Aurora and Eliza’s Night Out Ch. 02

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“This is so amazing!” I thought to myself, I am here with my best friend Aurora who is so pure, funny and beautiful. Aurora is a kind soul with a strikingly blue pale eyes, tonight she is wearing a shiny diamond pendant, crimson red lipstick, mascara and an elegant blue Capri dress. Aurora is one of those stunning women with really poor self-esteem. I know because I am one of those women, but today I was riding high on account of the E I’ve gotten. It was so strange when I leaned into Aurora earlier, I breathed in her Yves Saint Laurent perfume and gazed into her encapsulating pale blue eyes. There was colour in her face as I leant my face into her neck, my pierced ear grazing her right cheek. I stuck my tongue ever so tantalisingly into her ear, and pulled out quick. She looked like she was surprised, but when I pulled away I saw a kind of disappointment. It was then that I knew that we were on the same page. A kind of dazed expression entered both of eyes, our smiles beginning to widen. Her skin looked soft and smooth and her eyes harboured deeper appreciation of me than I had ever seen in her eyes ever before. I was sure that I was reflecting the same look. The same woeful lust and desire to be held and loved. I shook my head, I had dissociated from reality while I pondered these thoughts, just in time to notice Aurora quickly tuck the E tab into her mouth.

“Mmmm” she said, in silly, sexy seductive way, with a tinge of interest, as shown by her swaying towards me, and her right leg crossing over mine. She outstretched her head then, sighing towards the midnight blue sky, her lips open, smiling in delight. She surprised me again and pulled herself into my waist, I allowed my left arm to open up my shoulder to take her by the side. She was so quick that she almost fell from my grasp. I managed to recover in a pose worthy of a ballet dancer, and brought her back up to my shoulder blade height. Looking stunned, Eliza’s face quickly changed when she realised how I had protected her, she turned side on to face me, her fingers dancing across my right shoulder as she slowly nodded while smiling, like people at parties who start to hear a song they really like. She moved in slowly to show me what she wanted, and kissed me. It was a peck followed by a sensuous nibble, enough to show off to the guard that was watching. She had great timing. She must have known that the bouncer would let us in, we were simply too cute to pass off. The only thing I was starting to worry about however, was whether she really did feel the way I did, or whether this was all just a performance. Seeing my concerned look, Aurora pulled herself close to me again and said “I’m with you all the way.”

She winked at me and told me to keep it together, while casually glancing at the two guards that were giving us undivided attention. I began to blush and grin, but in deference to my lady knight, I kept my mouth shut. A few more moments passed with Aurora clinging to my arm. Having her beside me like this made me feel ecstatic, and was reminiscent of the first boy I kissed in high school. The lustre of that initial kiss had always stuck with me, and future kisses, hugs and even sex never measured up to that. Before too long, we were at the top of the queue and I was beginning to feel nervous, time slowed down as I saw the bouncer look at me in the eyes. I was really struggling to maintain eye contact with him, I would have much rather had my eyes focused on Aurora’s smooth ash brown hair and soft supple lips. Just at the point when the urge to kiss her cheek became almost insurmountable, he waved us through. I breathed out and sighed quietly so that the bouncer could not here.

“See! Not a problem,” Aurora said.

“You seem really different Aurora,” I said hurriedly and with a tinge of anxiety.

She seemed hurt at my comment.

“I thought we were going to have fun you know? When you kissed my ear lobe earlier I thought that…” She started to turn her head away, tears brimming in her left eye.

“No, no!” I stammered. This was ridiculous, usually I was assertive and witty, bahis firmaları but the vulnerability expressed by Aurora in the line had suddenly made me fearful.

“No wait!” I pulled her head around to face mine and planted a kiss on her mouth. We were just out of sight when I pushed my body up against Aurora, my arms encircling her neck and leaning against the jet black entrance corridor wall. Thankfully there was no one in this enclosed space. I could just make out the ticket operator through a grimy window in the heavy metallic doors at the end. I brought her to my breast while she craned her neck to kiss me. She moved almost instinctively. “Huh,” I thought absentmindedly. Had she manipulated me ever so slightly to get her way? I wanted to ask her, in that moment I wanted to demand the truth! Before I had the chance to press her however, she began to kiss my neck, lightly kissing it as she moved up towards my chin.

“Hnnngh,” I groaned with a sense of growing elation.

“Ah Eliza, you may need to go to the bathroom. I’ve left lipstick all over your neck!” Aurora said, while doing her best to stifle her laughter.

“Dammit!” I said, noticing that my lipstick had not come off on her.

“This is what happens when you buy the cheap shit Aurora”.

“Ah well, you never did get to try mine did you?” Her body was almost shaking with laughter now.

