touched. When Ava was close to orgasm, she urgently reached between Emma’s legs.

“Let me touch you. I want you to cum with me.” Ava begged.

Emma moaned against Ava’s neck, spread her legs, and gasped when Ava’s fingers found her clit. With Ava’s tender touches, Emma’s quiet moans grew louder and louder and closer to cumming. As Ava continued to rub Emma’s clit, Emma’s fingers moved faster and deeper inside her. The two women’s moans grew louder and more intense; their movements more frantic. Finally, the screams they emitted were screams of orgasm. Still clinging to each other as they caught their breath, they gently kissed and held each other.

“That was amazing. Sex is so good when you haven’t had it in awhile.” Ava said.

“I know. How good was it?” Emma smiled and asked.

“Good.” Ava laughed at the inside joke. For some reason, since the first time they had made love, each woman wanted her lover’s orgasm rated.

“You know what I mean. On a scale of 1 to 10.”

“Oh. About an 8.” Ava smiled and shuddered slightly. Her hands slid to rub Emma’s back softly, cuddling the best they could in a steamy shower. “Mmm… it was really good.”

“That’s pretty good. Mine was about that too.” They smiled at each other.

“I know we’ve been together for years now, but sometimes we forget all about each other. I’d like to make more time for each other.” Emma said, seriously.

“I know, me too. Especially if we can do that again…” Ava smiled and kissed Emma’s scowling face.

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