Looking at my phone I realised at had been almost 20-25 minutes since we had taken the tabs. That certainly went some way to explaining Aurora’s behaviour! Now all I had to do was get stamped on the arm, and everything would be fine. Of course, whether Aurora and I would still be friends after we sobered up, I had no idea. I grabbed Aurora’s hand and led her towards the lady who was exchanging cash for entry. She looked us over and seemed to smirk after the seeing the crimson red lipstick kisses on my neck. She seemed to be a similar age to Aurora, I guessed around 25.

Her hair was short and golden, only coming down to her ears and her face was soft with deep brown and soulful eyes. Her figure was slight with just a hint of breasts.

“You might want to go to the back… You can get some privacy behind the red doors,” she said, her smile widening to show her pearlescent teeth. Perhaps it was the drug beginning to take effect, but it seemed like her eyes widened in excitement after seeing us. Was she a lesbian too? Too! Why was I thinking this! I wasn’t a lesbian, and neither was Aurora.

“We were just being silly,” I kept telling myself.

As if she was able to read my thoughts, the girl took my hand and said “No photos in here. No need to worry darling.” She smelled like lavender and the combination of her soft skin coupled with her scent began to turn me on again.

“Oh ah thanks!” I said, returning my arms to Aurora while trying to lead her to the dancefloor.

“Ahhh that’ll be $20 each.” I had almost left without paying the woman!

“Here’s a fifty, keep the change,” I said absentmindedly, while trying my best to keep Aurora focused, she was beginning to poke her tongue out and look dazed. These of course were tell-tale signs of the drugs I had just given her. The girl behind me stroked my arm as I passed her the cash.

She smiled. “I’ll be around later if you want to dance.”

“Hmm yeah okay! Sounds good!” Aurora was moving beyond my reach, and I was barely paying attention to the lady at the desk.

After coming back from the bathroom and removing Aurora’s lipstick-very sticky stuff indeed- I went back to where I had left Aurora. She was standing a few metres away from the outside of the bathroom, bouncing up and down with a huge grin and wide pupils. The music was fast beat synthwave, and the complex looked as if it had been converted from a warehouse. Paintings adorned the ceiling. Some were easy to recognise such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, but there were also strangely primitive and erotic photos as well as pictures. Old artwork from before Christ, such as strange fertility sculptures that I associated with kaçak iddaa Mayans or perhaps Aztecs, men with spears and Greek costumes and, enticingly, old artwork from a similar time period of women who were naked and pushed up against each other, with one clearly bearing white feathered wings.

Dragging my attention back to the dance floor my eyes absorbed the blue, flickering light that cast itself over a deluge of dancing bodies, many of which were moving to a beat of their own. Aurora’s eyes were set on two girls who were dancing in front of her, one had on a tight white blouse and mid-thigh length black, leather shorts. She seemed annoyed by Aurora and kept giving her irritated looks. The other girl who looked to be as young as Aurora, and the same height, was however, paying closer attention to Aurora. She had frizzy and curly shoulder length blonde hair and a cute face with pouty lips, perfectly done mascara and sleek purple dress. I wanted to join Aurora, and maybe fend off this new girl who seemed to be giving off strange vibes. But before I could intervene, I sensed a sudden upsurge of pleasure. My sexual desire seemed to increase massively and the sounds and colours and music of the place began to bleed into each other. I stuck my tongue out and sensed the world give way before my sense of elation. I bent over and touched the wall.

“So smooth!” I thought. Quickly bringing myself back to standing position, I started to walk towards Aurora. I wanted to tell her how fun it was to be on the drug and to let her know that we shared the same experience. As if sensing my approach Aurora turned around and hugged me. She saw my eyes, began to smile and started thumping her hands in the air, I smiled in return and started bringing my arms towards me, outstretching them and moving my legs slowly to the song’s beat. Aurora, suddenly, and strangely began doing silly dance moves from the past such as the snorkel, the disco fever pose and finally the Egyptian. By the last one I was laughing really hard and wanted to chastise her in a silly way by taking her by the shoulders.

On skin contact, my pussy pulsed and waves of pleasure spread out from my fingertips through to the rest of body. I gasped as if stunned, and didn’t notice Aurora lightly patting me on the arms. She patted lightly and then started arcing her hands over my skin. Over and over again in lightly larger arcs. Her hands stroking the inside of my arms, while edging towards my neck. I was unconsciously leaning into her touch, my hands holding her sides. I leaned into her then, quickly and with passion. My mouth lightly moved to lightly lick her neck, before kissing her neck. My tongue felt electrified and my lips as if sugar were dribbled across them. Aurora responded by pulling herself close to me, and kissing me long and hard. For a second I felt amazing, almost as if all the problems of my world had just vanished, before a part of me reminded me that I was in fact still me and that what I was doing was not right.

I ended the kiss quickly and with a small laugh, “haha thanks Aurora” I said, still perhaps showing a little too much interest. Aurora, tried to lean into me again. Instead I put my left arm around her and dragged her to my side. She stumbled slightly into my arms, giving me a kiss as she tripped with her hands stretched outwards and onto my shoulders. I gave her a kiss for her effort and let out an anxious laugh. I kissed quickly and excitedly, almost like eating a handful of skittles. Pulling up and away I began moving towards Aurora’s dance partner. She was watching with keen interest. She hadn’t moved forward, but she hadn’t moved away either. I had a half desire to be polite, and to include her in the group I thought Aurora had created. I mouthed my name at her. Looking confused she raised her head. In response I rushed over to her and cupped my hands against her ear. Luckily she saw me coming and leaned her ear towards me, I noticed she had small green, but many sided emeralds in her ears. The shine of the earrings, combined with the sounds of the fast paced synthetic helped me to notice a kaçak bahis sweet taste of enjoyment, anxiety and that of a cute stranger,

“Eliza” I said, trying to be heard over the noise.

She leaned into me, tuning her face up to meet mine, while rubbing her hand against my face.

“My name is Sally,” she said. It was hard to resist touching Sally, while Aurora helped me to feel amazing, the new sense of being found attractive by this girl was hard to overcome. I began to sensuously pull away while dancing. Aurora joined the circle and drew me closer to Sally. Aurora made it her duty to put her arms around both of us, she seemed to be acting in a silly way because of the drug, and Sally seemed to respect that, while doing her best to avoid glancing at either of us with a smile. I began to giggle at Aurora again as she exaggeratedly tossed her hair, moved her shoulders and thrust her hip slightly into me and slightly into Sally. Sally responded with a slightly more playful hip bump, while drawing her forefinger to her hand and sucking the tip. I knew that we were doing some sexy competition for our egos, and for the two guys that Sally kept glancing at behind us. They had just arrived, and seemed to know Sally, but were doing their best to keep distance, while throwing discrete looks at us every 10 seconds. I wanted to make this look good, and I genuinely wanted to add Sally to our make out club. I started shaking my hips more rhythmically, while pointing my arms to the sky and shaking my way into the middle of our group. Aurora started kissing my shoulders, lapping at my joint with her tongue and pulling Sally into her embrace. Sally surprised me then, and instead of kissing me as I had hoped, she began kissing Aurora.

Aurora’s lips seemed to dance upon Sally’s, her tongue moved in and out, her mouth thankfully leaving no lipstick marks on Sally’s face. To Sally’s credit, she continued kissing Aurora although I could see that she was shocked at how passionate Aurora was being. Upon seeing this, I started to feel self-conscious.

“Why didn’t they want to kiss me?” I thought.

I wanted to experience the pleasure of Aurora and Sally’s soft skin and joyful expressions. I was about to turn away when Sally grabbed my hand and pulled me in to join. Suddenly we were all kissing each other. One moment Sally was kissing me on the lips, while sexily bumping her hip into mine. In another moment Aurora was stroking my face, making it tingle and rubbing her cheek against mine. As if on cue, fog began to emanate from hidden ducts in the walls. We danced to the thumping beat, twirling each other like ballerinas and taking a few seconds here and there to nibble on one another’s neck and shoulders. We danced rhythmically into each other, taking any excuse to brush our arms against each other’s exposed skin. After dancing for what seemed like a few minutes, I noticed that Sally had disappeared.

“Was I experiencing time dilation because of the drug?” I wondered.

Certainly I could sense other effects of the drug, including a clenched jaw and taught muscles. Following the realisation that Sally was gone however, I could not help but start to enjoy the feel of Aurora. She was enticing, drawing me into her grasp and then pushing me away as part of her increasingly elaborate dancing style. Every touch of hers on my skin made me want to touch her and to be touched. I could feel my pussy responding each time Aurora pushed me away and drew me back. At the back of my mind I knew I was feeling unlike myself, but in this very moment, all I wanted was to explore Aurora’s body and help both of us tingle all over. I glanced at the far corner of the dancefloor, and saw a set of red doors. I gently turned Aurora’s head to face the doors and mimed a thumbs up, thumbs down gesture. Smiling ecstatically Aurora responded with a thumbs up and began dancing in that direction, stopping every now and then for a quick dance with someone on the dance floor. Everyone responded positively to Aurora, making sure to give her a quick and ecstatic dance move. It was almost as if Aurora had become the heart of the dance floor! I imagined thin lines of euphoria emanating from Aurora and tying everyone together. Everyone seemed to be aware that she was beautiful and lively, and all I wanted was to be by her side.

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